Michigan Gun Owner Who Shot a Knife-Wielding C-Store Robber Won’t Face Charges

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The biggest mistake Cordeleus Anthony Martin made when trying to rob a gas station convenience store in Cassopolis, Michigan last month was not accounting for everyone who was in the store at the time. He seemed laser-focus on menacing the store clerk. Martin reportedly announced, “You know why I’m here,” then pulled out a box cutter.

Unfortunately for the would be thief, he didn’t notice another patron who’d stopped in to pick up a six of Miller Lite. That un-named patron is a licensed concealed carry permit holder and was carrying a firearm. He didn’t even bother to put the beer down before firing six shots, hitting Martin three times.

Martin survived and has been charged with armed robbery, assault with intent to rob, felonious assault and being a habitual offender.

As for the unidentified beer buyer, the Cass County prosecutor has ruled the shooting “lawful and justified” under Michigan law.

“Accordingly, no charges will be pursued by this Office regarding the lawful actions of the patron in defense of the clerk and himself during the robbery of the Cassopolis Marathon Station,” the prosecutor’s office said.

The man with the beer (and the gun) stopped a robbery and possibly saved the clerk’s life. He also took a recidivist off the streets (this time the judge levied a $100,000 cash bond to keep Martin behind bars). We hope those beers were on the house.

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  1. Dude should never have to pay for a miller light for the rest of his life. I’d try to trade up for yuengling or sam, though. Miller is woke trash, no less than bud or coors.

  2. “I don’t always cap a fool but when I do it’s for the champagne of beers.”

  3. “He didn’t even bother to put the beer down before firing six shots, hitting Martin three times.”

    So, he was basically skilled enough that he didn’t need to say “hold my beer…” 🙂

    • “So, he was basically skilled enough that he didn’t need to say “hold my beer…” 🙂”

      That, or another POV would be the man had his priorities straight.

      He kept those ’12 ounce arm curls’ safe from harm… 🙂

  4. Should be given a medal, a case of his favorite ammo and unlimited range time for a year. In that way he will be a better shot the next time he has to deal with scumbags like this.

  5. I think the only thing this guy did wrong was hold onto the six pack. People have an aversion to dropping things. When I taught CCW classes I would cover this. Some professional criminals know this and find those carrying packages a more attractive target. Drop your groceries and defend yourself. Even throw what’s in your hand at the scumbag. The lizard brain most often makes them blink and duck. This can give you an extra 1000 count to access your weapon or escape. You can pick up your things later.

    • Agreed. Things can be replaced. And a bag full of cans of food can be a useful blunt force instrument.

      Beer and sodas in glass bottles make a very distracting splatter and shatter when thrown onto pavement.

    • “I think the only thing this guy did wrong was hold onto the six pack.”


      Had he dropped those aluminum beverage containers, some would likely explode when they hit the floor, creating a dangerously-slippery surface he needed dry to successfully negate the threat.

      Mom always told me I would argue the face off a clock if I could… 🙂

    • That was my thought as well. The last class I went to they had a simulated phone for us to drop in order to free up our hands for the shots. People tend to hold on to whatever they already have in their hands at the onset of a stressful thing like having to shoot a bad guy.

  6. jwm, don’t throw them on the ground. Hit the bad with them. The only homicide I witnessed was done with a Fago soda bottle. They were glass at that time. Suspect broke the bottle over the victim’s head and stabbed him in the throat. Severed the carotid artery. Almost anything can be turned into a weapon.

    • I refer to them as a bomb because I saw a guy drop an unopened carbonated beverage in a glass container. It went off and sent glass flying. Dude that dropped it got at least one good cut to his face.

      • When I worked nightfill in a supermarket I saw a bottle of soft drink fall to the floor and landed on the cap. The cap shattered and the bottle launched like a rocket several metres into the air.

        Another time a new employee was cutting a box of bottles, with the bottles still in the box, and cut too deep. BANG!!! Sound was loud enough to stun us briefly. The bottles were plastic but experienced staff could cut the boxes without cutting the bottles.

