Motorcyclist Receives $65,000 Settlement After Viral Police Misconduct Video

Back in 2017, a Washington detective was placed on administrative leave following a controversial traffic stop that was captured on a motorcyclist’s GoPro. The biker, Alex Randall, was pulled over for speeding. The detective, Richard Rowe, is shown in the video pointing a Glock at him while wearing plain clothes and failing to identify himself. Following the event, […]

Gun Review: Savage Axis II XP in .223 Remington

Savage has been making outstanding bolt-action rifles for over 60 years now. The brand has earned a reputation of quality well outside of its price range. With the Axis II XP, Savage has doubled down on the cost cutting, combining a bare bones rifle with an inexpensive optic for a very affordable full package. Unfortunately, […]

The Strasbourg Market Shooter, Another ‘Known Wolf’ Still on the Loose

Yesterday a man who was well known to French authorities opened fire on the annual Christmas Market in the northeast city of Strasbourg. The shooter, identified as 29-year-old Cherif Chekatt murdered four and wounded eleven more during a series of attacks before escaping. As the Financial Times reports, Prosecutor Rémy Heitz told a press conference […]