Small Town, Sultry Summer Evening Carry: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

SLD, a retired gent from Michigan sends us his “Small town sultry summer evening carry.”  While I love his description, for me “everyday carry” is pretty much everyday unless I’m going to someplace non-permissive.  But heh, more power to Mr. SLD. Love the classic Colt Detective Special with Stag grips.   I find them appealing, and […]

Gun Review: TriStar Folding Survival Shotgun

I have a love-hate relationship with Armslist. I love the idea, but I hate the scammers, the guys trying to trade tattoos for guns, and the fellas who can’t seem to ever meet at the time and place agreed upon. Occasionally, though, you find a deal or an oddity you can’t say no to and […]

Video Games Should Replace Shooting Things with Sorting Laundry or Cuddling With Your Cat

We present the following without further comment. Shooting things in games is intrinsically compelling. Firing, watching something blow up, and then seeing our score ping higher on the screen creates an exciting feedback loop that gives us immediate agency and power. Shooters are the most popular genre of video game in the U.S. and account for […]

Oregon Guy’s Two Karambits and a Tricked-out G43: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Oregon Guy sends his “My EDC” for today’s pocket dump of the day, courtesy Everyday Carry. That’s quite an upgraded GLOCK 43 with Streamlight 69270 TLR-6 Tactical Pistol Light with Red Laser.  Glad to see his sights aren’t standard.  Probably some sort of tritium night sights or a fiber optic sight.   He writes that he […]

Gun Review: Mossberg MC1sc Subcompact 9mm

With the MC1sc subcompact 9X19mm, Mossberg has stepped into a crowed field of popular pistols. Subcompact 9mms have been great sellers, with the demand for easily concealable power showing no signs of abating anytime soon. With the MC1sc, the company often cited as the best value in shotguns presents a polymer framed, striker fired subcompact […]

The Hi-Point YEET CANNON Has Finally Arrived

In response to popular demand and internet outrage over a naming contest gone sideways (again), Hi-Point has acquiesced and is now shipping the amazing YEET CANNON G1! Or is it G1 YEET CANNON? Whichever it is, it’s a temporary and limited solution until the brand officially adopts YC9 (Yeet Cannon 9mm) as the name of […]