    • Gadsden Flag,

      Almost anything can be turned into a weapon.

      There is extremely sad and disturbing video of a murder that occurred a few years ago where some guy used an empty heavy-duty glass wine bottle to promptly bludgeon a homeless man (who was lying down and possibly passed-out) to death. The attacker hit the victim in the head several times and promptly destroyed the victim’s skull and brain. If I remember correctly, it took less than 20 seconds.

    • I once intervened unarmed in a multiple assailant verses single victim beat down. The drunken aggressors were very eager to give me the same treatment. However; the biggest, ugliest most intransigent assailant made the mistake of taking a swig out of his quart bottle of whatever. I punched the base of the bottle. Hydrostatic shock shattered the bottle while the momentum of my fist drove the broken base of the bottle into his mouth and face.

      The other potential assailants decided that they’d rather load their leader into the trunk of their car to haul his lacerated ass to the Emergency room rather than stay around to mess with me.

  7. Fortunately, Michigan is also one of the states that protects a person acting in self defense (or in defense of another) from civil liability, to wit:

    600.2922b Use of deadly force or other than deadly force by individual in self-defense; immunity from civil liability.
    Sec. 2922b.

    An individual who uses deadly force or force other than deadly force in self-defense or in defense of another individual in compliance with section 2 of the self-defense act is immune from civil liability for damages caused to either of the following by the use of that deadly force or force other than deadly force:

    (a) The individual against whom the use of deadly force or force other than deadly force is authorized.

    (b) Any individual claiming damages arising out of injury to or the death of the individual described in subdivision (a), based upon his or her relationship to that individual.

    Hence, poor Mr. Martin, who was turning his life around and needing some money to pay for his college books, will not be able to sue the unnamed shooter for his injuries.

  8. I know a little bit about box cutters…Some moons ago on a Sunday afternoon I was sitting at a stop sign waiting for traffic to pass and to my right was a man walking on the sidewalk towards my vehicle. With enough oncoming traffic preventing me from moving the man walks not in front but behind my vehicle and turns abruptly holding to his side an orange box cutter. My window was down which may have prevented him from trying to open the door. Nonetheless when he was at the B pillar of my vehicle my seat belt was already released and my Glock 20 with the trigger against the wall was starring at him from between my knees, just in a snowball’s chance in hell Mr. Glock failed to fire and the perp opened the door he would be eating feet. All I needed was the sight of the box cutter in my window and he would be dead. As he turned and walked away he said he had ran out of gas and needed money, I said nothing. At the time I did not have a cell phone, traffic had cleared and no cops were to be found but I had Mr. Glock with Hornady XTPs and tracers every 3rd round. The incident was reported.

    • he’s probably still laughing after the sight of a schraeder valve jammed inside the trigger guard.
      “you guys will never believe this…”

      • jr…I still have that verg plug and I can drop it and plug you so fast you’d sht your bigoted panties.

      • kamala meant for giggles…I was very specific about the perp staring at a Glock 20. If you do not know what a Glock 20 is run to the nearest Gun Store where you can load one and look down the barrel.

        • Debbie, I’m glad you popped up today. I have a question, but I’d like to preface it with a couple of comments first. We all know you’re the #1 fan of the man from NYC. I voted for him to and will again if he wins the nomination. I believe he will. So, we have that out of the way. A couple of days ago there was a product review involving Harris bipods and attachment devices. You said you prefer bipods from the RPC. When Trump was the president he put tariffs on trade with China. Including steel and aluminum. I think those metals are included in the manufacturer of bipods. I can only conclude that you are sending U.S. dollars to the RPC ( Our largest global enemy) that may be used to kill U.S. service men and women in the future. How do you reconcile that?

        • What is you like to say? Oh, yeah! Please reply. I’m bored anyway. Pissing you off is entertaining on occasion.

