Stoeger’s New Freedom Series P3000 Supreme Model Shotgun

From Stoeger . . . Stoeger continues to set the standard for dependability and versatility at a wallet-friendly price with the new P3000 Freedom Series Supreme. Widely recognized as a superior choice for defending home and property, the Stoeger Freedom Series offers extended magazines for increased capacity while being 922R compliant. The latest Freedom Series […]

Bloomberg School Study Finds ‘Assault Weapon’ Bans are Useless…and it Won’t Matter One Bit

As Breitbart first reported yesterday, a Bloomberg School of Public Health (heh) study has found that “assault weapon” bans do nothing — zero, zip, zilch, nada — to stop mass shootings. It must have been difficult for the school’s primary gun control advocate, Daniel Webster, to approve publication of that press release. But Webster did […]

Get Ready to Play Bloomberg Gun Ban Bingo Tonight!

As you’re no doubt aware, Michael Bloomberg has spent over $400 million so far buying his way into the top tier of Democrat Presidential candidates. And with the collapse of the Biden campaign, the Democrat Party has changed its own rules to get Mayor Mike a place on the stage for tonight’s candidate debate in […]

So You Want to Load Your Own Ammo, But You’re Not Sure if It’s Worth It. Read This First

[ED: With more and more attempts to raise the cost of ammunition — justified by an alleged desire to reduce “gun violence” — more people in places like Washington, California, and Connecticut among others, are considering the benefits (and fun) of loading their own ammunition. Besides avoiding background checks, taxes and who knows what else  […]