Firearms Policy Coalition Rejects Trump’s Expanded Background Check, Registry ‘Idea’ Document

WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 18, 2019) — Today, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) published a new Policy Memorandum addressing gun control proposals contained in a new document captioned “Idea for New Unlicensed-Commercial-Sale Background Checks”. FPC’s Policy Memorandum is available online at The “Idea” document was first reported by The Daily Caller’s White House Correspondent, Amber Athey, in her story entitled […]

Fashion Designer Launches Line of School Shooting-Themed Hoodies…With Bullet Holes

By Rob Fox Dystopian-themed fashion house Bstroy, founded by designers Brick Owens and Dieter “Du” Grams, has a hot new line of, um, uh…bullet-riddled school shooting hoodies? Be the hottest-looking person to be put on a watch list this fall when you walk around your neighborhood rocking Bstroy’s faded navy and white Columbine hoodie, distressed to […]

The Evolution of a Modern Democrat Gun-Grabber

By Larry Keane Remember all those years when gun control politicians told us they “respect the Second Amendment,” which was usually followed by some statement suggesting the Second Amendment just protects firearms for hunting? They tried to calm the fears of gun owners by saying, “No one’s taking away your guns.” I kind of hate […]

Beto to Trump: We’re Going to Confiscate Every AR and Register Every Gun Purchase

Robert Francis O’Rourke isn’t having a very good week. The culturally appropriating former Congressman from west Texas took a gamble and adopted the Swalwell Strategy, holing to resuscitate his flagging presidential campaign by advocating radical new limits on Americans’ gun rights. But Beto apparently didn’t take into account the fact that the Swalwell Strategy didn’t […]

How To Shoot With Cross-Eye Dominance

Previously, we covered how to tell if you are cross-eye dominant. Now let’s talk about how to shoot if you are. There are a few strategies that you can adopt in order to combat it. First is to learn to shoot with your weak-side hand. I’ve heard a few people say they had to either […]

We Need to Deemphasize the Negative Freedom of Gun Rights in Favor of the Positive Freedom of Life

Opponents of gun-ownership constraints focus on what political scientists call “negative freedom,” which suggests government restrictions on behavior are unwarranted. Seldom does the gun control debate take account of “positive freedom,” which strives to offer a rich menu of options to its beneficiaries. Alone on his island, Robinson Crusoe had unlimited negative freedom, but virtually […]

Gun Review: Armscor Rock Island Armory VR80 Shotgun

Rock Island Armory’s VR lineup of shotguns is a growing. I reviewed the VRBP-100 just a short while back, and while I liked it, I didn’t love it. One VR model I really do love, though, is the VR80. The Armscor RIA VR80 is the second generation of their AR-style magazine-fed shotguns. It’s a magazine-fed, […]