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Illinois Store Employee Shoots Woman Three Times After She Pistol-Whipped a Co-Worker

Screen capture by Boch via YouTube.
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An armed society is a polite society. And an order of protection is paper-thin. And the only thing that stops a bad girl with evil in her heart is a good guy with a gun. All of those truisms converged in Alton, Illinois this week as a woman entered a store Tuesday morning, attacked and seriously injured an employee by pistol-whipping them and then was shot by another employee who was legally packing heat.

It happened at a Rent-A-Center in Alton. Remarkably, after soaking up three shots, the angry armed woman left the store before being found a few blocks away.

KMOV has the story . . .

A woman was shot after she reportedly went into an Alton store and hit an employee in the head with a gun.

The woman entered the Rent-A-Center on Homer Adams Parkway around 10 a.m. Tuesday to confront a relative who worked there, Police Chief Jarrett Ford said. There was reportedly an active order of protection prohibiting contact with her relative and from being at the store.

An argument between the two escalated into a physical fight. During the fight, the woman hit the employee in the head with a gun, Alton Fire Battalion Chief Derrick Richardson told News 4. Another employee then shot the woman three times.

After being shot, the woman got into a car and drove off. She was found injured inside a car at Claire and Seminary streets. She was taken to a local hospital and later flown to a St. Louis hospital for treatment.

The person hit in the head with the gun suffered a serious head injury and is being treated at the hospital, Chief Richardson said.

Striking someone in the head certainly rises to the level of a potentially crippling injury. Especially when the instrument used is a firearm.

Good work on the part of the good Samaritan for stopping the attack by the armed woman with a little judicious use of force.

As for the woman leaving the store after taking three bullets, and then driving away… that should tell you something about the “stopping power” of handguns. Still, the armed employee’s actions were a win in stopping what could have been a deadly attack  Except that the armed employee has probably already been terminated by corporate officials who typically have no compassion for peons defending themselves or their co-workers while on the job.

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  1. “As for the woman leaving the store after taking three bullets, and then driving away… that should tell you something about the ‘stopping power’ of handguns.”

    What minimum caliber would you recommend for the long guns that we all should be carrying instead?

    And what’s the best method of carrying one concealed?

    • He’s probably just taking a jab at the ‘caliber wars’ tyro’s out there. Pistols are a compromise. Ease of carry and concealment versus real power.

      Carry a gun. That’s 99% of the battle right there.

      • .32 .380 and 9 can all have similar outcomes with poor placement or bullet selection. With that said lot of affordable 22 revolvers that could make for better than nothing first pistols.

      • @Boch

        How many times did the esteem-able hero have to hit the guy in the mall in Indiana? And what caliber was he running?

        Eight times and 9mm, iirc and if my info was/is accurate. Corrections appreciated.

        Ten is way better than nine. Otoh, I am scared to shoot mine w/out ear protection, so I would have to go out to the car to get my muffs.

        O well, life is a compromise..,

        • @Duhpleezimus

          “How many times did the esteem-able hero have to hit the guy in the mall in Indiana? And what caliber was he running?

          Eight times and 9mm, iirc and if my info was/is accurate. Corrections appreciated.

          Ten is way better than nine. Otoh, I am scared to shoot mine w/out ear protection, so I would have to go out to the car to get my muffs.

          O well, life is a compromise..,”

          Seriously? If you were faced what Eli Dicken encountered and had the armed capability to stop it like Eli Dicken …your going to do …

          “Hey shooty killer guy, I’m going to get my hearing protection from the car so you better not kill anyone or me till I get back.”


      • “I can’t help but wonder if someone was packing a .22 or a .25 Auto.”

        My bet, .380 with ball ammo…

    • Shot placement is everything, caliber means nothing or almost nothing.
      Bigger holes are certainly better than smaller ones.

      • Only contention would be 9mm has a better margin than 380 and 357 magnum better still in terms of bullet selection and velocity making less ideal shots somewhat more effective in a similar diameter.

        • First, comes shot placement. Then second, comes the follow-up shots. Which if the defender cannot handle a large caliber handgun, then they may not be able to connect with their follow-up shots. For those of you who tout the 357 Magnum.

          Have you trained with Magnum ammunition 50 to 100 rounds and a single range session?

          Or attend a training class where you may have to shoot 400 to 800 rounds of .357 full power loads?

