GUNS! Democrat Debate Talk Turns to Guns

At tonight’s debate among those seeking the Democrat nomination for the race for President in 2020, the topic of gun control came up.  Chuck Todd brought the topic up, but technical issues forced them to take a commercial break. When they returned, Chuck asked Elizabeth Warren what to do about guns.  Warren says it’s a […]

Facebook Kills Popular ‘Illinois Gun Owners Together’ Group

Zuck strikes again. On Sunday, Facebook deleted the very popular “Illinois Gun Owners Together – IGOT” private Facebook group. And with the appeal is stretching into the fourth day, it looks like IGOT won’t be back. We have watched as Facebook has shadow-banned conservative content in earnest following President Trump’s election. Now, Zuckerberg’s minions have […]

The 3 Things Everyone Should Carry Every Day

Over at Everyday Carry, one can peruse what other people carry in their pockets on a daily basis. We feature one of those pocket dumps each and every evening right here at TTAG. It’s interesting to see how others approach packing – both a gun and other accessories for their daily lives. While you see […]


Earlier today, we noted the announcement that as a result of the Ackerman McQueen breakup, new production of NRATV programming has stopped. On Tuesday, the National Rifle Association ended its relationship with Ackerman, their marketing and PR firm which ran NRATV. In news reports covering the NRATV production work, the reports said that old material […]

BREAKING: NRA-ILA’s Chris Cox Resigns

This just in. The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action’s executive director Chris Cox has resigned today. ABC News has the story… A high-ranking leader of the NRA has resigned amid growing turmoil in the gun group. Chris Cox has stepped down from his post as the NRA’s chief lobbyist and principal political strategist […]

Firearm Suppressors are a True Public Health Issue

Just as with bump stocks, now that a suppressor has been used in one high profile crime, a move is afoot to ban the already highly regulated safety devices. Because any opportunity to roll back firearms freedoms for Americans will always be seized upon by the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex. That’s why we thought it […]

Eureka! – NYU Discovers That More Talk of Gun Control Results in More Guns Sold

I’ll take ‘Blindingly Obvious Conclusions to Anyone Outside of the Ivory Tower’ for $500, Alex. The team employed a mathematical construct known as entropy transfer, which can establish causal links between multiple variables by examining the degree to which one variable influences another. In these analyses, influence is defined as an improved ability to make […]