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Arizona Woman Shoots a Registered Sex Offender Who Tried To Climb In Through Her Window

Jayson Magrum, 42. Image via Arizona Department of Public Safety.
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A 54-year-old woman living just outside of Tucson, Arizona didn’t really want to have to shoot a neighbor to tried to force entry to her residence, but the man didn’t give her many options. Living by herself, she didn’t have anyone else to help her repel the would-be intruder. She did have a handgun, though, and he availed herself to the great equalizer.

The would-be intruder, a 42-year-old registered sex offender named Jayson Magrum, apparently didn’t care that she’d gotten her gun and told him to stop. Maybe he didn’t think she’d use it. She even fired a warning shot as he tried to crawl in through a window. Even after the shot, Magrum reached in and tried to disarm the woman.

That’s when she shot him. At point-blank range, the pistol proved itself as a great equalizer, ending the attack. The sex offender collapsed after a few more steps and will re-offend no more.

KOLD/Gray News has the story . . .

A convicted sex offender was shot and killed by a woman while trying to break into her Arizona home last week, officials said.

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department said 42-year-old Jayson Magrum died in the Aug. 11 shooting at the home in Three Points, just outside of Tucson.

According to the sheriff’s department, Magrum was trying to break into a woman’s home. She told him to leave, but he did not stop.

Officials said the woman then grabbed a gun and fired a warning shot. Magrum then tried to disarm her, and he was shot and killed.

Fox10 Phoenix had some additional details:

The incident happened just after 2 p.m. on Aug. 11 near Garvey and Pyle Roads. Investigators say 42-year-old Jayson Magrum tried to break into a 54-year-old woman’s home. The woman was home alone and yelled at Magrum to leave, but he allegedly continued to try and break into the home.

“The female armed herself with a handgun and fired a shot out of a window to attempt to scare the male away,” the sheriff’s department said.

Magrum allegedly reached inside the home and tried to take away the gun. The woman then opened fire, shooting Magrum.

Magrum collapsed in the driveway and died at the scene

Once again, a successful defensive gun uses brought to you by the Founders and the right to keep and bear arms. The only thing that stops bad people with evil in their heart is a good guy or good gal with a gun. That is all.


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    • it took 42 years of bad choices to catch up to this perv? He must have been part cat. He shoulda got a job at Disney!

  1. But, but, but; Shuham: “Far Too Many Americans Still Hold the Delusional Belief That Guns Make Them Safer”.
    Perfect back to back comparisons.

    • well, THIS wonman’s gun certainly kept HER safer, didn’t it?
      Don’t you wish EVERBODY did like this? She had it,, and knew how to use it.

      too bad this perv never learned how tto properly use HIS “gun”.

      Never happen to him again. True justice has now been served, and I am NOT referring to the hole this woman’s bullet made in the guy. After that he met REAL justice.

  2. “Large portions of the American public still believe false claims of all kinds about guns, the COVID-19 pandemic and reproductive health, a new survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows.”

    Sure, ok

    • So maybe those are not false claims that the Kaiser Family Foundation keeps trying to shove down people’s throats.

    • well THIS woman obviously has so far survived the WooFlew, and SHE knew how tto properly administer a dose of Pb to promote her own reproductive health.
      Maybe Kaiser are on to somehint for once in their existence.

  3. ” ‘The female armed herself with a handgun and fired a shot out of a window to attempt to scare the male away,’ the sheriff’s department said.”

    Too stupid to take the hint …

    “Magrum allegedly reached inside the home and tried to take away the gun. The woman then opened fire, shooting Magrum.

    Magrum collapsed in the driveway and died at the scene”

    See, happy endings are a real thing after all.

    • .40 cal Booger,

      On a more serious note, if the home-invader’s lust was in the driver’s seat and his intention was to rape the home occupant, isn’t it sad that his lust was so powerful that it drove him to risk his life?

      If that was true, it just goes to show how extremely selfish people can be: his selfishness ended his life and terrorized an innocent woman in the process.

      Good riddance of course. I just wish that the woman had not needed to go through that trauma.

      • One of Dacian’s incels?

        Being a registered s3x offender he fits the profile of an antifa member.

      • <<>>

        Nope. Not sad at all. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy. This lady should receive a bronze plaque for her wall and a life-time supply of ammunition from the city.

    • So-called ‘warning shots’ are a BAD BAD idea. The shooter is responsible for every bullet that leaves the barrel of a gun — who knows where that ‘warning shot’ ends up.

