Louisiana Open Carrier Shoots And Kills Gas Station Assailant: Defensive Gun Use of the Day

Open Carry Defensive Shooting Mandeville LA 2016

In a decent neighborhood in Mandeville, Louisiana, an unidentified store clerk was attacked by an aggressive customer at a gas station. A firearms instructor on the scene — openly carrying his .40 caliber pistol in a holster — felt compelled to assist the store clerk in de-escalating the situation. But the aggressor would not stop. Instead, he kept on increasing the level of attacks. From theadvocate.com . . .

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Palm Beach Zoo Tiger Kills Keeper: It Should Have Been a Defensive Gun Use

Tiger at Palm Beach Zoo (courtesy cbsnews.com)

There are places to which I’d never go. There are places to which I’d never go unarmed. Inside a cage with tigers qualifies on both counts. And just in case, I wear a gun when I visit a zoo. I know what you’re thinking: the chances of being attacked by an animal at a zoo are less than the chances of being attacked at, say, a playground. Here’s the funny thing: not three weeks ago my daughter and I visited the Palm Beach Zoo and watched a tiger talk by Stacey Konwiser. That would be the same Stacey Konwiser in this news story from cbsnews.com . . .

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Dallas Marine Stops Home Invasion With Gunfire – Defensive Gun Use of the Day

Open Carry Walmart Dallas 10 April 2016

One of the advantages of open carry is that it’s a good excuse for social interaction. I was in a Dallas Walmart taking pictures of .22 ammuntion for sale, while another customer was waiting for the cabinet to be unlocked. I asked him to take my picture when my new photographer casually mentioned that he was there to buy .38 special ammunition because he had repelled a home invasion the previous night . . .

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Virginia Man Under Protective Order Shoots and Kills His Girlfriend: It Should Have Been a Defensive Gun Use

Darrick Lee Lewis (courtesy Leesburg Police Department)

“A mother of three has died after police say her ex-boyfriend shot her multiple times in her Leesburg, Virginia, home,” nbcwashington.com reports. “[Christina] Fisher’s ex-boyfriend, 30-year-old Darrick Lee Lewis [above], was arrested and charged with murder, use of a firearm and violation of a protective order. He is being held without bond in the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center, police said.” How does a protective order protect someone from violence? The same way gun control protects someone from violence. It doesn’t. [Note: Ms. Fisher called 911 before the murder.] Condolences to Ms. Fisher’s friends and family. It should have been a defensive gun use.



14-Year-Old Girl Shot By Home Invaders, Shoots Back: Defensive Gun Use of the Day

Reader Roy H. writes:
After seeing her mother’s fiancé shot multiple times, a Las Vegas teen picked up a gun and fired back at home invaders after she’d been shot in the leg. I’d like to take the opportunity to remind everybody that in 2015 there were 265 children who picked up a firearm and accidentally shot someone. At the same time, there were 3.7 million household burglaries per year and 266,500 of those turned violent. The need for self-defense in the home is not insignificant and teenagers especially are often at home alone when parents are not. It is immoral to leave them defenseless.



Escaped Inmate Killed by Family He Held Hostage – Defensive Gun Use of the Day


By James England via concealednation.org

An escaped inmate met his end after breaking into a family’s Vicksburg, Pennsylvania home and being shot by the homeowners after a tense hostage situation. Warren County Jail officials confirmed the identity of the deceased inmate, Rafael McCloud, 34, after Vicksburg Police removed his body from the property. The husband and wife and their 5-year-old son were moved into a bathroom while the inmate was attempting to work out a hostage negotiation. Police reports indicate that . . .

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65-Year-Old Philly Concealed Carrier Shoots Muggers: Defensive Gun Use of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 9.04.38 AM

“‘I think the moral of the story is you just never know who’s packing heat,’ said (Anthony) Conte. ‘Old man Sal was packing so you gotta watch out. And it’s a shame it went down. I hope those kids are OK.'” You can see those so-called kids — aged 20 and 21 — examining their gunshot wounds above (click here for the video). They’d allegedly assaulted a 65-year-old man and his wife on a Philadelphia street Tuesday night, blissfully unaware that “old Sal” had a license to carry and a .45 . . .

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Korean Store Owner Seul Lim’s Gunfight with Armed Robber

“Surveillance video from inside a Spanaway convenience store shows an armed robbery turned into a shootout when clerk Seul Lim fired at the man holding up her family’s store,” Tacoma, Washington’s mynorthwest.com reports. “The video shows Lim being held at gunpoint at the Pacific Quick Mart on Tuesday when she fires at the robber, missing him. He fires back striking Lim in the abdomen.” Ms. Lim is recovering. “She’s tough, she’s a tough cookie, yeah,” Lim’s husband Min Kim said. As TTAG tipster Mike points out . . .

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: LA CCW Stops Mass Shooting

Crime scene, Treme, LA (courtesy fox8live.com)

On the afternoon of 31 January, 2016, some ten ATVs were getting gas at the intersection of Claiborne and Esplanade Avenues in New Orleans, Louisiana. Richard Macklin pulled up in a white Volvo. Police said Macklin became upset; the ATV riders were blocking the gas pumps. He pulled out a firearm and opened fire, sending more than a dozen rounds into the crowd. Three were wounded. One of the wounded was armed . . .

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Barber Shop Carriers Stop Armed Robbery

Colashooting0122 44529

“Elmurray ‘Billy’ Bookman was cutting hair at his barber station, the second chair from the door, when two masked men, one wielding a pistol and the other carrying a shotgun, entered Next Up Barber & Beauty, he said.” That sounds like a recipe for disaster. And it was…for the stick-up men. As heraldonline.com relays, “Minutes later, Bookman and one of his customers drew their weapons as the robbers were taking money from customers and employees. They fired shots that left one of the suspects dead and sent another on the run just before 7 p.m. Friday.” . . .

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Gun Hero of the Day: Asst. Chemistry Professor Syed Hamid Hussain

Gun Hero of the Day: Asst. Chemistry Professor Syed Hamid Hussain (courtesy dawn.com)

TTAG reader GB writes:

The grim tally of the Bacha Khan University terror attack by Taliban on Wednesday that left 22 dead and dozens injured would certainly have been higher if not for Asst. Chemistry Professor Syed Hamid Hussain. Father of two, UK earned Ph.D, and keen hunter, 32-year-old Hussain was well-respected by the students, who nicknamed him “the Protector” for carrying a 9mm pistol ever since teachers were encouraged to do so by Pakistani authorities following the Peshawar school massacre in 2014 that left 150 dead . . .

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: North Carolina Frying Pan Follow-Up Edition

Let’s skip to the middle of the abc11.com post to get straight to the Defensive Gun Use (DGU) part of the story. “[Sheldon] Dix savagely attacked a mother who was waiting in her car at a nearby church parking lot. When another man saw the attack and tried to intervene, Dix starting beating on the man. The woman in the car then pulled out a handgun and shot at the attacker. ‘The victim in the car happened to be a concealed-permit holder. She had a legal right. She retrieved her firearm and fired off two rounds,’ said Fayetteville Police Lt. Tim Tew.” It’s a damn shame she missed. But someone else did not, only minutes later . . .

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