Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Beaumont, TX Homeowner Downs a Burglar in His Bathroom

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Jason Omar Cruz
Courtesy Beaumont Police Department

“The shooting took place early Friday morning in Beaumont’s North End. Officers responded to a call about a burglary in progress in the 5300 block of Wildwood Avenue just after midnight, according to a Beaumont Police Department release.

“While police were on their way to the scene, dispatch told officers the homeowner had shot the suspect who was now inside the residence.” That’s the report from

When the 5-0 arrived, they found Jason Omar Cruz on the homeowner’s bathroom floor, rapidly exsanguinating thanks to a bullet fired by the un-named homeowner. The police reportedly saved Cruz’s life with the application of a tourniquet. Cruz is currently recovering in a local hospital.

As for any question regarding who’s at fault in this little drama, the Beaumont PD’s public affairs officer explained the situation in such a way that even a member of the media could understand.

Police said the homeowner acted under Texas law and will not face any charges.

“Even though they are the ones who shot the suspect, they are still the victim,” Beaumont Police Spokesperson Haley Morrow said. “The suspect is the one who broke the law and committed a crime and as a result, he was shot.”

We don’t know if the University of Texas has any openings in its criminal justice program in the LBJ School of Public Affairs, but we’re pretty sure that Officer Morrow could impart some valuable knowledge to the young skulls full of mush in Austin.

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  1. Exactly as it should be, homeowner defended himself and his property, criminal was disabled and cops do the rest. This is a win for everyone, victim homeowner succeeds in self preservation, cops catch a criminal, and the criminal gets to spend the next couple of decades in a government funded gated community while he gets to recover. The only better outcome would have been the coroner was called to the scene to retrieve the criminal.

    • No bueno Senor. Believe it or not ILLANNOY has castle doctrine. In theory🙄😀

      • Same with NY especially the in theory* (see jurisdiction for details offer not valid in NYC without public uproar)

      • It’s Texas, not Illinois. Trespassing in Texas even without breaking and entering could result in a toe tag free of charge. Criminal was very fortunate and depending if this his first or second felony, because the 3rd one here in Texas is your last, it’s life in prison.

        • Wasn’t lethal force for trespassing a nightime thing or am I misremembering that one?

        • WRT your descriptions of Texas law, nope.

          While Texas law is unique in that, in SOME circumstances, it allows for the use of deadly force to protect / recover property, it’s nowhere as broad as you seem to think.

          The Texas Penal Code 9.42 allows, in SOME circumstances, use of deadly force to stop “theft during the nighttime,” and criminal mischief during the nighttime (as well as to stop arson, robbery, aggravated robbery, or burglary any time).

          Trespass (anytime) and theft during the daytime are NOT bases for use of deadly force under the TPC. (Force is justified to stop them, but not deadly force.)

          Also, third felony “strike” under Texas law requires an minimum 25 year sentence, it’s not an automatic life sentence (judge has discretion to go up to 99 years but it’s not automatic).

    • Not government funded either. Hard earned citizen’s Tax $$$ being wasted keeping an obvious scumbag alive needlessly. Plus the homeowner is left to clean up the mess and it isn’t cheap having a crime seen cleaned, when there is blood all over the place.

      • Homeowners insurance covers cleanup. Coroner visit gets messy, you can’t even enter or access your home until their investigation is done, could be days or weeks.

        • well, a bundle of kids nappies or old towells to sop up the worst of it, then a few quarts of hydrogen peroxide to disinfect. Small price to pay forsaving the rest of your home from this perp.

          Any guesses as to this guy’s immigration status?

  2. Personally, I am glad to see homeowners defend themselves and not be afraid to put the perps down. If this government is going to ignore our safety, then it’s going to be on us to protect ourselves from these criminals and our corrupt federal law enforcement. Federal law enforcement has taken too many liberties that are unconstitutional, and any oath breaker should be treated the same as any criminal if they enter your house in violation of your constitutional rights. I wouldn’t even trust them if they came with a warrant because you have no idea what contrived evidence, they may have used to get one. It would be wise to demand to see and read the warrant if they bring one in its entirety before allowing them in your home.

  3. My first thought was: “What was the homeowner doing in the burgular’s bathroom?”

    • “What was the homeowner doing in the burgular’s bathroom?”

      That’s pretty much the ideal room for the homeowner to clean up the mess.

      Tile sure beats carpet when it comes to bodily fluid cleaning/sensitization.

      A jug of bleach and an hour’s time is lots cheaper than a company like ‘Crime Scene Cleanup’ :

      “Crime Scene Cleanup | Nationwide Death & Trauma Cleaners”

      • Geoff………….

        I use the same cleaners Raymond Reddington used after Mr. Kaplan jumped off of the bridge.

        • If someone is bent on jumping as a way to end it all, bridge jumping over water seems like a lot less mess to clean up.

          (Unless they don’t find them after a day or so, before the marine critters start feasting… 🙂 )

    • Homeowner needs more ammo or needs to utilize more of it.

      “reportedly saved Cruz’s life with the application of a tourniquet”. WHY?

  4. In Texas, certain crimes committed after dark carry a greater level of offense than in daylight.

    • “In Texas, certain crimes committed after dark carry a greater level of offense than in daylight.”

