Armed Employee Engages Former Employee Who Opened Fire at Dallas Car Dealership

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Last week a former employee who had recently been fired by Vandergriff Honda in suburban Dallas walked into the car dealership with a “long-style rifle.” Employees say Abbas Al-Mutairy had a “blank, very calm” look on his face…right up until the time he shot out a window.

Fortunately, one of the dealership’s employees was armed. From . . .

“One of the service advisors has a gun, tries to defend himself, shoots back at him because he was walking toward the service area, then they get into an exchange. The whole time I’m on the phone with the police,” [employee David] Mann said.

By then, police had arrived and Al-Mutairy made the mistake of approaching them while hold the the rifle.

The employee said the armed man walked toward officers, still carrying the gun, and was shot by police.

According to Arlington Police, none of the employees, customers, or police were hurt and the only person injured was the gunman.

Al-Mutairy was reported to be in critical condition, but if he survives . . .

Police said Al-Mutairy has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault against a public servant and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Additional charges could be filed pending the outcome of the criminal investigation.

Arlington Police said there are multiple investigations ongoing related to the shooting, including a criminal investigation into the incident and an administrative investigation to determine if officers followed department policy. Both investigations are standard for shootings involving police officers.

If, for some reason, you needed another reminder as to why it’s a good idea to carry your gun…every…single…day…this is it.

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  1. Man with long gun exchanges fire with a man armed with a handgun, and no one lands a hit…except perhaps on a vehicle or three. Do they sell the aerated cars at a discount?

    • Mark N.,

      You probably already know this–depending on separation distance and how dynamic they were, they could have easily missed all shots.

    • Phew, may be scrap. Lots of wiring harnesses with tiny wires woven throughout the body, connected to several computer modules that could be damaged by shorted wires. I always shake my head when I see a car on the telly get shot to doll rags, and keep on going. A mouse can take an entire car out of commission just by chewing on a single wire–we see it all the time here.

        • You’d be surprised what they pay people to do at TRC…

          I finally started trapping the mice. Catch them in the shop, and in our cars too. We had one customer with a Honda Odyssey that kept getting chewed on by squirrels. We repaired the fuel pump harness 4 times on that thing.

      • Hawk,
        Reminds me of an incident years ago where the Forest Service closed a road because of a possible slide. That particular road led up to some very popular areas and it was pretty heavily traveled. People kept moving the barrier so they posted a ranger during the day. One guy in a big 4×4 with the wife and kids in it was all PO’ed that they couldn’t go on up. Soooo, they waited until the ranger went home, moved the barrier and went on up.

        You guessed it. The slide let go after they got up past that point, and the brand new shiny lifted 4×4 had to be abandoned and the family had to walk out several miles through thick brush as the slide had blocked the creek which then quickly backed up and overran the road and most of the surrounding flat land at the bottom of the valley.

        It took several months to get a temporary bypass road cut in through the forest, and they called the guy to get his rig out.

        Well, just a few months was more than long enough for the local rodentia to discover all of that nice, chewy wiring in that 4×4. The critters totally destroyed all of the wire harness in the engine compartment, and they managed to get up behind the dash and had their way with all of that as well.

        Serves him right.

        • I dont think your insurance will cover your auto on a closed road either. Thats what I always hear when it snows here in the south anyway

        • took my Caddy in because of a problem with the brake lines…mechanic said he’d have to drop the gas tank to get a look…when he called me to pick it up I asked him how it went…then he pointed over in the corner and said “that’s what we found above your tank”….a giant squirrel’s nest!…the message is clear…never leave a car parked in one place for too long…even in a garage…

      • Mercedes Benz did it to themselves by complying with an EU environmental mandate installed wiring with insulation that biodegrade. Lots of perfectly useful cars ruined to promote further new sales. The Germans have taken designed obsolescence to new levels.