        • Not as much as 10mm but getting there now that I can reload it. Previous experience with 357sig makes it easy enough to adjust.

  2. A good employee would have called 911 and sat passively by because letting violence happen unchecked is what the Legal department instructed.

  3. Unless the perp was breakdancing there is no excuse for the 3 misplaced hits. I do not give a flip if the employee had a permission from big brother or not.
    Sneaky Gun Control zealots label it Gun Violence when everything points to what is, the Criminal Misuse of a firearm, etc.

    • “there is no excuse for the 3 misplaced hits.”

      How do you know they were misplaced? Perhaps the defender intended to wound only.

      • Or maybe the perp was wound up on who knows what exotic cocktail of drugs. How many gun fights have you been in Debbie?

    • shooting at a rapidly unpredictable moving target while that guy is right on top of a friendly, under stress, is not like bullseye-ing womprats in a T-16 back home Luke.

    • The intention was to stop the attack, not kill the aggressor. It was his coworkers relative. This business is notorious for having only 4-6 staff members per location. These people are bound to get close. I’m sure the aftermath of shooting your coworkers relative would’ve been a web of its own to get through. I also have it on good word that the caliber of gun used was a .25. If the aggressor was riding an adrenaline high, she could’ve taken the 3 hits and left. So it makes sense she was found close by.

      • There is a folklore of the man who tried to suicide with a 25 auto. His life was miserable due to migraines. He shot himself in the head with a 25ACP (I assume with a gap from muzzle), and blacked out. Woke up in hospital. The doctor had chosen to go in the short distance and extract the bullet. His migraines were cured.

  4. I wonder how long the armed/concealed employee had wored for this outfit before this incident. Concealed is cncealed. I always think better to conceal and carry anyway than to be forced to stand idly by as an innocent gets physically harmed by a dirtbag. Thing is no one knew whether the head-banging handgun was loaded or capable of firing. Makes the only defense against such things by an unarmed person limited to watching or perhaps throwing heavy things at the perp.. but in this case including an unacceptably high risk of harming your defending co-worker.

    Carry anyway. The worst that can happen is to lose your job over “breaking company poiicy”. I’d be proud to do that for defending a co-worker’s life.

    Of course the real question, impossible to answer, is this: how much longer would she have continued beating the guy with the gun before simply rotating the thing and squeezing the trigger whilst the small hole in one end is directed at the head it has just been whanging upon?
    IF this sorry excuse of a woman survives her trip to hospital, I trust she will be charged with multiple felonies, to include assault with a deadly weapon, violating the no contact order, battery, trespassing, and possible but likely unlawful possession of the gun utself. I am guessing she’s got a record rendering her “prohibited”.

    • “I wonder how long the armed/concealed employee had wored for this outfit before this incident. Concealed is cncealed.”

      You can pocket carry for years without anyone knowing. I usually don’t get involved in the caliber Wars arguments. Because as far as I’m concerned, that is a distraction from the real world.
      If you can’t get away with carrying a gun concealed in the first place, then the caliber doesn’t matter.

      Any gun is better than no gun at all when you need one ASAP. The old west was where people carried their 6 inch barrel gun on their hip using a gun belt. But the big city is where people carry their short barrel gun in the pocket.

      Is pocket carry the best? That depends on the answer you’re looking for. Is it the best place to consider when you conceal carry a gun? Yes it is. Is it the best place for quick access when you need your gun? No it is not. And it depends on if you’re sitting or standing.

      The problem with the “gun community” is there is very little Focus on actually how to carry a gun concealed???
      Because we’re all types of shapes and sizes as far as gun owners go. And we have all types of jobs that, require all types of uniform clothing. That make it difficult to carry the size of gun we want. And be able to keep our job at the same time.

      • Chris, I’ve been reading “Shooting Illustrated” and it seems that nearly every month, they discuss the various issues with carrying concealed.

        How to choose a belt — how to choose a holster — how to dress for EDC — how to choose a carry gun — https://www.shootingillustrated.com/ (an official journal of the NRA)

        • It’s a highly personal choice.

          While a Para-Ordinance with 15-rounds of .45ACP sure would be nice, I’ve discovered I can quickly draw my Ruger LCR tucked in my right pocket, even when seated and belted in my personal vehicles. I also won’t cry if the LCR gets dinged up or disappears into a law enforcement evidence room, never to be seen again.