      Does that apply to home invasion? To what crimes does it apply?

      • I think he’s referring to the part of Texas Penal Code 9.42, which allows for the use of deadly force (in SOME circumstances) to prevent arson, robbery, aggravated robbery, burglary, and “theft during the nighttime,” and “criminal mischief during the nighttime.”

        I.e., if it’s a situation where TPC 9.42 applies, then use of deadly force is OK to prevent theft after dark, but not during the daytime. But home invasion would fall under burglary and probably robbery / aggravated robbery, and thus can be resisted with deadly force at any time (assuming the other predicates of TPC 9.42 are satisfied).

  5. The takeaway for me is the suspect was in the bathroom. Now, even I don’t have a firearm in the shower, but I do have one stashed in the cabinet next to the extra toilet paper. You never know.

    • At my last place, I kept a stainless .38 in a zip-loc freezer bag in one of those ‘shower buddy’ organizing things you hang off the shower head…

  6. Question, why was the perp in the bathroom?
    Trying to get away from an obviously racist evil capitalist, colonizing property owner? One of those horrible Americano Texicans who should have died at the Alamo.
    Poor Hispanic immigrant or homeless person was just seeking asylum and shelter from another oppressive colonizing dictatorial white supremacist government?
    End Sarcasm.
    Can’t speak for anyone else, but out here someone has to make a bit of an effort to get into my house uninvited. Starting with finding the place. Then either climbing over or breaking down a fairly stout gate, or crawling through a solid 5 strand barb wire fence built to keep in cattle and large horses. Then getting past a couple cranky old farm dogs, or a grouchy 4 year old bull. Then getting past solid 2 inch thick oak doors or impact resistant hurricane windows. Do all that and end up on the business end of my old shotgun or .45 cal handgun.
    There are reasons I enjoy being miles from the nearest town and miles from the nearest paved road. I of which is I am away from most of the potential crime and criminals.
    A couple Meth heads did cut a neighbors fence and ste up a lab in a small camper this past winter. Never got the first batch made before they were noticed and had a visit from the Sherriff’s office. One of the damn fools jumped the fence about a quarter mile down the road from my driveway. he ended up treed by me and the dogs until the deputy arrived about 45 minutes after we caught him. Don’t know if the dog got a taste of him or not, he was already in the tree screaming for help.

    • oldmaninAL,

      I was out your way several weeks ago. I really wish I could have stopped by for a nice beverage and an hour or two to shoot the breeze.

  7. Imagine settling down for a regular dinner at your local Cracker Barrel, only to end up leaving in an ambulance with bullet fragments embedded in your legs. This was the unfortunate reality for a 57-year-old man, who was out enjoying a Monday night meal with his 89-year-old uncle.

    While dining, their attention was abruptly drawn to a neighboring table where a 64-year-old man accidentally dropped his 1911 Colt .45. As he scrambled to regain control of his weapon, he negligently discharged it. The bullet hit the wall, and the resulting shrapnel impacted the younger man’s calves. Paramedics were quick to the scene, tending to him and another individual with minor gunshot injuries. The 57-year-old was subsequently taken to the hospital, the shrapnel from the incident permanently lodged in his leg.

    Attempting to flee the scene post-discharge, the man responsible was promptly stopped by a restaurant employee. The police issued him, who is a resident of Ohio, a citation for violating North Carolina’s concealed weapons law.

    • Imagine settling down for a regular dinner at your local Cracker Barrel, only to end up leaving in an ambulance with a bullet embedded in your body from the criminal gun.

      Don’t forget to leave a tip.

      “As he scrambled to regain control of his weapon, he negligently discharged it.”

      Very rare, about 1,800 times more rare than being involved in a car accident due to a texting-n-driving person driving the other car.

      Getting shot/knifed/beaten/attacked/raped by a criminal… about 150 times more likely in or near a Democrat-Blue-controlled city.

  8. Whewie. I had a close one last friday. Skipping the details, however I was justified, aiding a female attacked by two dogs,it wound up with the owner, and her man threatening to knock me out. As he charged forward his wife intervened, all the while shes screaming, “He’s A BlackBelt, Shut Up-(all I said was” Bring it” and ” Here I stand”) And Get Your Ass Back In Your House BEFORE YOU GET HURT !”
    I do not like being threatened, I do not like voluntary confinement.
    Flashbacks of 1994 curtailed my anger.
    Lucky for both of us I suppose.
    ( dont know when his last fight was, mine was 28 August 2022. K1)
    I’m getting to old for that shit though. As much as I enjoy it age makes it very hard to stay in fighting form. I’ve found just slacking just a couple months really makes a big difference. Besides I cut a whole lot easier now. Crowd loves the blood, judges shut you down..
    Damn this Eastwood and , ” A man’s gotta know his limitations.”
    Change the things we can and accept the things we cant. I guess?
    Getting old sucks but I dont much like the alternative.
    Ride On
    Oh,, and a young woman, maybe 25, ask for my autograph that was cool.
    Jill was I rambling again?
    Your names not Jill ???
    Nancy? I like chocolate chip ice cream, I know that, and pudding, the white pudding with tapie oaks in it.

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