        • As did VW and I know Fords suffered chewed wiring, one truck I know of was from a dog. Long term parking at Baltimore International your ride was, well, rabbits.

        • A lot of the “biodegradable” wire has insulation made from a soy base
          material. All sorts of critters love it.

        • That’s what they get for selling a vehicle that smells like bacon to most men…

      • had the frame on my Geo Metro welded several times…each time he does it he seems to burn another wire…by now half the dash doesn’t work…but it just keeps on runnin’…..great mileage!…just think of it as my zombiemobile….

  2. I have to admit that I disarmed while doing some home or yard maintenance task a few days ago–probably because it was really hot and I did not want to sweat on my handgun nor wear clothing which could conceal it. That was the first time that I can remember since I started carrying every day that I disarmed for an arguably trivial reason.

    That was at home, though, where I have quick access to several firearms, our violent crime rate is bordering on non-existent, and my neighbors with the psychotic German shepherds finally moved away. (There are no other known dangerous dogs within one mile of my home.) I NEVER go out-and-about (on errands if you will) unarmed.

    • So in the USA you think that you need a the COMFORT BLANKET of a handgun to go to WAL-MART for Milk and Bread how bloody insecure are you?
      Do you have you any idea as to how absolutely damned idiotic you sound and how CHILDISH it seems to almost anybody else on Earth apart from Americans? Even in those nations where Firearms are the norm. And you think America is civilised when you have to carry a handgun and think it’s some kind of Big Deal to take you hand gun off it off when cleaning the yard.?
      I carried. or could have carried, a firearm as a SmallArms Instructor and Musketry Coach in the Royal Air Force and in the UK Army NInfantry Reserves for some years so I consider myself as a past professiona.l I have never ever carried or used or even considered I needed to carry or use a firearm since my eventual discharge in 1995, In fact apart from the Police and Security at airports etc I’ve never even SEEN a handgun in the possession of a Civilian and I’m now 85 years old EVER.
      Do not you people realise that crrying a handgun INCREASES by a considerable amountthe chance of getting shot ?? Why because them Bad guys and Gals have just as much Survival Instinct as you do and if they THINK you are armed they are simply gonna shoot you. The chances of beating somebody already with gun in hand is somewhat minimal anyway.

      Mind you in the case in questioon the Gunman with a bloody semi-Auto could only shoot out a window and ‘the employee with a ‘handgun’ couldn’t hit a standing target and they had to waait around for a bloody Police Officer Doesn’t say a lot about the compentency of the average gun owner does it? Never heard so much bollocks in my life !

      • Albert Jerking off in the Hall,

        “Never heard so much bollocks in my life !”

        Have some one narrate your writing for you, and then you will have “heard so much bollocks in my life !”

        How about you stay on your own side of the pond.

        And don’t bother calling us to bail your butts out of your next invasion.

        Ah, we won’t have to anyway, as you’ve already committed national suicide by letting in all of those ‘immigrants..’

        Piss off, wanker.

        Make sure you don’t have access to a lead pipe to whack the burglars in the head with, or you’ll be the one in the clink..

      • Albert L J Hall,

        So in the USA you think that you need a the COMFORT BLANKET of a handgun to go to WAL-MART for Milk and Bread how bloody insecure are you?

        Why yes, yes I do. There are plenty of videos of violent attackers attacking patrons inside WAL-MART as well as outside in the parking lot.

        Then there is the time last year that a 20-something year old very large and fit muscular man walked into the WAL-MART while I was in the check-out line paying for my merchandise and started yelling obscenities at everyone in the store. After a few minutes of yelling, he stepped outside. As I exited the store (extremely cautious), he was just outside the exit, had taken all of his clothes off, and was yelling more obscenities at people while buck naked. That mean was clearly messed up and could have violently attacked anyone at any moment.

