OMG! A Soldier Carrying a Rifle! OMG!


“Bryan Scott Wolfinger is charged with going armed to the terror of the public.” Is that a crime? Or even a sentence? “Police said Wolfinger was carrying an AR-15 assault rifle, military ballistic panel carrier and multiple high-capacity rifle magazine when he was taken into custody.” Wolfinger was arrested yesterday at the Cross Creek Mall in Fayetteville, North Carolina (open carry of long guns is legal in the Tar Heel State). According to, the Ft. Bragg grunt said he came to the mall for a photo shoot . . .

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Arms of the Tunisian Mass Shooter

In reading about the horrific attack by the Tunisian mass shooter, it appears that he used two weapons systems: an AKM rifle (commonly referred to as an AK47, almost certainly in 7.62×39 caliber) with several standard 30-round magazines. It has wooden furniture, the AKM muzzle brake, and a web sling.  It’s missing the standard cleaning rod from under the barrel.  It was likely manufactured in Egypt…

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BREAKING: Reports of Another Washington Navy Yard Shooting, Facility on Lockdown

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 7.44.05 AM

As you’ll probably remember, a man with a shotgun shot 12 people (killing four) at the Washington Navy Yard almost two years ago. The Yard is on lockdown again this morning with reports of shots fired. Like initial accounts in 2013, is relaying reports (live video at the link) of two shooters involved. A similar report turned out to be false two years ago. As always in these situations, what’s actually happening will be revealed in the fullness of time – and it will likely be significantly different than what’s going out over the airwaves now. Watch this space. UPDATE: from – 9:20: Metropolitan Police Department source tells Garrett Haake no shots were ever fired. Initial indications are that loud noises frightened someone.


BREAKING: Former CNN Anchor in Motel 6 Shootout

Former CNN journalists Chuck de Caro and Lynne Russell (courtesy

We joke about shower carry on this website. But it’s no joke. Check this out: “[Former CNN Headline news anchor Lynne] Russell — a licensed private investigator and former Fulton County, Georgia, sheriff’s deputy with two martial arts black belts — told NBC station KOB that she and her husband had stopped in Albuquerque for dinner with a friend and were planning to get up early because they were traveling.” A man with “a 40-caliber big shiny silver handgun” pushed her into her Motel 6 room just as her husband was coming out of the shower . . .

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BREAKING: Leland Yee (D-CA) Pleads Guilty to Gun Running Charges

Leland Yee (courtesy

We reported on California state senator Leland Yee’s antics many times over the years. The former senator was one of the first to propose sweeping restrictions on 3D printers, lest one of the unwashed masses of California use one to print a firearm in that gun-free paradise. In the ultimate ironic twist, it turns out that Leland Yee was himself involved in an plot to run firearms into the state of California — illegally providing the very guns he was publicly decrying. Specifically, machine guns. Actual machine guns. And rocket launchers. One could make the connection that Yee’s political stance on firearms existed solely to bolster the value of the illegal firearms he was trafficking, but we’ll leave that for another day. A year after that arrest, word comes that Yee has plead guilty to his alleged crimes . . .

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Waco Judge Bans Release of Biker Shooting Video, Gags Case Against Cops

Dallas Attorney Clint Brodden (courtesy

We’ve been reporting on the Waco biker shooting since the Twin Peaks incident first hit the ‘net. The first clue that the authorities were covering up the police shootings: the cops arrested 100 people at the scene. Then the judge set bail at an absurd, unconstitutional $1 million each. Then the Justice of the Peace released the autopsy results on the nine people killed in the shoot-out/massacre – without specifying which victims were killed by police (easy enough as the cops were firing 5.56 ammo from rifles). And now that cases are heading to court, there’s more evidence that there’s a massive cover-up of the events of that day. wacotrib,com reports . . .

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UK Police State Kicks Into High Gear After Tunisian Gun Attack

“Britain is a nation united in shock and in grief,” British Prime Minister David Cameron writes at “As the names and identities of the victims in Tunisia emerge – and the horror of what they faced becomes clear – those feelings grow. Everyone is asking the same thing: how can a day at the beach for families and friends have turned into a scene of such horror?” Because someone with a gun was able to shoot 30 defenseless British tourists (amongst others) without any immediate armed intervention? That’s not quite how David puts it . . .

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Shooting at Gay Pride Parade Not Sexual Orientation Related

“A bystander outside a San Francisco gay pride weekend event was wounded early Saturday evening when a group of men got into an argument and shots were fired,” reports. “A 64-year-old man was taken to San Francisco General Hospital and is in stable condition. Several suspects were detained by authorities. The incident is believed to be unrelated to the pride weekend celebration.” The Instagram video at the link shows several black men confronting each other before the shooting. Funny how CNN and other media outlets neglected to mention their potential gang affiliation. Check out this image from that video . . .

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New York Prison Escapee Shot and Killed

Inmate Richard Matt, 48, is seen in a picture taken in May, 2015, from the U.S. Marshals Service. The U.S. Marshals Service has put escapees Matt and David Sweat on its 15 Most Wanted Fugitives List and authorities on Friday pressed on with a widened search encompassing the entire country.  The two murderers escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York, on June 6.  REUTERS/U.S. Marshals Service/Handout   THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. IT IS DISTRIBUTED, EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS. FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - RTX1HAGH

“Richard Matt, one of two escaped murderers from an upstate New York maximum-security prison, was shot and killed by officers involved in a massive three-week manhunt, three law enforcement sources said Friday,” reports According to, Matt was spotted by a border patrol tactical team near the town of Malone. “A reported burglary led police to a cabin on Thursday in Malone, State Police spokesman Beau Duffy told CNN. Malone is about 14 miles northwest of Mountain View, where another cabin was burglarized.” One down, one to go.


Bloomberg’s The Trace Publishes First Article Using Dumbest Logic Ever

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 5.46.46 PM

We’ve been watching as gun control activist bazillionaire Michael Bloomberg has been setting up a new project called “The Trace.” The claim is that this new website will provide “balance” to the gun control discussion, and is being portrayed as an independent news source without any biases. That would be all well and good if it were actually true. The very first article they published proves that their claims about accuracy and fair reporting are about as hard and fast as a bowl of Jell-O . . .

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