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So, who here remembers Kyle Rittenhouse and the guy with a skateboard? Everyone? Good. How about a woman with a gun who was assaulted by another woman with a pogo stick?

Apparently in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, a dispute broke out in a parking lot between two women. Whatever caused the altercation, it apparently made one of the woman feel she needed to grab the closest bludgeoning weapon at hand — a pogo stick.

The other woman, however, happened to be armed. As wrote . . .

Through investigation, police said several people, including the victim and suspect, were involved in a fight in the parking lot of Glen Circle. [ED: I checked, and much to my surprise there’s no Waffle House nearby.]

During the fight, the victim armed herself with a large metal pogo stick and attacked the suspect, who had a handgun.

The suspect fired one round, hitting the victim in the chest in self-defense, according to police.

It sounds like the “victim” is going to recover, as she was able to speak with police shortly after the incident. Based on their initial investigation, police said no charges would be filed.

Literally anything can be used kill you. So if you’re charged by someone with a “large metal pogo stick,” is a gun the correct use of force? What do you all think?



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  1. The person with the gun was not the “suspect”. The person with the pogo stick is not the “victim”. It’s reversed, but that’s the media for ya.

    • I’ve learned the hard way that the first person to call the cops is the one police call the “victim” even if they were the aggressor. If the criminal aggressor calls the cops, then the cops call the criminal the “victim” and they’ll call the law-abiding citizen the “perp” or “suspect.”
      It’s infuriating to be a law-abiding victim of an assault and hear the cops call the real criminal the “victim” of self-defense or the “victim” of brandishing (and in my case, I never brandished anything, but just having ANYTHING in the car that’s suitable for self-defense is a crime in New Jersey). Long story, but someday I’ll tell the details here, and everyone will react with total shock or disbelief at what goes on here in the People’s Republic of New Jersey! Cops arrest the good guys and call the bad guys the victim, if the bad guy calls 911 on the good guy — and then the innocent guy has to plead guilty to a misdemeanor to avoid a 10-year felony conviction for of “illegal possession of a weapon” (which in my case was a flare launcher used for boating, not a weapon at all, and I never, ever pointed it anyone, and the police ADMITTED that I never pointed it at anyone).
      Stay out of New Jersey if you value your freedom.

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      • Hear enough stories from coworkers in Camden back when I was around Philly that I would likely only be moderately surprised. Have things improved with availability of ccw (or whatever it is there) post Bruen? I know a few people that have nonresident NJ cards now so hopefully it is also better for actual inhabitants.

      • Exactly. The forms have a space for victim/complainant and one for perpetrator. Make sure you are in the victim one. When calling 911, don’t say you shot someone (admitting to be the perp). Say you were attacked (or whatever the perp was doing) so that you are put in the victim slot. Ask for an ambulance if the perp is bleeding out on the floor (assuming you or another victim doesn’t need one too), but don’t bother to give details or explain that you perforatedhl him. Once they know what to send and where to send it, hang up and call your lawyer/defense plan, and they’ll take care of the rest.

      • Yeah, some of us live in PRoNJ and understand that everything is illegal by default here and heaven forbid you actually defend yourself in your own home.

        • Be interesting if the “national stand your ground bill” being introduced in the House could ACTUALLY make it into law… (Not a snowballs chance in Hell)

  2. What? the victim attacks the suspect with a pogo stick, then the suspect defends herself from the victim (armed with the pogo stick) and fires one round? Which is what here?sq

  3. The attacker was having a severe episode of ups and downs prior to the event in question.

  4. She got Rittenhoused and she”s claiming to be the victim?

    Pull the other one. It has bells on it.

  5. if you’re charged by someone with a “large metal pogo stick,” is a gun the correct use of force?

    Well sure, if you don’t have your own pogo stick or a reasonable facsimile…

        • “I see an ER visit in your future.”

          Yeah, *another* $140,000 plus one. 🙁

          “This is young people stuff.”

          And as I discovered then, I don’t heal up nearly as fast as I used to. It ended up being nice to my pocket, bit I think I’ll pass on another one…

          I’ll pass that video along to my sister’s kids…

        • The healing part I get too well. I’m recovering from a surgery on my left arm. It will be a full recovery but because of my age it will take time.

          For now no shotguns or rifles.