        Oh, and how about the time three years ago (at the peak of the COVID-19 shutdown) when I exited an office supply store to an empty parking lot at dusk–only to see a man in a hooded sweatshirt with his hood up, wearing a mask, and with his hands in his sweatshirt pockets–walking straight toward me across the empty parking lot. I told him twice to stay away from me (in a very unfriendly volume and tone of voice) and he continued toward me. When he was about 10 meters away and still approaching, I moved around my car and moved my hand to my hip getting ready to draw my handgun (although I never exposed it). Only then did he immediately break-off his approach and disappear across the otherwise empty parking lot. I shared the details of this event with my neighbor who is a sheriff deputy and he confirmed there was no doubt whatsoever that the masked man was going to rob me at knife-point or gun-point.

        That is the problem with violent attackers–they are never considerate enough to alert us of their attack in advance.

        • Sense,
          I had something similar happen but it was years before wuflu.

          I was waiting outside of a large chain store in a mail for my wife who was inside shopping. Had a few cars in the parking lot, but nobody out and around. Guy comes across the parking lot making a bee line for me. I kept my eyes fixed on him, and when he got about 30 yards away, I deliberately exaggerated re positioning my stance to make it obvious I was moving into position to, shall we say, ‘enhance’ the ease of access to my concealed sidearm.

          Well, lo and behold, he turned about 120 degrees and headed back across the parking lot…

        • Stuck in Pugetopia,

          Both of our events (someone making a bee-line for us immediately diverts after we re-position ourselves for a fast draw and self-defense) illustrate a common factor of violent attackers: they immediately recognize an armed defender who has “made” them and prepared–decisively–to respond with a firearm in self-defense. And they immediately break-off their intended attack.

          If the people approaching you and me were decent people who were simply walking across the parking lot for harmless personal business, they would not have immediately recognized our actions diverted.

          Furthermore, there is another element to my experience that I did not specify above. The dude in the hooded sweatshirt with hood up and face mask on had a way about him that projected intense evil and evil intent. I don’t know how to describe it very well other than to say that his overall posture, demeanor, stride, gate, and direction just oozed evil. I have never seen that before or since in anyone who is walking around for harmless personal business.

        • U_S,
          ANYBODY who denies that there is a spiritual aspect to what is happening to our world, especially in the last 40 years or so, is deluding themselves.

        • keeping your hand on your pocket…while responding in a forceful tone,,,has defused many situations…seems to give them pause for some reason

      • So in the USA you think that you need a the COMFORT BLANKET of a handgun to go to WAL-MART for Milk and Bread how bloody insecure are you?

        So in the U.K. you think you need the COMFORT BLANKET of a seat belt to drive in your car to your local grocery store for milk and bread how bloody insecure are you? Why not just drive to the grocery store without your seat belt on?

        Do you have you any idea as to how absolutely damned idiotic you sound and how CHILDISH it seems to almost anybody else on Earth apart from Americans?

        Do YOU have any idea as to how absolutely damned idiotic YOU sound and how CHILDISH it seems to go about life unarmed for righteous self-defense? (Your insistence to ignore the realities of life and violent attackers is a parallel to child psychology “magical thinking”.)

      • ah, Prince among Kings Albert. Did Madam Lash spank you too vigorously in the last spanking session and you couldn’t say the safe word because of the ball gag?

        Perhaps your lawyer could write the ruffians a stern letter advising them to cease and desist immediately.

      • If I hear the sound of a home intruder Messrs. Smith, Wesson, and I go to check it out. The uninvited guest is the one at extreme risk. You handle the same threat by whimpering and begging for mercy in the corner.

        Your once proud nation has made a fetish out of defenselessness, as if victimhood conferred some aura of nobility. When your countrymen were looking down the barrels of the Wehrmacht’s guns, you had to come, hat in hand, begging for America to send you any sporting arms we could spare.

        The only thing that amazes me more than British submissiveness to criminals is your belief that Americans in any significant numbers give a fat rat’s rump about what you think of our country and our rights.