      All shots are on target (guarantee the hit) and are to stop the threat.

      • I’m familiar with the area. Garvey and Pyle is out in the desert SW of Tuscon. The nearest neighbor is likely a mile away.

    • Wonder if the county bothered to take a tox panel as part of the after-death workup. If so, wonder what it showed besides a lethal level of lead poisoning.

  4. He would have received a vebal only if the situation allowed it but definitely No Way Jose to a warning shot. If a malfunction occurred that warning shot maybe the only shot you get. Bad news is there are more out there just like him.

    • The real bad news is the Biden Administration is welcoming them. I guess since Texas is resisting most enter now via the Arizona border daily!

    • I was wondering same thing Deb, not sure what i think about a warning shot. I guess it would look great in court but you raise a good point.

    • Sadly, a perfectly good round was wasted as a warning shot. Wonder where that round stopped? High liability borne for a worthless perp. Someone needs to send the lady the shirt…”Ammo is expensive. Expect no warning shots.”

    • I understand she didn’t want to shoot him, but the ‘warning shot’ that went out the window sets her up for legal and/or civil action. Hope all goes well for her. Thanks to her for removing another person who doesn’t want act in a civilized manor. I hope she get the counseling she will need to deal with having to take a human life.

    • A similar thought crossed my mind: your “warning shot” should be your first instance of legally justified use of deadly force.

      • If the perp continued after seeing the gun and refusing her commands, then a warning shot was wasted because he was not going to stop or retreat.

  5. Pro-tip: do NOT provide warning shots!

    First and foremost, a scumbag Prosecutor can claim that you did not really believe that you were in imminent danger of death or grievous bodily harm–or else you would have shot your attacker. At that point said scumbag Prosecutor can charge YOU with a crime.

    Second of all, you are wasting ammunition which could be a serious problem if you need every single round of ammunition in your firearm to defend yourself–only to end up one round short.

    Third, that warning shot sends a bullet somewhere which could damage property at the very least and it could even harm or kill a human at the absolute worst. Why take on that liability if not absolutely necessary–such as when an attacker is a credible imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm?

    Disclaimer: I am NOT an attorney and the above is NOT legal advice. Seek legal council on legal matters.

    • “Pro-tip: do NOT provide warning shots!”

      Here, if that first shot misses at very close range the cops call it a ‘warning shot’ in their report. I’m serious, they actually do that.

    • And add to the list what Debbie W stated above about a possible malfunction after the warning shot would render the gun useless and the woman helpless.

  6. he was shot at the window and died in the driveway, so he probably had time to think about his actions that got himself in his predicament.

  7. Woman shoots sex offender. And? Other than she should receive a medal and possibly a bounty, what is the problem? Perp F***ed around and found out. Woman did what she had too to protect herself from harm.
    Why is someone considered dangerous to be registered with the state as a possible violent offender out of prison? And just why do we need a list of sex offenders? If someone has attacked or committed a violent, sexually related crime, they need to be removed from the gene pool permanently. And the prospective victim did just that. Justice has been done and the perp will receive his rewards as deserved.

  8. We have a one shot stop with a pistol.
    As usual with these type of stories, we get none of the information we people the gun would love to know.
    The caliber of the gun, the type of bullet, and where the perp was hit.

    The story becomes much more interesting if it’s a 22 caliber revolver with a single head shot.
    Or a 380 with a round nose bullet.

    Since these reporters always know nothing about guns, we never even hear if it’s a revolver or a semi automatic

  9. No mention of type of firearm used. Shot placement, or how many rounds expelled. Not very good reporting, possibly on purpose.

  10. It’s unfortunate she didn’t put a few rounds into his genital area blowing his penis and balls to smithereens. That would have abridged his proclivity to offend albeit incurring significant medical costs as they put, or attempt to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

  11. Laws need to change. Habitual criminals are rife in our society and that must end. I say we enact a federal law that says conviction of 3 felonies makes you guilty of being a habitual offender and that carries the death penalty. With the great freedom of our country there should come great responsibility.

  12. Even after the shot, Magrum reached in and tried to disarm the woman.

    I have to admit I Have allowed my Little Head to get my Big Head in trouble,, but that little sunnovabitch isn’t so Stubborn it doesn’t know to Shaddup and Sit Down when things get bad.

  13. She fires a warning shot and THAT didn’t dissuade him? Well, he won’t be bothering anyone, again. More work for the undertakers.

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