  6. I don’t know but when she said ” I’m going to jump all over you she meant it.”
    Needs a motor
    Girls just wanna have fun

    • “Needs a motor”

      Watch that ‘Banned’ video above. He experimented with fuels, and found a ‘spicy’ one…

  7. Can a skateboard kill or seriously injure?

    Can a pogo stick?

    Let’s rephrase:

    Can an assailant kill or seriously injure another person with a skateboard? Yes.

    Can an assailant kill or seriously injure another person with a pogo stick? Yes.

    The use of a defensive weapon and deadly force is justified in both cases.

    • Skateboards are a common weapon by the antifa types. It can do a lot of damage when swung edgewise, but they can claim they’re unarmed and it’s just their transportation. Baseball bats, hammers, etc generally can’t be used unless you have a good story for why you happen to be carrying it so that it’s not intended as a bludgeon. A pogo stick is a long, swingable metal cylinder that has little distinction from a bat when it connects to your skull.

  8. In all seriousness, the particular weapon of choice really doesn’t mean anything outside of courtroom evidence.

  9. I would hate to go to the after life having to explain how I got killed by a Pogo Stick. Just saying………

  10. It’s not much different than a cane, and some people are highly skilled in cane fighting. Look it up. And canes sometimes have blades or single shot guns in them.

  11. The cycle shop I worked at briefly (wisely) sold pogos called moto stick. They were nuts, no sooner we put them in the showroom customers were bouncing their heads off the ceiling. Not my choice for catching air but very impressive in the right hands!

  12. What if she had an aluminum bat instead of a pogo stick? I think that the bat would certainly be considered a deadly weapon and it isn’t a lot different from a pogo stick when used as a bludgeoning weapon.

  13. Here’s a novel idea. “Don’t bring none. There won’t be none.”

    Do people simply not know that America is the land of the gun?

    Be polite. Don’t act all foolish and aggressive. You might live longer.

    • Too many self-entitled idiots with anger management issues and very short fuses.

    • An armed society IS a polite society.

      More people are arming themselves.
      Fewer people understand what “polite” is.

      Articles like this comes to mind every time this phrase is uttered. Personally I find it to be ridiculous at this point. Things have changed.

    • “Be polite. Don’t act all foolish and aggressive. You might live longer.”

      Preach it, my brother…

  14. Worked a homicide once where the weapon of choice was a frying pan. Card game. Witnessed a homicide (ended up working that one too) where weapon of choice was a broken bottle. That one was over a woman. The most foolish motive for murder ever. You can use almost anything to kill someone. Carry a weapon superior to your adversarie’s.

    • “Worked a homicide once where the weapon of choice was a frying pan.”

      Because wimmen don’t use rolling pins any more.

      • I’ve got an old-as-hell cast iron frying pan, and that sucker must weigh 10 pounds if it’s an ounce.

        It absolutely will cave your head in.

        Since this is TTAG, someone experimented with cast-iron fry pans as bullet-proof armor :

        “How many PUBG Cast Iron skillets does it take to stop a bullet?”

        • Of course, Edwin had to break out his .50 BMG :

        • I’d be wary of pans or other hard, concave targets. A friend was shooting at one, hit it near the edge, and the bullet followed the curve of the pan, did a 180, and came back to hit him. Luckily, he was far enough back away it just bruised him. Even with a hit to the flat, the shrapnel from the bullet will spread radially, hit the curve, and can come back at you.

  15. I think you do exactly what was done. Protect yourself with whatever force is necessary to stop the threat.

  16. There are ~3,800 criminal assaults upon ordinary law-abiding citizen victims daily across the United States using ‘blunt’ (e.g. “bludgeoning”) object weapons. Over ~85% of the victims are not armed with a firearm and are (collectively) seriously injured or killed (even if armed with and employ other non-firearm things like, for example, pepper spray or their own ‘blunt’ object, like for example, a walking stick). Of the victims armed with a firearm in those attacks (~12%) less then 1% are (collectively) seriously injured or killed.

    There is an over 94% likely hood of an ordinary law abiding person not being seriously injured or killed if they are armed with a firearm and employ DGU (which also includes brandishing).

  17. Well, why NOT bring a pogo stick to a gunfight? Have you ever tried to hit somebody bouncing around on a pogo stick at 12 to 15 feet, say? Well, neither have I actually. But having played on one when I was younger, I know it would be impossible to lead him effectively. Even the guy on the pogo stick has no idea what direction he”‘ll be going in next. I remember once trying to pogo down a concrete stairway on a date…that was exciting!

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