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How many times have we seen this before? A phony Facebook Marketplace transaction  that turned out to be set-up for a robbery. Thinking back, there was this one. Oh and this one, too. They’re hardly unusual.

This latest incident took place in the Detroit suburb of Warren . . .

According to Warren police, officers were dispatched to the parking lot outside the gym just after 8 p.m. Sept. 6 in response to reports of shots fired.

Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer said the shooting was the result of an attempted armed robbery that started with a Facebook Marketplace transaction. According to Dwyer a 16-year-old male and another man were armed and attempted to rob two males who had met them in the Planet Fitness parking lot to complete a Facebook Marketplace transaction.

Do tell. What the armed yoot wasn’t counting on, however, was that at least one of his two would-be robbery victims was legally carrying a firearm.

“One of the men the 16-year-old was trying to rob was a CPL holder and he shot the 16-year-old in the chest,” Dwyer said. “The 16-year-old was first transported to Ascension Macomb Hospital and then to St. John in Detroit.”

I’ve bought things through online transactions in the past without problems. You may have, too. But that doesn’t mean these arrangements are without risk. The man the 16-year-old was trying to rob appears to have done all the right things. They met in a public place. He brought a friend with him. And he was armed.

But taking all the precautions doesn’t preclude being targeted by an aspiring thief. At least in this case, all’s well that ends well. Well, at least for the victims. The 16-year-old has a hole in his chest. He was reported as “hospitalized” with no word as to his condition, but you have to believe he isn’t resting comfortably.

Be careful out there.

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  1. Went out looking for trouble, found it. A 16 year old should have known better, but apparently parenting is not very popular anymore.

  2. There is not a single aspect of this story that I consider anything less than idiocy. At most, insanity. At least, illegal.

    • This happens all the time
      Both the meet ups and the robberies
      Where is the insanity?
      Yes. Robbery is illegal.

      • “Where is the insanity?”

        Uuuhhhmmm, uuuhhh, like:
        – being on Faceplant
        – agreeing to money exchange with someone unknown
        – agreeing to meet at 2000hrs (anywhere)
        – attending the agreed upon meeting

        jes sayin’

        • “Faceplant” I like that one. Gonna use it.

          I usually just call it “Snoopbook” or simply “DARPA”.

          Zuckerberg? He’s always “The Lizard King”.

        • I mean, classifieds aren’t much of a thing anymore, but I don’t recall running a background check on the potential buyer/seller back then either. I fondly recall buying two 8lb jugs of 1680 in a dead malls parking lot in the dark. No one ended up dead, dude didn’t know me, I didn’t know him. Times and people are different. Bad guys have always done what they can to steal a buck. Nowadays they are just willing to shoot you for it.

  3. Take the 16 year old out and bury him. He may claim to be still alive but he would steal so he will also lie.

  4. Let me put myself in the shoes of the fascist left. Ban online sales meet ups. Ban cars so nobody can go to these meetups. Ban computers so…..

    • I can see all transactions being required to take place at a government facility for safeties sake. Of course the agents at that facility will be collecting taxes from both parties on top of the fee charged to use the mandatory service.

      Higher value items will be held in escrow while background checking is done to ensure nothing is stolen or being bought with illicit funds. Sure, some things may be “lost” during this period but better safe than sorry.

  5. I learned a long time ago, in land far away, that a kid can kill you just as dead as an adult. I have zero empathy for that 16yo. He got what he was asking for.

  6. Our repair shop is located at the end of a small shopping plaza, and folks often use our parking lot to meet for these kinds of transactions. Well, I presume it’s Fleecebook or Craigslist transactions, and I’ve not seen the cops come swarming in for a bust. Well lit, fairly busy through a couple hours after dark, and no robberies that I ever heard of. There are other places in town for that kind of stuff. I also see lots of split families swap kids for weekends, which is sad.

  7. Except Michigan has universal background checks now so everyone committed a felony. Using a firearm while committing a felony is no small crime.

  8. That 16 year old lower primate just might still have a successful career as a gang banging thug ahead of him if that hole in his chest doesn’t cause him to change careers. Well done armed citizen.

  9. The hero here must not have been using hollow points. Maybe he was but it seems the consequences would have been more final than just a hole in his chest.

    • “The hero here must not have been using hollow points….the consequences would have been more final than just a hole in his chest.”

      Shoot to stop the threat; threat stopped.

    • Depends on the gat. My 9mm models always feed any type of ammo no problem. All of them, with all brands of FMJ and JHP.

      The .40 S&W ones can get a little finicky with some brands.

      The .45 ACP is best for FMJ ball. I’ve never had 100% reliability using any type of JHP in that cartridge due to the angle of their feed ramps.

  10. He is a product of oppression and legislated discrimination. He is beyond culpable. How can he be held responsible for his actions when decades of such oppression carried through his lineage have produced an individual who simply needs an outlet for rage and pain? He’s really a good boy. Please, we want to see the photos of him as a fresh scrubbed, smiling tyke on Santa’s lap. THAT’s the true loving teen we all know and love.

