Supreme Court New York Second Amendment Protest
Courtesy Matt Laur
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Much is being made of the US v. Rahimi the Supreme Court case that’s set for oral arguments on November 7. If you listen to the media and the gun control industry, you’d think the case is about making America safe for domestic abusers and subjugating women. Or something.

What the case is actually about is due process and determining if and when it’s constitutional to deprive an American of their civil rights — any of them — without their being convicted of a crime.

But here’s a tip for all of those shouting that allowing those under domestic violence restraining orders to retain their gun rights will bring about a Handmaid’s Tale type of society in which women are fair game for any man to use and abuse at his pleasure. There’s a tool out there that’s available to women who are, in general, at a distinct disadvantage in terms of size and strength when attacked by a man. And an Alabama woman was the latest to use one of these tools to save her own life.

A woman in Lauderdale County, in the far northeastern tip of the Yellowhammer State, opened fire at a man who tried to enter her home.

A woman said [John David] Baskins attempted to enter her residence, then threw bricks through the windows of the home. The woman, who was armed, fired several shots at Baskins. Authorities do not know if he was wounded.

John David Baskins
John David Baskins (courtesy Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office)

Realizing that the armed woman wasn’t going to allow him to invade her home and do God knows what to her, Baskin torched the place before slithering off into the night, burning it to the ground (police are still searching for him). But that gun probably saved the woman’s life and allowed her to escape unharmed.

If you actually care about protecting women — not just disarming them and anyone else who dares to think of owning a gun — you’ll make firearm ownership easier and less expensive for them.

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  1. Too bad she missed, cause if she had hit the b@st@ rd he wouldn’t have been able to burn her house down. At least when they were able to catch this dog squeeze, so he will go to actual jail since he did it in Alabama.

    • Yep, and Lauderdale County is in the far Northwestern tip of Alabama NOT the Northeastern tip. Lived there for 20 years and it’s a beautiful part of the State. Good people there. I still live just one county over. Great fishing with Pickwick and Wilson Lakes on the Tennessee River System, too. Southernmost boundary for some hawg smallmouth and the largemouth and spotted bass are plentiful, too. And, let’s not forget the University of North Alabama in Florence. My alma mater, great university, beautiful campus. GO LIONS!!

      • I have a couple of cousins who live there, had to look at a map before I realized it was Florence, AL area. Good folks that I haven’t seen in a while.

  2. First up. No Law will ever keep a woman from being beat up.
    2nd. No Law will keep someone from killing someone with something.
    Guilty until proven innocent, indeed it is, look at your local news, so and so WAS ARRESTED for blah blah, weird how the local news never says , So and was arrested and found not guilty. Nope they always leave So and So hanging.
    But that’s all just agit talk.
    What’s fcked up is how far America has dropped when the honor of a woman is not upheld.
    I dont give a sht about equal rights, gay, or none of that.
    Rapers need kilt
    Kid fckers need tortured and kilt
    Politians should be held accountable.
    Females should be safe( they are in the animal kingdom).
    How can a country not fall when its leadership is ?????? compromised.

    • Two good guys with a gunm. Make it 3,4, a whole bunch, a gang of good guys.
      Step outta the way officer Our kids are being shot.
      LAWRENCE 👉
      Out in the streets there was violence
      And lots of work to be done

  3. Basking should not be killed. He should be sent to an organ transplant clinic to be disassembled for the purpose of saving the lives of people who need new organ transplants.

    • Engineer
      I’d be a bit suspect of the state of said organs.

      Doesn’t look like he has bothered to have avoided the activities that might populate those organs with hitchhikers, and toxic chemicals…

  4. This woman was using deadly force to protect private property. Bricks being throw at her home. I thought according to the smartest people in the room, that’s what insurance is for???

    You’re supposed to let criminals destroy your private property. And never use deadly force to protect inanimate objects.

    Now I don’t agree with that. I believe you should be able to kill people to protect with you own. And yes I understand people are prosecuted for doing that.

    But the “gun community” supports the prosecution of folks who used deadly force to protect private property.
    Even though the state will kill you to protect a State Property. And the “gun community” is very comfortable with that.

    • What part of the ‘gun community’ are you claiming to speak for? Advising people to not get twisted up by the law over using deadly force to protect property is not the same as endorsing that law.

      • There are far more people on TTAG saying a pot head should not loose their guns rights. Compared to a property owner who kills to protect what they own.

        • Nobody should lose their 2a rights because of what they drink, eat or ingest. I see nothing in the 2a that allows for this.

          Commit an actual crime, do the time. Freedom is messy.

    • Texas allows you to kill people to protect your property. Goes back to the Indian and Mexican Wars. You can shoot first if you reasonably believe they intend harm.

      if this gentleman attacked the home to gain entry with bricks, most normal jurisdictions wouldn’t infer that he was simply just trying to return bricks he borrowed without permission.

