Halloween Hell, Defensive Gun Uses are Downright Terrifying to All the Right People, All Year Long

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  1. If defensive firearms are so bloody TERRIFYING in the USA how come there are so many ARMED ROBBERIES and so many [last count at least 22.000 per annum and counting and that increases year on year EVERY YEAR] deaths due gun crime in the USA every year? I would have though that firearms in the hands of ANYBODY outside the Police and Security Services is BLOODY TERRIFYING myself.

    • Historically ‘firearms only in the hands of the Police and Security Services is BLOODY TERRIFYING.’

    • Remember back when me and you used to install screen windows in her royal majesties submarines?
      Did you ever get that birthday card I sent you Albert? I put $20 in it.

    • Albert Jerking Off in the Hallway,
      Statistics show that the armed populace generally has a much HIGHER ratio of hits on target vs shots fired than the cops do, so I’d be much more worried about the average Joe cop out cranking off rounds at a suspect than your average CCW/CPP/CWP holder.

      Maybe that’s why your bobbies all got disarmed?

      (With exceptions noted for groups like HRT, and other specialized teams that actually PRACTICE..)

      • Add to this the fact that historically, in the US, criminals have been much more fearful of being confronted by an armed citizen than by any form of LEO.

    • Watch yer azz out there! The scum is attacking Israel & we are the great satan. Thanks Bidumb for financially supporting Hamas via Persia. There’s he!! to pay๐Ÿ˜•. Oh Albert yer the dumbest troll I’ve ever seen here๐Ÿ˜€

    • “…last count at least 22.000 per annum and counting and that increases year on year EVERY YEAR] deaths due gun crime in the USA every year?”

      A full 75 percent of those fatalities are suicides, you arrogant and brain-damaged wanker.

      Nice sneering at you, mate! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • oh no..Albert got triggered into spewing more nonsense for a subject he knows nothing about.

    • “I would have though”
      You just thought you had a thought and it appears you can’t spell thought.

    • Billy Milligan is having a stroke. How many are there in your head Al?

      Maybe if your government over supports Israel you may wish you had protection from the mobs.

    • At your last count there were 22 point zero zero zero zero. I would have though something something something. You fucking moron.

    • I would have though that firearms in the hands of ANYBODY outside the Police and Security Services is BLOODY TERRIFYING myself.

      I would have thought that firearms in the hands of every law abiding citizen INTSEAD of police and security services is BLOODY COMFORTING myself.

      MISTER Hall.. have you been snoozing i some dark corner oflate? HOW else could you have missed the HUGELY increasing number of incidents nationwide where government and law enforcement have been steadily increasing their deadly use of firearms against peaceful normal citizens of late, and REFUSING and/or FAILING to use them AGAINST CRIMINALS? Getting so armed government functionaries are killing.maiming almost as many innocents as the criminals and gangs are/ Get a clue…….

    • Well, Albert, who is policing the police? And, who is making us secure against security forces? Who watches the watchers?

      But, you have no idea that the cops, security, and all the rest that you “trust” are just like all the rest of us. Some are good guys – some are monsters who need to be put out of society’s misery. No idea.

    • @Albert L J Hall

      “If defensive firearms are so bloody TERRIFYING in the USA how come there are so many ARMED ROBBERIES and so many [last count at least 22.000 per annum and counting and that increases year on year EVERY YEAR] deaths due gun crime in the USA every year?”

      Just for armed robbery: There are ~1,600,000 successful Defensive Gun Uses (DGU) against armed robberies annually. This ranges from brandishing to warning to actually firing, brandishing (sometimes warning) does the trick most times and the defender doesn’t need to actually fire and the armed robber runs away. Less than 2% of the armed robbery criminals are caught. None of the ‘run away’ armed robbers repelled by DGU have made the news in over 30 years unless there was something very public AND unique about it OR police actually caught the armed robber AND there was something very public or unique about it.

      The fact is media doesn’t report on DGU cases very much at all, and its so super-extremely rare they would report one with just brandishing (or warning) alone, and overall, for all crime attacks the defenders actually fire less than 5% of the time because brandishing (and sometimes warning) does the trick to repel so basically you never hear about them. But they still reside in police reports when reported.

