Gear Review: Galco Stow-N-Go Inside The Pant Holster

(courtesy The Truth About Guns)I’ve been a big fan of appendix carry in a belly band since I began concealing some four years ago. I found it to be the most comfortable and efficient way to hide my Springfield XD-Sub compact in the clothes I normally wear (mostly jeans and T-shirts). Now that it’s a little cooler, I’ve been wearing sweaters, or at least a looser blouse over a more summery top – an ensemble that allows more options for concealing. When I encountered a Galco Stow-N-Go holster in small gun store in Idaho I decided to try a new concealment method . . .

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Gear Review: ARmA15 AR-15 Quick Wall Mount


Sometimes the need to secure a rifle arises, but a full-on safe is too expensive and heavy to make sense, or is impossible to fit in a given location. Securely mounting an AR-15 to a wall, such as inside of a closet, to a truck roll bar, trunk, or other place is the ARmA15 locking bracket’s raison d’être. It’s a pretty simple solution for safely storing a single rifle while still allowing relatively quick access. . .

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In Praise of Old Gunleather and Ammo

My brother – Duane Weingarten – recounted an interesting incident with gear that had been hanging in a closet for 30 years:

Back in the late 70’s Revolvers and leather duty gear was the norm. When I took my first LEO job it was with a rural department with six road deputies. I brought Bianchi leather duty gear, which I wore until I left that department and moved onward and upwards to a 500 man state LE agency. The state agency supplied all the necessary gear that they thought an officer needed. I went from revolver to a semi auto. In the last few months I have been moving from a house I lived in for 34 plus years to another. I was packing one of closets up when I found my old duty belt . . .

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Gear Review: Gun Pro Delta 1 Sights


The quest for better handgun sights isn’t all that different from the quest to create a better mousetrap. There are myriad companies — aftermarket and OEM — manufacturing sights of almost every design imaginable. But nearly all of them have the same goal; the most rapid sight acquisition possible while retaining acceptable accuracy. For the last few months I’ve been playing with a set of Delta 1 Sights from Gun Pro — available for GLOCKs and 1911s, with M&P sets coming soon — and it’s high time for the review. . .

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Gear Review: Trijicon MRO


Back in the day, I was hesitant about using zero magnification red dot sights on a rifle. I didn’t see the value – right until I laid down underneath an up-armored HMMWV, my head upside down, leaning over with my knees on the ground, my M4 placed flat against the ground, the stock not even touching my shoulder, and put the little red dot on a 19-inch target over 100 yards away. And nailed it, over and over again. Since that day I learned that a zero magnification red dot sight allows me to get on target faster  in more positions than any other sighting system. So when RF told me he had Trijicon’s new MRO (Miniature Rifle Optic) ready for review, I was quick to raise my hand . . .

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Gear Review: Bravo Concealment ACER DG2 Holster


I’ve spent the last three years carrying a couple of different sized pistols in a variety of places on my body. I’ve finally settled on a full-size M&P 9 and the appendix carry position, but holster selection has been hit or miss. The fine folks at Bravo Concealment reached out and asked if I’d like to try out one of their offerings, and because – like all gun owners – I always wonder if the ballistic grass is greener over there, somewhere. I enthusiastically said yes . . .

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Gear Review: Holosun HS503C Circle Dot Sight


A few months ago I stumbled upon Holosun Technologies, a company out of Florida that makes a range of red dot optics. Nearly all of them employ a solar panel to provide power to the ultra-efficient LED, with a battery backup if it’s too dark. With this combination, the CR2032 battery’s life is up to 50,000 hours (5.7 years). Most of Holosun’s models are available with a 2 MOA red dot only, or like my PARALOW HS503C here with that same red dot inside of a 65 MOA circle and the option to turn the circle on or off. Let’s dive in to check out the rest of the features . . .

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Gear Review: Hogue 10/22 Tactical Thumbhole OverMolded Stock


Hogue‘s bread-and-butter product line has long-since been “OverMolded Rubber” handgun grips and rifle stocks. By bonding a soft, grippy rubber onto a hard polymer internal structure, felt recoil is greatly decreased and purchase and comfort are increased, all while typically reducing weight as compared to wood. Brand new to the OverMolded lineup is a thumbhole stock for Ruger 10/22 rifles, available for standard and bull barrels as well as for fixed and takedown models. The PWS T3 Summit Rifle review exposed mixed opinions on its laminate stock, so this seemed like a good timing to grab the new Hogue offering and give it a whirl. . .

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Gear Review: SIG SAUER WHISKEY5 5-25×52 Riflescope


2015 is continuing to be quite the year of expansion for SIG SAUER, as the company jumps with both feet into multiple new product lines. Silencers, optics, ammunition, airguns, and more have been or are being added to the catalog. In all of these cases, SIG chose not to acquire new companies and their existing product lines, but to acquire human talent and build their new offerings organically. To run the silencer division, AAC founder Kevin Brittingham came on board. Ammo is being run by Dan Powers, previously with RUAG and Bud Fini, previously from Remington. Airguns? That would be Lou Riley, former CEO of GAMO. But today we’re checking out the WHISKEY5, 5-25×52 hunting riflescope, which is part of SIG’s new Electro-Optics line, run by. . .

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Gear Review: Strike Industries Ultimate Selector Switches


More than any other firearm, the AR-15 platform often finds itself heavily accessorized. In fact, it’s regularly referred to as a “Barbie doll for men.” While my play time with dolls was generally more about coming up with increasingly better parachute designs to float them downstairs from the second floor and less about the dolls themselves, I admit I enjoy customizing an AR-15 now and again. Right around Christmas time last year I picked up this Strike Industries Ultimate Selector Switches kit and have been playing with it ever since. It’s probably high time for a review. . .

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