        • Jim from LI,

          Your once proud nation has made a fetish out of defenselessness …”

          Oh wow, that is the most succinct and outstanding way of describing the psychological dynamic of the people who celebrate being defenseless.

          I am going to use that characterization at every possible opportunity going forward. And I am NOT going to pay you any royalties, either!

      • Albert,
        Your tirade reads like a script from every anti self person on the internet. You make up a story to provide credentials, often adopt a personality of someone outside the US, and make ridiculous accusations.

        You can be against self defense, for your self, I don’t care. However you do not have the moral authority to deter me from self defense in any manner I choose.

        The British are not “civilized” based on your history around the world and how you currently conduct your laws at home. Any law that forbids self defense is not a moral or civilized law nd a society that accepts it is not civilized. You allow criminals the advantage, you prosecute the victim for self defense, that is the opposite of being civilized.

        Calm your self on others civilized choices. The world is full of people who do not understand civilized conduct, and I do not speak only of the criminals.

      • We wasted a whole lot of American lives bailing out the stinking limeys in WW2. Those pastey schmucks were not worth even one life saving their worthless arses. What a shame. F their stupid chinless king dork too. That whole inbred hillbilly clan of royals are a sack of rotten cheese.

        • cut ’em a break…lot of good people over there….if they don’t like guns maybe they can go back to bows and arrows….

      • Albert L J Hall, First of all, while you may not “need” a gun at Wal-Mart all the time, it is a good idea to have one if there are bad guys around with guns. Don’t you think? Oh, that’s right, you don’t think.

      • I have been shot at in a supposedly safe area before. No place is safe now days.
        I carry, my wife carries, my son carries……we prefer to not be victims.
        In the words of a brit I know….go bugger yourself.

  3. Did he get his job back? Inquiring minds want to know.

    How come with multi-millionaire investment bankers and CEO’s lose everything they just suicide but when wage-slaves at shitty jobs I wouldn’t take at gunpoint get canned they turn homicidal?

    • “it’s a good idea to carry your gun…every…single…day… “

      Funny, that’s what Abbas Al-Mutairy was thinking.

      • Not very bright, are you miner? Nothing at all wrong with carrying a gun. That’s a right.

        If you misuse the gun then you face the charges. You fascists will use any excuse to bin rights.

      • Miner, there is a difference between the thinking. Abbas was was carrying for evil intent, the rest of us carry to protect ourselves from the like of him.

        Don’t conflate evil with moral conduct.

      • MINOR49er, It sure it a good idea. Especially when one of your buddies (the bad guys with guns) in prowling the neighborhood. A gun sitting in your safe at home when you are being robbed in the street does you no frickin’ good.

    • “Islam-the religion of peace😂🙄”

      Trumpism, peacefully and patriotically😂🙄

      “Man in Maga hat charged over shooting of Indigenous activist at statue protest
      Jacob Johns seriously injured at protest against reinstallation of statue honoring Spanish conquistador in Española, New Mexico
      Ramon Antonio Vargas
      Sat 30 Sep 2023 11.03 EDT”

      “Additionally, according to the Daily Beast, a social media profile matching Martinez’s details featured the phrase “Fuck Joe Biden”. The profile also declared “Trump won”, echoing the false conspiracy theory that fraudsters robbed the former president of victory against Biden in the 2020 election.“

    • “Islam-the religion of peace😂🙄”

      What they fail to mention is that means complete, total submission to the Islamic faith.

      My ancestors came to America so they wouldn’t need to submit to *anyone* or any faith, again… 🙁

  4. The guy was “on the phone with the police the whole time”… that sheer stupidity will get you killed.. call the police after his “permanent vacation” is dispatched..

    • that 911 call will save you a lot of legal hassle…always make it your first priority…when feasible.,,

  5. I carry a gun wherever I go. I carry at work all the time.
    I train to hit a target out to 25 yards.

    A Walmart Supercenter grocery aisle is about 33 yards long.

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