Gear Review: Safety Harbor KES (Kompact Entry Stock) for AR-15 Rifles


I love the fact that the AR-15 platform is as stripped down as possible. That also might be its biggest weakness. Eugene Stoner did a great job by using the buffer tube on the rear of the receiver as the attachment point for the stock, but with the recent craze of making rifles as short as possible, that buffer tube is becoming the “long pole in the tent.” Shrinking it down isn’t easy. Safety Harbor Firearms thinks that they’ve come up with a solution: the Kompact Entry Stock (KES).

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Gear Review: T.REX ARMS Holsters


T.REX ARMS came to my attention after admittedly impressive speed drill videos from their Instagram account kept popping up in my feed. I had more or less sworn off appendix carry for my personal needs, but when I picked up the G19 MOS I decided to give it another shot. I went on a little AIWB and OWB shopping spree on T.REX’s website. AIWB — appendix inside-the-waistband — carry is their specialty, and they do it well . . .

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Silencer Review: Dead Air Sandman S


The silencer, range time, and metering equipment for this review were provided by Capitol Armory based in Cedar Park, Texas

Many years ago, in a land far away, the team at SilencerCo was like a large oak tree. Big, beautiful, and capable of nearly blotting out the sun with its size and scope. Over the years, various leaves have fallen from that original tree, taking root at other companies in the industry. In the case of Mike Pappas, co-founder of SilencerCo, the tree that sprung up was Dead Air Armament. Other SilencerCO alums who have taken root at Dead Air include designer Todd Magee and super salesman Gary Hughes. Like most silencer companies bringing products to the market for the first time, Dead Air’s first contribution to the market was a family of .30 caliber silencers called the Sandman

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Gear Review: Covert Cases Guitar Gun Case


There are some places where toting a desert tan gun case slathered in MOLLE straps is a normal everyday occurrence. I don’t live in one of those places. I live in Austin, Texas. A place where it’s more socially acceptable to ride a unicycle down the street while wearing a tight plaid shirt, suspenders and an ironic neck tattoo than it is to exercise one of your fundamental civil rights. A new company is looking to give gun owners a little bit of cover when transporting their equipment to and from the range, disguising their firearms as something more “socially acceptable.” From comes the Guitar Gun Case.

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Three Reasons Why “Smart Guns” Are A Stupid Idea

"Smart gun" (courtesy

TTAG’s blogged the development of so-called “smart guns” for years. With President Obama’s executive order paving the way for government agencies to deploy guns requiring electronic owner identification of one sort or another, the issue is back in the news. As a free market guy, I see no reason why “smart guns” shouldn’t be available for sale. As a gun guy, I see lots of reason why you should never buy one. Here are my top three . . .

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Gear Review: TruGlo TFX Pro Tritium/Fiber-Optic Day/Night Sights [Contest Entry]


By MikeyCNY

With most defensive gun uses taking place at night, it’s important to train appropriately and have the necessary gear to help you survive. Flashlights are likely the most common tool in this instance, either separate from your firearm or affixed to it. Another option is aftermarket night sights, which commonly use tritium-filled vials to “glow-in-the-dark” and allow for proper sight-alignment. A few months ago I did a bunch of research on the most popular night sights for handguns. These include such names as . . .

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Gear Review: KDG Sidelok Red Dot Mount


I test a lot of guns. Some of them come with a scope mounted already, but the vast majority require that I put some sort of optic on there to test it out. Normally this is a huge pain in the butt, moving optics from one firearm to another. I’ve tried a few alternatives on the market for quick detach red dot mounts but none of them have really worked all that well. Now Kinetic Development Group has released their Sidelok red dot mount, and after testing it for a few months I think I’ve found a winner . . .

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Gear Review: McMillan Stock Measuring Kit


My very first bolt action rifle was a Ruger M77 Mark II chambered in .243 Win. I love that gun very much, and even though TTAG affords me a certain level of access when it comes to rifles, each hunting season, that gun is in the blind with me. That said, it’s not a very good rifle. For starters, the stock is terrible. Like most polymer factory stocks, it flexes more than Arnold in front of a mirror, and it lacks a certain ergonomic style. I spent years not knowing this until I got behind a McMillan stocked rifle, and then I knew . . .

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Gear Review: LaserMax Spartan Laser for Pistols [Content Contest]


By Alan Mitchell

In the 30 plus years since the Governator demanded a “forty-five long slide vith lahsah sighting,” the cost, quality and demand for laser sighting systems has changed dramatically for the better. Ahhnolds prop took 10,000 watts to light the helium neon laser and encompassed a big battery, a switch, and long wire from under his jacket and sleeve, not very CCW friendly. Today, mass merchandisers, firearm specialty providers, and the internet offer everything from top-of-the-line LEO/military/competition level lasers to budget friendly devices for the general carrying public. The widespread availability of 1913 Rail system handguns has made the under dustcover laser an almost universally attachable accessory across a wide spectrum of pistols. So what can we get for under $150, and how many compromises are we making on what’s available at the bottom of the market? . . .

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Gear Review: DeSantis Women’s Thigh Hide Holster


There are a lot of arguments against off-body carry for women. So-called “handbag carry” challenges the gun owner to keep strict control of her handbag/firearm at all times. To never, ever let the bag/gun out of her sight. Then there’s the challenge of drawing the gun during an adrenaline dump, when fingers turn to flippers and nothing goes exactly as planned. “But I wear skirts and tight tops,” well-armed women complain. “How else can I carry?” Enter the DeSantis Thigh Hide . . .

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Gun Review: Bond Arms Texas Defender


A few years ago I was looking for a boot gun for deep concealment, and a spare pistol to keep in the truck. As a kid, I often carried a single-barreled .410 pistol. I knew the caliber’s capabilities and limitations. So when I saw a Bond Arms derringer online for about half MSRP, I jumped at the chance to own one . . .

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