      So yeah, even though the context and meaning of the article pic you completely missed – in context with your ignorant question it is terrifying (most times) for the defender (or any other victims being defended). And the armed robber (or any violent criminal) is terrified too at some level at the thought of encountering a defender that can have the firearms means to fight back and overcome them … which is why, for example, criminals overall tend to stay away from areas where they know its highly likely that their prey would be carrying a firearm and its why mass/school shootings take place over 95% of the time in gun-free-zones (because gun free zones would have the more likely hood of not having prey with firearms, gun free zones basically by law guarantee defenseless prey for mass/school shooters and these violent mentally ill killers know it and even extol in their manifestos/journals/writings and planning the ease of taking prey in gun free zones specifically because the prey doesn’t have firearms and it will let them kill/injure as many as possible before police show up.)

      Its not that its not terrifying for an ‘armed robber’ that makes your numbers, its that its not terrifying for them when the victim is not firearm armed and those victims not firearm armed are 99% of your ‘armed robbery’ “22.000 per annum and counting and that increases year on year EVERY YEAR” BS.

      Learn what context means, learn what actual research is, and stay out of discussions of subjects for which you have zero understanding.

    • There are hundreds if not thousands of innocent Israelis dead that could of been prevented if Israel had 2ndA laws like the USA does.

  2. It’s real bad in Israel right now, there’s video of Hamas terrorists dragging entire families back into Palestine.

    And with artillery ammo in short supply world-wide right now, it’s gonna get ugly :

    “We are likely to see a retaliation so severe that Palestine may cease to exist.

    Iran watches with interest and considers whether to take advantage of a blindsided Israel and push the attack to destroy the nation of Israel once and for all.”


    • They thought they had Israel during Yom Kippur too.

      Iran will likely be hit at nuclear facilities, maybe some other key infrastructure.

      Iran is behind this, they always are. Shia Persians could care less about Arab Sunnis taking casualties, it is for the glory of Iran against Jews and all others.

      Israel has always been good with hostage rescue. But so many hostages is a challenge and unfortunately many hostages will die. The animals of Hamas will probably kill them sooner than later and hope to exchange the bodies for terrorists in Israel’s custody.

      • Not gonna happen. Israel will retain them and mete out some form of justice AFTER wringing them dry for any information they can squeeze or scare out of them. Ya can’t participate in such vie and violent attacks and skate back home olly olly oxen free.

    • “โ€œWe are likely to see a retaliation so severe that Palestine may cease to exist.”

      If only. Annihilate them already. Enough is enough.

      • The Potato in CHief can’t even competently be in charge of his own son, nor his dogs, and probably nott even his own bowell. Hozeegonna be in charge of some wrangy rebels halfway round this dirtball?

  3. Israel has nukes Geoff. Why all the scum hesitate to attack. They would use the “Samson” option & kill every jIHaDi within 300 miles. JESUS is at the door. Ground zero is near. GOD help us with the senile sniffer “in charge”…

    • I assume by ‘senile sniffer’ you mean President Biden the Greatest President America has or ever will have.
      Your forgetting he averted War with Antarctica and had he not had the foresight to arm our Space Force with SuperSoakers and Sea water the planet Slug would have conquered Earth.
      One little thing goes wrong and your all willing to dump on The Greatest President America has or ever will have.

  4. It’s way past time to change the laws in Israel.

    “Israeli law allows citizens to carry weapons under certain conditions, such as requiring one for work or living in an area of the country that faces heightened security risks. People who are eligible can own a single gun and 50 bullets.”

    • Historically, Israel goes hot and cold on civilian gun possession. In times like these, they open the armories and hand them out to nearly everyone, but when things calm down, they tighten right back up.

      I bet those families being dragged into Palestine right now wish they had guns… ๐Ÿ™

  5. While I understand the frustration Israel has with Hamas, we all have to take a look at what the people on the Gaza strip have to live with. They need special papers to cross into Isreal, they can’t just go visit family in another Palestinian enclave, they are basically locked in their own ghetto(like the Jews were in Eastern Europe by the invading Germans).
    This is not a simple case of bad vs good, this is fustercluck and there is no solution until Jesus returns(or Muhammad does). Most of the people thee just want a better life for themselves and their children. How can a resident of the Gaza strip ever manage that?
    Israel has made concessions, but the Holy Sites in Jerusalem are holy to 3 major religions and there will always be conflict about that. This is a lose-lose-lose situation.