          So, I daily carry the LCR while out-n-about…

        • Thanks for the link. I will check them out. Since I have gotten into guns in a serious way. Starting around 2005. I’ve notice they have been getting smaller and smaller.

  5. You can always find another job. Rent-A-Center doesn’t sound like a real good job, anyway.

    But you want to be alive and uncrippled for the job hunt.

  6. It’s time to bring a simple snd over-mis-used definition up to date…
    I am 74, in poor health, and could not hold my own for even three seconds with an attacker of ANY size. I’m “timed out” due to Agent Orange.
    Any attack would probably be fatal to me.
    Any attack would, by my definition, be a use of DEADLY FORCE against me.
    It would be ludicrous for me to allow any person from landing even a single blow onto me, thereby rendering me incapacitated and unable to defend myself at all, or my family.
    My ONLY OPTION is to immediately employ a lethal force. Not a “warning shot” or other Hollywood invention, but a sure-stop implementation of return violence.
    Since it is the Perpetrator’s Choice to inflict what violent force they use, any force that they use MUST be classified as LETHAL to me. It is a crappy situation for me, but I didn’t plan or invent it. Some moronic College Boy Army officer did.
    This definition changes forever how I look at crowds, bullies, mobs, gangs and punks. I have NO choice.

    • I’m sorry 05, we owe you a debt of gratitude and the Govt owes you so much more.

    • A simple warning shot to the bridge of the nose will deter most attackers. (results may vary depending upon caliber of projectile) I’m in the same boat as you. 71 and a lot less robust than I used to be. You can get into a lot of trouble with this approach, however, you can get out of trouble – you can’t get out of dead.

    • That chemical hurt a lot of soldiers and civilians, thank you for your service. I accept and agree with your point of view that any assault is now deadly. Hollywood shows baseball bats to the head then five minutes later the man kisses the girl, people have lost reality with what danger is with pistol whipping, beer bottles, pool cues, etc. Will do. Keep up the good fight. BTW, I’m ruined by new poison, mRNA. Totally unable to run, fight, now helpless.

      • One error I noticed in the article is where it said this:

        “Striking someone in the head certainly rises to the level of a potentially crippling injury. Especially when the instrument used is a firearm”.

        Striking someone in the head with any heavy metal instrument can be very serious, but I don’t see why striking with a pistol is necessarily more serious than striking with a hammer or something else deadly.

        Another error in the article is that it said the perp struck “them” in the head (the relative). Unless multiple employees/relatives were struck then either “him” or “her” should be used, as no one is/are plural even if one thinks one is.

        • “…no one is/are plural…”

          Stephanie Usery did not identify the struck employee by name or gender in the original new story, therefore Boch appropriately used a pronoun that doubles as a catchall pronoun. They/them does not always indicate multiple antecedents.

      • @Richard,
        I’m really sorry that you have been clobbered by that mis-represented medical invention. My weed killer was also “guaranteed” to be harmless. I should have taken a picture of my base camp hooch. NOTHING grew anywhere EXCEPT under the eaves of the barracks roof. A scary clue.
        You were flat lied to, bullied, and probably even threatened into taking the jab (me too). It’s disgusting to remember those who were so self righteously adamant that they represented the best of science, and the rest of us were ignorant, clueless, backwards hicks.
        Funny, but needing monstrously complex heart surgery caused by Agent Orange damage, I had to take the mRNA shots just to be admitted to Cedars-Sinai to get wrenched on.
        Keep the faith, Richard! Contrary to public opinion, life has ALWAYS been a big brown sandwich. What we do to make it better for others defines only those who selflessly work to do so.
        Not every task in life requires physical effort.
        My Best,

        • Reading that they forced you to take the mRNA sickens me. It was never true it prevented spread. It couldn’t as it introduces only blood born antibodies and none in the mucous (IgM). What it does do is kill. It almost got me, heart attack and then, nobody told me not to take a booster and I was so brainwashed I did that and got myocarditis. Then they force a cardiac patient to take this poison? This is Dr.Mengele level stuff. After my heart attack I got terrifying sudden profound weakness. Could barely move. Thought I would die 20 feet from my house. Cardiologist thought my heart was failing, PET scan said nope, death of capillary fed heart tissue only. So being susceptible to lies, I got a booster, bad myocarditis, Afib. Doc said if I skipped anticoagulants I’d wake up dead. What is the cure I asked? Only transplant, but he said I probably had ok life in the heart, say 15 years. I took coenzyme Q10, dropped low dose aspirin instead used nattokinaise and did a series of Hyperbaric oxygen, and, Afib almost gone, heart is stroking near normal, doc dropped the anticoagulant. His eyebrows shot up when he saw the improvement. I asked him wtf about these mRNA, he looked down in shame and explained that he was under pressure to say nothing that might introduce vaccine hesitancy. Great. I’m hoping my POTS and chronic fatigue will improve. I was quite demented after the heart attack, doc says well whatever goo blocked my heart capillaries would also block brain blood flow. I don’t know how we got here, with state sponsored mass murder. I know I sound crazy writing this, but this is what I see. Then they force a veteran to take it TO GET HIS HEART SURGERY, I have no words other than get well and let’s hope for Nurnberg 2.0

