Gear Review: Telor Tactical Bodyband Holster


While I’m normally a fan of “proper” holsters — those that attach to the belt and are made of leather or Kydex — I fully understand that they aren’t always right for everyone. Specifically, those who don’t wear pants and belts every day.  Scrubbed out nurses and doctors, for instance. Or women who wear dresses. Or guys like me who hit the gym a few times a week in nylon shorts and t shirts. For those folks, Telor Tactical has an answer . . .

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Gear Review: 2A Holster Pancake Holster for GLOCK 19


Some members of our Armed Intelligentsia dismiss Kydex holsters as cold, hard, loud and ugly. It’s the same way they feel about GLOCK brand GLOCKs. As the picture above clearly signals, this review doesn’t go out to all you revolver guys who may someday have to “clear leather.”  This review of the 2A Standard Bearer is for concealed (yes concealed) carry gun owners who value function over, uh, anything . . .

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Gear Review: VLTOR RE-SCAR Stock for the FN SCAR


There’s little doubt that the stock on the FN SCAR series of rifles is less than optimal. Its big, bulky, and not terribly reliable — I broke the stock on my SCAR 16S about halfway through the competition year, as the latch on the hinge bent and wasn’t quite as solid anymore. Replacement parts for the SCAR series of rifles are few and far between, but VLTOR is a company that’s making an effort to come up with creative ways to make the highly proprietary SCAR rifles more customizable. Today we’re looking at the RE-SCAR, VLTOR’s attempt to make the SCAR rifles compatible with the nearly endless supply of AR-15 stocks . . .

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Gear Review: Meopta Meosight III


Bigger isn’t always better. There are definitely circumstances where a 24x scope with a Horus reticle isn’t the right tool for the job, and something smaller (and cheaper) will suffice. Especially for close range targets and lightweight rifles, having a small red dot mounted on the gun instead of a scope or even an EOTech sight might be a better idea. Meopta is a European optics manufacturer who has been in the business since 1933, and they’ve come out with a new red dot specifically for those times when a scope is simply overkill: the Meosight III . . .

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Gear Review: Tech Sights TSR 200


Having just run my new Tech Sights through a weekend of Appleseed shooting, I felt it necessary to review them. And I gotta tell you, they’re really great. If you’re looking to add irons to your Ruger 10/22, look no further. But why would you want to add irons to a gun that already has them from the factory? Well, for starters . . .

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Gear Review: Grizzly Targets “Build Your Own Range” System

Pic 1

Here at TTAG, we love shooting steel. Some TTAG writers have the luxury of owning rural property where they can simply leave their targets. Others, myself included, live in suburbia, and can only shoot at gun clubs or out on public lands (BLM, National Forest lands, etc.). So we need steel targets that are portable. Fortunately, Grizzly Targets of Tampa Florida has the answer: a set of stands and targets they call the “Build Your Own Range” (BYOR) System. Grizzly sent me some T&E samples, and I have since purchased additional pieces . . .

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Gear Review: Timney Calvin Elite Trigger for the Remington 700


With the recent news that Remington is (kinda) recalling every Model 700 rifle ever made to replace their triggers, I figured that now would be the perfect time to review another offering from Timney Triggers. I reviewed their standard Remington 700 trigger nearly two years ago, and it hasn’t left my rifle since the day it was installed. However, the guys at Timney tipped me off that there might be a better choice for those looking to squeeze that last little drop of accuracy out of their gun: the Calvin Elite model.

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Gear Review: MultiTasker Series 3 Multitool


The AR-15 platform is an incredibly versatile firearm, able to be adjusted and customized to meet almost any mission and fit just about any shooter. But in order to make all that customization possible — and even just to maintain the gun — you need a veritable crate of specialized tools. There have been some attempts in the past to create “one tool to rule them all,” giving you all the gadgets you need to fix your gun in the field (like the Leatherman MUT), but I always find that there’s something missing when I need it the most. I haven’t run into that problem with the MultiTasker Series 3 . . .

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Gear Review: Geissele SSA-E Trigger


Hi, My name is Tyler, and I’m a trigger snob. I’ve been a trigger snob my whole life. I feel it is arguably the most important part of any gun, and if anyone asks about potential upgrades, I tell them to spend good money on good triggers. There are a lot of AR trigger manufacturers, and one day, I’ll test ‘em all. But one company always comes up first when it comes to quality triggers for the AR platform – Geissele . . .

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Gear Review: Geissele Armorer’s Package


I’m a man on a mission. A special tools mission that is. I guess it started with my first action block. A polymer affair that clamshelled over a standard flat top upper. As soon as it arrived, I eagarly invited a friend over to assemble his box of AR parts so we could try out my new tool. He brought all the pieces including a Noveske barrel, the necessary gas block bits, and a non mil spec upper receiver. Which is where the problems started…

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Gear Review: 5.56 Muzzle Device Shootout


King Armory contacted TTAG and asked if we’d like to review their KA-1222A muzzle brake/flash hider. As there are just way too many options from way too many manufacturers to review them individually, the project quickly escalated into doing a bit of a “shootout” with muzzle devices from multiple companies. Hopefully we’ve achieved a decent mix of well-known units from well-known manufacturers as well as some from smaller shops that many folks may not be familiar with. Basically, the intention here is to highlight a variety of muzzle device options — we gathered 35! — state my blunt opinion on machining, fit/finish, and utility plus any items of note, along with relevant stats. Since many of these devices specifically claim to reduce recoil I created a test rig to measure just that, and a winner has been declared . . .

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Gear Review: BCM KMR13 KeyMod Free-Float Handguard


It seems that on every free-floated hand guard review I’ve written, reader Tex300BLK has weighed in strictly to ask me when I was going to test the BCM KMR rail. So I forwarded his comments to the fine folks at BCM and asked real nicely. They happily responded and asked me for my address and a few short days later, I had a 13″ KMR rail on my doorstep . . .

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