    • The GUN COMMUNITY supports them. What bloody difference does THAT make in a COURT of LAW. The GUN Community is NOT JUDGE and JURY or do they actually think that the ONLY ”LAW” That matters is that which they agree with. That’s getting in to the area of LYNCH LAW VIGILANTIES and KANGAROO COURTS. Thank the LORD I do not live in such a country and I s do not go to bed each night fearing being shot and our Children do not b sit in school i under ARMED GUARD
      Have you any idea as to ,how bloody PRIMITIVE this seems to the CIVILISED WORLD . And it’s not all b about GUN OWNERSHIP. There are plenty of Countries out there where Gun ownwership is pretty much the norm that do not have ARMED Guards in INFANT schools for their kids or fear a being shot fetching the Bread and Milk.

      • AlbertJackingOffInTheHallway,
        “Thank the LORD I do not live in such a country”
        Then shut the phuck up and go away.

  5. “This woman was using deadly force to protect private property.”

    maybe you missed the part where she WAS NOT protecting property …butcrsthervher life from a guy that was trying to break in which was the only part where she fired as he tried to break in. that’s why he was throwing bricks, to break the windows to gain entry.

      • The occupants of buildings that had bricks and rocks thrown at them in 2020. Were told not to use deadly force to defend the property. Even though criminals were trying to invade the stores.

        Some Even had fire bombs thrown at them. And still they were told to not use deadly force to protect themselves.

        “That is what insurance is for”

        I don’t see the difference between a home and a private business. If either is being attacked and invaded the occupants, the residents. Should be able to use deadly force to protect the property and themselves.

        If this woman was in a private business instead of her home, and used deadly force to attack someone, who was throwing bricks through the windows.
        The “gun community” would not be supporting her.
        But for some strange reason, people think there is a difference between your home that you happened to be in. And a private business that you happened to be in.

        • “I don’t see the difference between a home and a private business. If either is being attacked and invaded the occupants, the residents. Should be able to use deadly force to protect the property and themselves.”

          Here, for the victim “to protect the property and themselves”, deadly force can be used as long as the victim was in a place they were legally entitled to be and its a felony being perpetrated against them.

        • and to add to my reply, here there are other cases where property can be protected with deadly force. For example, an arsonist in a riot, and trying to burn down a business or home – its legal to shoot them here if they don’t stop what they are doing and leave and its the same for looters in riot where its legal to shoot them here. Had BLM had their ‘mostly peaceful protests’ here it would have been the place where the BLM movement died. People here, black-white-hispanic-asian-doesnt matter, don’t play that game with having their homes and property and businesses and livelihoods taken from them because idiots like BLM want to ‘mostly peacefully protest’ to perpetrate the BLM scam.

          Another example, thieves are stealing a car out of your home drive way – here its legal here to shoot them if you are outside your home but on your own property but you can’t shoot them from inside the home – so home owners walk out the front door and have no duty to retreat and its a felony being committed and the law presumes the home owner to be in fear of serious bodily harm or death in the presence of any felony against or upon them…so if a brandishing or shot into the ground doesn’t make them run they can get shot. As a result we don’t have a lot of cars that get stolen out of a home driveway, because its likely they can can shot because owners here will do it and the car thieves know that. But if you live in an apartment complex you cant do it because when you walk out the door you are on the property of another and not your own property and your car in a parking space is on property of another (e.g. property of another in this case being the apartment complex owners), and car thieves know they are less likely to be shot in this case so there are a lot of cars stolen from apartment complex parking spaces unless there is very heavy security provided and sometimes that doesn’t deter them.

  6. Shooting at an arsonist is not trying to kill somebody to protect property. It’s lawful defense in most if not all states.

  7. On my first reading of that headline I thought it said, “Alabama Woman Opens Fire, Repels Home Invader Before He *Touched* Her Home,” and I thought, “Then how is he a home *invader*?”

  8. I disagree with the author when he says women should get preferential treatment. All laws should be enforced equally. There should be no bias in them for anything. Nor do I think you should be deprived of any civil right because you are charged with a crime that you have not been adjudicated guilty on.

  9. Insurance is expensive and depreciates. You can’t rebuild to what you had and then insurace goes thru the roof for the next 5 years on a claim.

    The power to kill should be reasonable to avert the loss of time and material versus the person willing to take it from you.

  10. PROBABLY saaved her life. That’s a bit of jump of the imagination. Was the guy armed was her life actually in danger.?How did he set fire to the house, ? Did she know the guy? All is mere conjecture until an INVESTIGATION a has taken place, We only have the woman’s word for what happened until this guy is apprehended? Even if the guy IS apprehended it’s still not a PROVEN case until he has been tried and found guilty.

    Since when has THE TRUTH ABOUT GUNS been JUDGE and JURY or does it not believe in INNOCENT until PROVED GUILTY [which seems likely] and taking a SINGLE ACT from the whole of the USA and using it as a POLITICAL manourvre on behalf of America’s FIREARMS Industry as another MARKTING TOOL is unworthy of you.- but hardly surprising!

    • Albert L J Hall, It is NOT a stretch of the imagination at all. If the SOB was about to set fire to her house, you bet yours sweet arse she was in danger.
      Conjecture? Do you even know the meaning of the word? I’ll take this woman’s word over yours seven days a week and twice on Sunday, compared to your rantings,
      I see your spelling is improving,

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