Frankin Armory Responds to the ATF’s Reformation Ruling

See our earlier post regarding the ATF’s ruling as to the legal status of Franklin Armory’s Reformation here. The federal gun regulators have decreed that the Reformation, with its straight grooves, is something called a GCA/SBS…a short-barreled shotgun regulated under the Gun Control Act rather than the National Firearms Act.

After ATF Ruling, FosTecH Recalls All Origin-SBV ‘Shotguns’, Offers Consumers Replacement Options

FosTecH is an Indiana-based maker of AR platform rifles, shotguns and triggers. They’re also the maker of the Origin-SBV not-a-shotgun firearm thing. Well, they were.   FosTecH designed the Origin SBV along the same lines as other not-a-shotgun firearms such as the Mossberg Shockwave and the Remington TAC-14. Those guns are classified as firearms under […]

BREAKING: ATF Declares the Franklin Armory Reformation a GCA/SBS Shotgun, Halts All Retail Sales

See some our earlier posts on the Franklin Armory Reformation here, here, and here. While the Reformation may look like a short barrel rifle, it isn’t. That’s because the barrel uses straight lands and grooves. A conventional pistol or rifle barrel has twisted lands and grooves, as seen above. The Reformation’s straight-grooved design quirk was […]

Chasing the Machine Guns

I try to keep up with the criminal use of machine guns in the United States. To date, I have documented five cases of an actual machine gun that was used in a crime (as opposed to the crime only being possession or transfer of a machine gun) since passage of the National Firearms Act […]

ATF Requires All Silencer Shop FFL/SOTs to Apply for ‘Variances’ to Use Electronic Signatures

Silencer Shop is the largest distributor of suppressors and silencers (same thing) in the country. Part of that success has been built on their “Powered by Silencer Shop” kiosks they have in gun stores around the country. These kiosks make processing all of the required ATF-mandated NFA paperwork extremely easy. Part of that process, of course, is […]

DOJ Announces Project Guardian to Reduce ‘Gun Violence’ By Enforcing Existing Laws

Project Guardian will emphasize background checks, federal prosecutions to reduce firearm-related crimes rather than enacting more gun control laws. By Arian Sainz and Michael Balsamo, Associated Press Attorney General William Barr announced a new initiative Wednesday that would better enforce the U.S. gun background check system, coordinate state and federal gun cases and ensure prosecutors […]