    • So what? Those poor murderous gaza residents. They get rewarded to murder Jews. Israel retardedly gave arabs the gaza strip thinking things would be peaceful. After so-called Palestinian’s(who never had a country) were denied settlement in Jordan or Egypt or Syria in 1948. Israel even has sworn enemies in their government. Duh. And now the buzz is the Taliban wants to go to war with Israel with “you guessed it” US weapons slow Joe left in Afghanistan. Yassar Arafat had a 2 state solution but wanted to kill jews instead. All human history is winding down whether we want it or not.

    • Those in Gaza cooked up their own soup, and now mustt eat it. They have carried out violence against Israel for decades. Israel had that land way back milennia past, got kicked out by the Romans in 70-73 AD abd finally returned centiuries later when no ie else watned it. Once Israelis began to make a homeland out of it all, the others got jealous and greedy and wanted it for themselves. Look at the territory that WAS Isreal up until the Romans sacked the place. Pretty extensive territory.

      Now if the “palestininans :really had wanted to they COULD have coexisted peacefully with Israel after they built a new nation, but no, Palestinians wanted it all for themselves. And been qite violent about it all. WHY are they now randomly raining hell out of the skies on Israel? Simple temper tantrum destruction.. WE can’t have that land, neither can YOU because we’re gonna destroy it. So there too neither, sticks out tongue and wags ears.

    • rt66

      Islam’s relationship with the Jews is misunderstood by many. Per the Koran – Allah created the Jews and gave them their law. Then he washed his hands of them and deeded them to the Muslims. The catch – Muslims are *required* to make the Jews toe the line (subjugation/taxing or conversion or destruction). If they fail in this, their own afterlife is imperiled.

      I repeat – independent Jews imperil the afterlife of all Muslims by their mere existence, wherever they are. Excepting (iirc) those killed in Jihad…

      Further, the Koran is perfect, and CANNOT BE CHANGED.

      Longterm peace ain’t gonna happen, barring the complete destruction/subjugation of all independent Jews, no matter who owns what and where. Those are explicit rules of the Islamic ideology. Coexistence is verboten.

      J Carter and a whole bunch of European Jews apparently do not know the rules by which the Faithful live.

      Disclaimer – I, XZX, am agnostic. The beliefs of Islam are not my beliefs, ditto the other major ideologies. I am sure that l don’t know beans about God, and likely wouldn’t talk about if l thought l did – but l am very interested in the various rule systems by which others live. Especially submit or die/zero sum systems that affect my survival.

  6. There may well be a shortage of artillery shells, but how about Israel’s supply of GBU-43/B MOABs or their Sabra equivalent (I’m sure they have one).

  7. The local tribes have been fighting over that area for the last 5000 years. What makes anyone think it will ever change.
    Part of the problem is the Palestinians were supposed to be given Jordanian or Syrian passports and citizenship when Israel was created. They were not. Next, is the simple fact most of the Palestinians pushed out were tenants and not land owners. The land was owned by Turks and Arabs who sold land to Jews at inflated prices. Toss in the crap stirred up by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem before WWII and again after, who happened to be enamored with Hitler and Nazi ideology, with the hopes of being the Muslim Fuhrer and ruler of the greater middle east muslem world.
    Then decades or Egyptian then Persian support for the terrorists and you end up with the current crap. Honestly, the Israelis should have cleared the camps and destroyed the Palestinians during the early Arab Israeli wars. While unpleasant and rather genocidal, doing so may have eliminated much of the terrorist activities of the last 70 years in the entire region.
    Seems the media talking heads are stuck on stupid in both demanding legal law abiding gun owners and legal cases of self defense are somehow a problem and in defending the terrorists attacking the Israelis for fun and profit.