    • 05Banana,
      I thank you for your service and agree with you, but I’d take it further: Defense against a scumbag criminal isn’t a sport or duel, and no one (no matter how fit) should be required to treat it like one. Laws that mandate otherwise have no basis in either principle or the well-being of society, but rather in the cancer called “nice”.

    • “Any attack would, by my definition, be a use of DEADLY FORCE against me.”

      For what it’s worth, there IS a legal concept for this called “eggshell plaintiff”. It means pretty much exactly what you say – you can legally defend yourself from the injury you’d get, not the one a normal person would get from the same attack, and it’s not your responsibility to educate your attacker first.

      • @Eric,
        Thank you for that info! I must say that it had not occurred to me that I should even consider a legal predicator. I tend to think of myself in terms of absolute oneness, and not part of any group.
        Thanx again.

    • 05B, sorry to hear about your health issues. Welcome home brother and thank you.
      Luckily, I’m in reasonably good health. Missed the chemical crap in SE Asia. Didn’t get missed by the grenade fragments. Still carry a couple. Of course we were the lucky ones. We came home alive.
      As I said, I’m in decent shape and likely in better shape than many 20 something drug users. But, at 75, I’m not what I was at 30, 40 , or even 50. Too slow to run, too old to fight, so I’ll just have to shoot the bastards.

  7. Darn! When the title said Video! I was thinking feel good video of the day…oh well all is well that ends well.

  8. “that should tell you something about the ‘stopping power’ of handguns.”

    Well, being shot evidently did stop her because she stopped doing what she was doing and left so she got stopped by the good guy’s gun. So there was ‘stopping power’ of a handgun.

    • I can’t believe that firearm grammar trolls now focus on the efficacy of handgun balistics.
      Nevermind that the .22/.25/.32 caliber pocket pistols accounted for more deaths than any other firearm in Chicago, and elsewhere when they were popular in the past.

