Gun Control Graft: 4 Indicted in Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Concealed Carry Permit Corruption

Gun control isn’t just racist, classist, expensive, and wildly ineffective. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for some good old fashion graft. In jurisdictions where your right to keep and bear arms is dependent on the say-so of a government functionary — rather than, say, the Constitution — plenty of public servants see that discretion as […]

Apex Tactical Announces Their Action Enhancement Trigger for the Springfield Hellcat

The Springfield Hellcat micro-compact has a good out-of-the-box trigger for a striker-fired pistol. Apex Tactical, however, is in the business of giving gun owners options for improving or replacing their standard bangswitch with upgrades that can transform the shooting experience from OK to exceptional. They’ve just announced their new Action Enhancement Trigger for the Hellcat, […]

Gretchen Whitmer’s Veep Cred: I Kept 6600 Firearms Industry Employees Out of Work!

By Larry Keane Everytown for Gun Safety continued its Veepstakes auditions as Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer joined Shannon Watts to talk about her gun control credentials. Gov. Whitmer’s highlight of the event was boasting about putting 6,600 Michiganders in the firearm and ammunition industry out of work by deeming them “non-essential” during the coronavirus pandemic. Most […]

NAGR’s Brown: The NRA Has Been AWOL from the Second Amendment Fight for Decades

While [The National Association for Gun Rights’ Dudley] Brown thinks that the lawsuit is a “convenient” political persecution and said his organization doesn’t take any delight in James’ prosecution, the gun rights advocate said that exposing the corruption within the organization is important for its members. … Brown is not only outraged by the alleged […]

A Study That Gets it Right: Gun Laws Change Nothing

By Robert B. Young, MD I routinely castigate lousy research by prejudiced academics who make their careers publishing poorly designed, illogically interpreted studies claiming that guns are bad and that widely restricting their ownership will solve society’s problems. I get tired of it, like anyone would covering the same fake news over and over. So […]

Top 3 Ways To Piss Off Other People at a Gun Range

Any gun guru worth his or her salt will tell you to avoid stupid people in stupid places doing stupid things. As someone who’s been to more gun ranges than the average guy, we should modify that adage to account for the risks involved when shooting guns next to complete strangers. Avoid stupid armed people […]

More Americans are Realizing Government and Police Can’t – Or Won’t – Protect You

By Roger Katz As a NYPD veteran police officer, and adjunct professor/lecturer of police science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, National Rifle Association certified firearms instructor (pistol, rifle, and shotgun), and training counselor, and active member of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, and lifetime resident of New York City, I […]

New York AG Suit Targets Millions Paid to Former NRA President Marion Hammer

The complaint describes payments made to “Board Member No. 5,” a person identified as the executive director of the Unified Sportsmen of Florida. State corporate records list the 81-year-old [former NRA president Marion] Hammer as executive director of the group. She has routinely identified herself with the organization when testifying on gun legislation at the […]

Bloomberg’s ‘The Trace’ Tracks NICS Checks…Badly

By Larry Keane As the trade association for the firearm and ammunition industry, the NSSF tracks industry-related data closely. Whether it is the tens of millions of dollars our manufacturers pay in excise tax for conservation projects, the ever-growing popularity of the modern sporting rifle (now exceeding 17 million sold just since 1990), or the […]

NSSF Statement on New York Attorney General’s Attempt to Shut Down the NRA

From the National Shooting Sports Foundation: NSSF, the trade association for the firearm industry, is troubled by the politically-driven decision of New York Attorney General Letitia James to seek to dissolve the National Rifle Association, America’s oldest civil rights organization. The lawsuit filed today by Attorney General James seeks to punish the over five million […]