‘State Packing’: The Gun Control Battlespace Isn’t One Dimensional

Reader Steve Cañón writes: Many comments made by readers on TTAG seems to indicate that too many gun owners are fighting the last war. “Assault weapons” bans, bump stock prohibitions, registration, etc. Many expect the ever-increasing gun control laws in this country to eventually result in and armed, kitted-up special teams going through neighborhoods, house-to-house, […]

Media: New Zealanders are OK With Giving Up their Guns After Mosque Massacre

As the enormity of last week’s mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand unfolded, Labour Party Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wasted no time in announcing that she’d be clamping down on civilian gun ownership. The next day, NZ Attorney General David Parker told a crowd that the government would ban semi-automatic guns in the island nation. Unfortunately […]