        • Well, it’s been two hours. Maybe I can’t hear Debbie because of the crickets chirping.

  9. Texas man describes firing at fake maintenance workers who tried to break through his apartment door (victim fires at 3:23 in the video – link to news story below this post – happened I think on 19 August 2023).

      • WATCH: Dallas apartment tenant fires at men posing as maintenance workers during break in attempt > with audio from the bad guys.

    • Thank God the victim’s door held up to the home-invaders’ repeated kicks long enough for the occupant to retrieve a firearm and use it.

      For reference it is surprisingly easy to kick a door open. When I was in high school, a close friend accidentally locked himself out of his home while his family was away for a few days. I think it took me all of three or four kicks to completely split the door frame and open the door. (On the plus side, we were able to simply screw that long piece of wood back together and reassemble the door frame in fairly short order.)

      • Yeah, that was a heck of a door though.

        I’m glad the neighbors across the hall weren’t home. In one of the videos its said they had left about 20 minutes earlier.

        • Its look like though they were kicking at the wrong spot. But from the videos it looks like it was a metal clad door with a foam filler – look closely at the second video at 1:11 and 1:13 where the holes are round with no splintering. Its possible though it could be fiberglass clad.

        • I’m thinking though, after looking at the videos, its a metal clad door with a metal frame with wood trim over the frame. That’s common in more apartment buildings around here. Had it been a wooden door and frame they would have been through it in a heart beat kicking on it like that unless it was re-enforced.

        • .40 cal Booger,

          You are probably correct regarding metal door frame and metal clad door. That was key to withstanding the repeated kicks.

          I also saw a security door jam bar laying on the floor in one of the videos. If the apartment occupants had that on the door as well, that certainly increases the difficulty of kicking the door open.

        • Entry doors to apartments of often fire protection doors that are solid cored. So they are often a bit tougher than normal doors. At least this is the case in my part of the world.

      • On the subject, any ideas on door reenforcement? I feel like one swift kick would do our front door in, maybe even a good push. This is a new house mind you erg

        • lots of ways to reinforce a door…most of them involve something located down near the floor…may not stop them but it will slow them down…..

        • Our home entry doors are decorative steel doors in steel frames (frames overlaid in wood for the aesthetics) mounted in steel ‘girder studs’. We built it that way on purpose. We had seen what happens with typical home construction doors and frames in multiple bad guy home invasions from where we used to live. So when we moved away and built our new home we built to avoid that. We specified this, the architect and contractor we used thought we were crazy until we showed them pics and video of what happens with typical home construction doors in home invasions.

  10. Florida man says, “Here, hold my beer!”

    Michigan man says, “Don’t mess with my beer, just watch!”

  11. I wonder how dacian the DUNERHEAD and MINOR Miner49er feel about a citizen taking out a bad guy and not get hurt at all.
    Seems, wasn’t it dacian the DUNDERHEAD who said that most of the time the good guy gets hurt? I guess he’s just wrong again, or is that still?

    • They are crying in their woke beer, cause one of their “USEFUL” foot soldier got “HURT”!!!!

  12. Dood robber made his mistake starting way back a decade or two when he decided he would rather be lazy and let society play nursemaind to him. He never bothered to learn a trade, or even a basic skill, such as showing up for work on time.

    The Bible says this about clowns like this: if a man WILL NOT WORK, then DO NOT feed him.

  13. That brings a whole new meaning to the phrase — ‘Hold my beer’. There should be more of this ‘Frontier Justice’ in America.

  14. He did not even put down his beer.
    Times like this, I love this country.
    I would buy that man a sixer.

  15. lets be real
    he wasnt charged
    because he was black
    its great that he wasnt charged and everything
    but lets not be lulled into a sense
    that prosecutors all over the country
    are starting to come to their senses
    when it comes to 2a/dgu cases
    because theyre not
    this is going to worse before it gets better
    see also:
    150 views for trumps x interview with tucker

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