Latest Survey Confirms Gun Owners OK With Smart Guns, But Don’t Want to Buy One

By Elizabeth McGuigan A newly released survey shows gun owners aren’t opposed to the idea of authorized user technology in firearms. But only 5 percent would be very likely to purchase one themselves due to their concerns about reliability and cost. About 70 percent said they were very or somewhat concerned about the reliability of the so-called […]

AR Sales Skyrocket Ahead of New Washington State Gun Control – TTAG Weekly Gun Law Roundup

AR Sales Skyrocket in Washington Ahead of New We’ve talked about Washington’s Initiative 1639 before. It puts a host of new restrictions on gun owners, including requiring a permanent waiver of their HIPAA rights before buying a handgun or semi-automatic rifle. Ahead of this, Washingtonians are buying up everything they can get their hands on. […]

The Truth About Silencers is Being Suppressed

By Robert B. Young, MD The murderous attack May 31 in the Virginia Beach city government building has predictably elicited outrage and opportunism by masses of sensitive, easily triggered [all puns intended] anti-gun activists and legislators. A large fraction of them are of course Democrats running for their party’s Presidential nomination. It’s seldom that something unifies […]

100 Days of Congressional Gun Control Nonsense

By Larry Keane Last week a group of Democrats in Congress held a press conference to discuss gun control. It’s not entirely clear why their remarks were newsworthy. It was simply another instance of gun control advocates advocating for gun control in front of the media. Their hook was that it had been 100 days since the […]

LA Times: Selling Bigger Magazines Means Mass Shootings Will Get More Deadly

This is what happens when you get your “gun safety” information from The Trace. Gun enthusiasts say they need the firepower (of new, higher capacity magazines) for entertainment on the firing range. Paranoid anti-government folks argue they need it to protect against tyranny. Home-protection buffs believe they need to be armed like Rambo to defend […]