      The other nonsense is that if check the numbers and learn how dangerous blunt trauma, especially with heavy instruments are to the head and how many die from these every year
      compared to firearm deaths, nobody would be debating if it was ‘okay’ to shoot somebody who is ‘hammering or pistol whipping somebody in the head. More people die of head injuries in assaults that most other causes. You wouldn’t believe how common it is for someone to get punched and flip back and crack open their skull on the pavement and die almost instantly.
      Shooting someone who is about to attack you physically is easily justified in court even if they aren’t using a weapon if they are physically bigger or obviously stronger than you are.
      There are laws making it a more severe crime to attack an elderly person.
      When I, too, was soaking in my obligatory saturation of the dirty deadly dioxin in the Central Highlands for three tours until wounding out, I once saw one of the 5’6″ 135lb Laotian Mercs on my team take a stitch of 5 rounds from an M3 .45 grease gun from his left side just above the leg straight across his chest up to where the last one exited his upper right arm just under the shoulder, The impolite VC who shot him also took an almost simultaneous return burst from Kowloom’s Car 15 before he went down and the gook–also hit– turned and ran away. Just a typical traffic ‘fender bender’ on the many little highways to hell in the valleys of death in my AO with all the heavy enemy ‘traffic’ we had on virtually a daily ‘Rush our’ in 1968.
      Our medic quickly patched him up and we were lucky to get him a quick dust-off to the nearby 71st evac but we knew it was bad. We all knew he wouldn’t make it.
      About a month later I was training some ARVN Special Forces guys at the base camp 4 deuce pits one afternoon and everybody jumped up like they saw a ghost!
      I turned and almost shit in my pants. There he was, limping toward us with a cane, smiling in pain saying, where’s the beer? A lot of these people had nowhere else to go for a life but to work for the CIA. Otherwise they starved and lived in fear of the Ho’s terrorism. They spoke the language and determined which prisoners might be ‘valuable’ assets to flip over. They were paid well for the right capture.
      Oh, and the gook who was shooting the .45 grease gun was found about fifty yards down the trail with so much blood loss along the way that it looked like one of those Chupacabra incidents out west where all the blood was mysteriously sucked out of the dead animal? Of course, there were several hits, mostly exiting.
      If you have not seen it yet, the incident on Chicago’s residential South side (I knew it well once upon a time) a few weeks ago where the off duty black female cop got into a hard physical struggle with a moron who ‘stole’ on her as she was about to go back in her building.
      She was not a big girl but was a decent scrapper and kept him from taking away her gun. And during the CQB, she shot him THREE Times really up close and personal in the midst of the hand-to-hand fight directly at CM but he didn’t go down until the third round but to watch what happened next is worth it to teach people some reality. She shot him with what looked like a G-19, the ubiquitous standard police firearm. At least in 9mm. So by normal standards of analyzing the specious so called ‘ballistic deficiency’ concept, that couldn’t be the issue here. As it wasn’t in the warfare I personally bore witness to? The other part of watching the full 30 plus minute video instead of the one Colin Noir uses as a training video on youtube, makes the police political situation against the very evident in real time with their De funding not backing up their officers. You’ll be shocked by it if you watch the total video. Somebody did Call the police as the guy attacked her because people were watching through their windows.
      So does ‘shot placement’ take the trophy and everything else is just the demented bullshit that people just can’t let go of, like the old 9mm v. 45 debate?
      Well, I don’t think I’m an expert at this stuff like all of the people here, but…
      Notwithstanding the horrifying effects of a very heavy hitting exceedingly high in foot pounds of energy projectile whose impact tunnel has so much intense hydrostatic shock with the super excessive tissue damage that also acts like a massive taser to even shock and shut
      down the nervous system so badly it may kill instantly with a hit anywhere in CM, and certainly allow one shot to suffice in quickly stopping the threat.
      Since most of us don’t edc carry a fifty BMG or a 12 gauge magnum shotgun loaded with one of those specialty super rounds that Garand Thumb has a Video that completely destroys the gel torsos with one shot.
      Then everybody else in normal social entanglement would do better if they were more skilled at shot placement and went for head shots first. Then the choice of round becomes not such a big issue.
      I trained once at a well known ‘Acadamy’ which i won’t mention now but i don’t know if they’re still around, but they were one of the original proponents of ‘two to center mass, and one to the head.’ Now, at the time I was already a longtime instructor and competitor. I just liked to attend these courses as a hobby. But i had to ask the staff who was the one who made up that bullshit? If you don’t miss the first two hits, then how are you going to hit the body and head now flinching or jerking or turning from the first two hitting to cm as he’s falling because his head now becomes a quick moving target?
      They didn’t like me telling them that it’s better to go for the head first. I’ve seen a lot of shooters in my time and those who practiced enough to keep the round in the 10 consistently can easily do the double tap to the head first to achieve a more reliable shut down of the assault. I pissed them off by demonstrating that i could put two to the head of the silhouette and one to the heart as fast as any of their instructors could do it their way.
      The average Face is 4-6 inches wide across the nose and six to ten from the chin up to the scalp. If you hit low but still on center line your hit could go down more inches and still be on the CNS for an instant drop. And anyplace you hit on the head will likely be ‘stunning’ effect do to our natural psychology. Even an ear clip can distract enough to break the attack momentum. a hit to the throat is instant incapacitation and anywhere straight up from there is going to drop him, So that’s a much better target potential than, say, the heart which has not always been known to shut the attack down even with a direct hit. Plus it’s a smaller target than the head.
      They said this was basically ‘advanced training for average shooters and police’. I said police should be trained better than most even if they have to do it on their own time and dime.
      And police should all go with a 10mm these days with the kind of firepower the morons are using now. These were widely under rated when they first came out because they were a little ‘jumpy’ for, again, untrained LEO’s. G made the 20-C (compensated) but you were night blinded by the first couple shots. Today, like somebody said above, the new rounds are something else and worth it for professionals. Especially with the high cap magazines and braces turning them into very potentially efficient compact utility sidearms.

