‘Stop-and-Frisk’ Can Work, Under Careful Supervision

By Henry F. Fradella, Arizona State University and Michael D. White, Arizona State University In mid-November, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg apologized publicly for his backing of a practice intended to reduce violent crime that had for years been criticized as racially biased. “I realize back then I was wrong, and I’m sorry,” […]

Update On The NAS Pensacola Shooting

I watched a live press briefing (gone now) on the shooting. Key points: Three victims dead, shooter dead. Despite an earlier USA Today report that the shooter killed himself, Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan says his officers took the chumbucket out. Morgan also said the shooter used a “handgun.” A Navy spokesman (I missed name […]

President Bloomberg’s Gun Control Plan Would Include Federal Permitting, Banning ‘Assault Weapons,’ a 48-Hour Wait Period and Much More

If there’s one thing Michael Bloomberg feels comfortable with — besides building a multi-billion dollar market information and media congomerate — it’s pushing gun control. So when he made a campaign appearance yesterday (in Aurora, Colorado…subtle, no?) to roll out his plan for national limits on gun rights, he hit a lot of the same […]