    • One of my Uncle’s, a shell shockedWW2 Veteran, said “America will never be taken by force, to many people have gunms. Then he paused, and with that thousand yard stare said,,,,,,”Dont Ever Let Them Take Your Gunms !”
      I will honor his command with my life, however, *cough, cough , cough, ohhhh ughhh, aaaaachhh, ahuhahuh,,, , Is it hot in here?
      I can’t fight that.

      • Although I typed, I, that is meant to encompass all of us, as I’m sure there are many with similar viewpoints on this Elf BeeEye spytalk

    • “Part of the problem is the Palestinians were supposed to be given Jordanian or Syrian passports and citizenship when Israel was created. They were not.”

      The biggest problem is that no Arab nation considers the Palestinian people to be *their* people. And, the other Arab nations like it that way. They can call them ‘Our Arab brothers’, when no way in hell would they ever want them living inside their countries.

      So, they are forever going to live in camps in the desert outside of Israel believing the lies that Israel is really their country… ๐Ÿ™

      • Yea it serves as a convenient excuse for Arab leaders to stir stuff up against the Israelis to keep their people from noticing their real problems in those Arab states. This is why it will never change. Theyve had many opportunities to absorb the palestinians into their populations but it does not behoove them to do so politically

  8. You get it! My mechanic is an old Palestinian from Jerusalem named Hassan. He gets along fine with Jews. My dentist is Syrian. My Medicare doctor is named Mohammed. Somehow they are thriving & surviving in America. Even so come LORD JESUS!

    • Oh HE is coming alright, someday. No part of His timing is dependent upon what happens to the Political Entity Presently Known as Israel. the Israel of old was utterly, totally, completely destroyed in every aspect and particular when the Romans came and trashed the place in 70 AD and the three or four years following. That entire corner of the planet was rendered a wasteland which held for centuries. The New Jerusalem and Israel, the Church, will continue to grow until Jesus is told by His Father it is time to go collect His people, we who trust in that same Jesus. Today’s Political Entity Presently Known as Israel are NOT followers of the Jesus they rejected two milinnea past. Not as a people or nation, anyway, although more are seeing the Truth and following Him. Maybe this period of time will cause more of them to “see the light” and dedicate what remains if their lives to His service.
      I have little hope that the political rulers of that Political Entity Presently Known as Israel will repent and turn to serve Jesus. It is possible though not likely. Not at this time anyway. I would be very happy to be proven wrong on this. I suppose we shall see, shan’t we all?

      • Free at Last, Free at Last, thank the God Almighty ,2000 thousand years building pyramids and we are Free at Last.
        ” I’m gonn’a hang out up on this mountain top for a bit, yah’all dont got to making and worshipping golden calves and shit.”
        Free at Last, Free at Last.
        Jesus in spik talk is HayZuess. Zues is a Greek god. Hey Zues.
        Everytime you pray,you pray to a Greek god.
        I pray to the F150 for it provideth both food and shelter.
        I’ve actually seen my god F150 at work, can you hey zuess’es say the same? Think Not Chicken Snot Stuff Is Better On A Highway Rot.

  9. Hillary Clinton exposes a peek at the true communism of the Democrat party. Seriously, this is something you expect to hear in, and does take place, in communist countries, but now we have a card carrying member of the Tyranny party simply coming out and saying it.

  10. “The only acceptable response to the threat of lethal violence is immediate and savage counterattack. If you resist, you just may get killed. If you don’t resist you almost certainly will get killed. It is a tough choice, but there is only one right answer. J. Cooper’

    Coopers philosophy is also reflected in MS Statute 97-3-15 (Justifiable Homicide), as described in a recently passed bill that created the MS School Safety Guardian Act:

    Mississippi SB2079 | 2023 | Regular Session
    Bill Text (2023-04-11) MS School Safety Guardian Act; create. [Approved by Governor]


  11. The usual suspects – Mark Gardner is thankful to be alive after three armed men ambushed his vehicle in a driveway (two weeks ago). The family shared surveillance video of the incident with WFAA (Channel 8 TV station in Dallas). The entire incident spanned 15 seconds. (note: 93% of ‘jugging’ crime is committed by black males under age 30 – 76% of those will use what ever weapon they have on the victim if they can access the victim even if the victim complies).

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