  11. @Mike
    “I’m glad you kept it brief. That could have been a very long answer.”

    It was a necessity; had to keep an eye on the booze in the blender.

  12. I agree with most of the article except the captain of a battleship allowing the other side the first shot. Only do that if you want to be relieved of command instanter. The first round may go through the bridge. Then where will the leadership be? The captain of a battleship wants to get the first salvo off, never mind the first shot. He wants to “cross the T” where his broadside is sweeping the opposing ship which only has its forward guns in action — until they are taken out by the broadside from the ship crossing the T.

    • Anyone know of a “battleship captain” in this day and age?

      World War I is calling — they want their naval strategy back.

  13. @I Haz A Question
    “Faceplant” I like that one. Gonna use it.”

    You can also have: Twitsville and Instantgranny,

    • I call it Fascistbook, ever since I was suspended for posting a Hitler meme during the panicdemic.

      • “I call it Fascistbook, ever since I was suspended for posting a Hitler meme during the panicdemic.”

        That’s calling out the truth, which the Left igonres. “Faceplant” is ridicule, one of their own weapons.

        But Facistbook works.

  14. Several years ago when I wanted to legally purchase a revolver in a private transaction, I arranged the meeting at a police department parking lot. The seller did not bat an eyelash about my required meeting location.

    We met at the police station parking lot at the scheduled time and completed our sale. Both of us were happy with the outcome: he sold a revolver that he did not want any more (for more money than any dealer would have paid him) and I purchased a revolver that I did want at a lower price than I would have paid a dealer.

    The obvious lesson here: there is a right way and a wrong way to sell/buy stuff. Do it the right way.

    • I was wondering if anyone would mention that. If you’re going to meet somewhere, that’s the place. Smart move.

      I’ve only purchased one item like this (not fb). A new mountain bike he bought and never used. Picked it up from his house. Great deal. Just remembered one more. A trampoline. Picked it up at that dude’s house as well.

  15. “Shoots out 16-Year-Old Attacker”

    That’s an awkward turn of phrase. Did the attacker fly out of his butt?

  16. Well there it is again”Legally carrying a firearm(n)” .
    I suppose the hoods were illegally carrying a firearmn?
    Oh I get it, if you’ve got the governments permission your legally carrying a firearmn.
    Legal is the deal whether we have to get permission to exercise a right or not, yep that’s me, legal, legal.
    Don’t want .giv to take away my Constitutional Rights and all that.
    Now if only .giv could figure out away to tax air they could make laws and regulations about breathing.
    “You’ get the blues if you don’t pay your air tax.”
    Buckle up it’s the law.

  17. I do not care if the victim had a government permission slip. I only want to know if the use of deadly force was within the bounds of the law and if the perps are dying or dead.

    • I think if someone is trying to rob you at gunm point and you shute them your within the bounds of law.
      Dead or dying? Well theoretically we are all dying and eventually we all will be dead, it’s just a matter of time and circumstances.
      I’m certain that whether or not the surgery was a success the 16 year old will be dead in no less then 130 years.

  18. I must have missed the post about letting the bad guy shoot first. Soon as he makes a “suspicious” move, I would be making my own “suspicious” move. That split second might make the difference between going home and having the police calling your wife/family about you being in the hospital or worse. From experience…ambushed by an illegal from Belize in south L.A. Drew his Bryce .380, stolen in the riots of1991 and identifiable by the melted grips. Ran behind a tall hedge leading to his house and capped off 4 rounds at me. All I could see was the muzzle flash and returned fire. Training kicked in and when I saw him reach into his waistband, started my draw. He continued into the house, although he was marked for evidence in his left shoulder…probably a very lucky shot. His pistol jammed after 4 rounds. Still starting my draw early probably saved me from some battle damage. Training helps!

  19. My very thoughtful local PD has set aside a designated place in their lobby for these types of transactions.

    At least it saves fuel and time transporting perpetrators to booking.

  20. @D Y
    “I mean, classifieds aren’t much of a thing anymore, but I don’t recall running a background check on the potential buyer/seller back then either. I fondly recall buying two 8lb jugs of 1680 in a dead malls parking lot in the dark. No one ended up dead,…”

    Yep, “Those were the daaaays.”

  21. I have been “backup” on some transactions in the past. We always pick a well lighted and populated site, like a busy gas station or such. I stood back from the transaction with my concealed 45. Thankfully never had a problem.

  22. You nstill do not get it do you? Get that how bloody strange it is to most of the civilised world that you have to go armed and with what in nis effect a nBODYGUARD to conduct a simple sales transaction in a PUBLIC PLACE.
    Cannot actually decide whether or not this is one of those [stories’ made up to prove a point because it seems a whole lot of bother to me to PLAN a robbery this way . But there again I suppose if there was a expectation of a considerable lump of cash why not?. But even then even in Safe Old United Kingdom I’d be very wary of doing this kind of CASH transaction. Seems like asking for trouble

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