Tacticool Tuesday: ATI Shopping Spree – Remington 870


Everybody has a Remington 870 lying around. Maybe a Mossberg 500? Whatever the shotgun, ATI (Advanced Technology International) probably makes a full range of aftermarket parts to improve capacity, utility, adaptability, and ergonomics…or to otherwise gussy it up. My buddy, “German Peter,” went on a little ATI shopping spree then dumped the parts and a factory-stock 870 off with my gunsmith, Nick of HCTC Firearms, for custom coating and assembly. . .

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Gear Review: GunfightersINC Kenai Chest Holster


During a recent hunting expedition, my friend Dave had a really neat chest harness holster for his GLOCK brand GLOCK. I became intrigued and started looking around.  What I didn’t care for with Dave’s rig was the leather strap retention. I used to compete while wearing my duty gear and always preferred the thumb snap or thumb break holster. His was a fold-over type strap that required an up-then-down motion to free the pistol. I also didn’t like . . .

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Gear Review: LUCID L5 Rifle Scope


At SHOT Show this January I begged, borrowed, or bought a few goodies that came home in my suitcase. The two that I was most excited about were the MagnetoSpeed V3 Chronograph and the subject of this review, LUCID’s L5 6-24×50 Rifle Scope, both of which you can expect to see making cameos in all sorts of other reviews into the future. The L5 is supposed to be a stout, high-quality optic geared towards long range shooting, while impacting your wallet significantly less than the competition. After shooting with it quite a lot over the last ~5 months on a handful of different rifles, I’d say. . .

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Gun Review: Lone Wolf Distributors Compact Timberwolf 9mm


I know it’s a matter of considerable debate, but I think GLOCKs are ugly. A powerful tool shouldn’t look like a bar of bad hotel soap. Enter the Lone Wolf Distributors Compact 9mm on a Timberwolf Frame. The modded GLOCK’s Cerakoted sniper grey color and radically customized slide cuts transform a ditchwater dull handgun into the firearm you were handed when you joined Starfleet. Our snag-free T&E gun didn’t have a single number or letter on the slide. There wasn’t even a barrel caliber marking. But my God, did it have new parts. Our package contained every GLOCK part Lone Wolf could throw at it, in it or around it. This example includes . . .

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Gear Review: Karsten Kydex Adjustable Cheek Pieces


Anybody who has read a rifle review that I’ve written has probably noticed that I complain about stock comb height quite a bit. For some unknown reason, rifle manufacturers seem perfectly content to ship bolt action rifles with stock comb heights that are perfect for iron sights, but far too low to use with optics. This problem is especially frustrating on rifles that ship without irons, were they are clearly destined to wear glass. Replacement stocks can be expensive, time consuming, and labor intensive. But if your only fitment issue with your rifle is comb height, there’s another (cheaper) way to fix the problem thanks to Karsten Kydex . . .

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Gear Review: Taran Tactical Innovations +2 Baseplate for the Glock 43


I recently wrote about my first trip to the range with my new GLOCK-brand GLOCK 43. At the time, some characterized my literary investigation into the micro-GLOCK’s advantages and disadvantages as “whining.” A new product from Taran Tactical Innovations has elevated my opinion of the 43’s suitability as an everyday carry pistol, reducing my whining concerns considerably . . .

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Gear Review: MDT HS3 Chassis System


Accuracy is everything in my world. A gun isn’t good if it can’t hit the target. One of the ways to improve the accuracy of your rifle is to change the chassis, since the usual stock that comes with most bolt action rifles is terrible in every way. For a good chassis, you would normally expect to pay a ton of money — Dual Strike demands north of $2,000 for their chassis system. But MDT is a company constantly improving their chassis for the budget minded shooter, and the latest incarnation is the HS3.

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Gear Review: AR500 Armor Lightweight Level III+ Plates


The body armor market has been an explosion of innovation in the last 30 years. There is such a wide variety of new materials, from Kevlar and Aramid fiber soft vest designs to new Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) plates, that there is always something new to experiment with. With the recent AR500 craze in reusable steel targets, many shooters immediately made the obvious logical leap to using ultra-hard steel as body armor (although the idea of using metal plates as body armor isn’t exactly new). The main problem with that is that steel, unlike Polyethylene or ceramic compounds, is extremely heavy, which makes the already uncomfortable task of wearing body armor even more taxing. But AR500 Armor has developed some new lightweight plates which deliver excellent protection in a slim profile, and I shot the crap out of them to see how they stack up . . .

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Gear Review: Target Factory Complete Target Frame


Here when I thought I was just the holsters and hand guards testing guy, our editorial staff throws me for a loop. I’m now responsible for targets as well, and today’s entry is the Target Factory Complete Target Frame. The CTF is the A-frame you see above and includes six of the small plastic bottles seen hanging below. The Target Factory folks were nice enough to send along some of their large bowling pins along with an extra six pack of small bottles. I had to supply my own clays. Frustration and destruction soon followed the unboxing . . .

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Gear Review: Odin Works 16.1″ Intermediate Barrel


Last year I tested out a KeyMod hand guard from ODIN Works that I really enjoyed. While perusing their website, I noticed that ODIN sells barrels of their own creation as well. I filed that away in the memory bank until I was sitting around discussing barrels with some fellow writers at an event. One of the them raved about how good his ODIN barrel was. That stepped up my interest to “intrigued”. . .

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AR-15 Flash Hider Shootout


In Muzzle Brake Shootouts Part 1 and Part 2, we were primarily testing recoil reduction performance. With something like 64 brakes and comps recoil tested, it was time to move onto muzzle flash. For this shootout we were able to gather 33 different muzzle devices — mostly dedicated flash hiders but also some hybrid units — and pit them against each other for flash suppression prowess. Not only did we capture photographs of each FH in action, but with the use of a trick light meter we were able to record actual brightness measurements and scored some real, objective data. . .

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