Gun Review: Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced Threaded Barrel

Remington’s R1 pistols have been around a while, being introduced in 2010 as a basic service-style build. In some respects, the R1 was a re-entry into the pistol market by the company, which produced pistols for use in World War I. More than 21,000 of the .45 ACP-chambered handguns were delivered by what was then […]

Texas: Setting the Record Straight On “Red Flag” Legislation

By NRA-ILA Over the holiday weekend, a conservative “taxpayer watchdog” group sent out an email to its contact list which gave the impression that NRA-ILA does not oppose “red flag” legislation in Texas. One wonders what the organization hoped to accomplish by confusing and attempting to divide the gun community in this way. Let’s set the record straight: NRA-ILA submitted written […]

Washington Man Who Threatened To Shoot Sheriff Over Gun Control Enforcement is Arrested

The FBI got involved earlier this month when a Washington State law enforcement officer, Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, received death threats because he vowed not to enforce the state’s new gun control laws. He’s one of about a dozen Washington sheriffs who believe the new laws that passed in November via a controversial ballot measure are […]

Gun Review: CZ 75 Compact 9mm

There’s unquestionably a dedicated cadre of CZ fanboys amongst our readership as well as in the general gun-owning community. There are plenty of very good reasons for that. The Czech pistols are time-tested, well-made, ultra-reliable and reasonably priced. In short you get a lot for your gun-buying dollar with a CZ handgun. I’ve never counted […]

Does Benchmade Knives Support Second Amendment Rights?

I was tipped off yesterday morning about something of note to gun owners. I was told that Oregon-based Benchmade Knives was destroying firearms for the Oregon City, Oregon Police Department. A post appeared on the OCPD Facebook page (since taken down) with a few images and a statement of thanks to Benchmade:   The images […]