Army Signs New Contract With FN America for More M249 SAW Machine Guns

The US Army has been talking about replacing the venerable M249 Squad Automatic Weapon -- more affectionately known as the SAW -- for years. But they've continually found that it's awfully hard to replace...

Full-Auto Fire With A Cheap, Polymer Lower Receiver [VIDEO]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3SoZ-Ls_HQ While packing up my desk for a recent move, it dawned on me that my pen holder of the past eight or so years was actually a New Frontier Armory stripped polymer lower receiver...

Former City of Atlanta CFO Indicted For Illegal Machine Gun Possession

To many people the administration of former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed epitomized corruption. Second Amendment rights advocates noted the Reed administration's dislike of firearms, and saw his membership in Michael Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal...
ar15 trigger AR-15 safe fire

Court Ruling: AR-15s Are Now Machineguns In Nevada…Apparently

I have written extensively on the subject of bump-fire stocks (or "bump-stock-type devices" (BSTD), as the ATF so charmingly refers to them), and why they matter beyond their suddenly being designated as "machineguns" or...
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DC District Court Rulings on Federal Vacancies Act Conveniently Allow for Violating Gun Rights

A notable decision came out of the DC District Court on Sunday. You may wonder what this has to do with guns, but please bear with me. Judge rules Cuccinelli appointment to top immigration post...
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Georgia Senate Bill 281 Would Ban All Semi-Automatic Firearms

Georgia state Senator Donzella James has filed SB 281 a bill "...to prohibit the possession of automatic and semi-automatic guns..." That might seem significant enough on its own, but this one is crafted such that... I...
Fact or Fake news

ABC: Still Creating Fake ‘Assault Rifle’ News

Last month, we caught ABC dubiously reporting the use of an "automatic rifle" in a Philadelphia crime. In that case, the police may have made that original claim. (I have a Pennsylvania Right To...

Gabrielle Blair: Clueless In California

If Gabrielle Blair didn't exist, the pro-rights movement would have to invent her, if only for the comedic relief. She approaches gun people control with all the expertise of an interior designer. Ms. Blair achieved...
Pete Buttigieg in Afghanistan with assault rifle, cropped for fair use

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Is A Liar. Can I Get A Phone Call, Too?

Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg clearly objects to being called a "lying m****rf****r." Well, I might have chosen other words. "M****rf****r" isn't a term I use terribly often. If I were writing on my personal blog,...
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Chasing the Machine Guns

I try to keep up with the criminal use of machine guns in the United States. To date, I have documented five cases of an actual machine gun that was used in a crime...
Janine di Giovanni

Yale Fellow’s Post-Santa Clarita Gun Control Argument is Riddled With Errors

Janine di Giovanni is a "senior fellow at Yale University’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs" and she decided to pipe up for more gun control in the wake of the Santa Clarita school shooting....
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Cory Booker’s Constituency: Keeping an eye of the latest Democrat stalking horse

While none of the candidates vying for the Democratic presidential nomination can be said to be anything but bad on Second Amendment rights, there's always that one. Eric "Duke Nukem" Swalwell ran his low-single-digit campaign...