Defensive Gun Use of the Day: The Only Thing That Stops a Bad Guy with a Box Cutter Slashing his Mother’s Throat Is a Good Guy with a Gun.

I wish we didn’t live in a world where people try to slash their mother’s throat – or any of the other heinous, violent things people do to each other. But we do. “Victoria Mendez was driving home from work around 10:30 Sunday night when she saw her estranged son standing near the corner of 50th Drive and Windrose, just down the street from her house on the northern Glendale-Phoenix border,” reports. “‘I rolled my passenger window down and I said, ‘Hey Hakeem [Shawky, above], what’s up? How are you doing?’ she explained. ‘And he popped his head into my window and he says, ‘I just want to give you a kiss, mama.’ . . .

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Concealed Carrier Stops Barber Shop Shooter


Every time one of the anti-gun organizations talks about concealed carry, they try to make it seem like the whole exercise of packing a gun is pointless. “No one has ever stopped a mass shooting with a concealed handgun” they claim, completely ignoring the fact that you can’t quantify mass shootings that didn’t happen. Well, according to the Philadelphia Police Department, a properly licensed person who was carrying a concealed handgun stopped a man who had begun firing wildly in a downtown barber shop late Sunday afternoon. According to a report . . .

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It Should Have Been A Defensive Gun Use: Philly Teens Kill Dog Walker Begging for His Life

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 9.05.23 AM

“Two 15-year-old Philadelphia boys face murder charges for shooting a man while he walked his dog, firing the final round as he pleaded for his life,” reports. “The cold-hearted teens and a 14-year-old boy targeted 51-year-old James Stuhlman for a robbery after they tired of playing basketball, police Captain James Clark told reporters.” Sad but true: Stuhlman was just walking his dog in the otherwise quiet Philly neighborhood of Overbrook, where movie star Will Smith attended high school. After apprehension, the 14-year-old perp sang like a canary. The murder went down like this . . .

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Terminal Recidivism Edition


This post is republished from with permission.

By Brandon

Years before a coroner pronounced 31-year-old Jermoid Wheeler dead after trying to break into a home, he had been sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery. He was given credit for time served and released in June 2014, after serving just half of his term. According to court documents, Wheeler’s criminal record dates all the way back to 2004 and includes drug charges, domestic abuse and armed robbery . . .

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Son’s Act of Kindness Edition

Back in the day, my family summered on the Rhode Island coastline. When my father died, his ashes scattered in the bay in front of the house, my octogenarian mother lived there alone. One night, as I was pulling out of the pebbled drive, a thought occurred: what if someone broke in? She would be defenseless. While I had a spare revolver in the car, my mum is as anti-gun as they come. Even so, I felt obliged to make the offer . . .

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Van Zandt County Knows How to Handle Sex Offender Burglars


“Presently, as the result of underfunding and inadequate staffing at the Van Zandt County (TX) Sheriff’s Office, homeowners need to take appropriate precautions to protect their families.” So advises Sheriff Michael Ray. Fortunately, an unnamed local woman had already realized the importance of having the ability to protect herself. Which is why deputies who arrived at her house found Christopher Foster whose body temperature had already begun dropping to match that of the early Texas morning . . .

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Turnabout is Fair Play Edition

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 8.21.04 AM

A 67-Year-Old CCW permit holder stopped a crime spree and a budding criminal career on Wednesday in Cobbs Creek Park in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. The victim was walking along a path in mid afternoon when an assailant, wearing a mask and brandishing a pistol, demanded that he “Give it up, give me all you got.” But the intended victim didn’t play the expected role. He used a classic defensive technique, grabbing the assailant’s gun while drawing his own . . .

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Why Would Anyone Need More Than Ten Rounds?

Reader Scott I writes:

Rhetorical question for any Fudd friends: Why would anyone NEED more than 10 rounds in a gun to hunt? Answer: Because I’m not hunting. I’m defending my family in my home from multiple armed home invaders. As Assistant Chief Mark Herman put it in the video above, “Folks here in Texas in their homes, they’re are armed. And, uh, you know, it is what it is.”