      Personally, for concealed edc I’d rather carry a .22 magnum pistol with the best tactical style for compact edc performance but with a 30 round magazine that mounts flush with the grip like that Kel Tec I’ve always liked but I like the Glock platforms better , so when G come out with one like that we’ll see.
      Ever since the War and subsequent LE work, I can’t get off my personal opinion of high capacity weapons. I kind of compare it to fist fighting. If you’re a top shot you can make do with a 6 shot .38 like most old timers started out with. And if you’re a good boxer you can probably go toe to toe with anybody and maybe knock them down eventually.
      But high cap firepower on a skilled shooter is like brass knuckles in a barroom brawl.

  9. “….stopping power of handguns.”

    That’s why I carry a bazooka.

    But I’ve got to hit my target the first time since the spare ammo won’t fit on my belt rig.

    • I shoot ’em first to get them down, then using any object at hand I dig into their bullet wound to distract them from noticing I pulled the pin on a grenade and laid it beside them. Stopping power…gotta ensure that stopping power.

      • The fuck are you getting in gunfights with? Vampires, armored hitmen, eldritch horrors?

  10. that should tell you something about the “stopping power” of handguns.

    So did she weigh 300 pounds? Was she hit in the arm the leg her ass? Was she shot with a .22 a .32 or a 9mm with target ammo… I hit a bitch with .38 special plus P, .357 magnum, .44 magnum, .45, or my favorite EDC 10mm I don’t care how fucking big you are you WILL stop and three rounds from any of those will most likely leave you quickly achieving room temperature… Don’t make such a broad statement without clarifying information… Handguns are used more often to kill people annually than all rifles combined… Handguns were used in 62% of the nation’s gun murders…

    • I have wondered how people survive close range hits with expanding bullets. I once shot a large plasticene block with a black talon 9 mm and it was formed into a toroid (donut) with flow lines all radially. I mean like a fist sized wound channel. In my mind such a hit would cause death soon just by blood loss if nothing else first. Same block with FMJ and it passes through.

      • The human body is extremely resilient. And in fact it’s actually very difficult to kill the human body. You can be beaten, you can be stabbed, you can be clawed by an animal and bitten. Shot multiple times. And still be able to run or walk a considerable distance. Or get in your vehicle and drive away.

        The Active Self-Protection videos on YouTube have plenty of examples over the years, of victims and perpetrators, bleeding and traveling a considerable distance.
        I’ve read the stories here on TTAG of people being shot five or six times and still they managed to overcome their attacker. Shot placement is everything. The caliber means almost nothing.

      • It’s all about shot placement (why we practice) and ammo choice… If my 10mm does not kill you instantly when I hit you in the chest then my second shot connecting with your brain housing group as you are going to the ground certainly will… I ride a lot at night in Central FL, a lot of rural roads and National Forest with a lot of wildlife so I carry 200 grain JHP and keep a magazine full of 200 grain Federal solid core (1200 fps and 639 ft/lbs) as a just in case, good for feral hogs, black bear, body armor etc…

        • You are very correct. I have never been shot. And I hope I never will. The whole idea is to avoid getting shot in the first place. That’s why you carry, to get them first. Before they get you.

          I think your comment is reinforcing what I was trying to say above. If you scroll up. And see the first comment that I made. You’re one of those persons who can carry whatever you want, when you’re out and about. Most people can’t do that.

          I would love to carry an M-16 when I want to. Or an AR-15. More likely the AR-15 because with modern materials they tend to be 2 to 3 lb lighter. But I can’t do that. So I have to settle for carrying a much smaller gun.

          A 10mm is great. But I will stick to my Ruger p89 with a 17 +1 cap. Or something in 38 sp or 32acp. If I need to go even smaller.

        • That’s why you carry, to get them first. Before they get you.

          That’s not always an option when you are getting shot at on pretty much a daily basis for over three years… Eventually the law of averages catches up to you and they only have get lucky once… In my case it was more than once…

  11. Being the average Bud GenderFluid swilling, MSM news watching moron that I am I stopped at teh headline and thought “another poor woman is a victim of another evil gun.”

  12. the headline makes it sound as if there were two people with a firearm involved

    • There were two people with a firearm involved, the bad gal was pistol whipping the relative-employee with her gun and the defender-employee shot the bad gal with his gun. Two people with firearms involved.

