Defensive Gun Use: Phoenix Man Shoots and Kills Home Invader Who Threatened His Family

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Ricky Gomez began pounding on the door of a home in central Phoenix at about 11:00pm last Thursday night. He pounded long and hard enough that he broke a window in the door and then let himself in. That was a mistake.

As a next door neighbor notes, the area has a crime problem. From Fox10 . . .

“The light rail is right up there,” said [neighbor Roger] David. “There’s homeless that hang out all around there. They go in the alley. We’ve had incidents with them trying to make homes in the alley, or someone throwing rocks at our house. I’ve had to call police on stuff like that.”

Before his neighbor dialed 911, he shot and killed Gomez who’d just invaded his home were he lives with his wife and two daughters.

In this case, it is unknown if the two children were home during the intrusion.

“I hope they didn’t see that,” said David. “It’s horrible.”

There are no reports of physical injuries to anyone who was inside the home at the time of the incident. No arrests have been made, according to Phoenix Police officials. 

No arrests have been made because, by all accounts, this was a textbook case of justified self-defense. When a stranger breaks into your home in the middle of the night, endangering your family, you have every right to defend them and yourself.



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  1. When a stranger breaks into your home in the middle of the night, endangering your family, you have every right to defend them and yourself.

    Hold on a cotton-pickin’ minute! What about all the voices screeching that people who are “down on their luck” are entitled to take my property, violate the sanctity of my home, and violate (e.g. physically batter, maim, rape, and/or murder) me and my family? Who is right? The calm voice of reason or those screeching people?

    Pro-tip: someone is extremely passionate and very loud (e.g. screeching) has no more credence than a quiet and calm person.

  2. Weirdness happens. A few nights ago, around 10 PM, I noticed someone dancing on the empty lot next door. One person. Dancing in the dark. The hedgerow partially obstructed my view, so, I wondered, whether this person was playing with a dog. Dog-walkers frequently transport across the lot. But the movements were unusual enough to warrant a closer look, so, I stepped out the front door always armed) for a closer look. no one there. Walked the perimeter with my 15 billion trillion lumen flashlight (locked the front door first). No one. Fairies, I guess

  3. People have got to leave these urban cesspools. Do what you have to, max out the credit cards & get out of there.
    Cities = democrats = death

  4. If I were that leo I would have a hard time not letting the puppy gnaw or pull him off and then letting him have another go.

  5. Perhaps the poor man just needed to use the restroom instead of being ostracized for defecating in public?

    • The ‘Marsupial One’s’ vocabulary has been expanding lately… 😉

  6. I thought this story would be the best part of my day. Then the comments started. Thanks for the laughs.

  7. It is too bad that the handsome young man played a game where the rules are stacked against him. He should have done that in California where the government doesn’t punish those types of criminals!

  8. If some drunken idiot mistakenly winds up on my doorstep beating on the door and breaks in, I really don’t want to kill him. I don’t want to kill anybody. Especially some guy that winds up in my house because of an alcohol problem. My dogs will probably cause enough damage. I just want the police to take him away.

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