Gun Review: The Hi-Point Yeet Cannon G1 C9 Pistol

Over 600 comments, mostly detrimental, were entered on the original review of the C9 in 2011. There was a follow-up review written by one of the more vocal critics and now 9 years later I have another C9, the special Yeet Cannon G1 edition. There was certainly an abundance of CAPS LOCK commandos hitting quite […]

House Democrats Focus on Straws…Not Real Solutions. Again. Still.

By Larry Keane As the argument surrounding gun control and the Second Amendment occupies daily space in the mainstream media, anti-gun zealots must resort to increasingly outlandish claims in order to get the attention they seek. Most recently, U.S. Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.) compared the current campaign to force new gun restrictions through Congress to efforts by […]

More Steps on the Slippery Slope – Assault Weapons Bans, Red Flag Laws and Universal Background Checks

None of the current “solutions” that are being pushed by the gun control industry, the media or politicians would do anything to stop mass shootings in this country. But they already know that. They’re not intended to prevent mass shootings. They’re just more steps along the road to eventually outlawing civilian firearm ownership in America. […]

Gun Review: Franchi Momentum Rifle in .308 Win

Franchi, a 150-year-old shotgun manufacturer, clearly felt it was high time an affordable Italian hunting rifle hit U.S. shores. Affordable? Italian? Yes and yes. Meet the Franchi Momentum Bolt-Action Rifle. Available in six calibers, TTAG gave the $609 MSRP .308 Winchester flavor a test drive. Unsurprisingly, the Momentum is equipped with a synthetic stock. Synthetic […]

Reality Takes a Bite Out of Beto’s Gun Control Vision Quest

By Larry Keane It seems that the gun control ideas of former Congressman and Texas Democrat Robert “Beto” O’Rourke don’t travel well. They didn’t even survive a trip across the Texas state line into Arkansas. O’Rourke is pushing a campaign platform that embraces an aggressive gun control agenda. It’s another of O’Rourke’s campaign reboots, this time on […]

The Art of the Deal: Gun Control Advances and Gun Owners Get Nothing

If only America’s gun owners had someone on their side who was skilled at the negotiating process. [G]un control advocates don’t refer to [the FBI 3-day background check limit] as a “compromise” anymore. Today, this provision is known as the “Charleston loophole” because the FBI failed to process the 2015 Charleston, South Carolina, church shooter’s […]