  13. Two naked apes shooting it out over some trivial problem, just another day in the insane world of Capitalvania. Now you know why civilized countries outlaw concealed carry because you can never trust a naked ape with a weapon in their hands. They have found out that letting naked apes carry weapons causes more deaths than it ever saves.

    The George Zimmerman and the jackbooted storm trooper Kyle Rittenhouse were but of two infamous examples of irresponsible naked apes.

    • That’s why it’s so safe in prison. Almost no gun. Everyone gets along, holding hands.

    • “Two naked apes shooting it out …”

      Damn, you’re such a liar, asshole! The facts of the story are right there at the top of the page — in the article. There was no “shoot-out.” A defenseless woman was being attacked, and a co-worker saved her life.

      How could you possibly be against someone defending herself or a co-worker?

      As far as your lies about the Zimmerman and Rittenhouse cases — we’ve heard them before. You’re apparently not capable of understanding, so why do you insist on opening your fat mouth and making a fool of yourself?

    • So, if Zimmerman and Rittenhouse had been seriously injured or killed YOU would be okay with that? Are you saying it’s okay to beat or stab someone to death as long as no one gets shot? You realize that in those “civilized” countries you extol people have resorted to knives, clubs and vehicles (except Japan, they seem to like poison gas and FIRE) to replace the firearms that they can no longer access… There is no such thing as Utopia (just a fantasy TV show), the world is a dangerous place full of dangerous people who want to cause you bodily harm and take your stuff no matter where you are (four children and two adults were just stabbed TODAY in the French town of Annecy by a Syrian Refugee, one child was in a fucking stroller… “CIVILIZED”?)… You want to go through life with your head up your ass that’s your business, I’ll keep my gun thank you…

    • A complete break with reality. Is it new meds or are you just off your meds?

    • You really should read the article before posting nonsense. You would not sound like an open mouth breather if you did.

    • to Madd Mann

      In reality you idiot, both Zimmerman and Rittenhouse were the cause of the shootings. If Zimmerman had remained in his car as instructed by the police no loss of life would have occured.

      As far as Herr Hauptman Rittenhouse is concerned he provoked a confrontation by threatening to shoot people with his AR15 on property that he did not even own or have a right to be on that night.

      Punk face Rittenhouse went heavily armed with an assault rifle loaded to the max and he was looking for a fight that night and found one.

      • 100% FACTUALLY inaccurate (as usual)… Both were exercising their Constitutional rights. Guess you missed the part where Martin told his girlfriend over the phone that he was “gonna fuck up this white boy” who had every right as a neighborhood watch to question the presence of a stranger, also must have missed the part where a convicted pedophile ex-con assaulted Rittenhouse who was doing nothing more than standing in front of a local business during a fucking “riot” (don’t know where YOU came up with “threatening”) after that he was defending himself with a great amount of restraint, had that been me there would have been NO survivors and I would have been on my third or fourth magazine… If you’re going to run your line bullshit, you’ll probably want to have ALL the facts…
        So, IF Trayvon had not made the decision to attack Zimmerman AND Rosenbaum had not decided it was a good idea to take the kids gun away from him NO loss of life would have occurred… There I fixed that for you, moron… Rosenbaum was in fact not only responsible for his own death but also for the death and injuries incurred by others that night… Kind of fuck around and find out-ish…

  14. “As for the woman leaving the store after taking three bullets, and then driving away…”

    She drove about 2/10 mile, a two-minute drive, then had to be life-flighted to a medical facility in St. Louis, 26 miles away. There’s a hospital within 2 miles of the crime scene that was bypassed so I’d assume that her injuries were life-threatening.

  15. “As for the woman leaving the store after taking three bullets, and then driving away…”

    She drove about 2/10 mile, a two-minute drive, and was found in her car. She was taken to a hospital within 2 miles of the crime scene and then had to be life-flighted to a medical facility in St. Louis, 26 miles away. I’d assume that her injuries were life-threatening.

    (Had to re-post; editor would not let me change the post and then would not allow me to delete it)

  16. Forgive me. I have to jump in here. I’m certainly not an expert on ballistics, CQB or violent encounters. I’ve carried almost daily since getting my CCW almost 30 years ago. Before that, something was frequently nearby. I’ve carried 22, 32, 380, 38, 357, 9 mm, and 44 special. Currently, it’s usually 32 or 380, sometimes 38 or 9 mm. Whatever fits my wardrobe that day. Thank God I’ve never had to use any of them, but I’ve never worried about the size of the bullet or capacity of the firearm. If I have to shoot, I’ll use what I have and make the best use of it. I’ve always figured that my training and practice will help me use what I have effectively.

