Who’s Hiding All of the Exploding Bullets?

Exploding bullets are back! Well, at least in the fevered imaginations of pearl-clutching, hoplophobic columnists who don’t bother with facts before dispensing domestic relations advice. Here’s part of conversation about the topic that’s been going on at National Review’s The Corner. You know, Charlie, I have been looking all over for some of those “exploding […]

Buy Yourself a Father’s Day Gift This Year

Another Father’s Day. What was it this year, a pair of socks? A set of socket wrenches? Maybe a(nother) ‘World’s Greatest Dad‘ coffee mug? Gee, thanks guys!  Now that you’ve eaten your special breakfast with the kiddies and said all the obligatory thank-you’s, it’s time for a real Father’s Day present. Which means (if you’re lucky) […]

Illinois State Police Seek Compliance Even From The Dead in New Gun Dealer Licensing Scheme

Bless Jessica Trame’s little heart. She takes her job as chief of the Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau very seriously. Seriously enough, in fact, to email deceased Illinois gun dealers seeking their compliance with Kathleen Willis’ new Gun Dealer Licensing Act. The Gun Dealer Licensing mess stands as a giant hot mess for firearms retailerw. […]

Latest Survey Confirms Gun Owners OK With Smart Guns, But Don’t Want to Buy One

By Elizabeth McGuigan A newly released survey shows gun owners aren’t opposed to the idea of authorized user technology in firearms. But only 5 percent would be very likely to purchase one themselves due to their concerns about reliability and cost. About 70 percent said they were very or somewhat concerned about the reliability of the so-called […]