State Your Case: .357 Magnum vs. .44 Magnum

It’s that time again, friends. Yes, that’s right, it’s time for a faceoff between two of the most popular magnum revolver rounds out there: the .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum. This is bound to be an interesting edition of State Your Case because there’s a very wide division between faithful shooters of each of these […] to Launch January 1, 2019

The People of the Gun have been bemoaning the lack of a large scale, professional online marketplace for firearms and gear. We’ve been clamoring for someone to step in and fill an obvious void in the marketplace, thanks to so many retail outlets and financial institutions who’ve made it difficult or impossible for retailers and […]

Strike Industries’ New Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit

Isn’t there some kind of big gift-giving event coming up soon? Strike Industries offers an all in one-gun cleaning kit for any caliber and firearm needs both down  and off range, ideal for maintaining a reliable firearm. The only ultimate heavy-duty weapons maintenance and cleaning solution on the market. A kit to suit all your […]