    • Forgive you? I salute you!

      When I got my CCL, I told a friend who had his. I’ve never forgotten what he said and agree completely — “I hope we never have to use it.”

      • Amen to that! I’ve had to draw twice (38 snub & 380 auto) but didn’t need to use either one. Bumps in the night have brought out a 357 or a 44 special several times, but a call to police solved those problems. As I’m in my mid 70’s, I hope (pray!) that I don’t become an elder victim, but I’m still prepared.

      • Yeah, I salute him too. I also hope I never have to fire my gun at a person. Or even at an animal.

        But that doesn’t mean I won’t if a lethal force scenario is presented.

        Now at some point, I may decide to hunt. So the second part of my comment becomes null and void. I like meat too much, and I think most people probably aren’t getting enough in their diet.

    • .22 mag in my pocket….45 in my bag….and a .410 Judge in my house….all kept within arm’s reach whenever possible…and with bigger stuff handy when necessary…seems to be sufficient for most scenarios…but you never know….

    • Look up “bat flashlight” and see the options. These are smaller, making it less likely you’ll destroy your hovel if you have to fight your way to your firearm in the dead of night.

  17. Good for the employee for stopping the attack. Someone buy them a case of ammo and get them out for some practice. 1 through the pump or brain with a .22 is better than a clean miss or a mild graze with a cannon.
    Just me and the fact I have always preferred a heavy caliber weapon. CCW is 230 grain JHP .45ACP. And if I need something smaller, 9mm with 124 grain JHP. Of course I’ve been shooting for 60 years and have used the same firearms for 40. Have also been under fire more than once and had to return fire. Luckily not for several years now. Nice being out here and only going to town 1 or 2 times a week. And very seldom in town after dark. Yes, I know shit can happen out here too, but being away from town, and away from the usual suspects minimizes the chances of conflict.

    • Rent A Centers are notorious for having only 4-6 employees, by default I would assume the staff get to know each other well. The intention was probably not to kill but rather to wound. I can imagine that killing your coworkers relative would carry some guilt, even in the situation painted in the original article.

  18. @OMinAl:
    I very much enjoy your posts on this site. There are some very level headed gents here. Makes me think that I have overlooked visiting Alabama. With people like you there, it must be nice.
    I experienced very little combat as a radio operator. Enough to be forced to land with damage in a LOACH, and another time to collect a dime-sized souvenir in my scalp, up on the Cambodian border. These days, I fantasize that it was a beautiful Northern gal who was just being coy and going out of her way to meet me. She was a true artist with the 61 mm they gave her. She made it her musical instrument.
    Returning home, I worked a few years as an armed guard, then started repairing CB radios (Army radios were unreliable crap).
    I’m sure some psychiatrist would love that connection.
    I’ve shot with a combat pistol league off and on since the ‘80’s. I’ve always been one of the worst competitors, until the Night Shoot. I was born blind (both eyes), and am very comfortable in the dark. Not so hot in the daylight. Seems my Browning High Power was comfy too! Swept the field.
    Over the years, I’ve come to the Jack O’Conner type of attitude…”Only Accurate Sidearms are Interesting”.
    Sons and I went to the local unsupervised shooting range. We used a couple of two-inch revolvers to put rounds into (or near) a discarded water heater that we guessed was at about 200 yards. I think everybody should practice being in a situation that is out of thier comfort zone. That still makes sense to me. I’m rebuilding that Colt with a 3” bbl that I will put my own sights onto, and zero it at 125 yards. “Hold-Under” should be much easier than Holdover.
    Water heaters beware!

  19. @RichardKudrna:
    You have an extraordinary story to tell. Feel free to get it off your chest by sharing it somehow. There has to be a writer or publisher looking for it.
    Thank you for sharing it.
    As for me, I have found that if I go through life wise-cracking and making sure everybody else is happy and relaxed, I do pretty well too. There isn’t much that you can’t make fun of, or just flat enjoy. All these heart and body problems are just STUFF. Stuff to ignore if you can, and joke about if you can’t. Life is supposed to be fin! I will always be in there pitching to do my part. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your life with me.

  20. at some point some guns…like the hi-power or even the baby Browning become collectables rather than carry guns…something like a Glock that will never be held in such high regard then fills that role quite nicely…

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