Man Who Believes He’s a Werewolf Claims Self-Defense Against a Vampire

It’s not every day I receive an email with the above headline in the subject bar [h/t PetitionForRedress]. True story! “An Atascadero, [CA] man accused of gunning down his neighbor has believed he was a werewolf for about 20 years,” reports. “The District Attorney’s Office says Mark Andrews, 51, committed murder when he shot Colleen Barga-Milbury, 52, twice on May 22, 2013. But Andrews has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.” Ya think? That said, the explanation raises several important unanswered questions . . .

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Congressional Testimony – A Review of the Department of Homeland Security’s Policies and Procedures for the Apprehension, Detention and Release of Non-Citizens Unlawfully Present in the United States

Mesa Slaying

Congressional Testimony – A Review of the Department of Homeland Security’s Policies and Procedures for the Apprehension, Detention and Release of Non-Citizens Unlawfully Present in the United States
February 25, 2015, delivered by Michael Ronnebeck for the Ronnebeck family

Good morning Distinguished Committee members, my name is Michael Ronnebeck. I am here on behalf of the Ronnebeck Family. I’d like to tell you about my nephew, Grant Ronnebeck . . .

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Mass Shooting in Rural Southern Missouri


“Texas County sheriff’s deputies found bodies in four separate residences in the Tyrone (Missouri) area after responding to a call around 10:15 p.m. Thursday about a disturbance. The caller, described as a juvenile girl, reported hearing shots in her house ‘and immediately fled to a neighbor’s house,’ the (Missouri Highway Patrol) statement said.” That from  In all eight are dead including the as yet un-named shooter who offed himself in his truck after his murder spree. More as details emerge.


Mass Shooting in Czech Town Leaves Eight Dead

The Guardian reports that at lunchtime on Tuesday, a Czech man opened fire on patrons at a pub in Uherský Brod, a town in southern Moravia near the border with Slovakia. The shooter killed eight, then committed suicide before he was apprehended. “The man burst into the Družba (Best Man) pub…at lunchtime on Tuesday brandishing two weapons and fired at random into the open-plan dining area. One witness described it as “mindless shooting” . . .

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BREAKING: Chris Kyle’s Killer Found Guilty of Murder


“A Texas jury has found Eddie Ray Routh guilty of murder in the killings of ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield. Routh, 27, admitted to killing both men at the shooting range of Rough Creek Lodge and Resort, southwest of Dallas, on Feb. 2, 2013.”, reports Routh had pleaded guilty by reason of insanity, but the Stephenville jury didn’t buy the argument presented by the defense that Routh was insane and suffered from psychosis. “Prosecutors said that Routh was drinking and smoking marijuana on the morning of the crime. They argue that he was paranoid because he was high, and that he was angry about living with his parents, relationship problems, money and his job — then finally exploded when Kyle and Littlefield snubbed him.” . . .

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Dying on Tulsa Time: Concealed Carry Permit Holders Shoot and Kill More Bad Guys Than Cops

Tulsa! (courtesy

I recently linked to Dean Weingarten’s article Concealed Carry Permit Holders are One Third as Likely to Commit Murder as Police Officers. Here’s the flip side to that equation: “In defending themselves with their firearms, armed citizens kill 2,000 to 3,000 criminals each year, three times the number killed by the police.” [1993 Gary Kleck stats via] For more recent anecdotal evidence we take you to The Sooner State . . .

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Arm Potential Victims of Domestic Violence

Let’s say you want to stop someone from shooting you. You could A) lobby for more gun control, B) report the potential killer to the police, or C) arm yourself. Choose any two. Common sense suggests that B and C are the correct answer. Even if you think “stricter” gun laws could keep a gun out of the hands of your potential killer, you’d have to be crazy to consider it a short-term solution. When it’s your life on the line, short-term solutions are what you need. And any law that makes it harder for you, the innocent party, to get a gun to defend your life is a bad thing, not a good thing. So, did I miss something? If so, here’s a story from Houston that makes the point in a more emotionally engaging way . . .

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Mosin-Nagants. They Shoot Whales Don’t They?

Whale Shot

“Daniel Archibald surrendered Thursday to face charges and was released on a $10,000 unsecured bond,” reports. “Archibald, who’s from Cape May, widely considered America’s oldest seaside resort, used a Mosin-Nagant rifle to shoot at pilot whales from the vessel Capt. Bob . . . A whale shot with a bullet from such a rifle was beached and then died in Allenhurst, more than 100 miles northeast of Cape May, in September 2011.” Ballistics on a three-year-old whale corpse has got to be difficult. But never mind. Danny confessed. Kinda . . .

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WI School Worker May Lose Gun Rights Over Glove Box Stun Gun

The federal Gun Free School Zones Act (GFSZA) has been an abysmal failure. School shootings shot up after the act passed. In 1995, the federal law was ruled unconstitutional. In 1996, under heavy lobbying from President Clinton, the GFSZA was passed again with slight modifications. One of those modifications: an exemption in the law for people with concealed carry weapons permits — should the state allow it. Wisconsin law does not contain the exemption. Which led to this legal problem for one cheddar head [via] . . .

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Federal Court Holds Convict Can Keep His Second Amendment Rights


An interesting decision was handed down yesterday in the Middle District of Pennsylvania yesterday concerning the Gun Control Act of 1968. The Court held that the Second Amendment actually protects the rights of individuals who have been convicted of old, nonviolent crimes. Julio Suarez was convicted in Montgomery County, Maryland of carrying a handgun without a license in 1990. The offense was classed as a misdemeanor in Maryland, but had a potential term of imprisonment of “not less than thirty days, nor more than three years.” Suarez was sentenced to . . .

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Utah Moves Closer to Reinstating the Firing Squad

Gary Gilmore's last moments were spent here (courtesy

“Prior to becoming a state, the Territory of Utah introduced beheading in 1851 as a third option of execution,” informs. “No prisoner chose this method and it fell out of practice in 1888.” Which left hanging and death by firing squad as the condemned prisoner’s options. In January 1977, a Bee Hive State firing squad famously removed Gary Gilmore from the land of the living, ending a nine-year national moratorium on capital punishment. In 2004, after two more inmates met their maker via ballistic intervention, Utah eliminated the firing squad in favor of lethal injection. explains why Utah legislators want to go back to the firing squad, or at least pre-authorize it should it be needed . . .

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