Optics Review: Atibal Apex 4-14×44 FFP Riflescope

TTAG is slowly ending my scope snobbery. Well, less TTAG itself and a lot more the opportunity to shoot through increasingly better quality budget glass. A while back I wrote about my go-to-review optic, the Atibal Nomad 3-12×44. That particular scope reviewed extremely well and kept me on the lookout for Atibal’s scopes in the […]

Bad News For Gun Control True Believers: Barely 1% of Americans See Guns as Most Important Problem Facing America

Gallup released a story last week noting that 23% of Americans viewed illegal immigration as the nation’s biggest problem. Meanwhile, barely 1% of Americans mentioned “gun violence” or gun control as among our biggest national problems. Here’s Gallup’s news release going into the weekend, released on Friday where it got minimal publicity. New High in […]

Federal HEAR Act Would Outlaw Silencers Nationwide

The Las Vegas shooter used a bump fire stock in 2017, the only time the accessory had ever been used in the commission of a crime. The result: President Trump ordered the ATF to re-classify bump stocks as machine guns, effectively banning them. Last month, a Virginia Beach municipal employee when on a shooting rampage […]

Columbus Dispatch: OMG! The ‘Gun Crowd’ Wants the Right to Defend Themselves Outside the Home! OMG!

The Columbus Dispatch is horrified by the thought of “stand your ground” protection for Ohio’s gun owners. They’re happy with the state’s duty to retreat requirement and shocked that the state’s gun owners (AKA “the gun crowd”) would object to such a “common sense” doctrine. To most people, the duty to retreat is common sense, […]

South Florida Road Rage Shooting Leaves Two Dead

A former Marine returned fire during a road range incident in South Florida, killing the aggressor, before dying of a gunshot wound himself. Keith Byrne reportedly accidentally cut off another car in traffic. When the two vehicles reached a stoplight, the passenger in the other car approached Byrne. At the light, 22-year-old Andre Sinclair, who […]

SCOTUS: Extra Penalties for Having a Gun While Committing ‘Crimes of Violence” is Unconstitutionally Vague

Here’s a group of Justices you don’t see voting together often: Breyer, Ginsburg, Kagan, Sotomayor, and…Gorsuch. Together they made up the majority on a ruling that invalidates a part of the Gun Control Act that adds extra penalties to sentences for “crimes of violence” committed while in possession of a gun. From The Hill: Under […]

Hickok45: We’re Not Working With the NRA Any More

  On Friday, popular firearms video impresario Hickok45 and his son John posted an announcement on their YouTube channel. In short, they’re terminating — at least for now — their relationship with the National Rifle Association. We have high hopes that the NRA will come out of all this strong, lean, and more effective; however, […]