Canterbury’s Brass Knucks, Swedish Flask & Empty-Chamber GLOCK 17 EDC: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

So Dave Canterbury, the outdoors skills instructor and writer, returns with his “Urban EDC” for unfriendly areas, courtesy of Everyday Carry. The first item he lists are a pair of House of Marley Smile Jamaica Wired Noise Cancelling Headphones with Microphone.  Maybe he’s going to plug those into that Swedish canteen.  Or should that be […]

Parkland Update: Israel’s Done and the Shooter’s Mental Health Treatment Was…Unusual

The rolling, never-ending clown show/tragedy/farce that is the entire Parkland shooting and its aftermath took a couple of more turns this week. The good news is that the citizens of Broward County Will be safer due to the Florida Supreme Court’s decision regarding feckless, dangerously incompetent ex-sheriff and politicized hack, Scott Israel. At least for […]

Seattle Home Owner Shoots, Kills Burglar

Gun ownership has been under sustained assault in Washington State for the last two years. With an “assault weapons” ban that basically redefined all semi-autos as weapons of war, outlawing private gun sales, raising the age to buy a gun and “safe storage” mandates, the state’s push to emulate the success of California has made life […]

Arizona DPS Releases Safety Bulletin Regarding FNS 9 Pistol Discharges

The Arizona Department of Public Service issues the FN’s FNS striker-fired pistols to its officers. The Arizona Mirror got its hands on an internal safety bulletin video regarding situations which could result in accidental discharges. The video shows two conditions under which the FN’s FNS pistols may fire when not intended. With ominous music playing in the […]

The Dumbest Thing On the Internet About Guns You’ll Read Today – Chelsey Kivland

The Social Justice Foundation publishes something called ‘Pacific Standard.’ And ‘Pacific Standard’ has published a post called What Guns Do To Our State of Mind By Dartmouth cultural anthropologist Chelsey Kivland. It’s absolutely everything you’d expect from the Social Justice Foundation with a soupçon of irrational mysticism thrown in just for fun. In looking at “gun violence” […]