Gear Review: Mantis X10 Elite Training System

I’ve had a Mantis X10 Elite training system for quite some time now and I’ve been trying to figure out how to write this review. It’s not easy to fully encapsulate what this little device can do. It’s an intimidating prospect, and my goal is to try and capture all the ways you can train […]

The Only April Fools This Year: Gun Control Advocates and the Politicians Who Support Them

The only fools this April are gun control advocates and those impotent politicians who pretend to care about them – you’ve all failed miserably. This is you end-game, can your hear the impending doom of your advocacy? I guess you didn’t march hard enough. — Trollworks™️ by Ivan (@Ivan_Is_Back) April 1, 2020 Want to […]

SAF Tears Apart Everytown Law’s Memo on Emergency Gun Store Closures

From the Second Amendment Foundation: The Second Amendment Foundation today responded to a memorandum issued by ‘Everytown Law,’ an arm of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety gun prohibition lobbying group, calling the document “totally biased” and written solely to support the emergency closure of American gun stores, using the COVID-19 crisis as an excuse. […]

Massachusetts Governor Closes Gun Stores Again After Listing Them as ‘Essential’

From the NSSF: Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker closed federally licensed firearm dealers after briefly listing them open as “essential” services. The move effectively denies Massachusetts residents of their Second Amendment civil rights, under the guise of emergency health orders. Gov. Baker quietly updated the Bay State’s COVID-19 guidance to mirror the updated guidance published by the Department […]

Here Are the Guns We’re Willing to Give Up During the Coronavirus National Emergency

By Jennifer Sensiba Major events and emergencies like the coronavirus outbreak and national emergency tend to change the way we think. In the face of a global pandemic, even we libertarians and conservatives are thinking about the collective good over our individual situations. As a result, we’re now tolerating government more control over broad swaths […]

RIP Edward Avila, Founder of

As a longtime member of, I am saddened to hear of the passing of its founder Edward Avila yesterday. From Edward passed away today after a long battle with cancer. He fought until the end, sharing his story with the community (in the Team Forum) and hopefully inspiring hope in others. He was […]