The Gun Control Act of 1968 – 50 Years of Arbitrary ‘Statist Quo’ Laws and Regulations

“In pro-gun circles, it’s fashionable to brag about how the Second Amendment has stood strong against government infringements. In a relative sense, this is somewhat accurate. Compared to say, the health care sector , gun rights are in some regards more secure. But in the present-day climate of administrative politics, complacency is government growth’s best friend. And […]

Sig Sauer Wins “Innovator of the Year” and Two Other Awards at NASGW Expo

Last week at the 2018 National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW) Annual Expo Dinner in Pittsburgh, Sig Sauer was honored with three prestigious awards. The first is the 2018 NASGW Leadership Award for “Innovator of the Year,” given to association members that exemplify a commitment to two-step distribution in the sporting goods industry and […]

Pachmayr Add the GuardianGrip for the Ruger LCR

Pachmayr’s Guardian Grip gives you a full three-finger hold on your pocket snubby. See our review here. I have one on my 642 and that third finger makes a big difference. Now Pachmayr’s added a model for Ruger’s LCR. Here’s their press release: Pachmayr’s GuardianGrip is now available for the Ruger LCR. What makes the […]