Did You Hear the One About the Florida School Resource Officer Who Ran Toward the Sound of Gunfire?

A Florida high school, a self-described mentally ill teen and a school shooting. If it sounds familiar, it should. Except this was Sky Bouche rather than Nikolas Cruz. He smuggled a sawed off shotgun into school Friday and fired a single shot that wounded one student. Another difference: rather than following the Scot Peterson protocols and […]

Waffle House Shooter Had Been Arrested in ‘Restricted Area’ Outside White House Last Year

As more is becoming known about Travis Reinking, the suspect wanted for murdering four people in a Nashville area Waffle House this morning, we’re hearing a familiar refrain. Reinking was well known to both federal and state authorities. In July 2017, the U.S. Secret Service arrested Reinking for being in a “restricted area” near the […]

Gun Zero of the Day: Jeffrey Craig Zeigler

Forteen-year-old Brennan Walker knocked on a Rochester Hills, Michigan house Friday morning after he missed his school bus. All he wanted were directions so he could get to school in time for first period. Instead, he almost got a load of buckshot. The lady of the house seemed to jump to conclusions. “I knocked on her […]

Michigan Man Under Restraining Order Used Stolen Rental Gun to Murder His Girlfriend, Commit Suicide

Reader John Dingell III writes: On Monday, March 26th at 3:21 PM, a rental firearm was stolen from the range at Total Firearms in Mason, Michigan. Forty one minutes later, 30-year-old Timothy Patrick Olin fatally shot his former girlfriend Rachael Duncan at the JoAnn Fabrics store in Lansing Township where she worked. Olin then committed […]

BREAKING: Pulse Nightclub Killer’s Wife Walks

“The wife of the Orlando nightclub shooter was found not guilty Thursday of aiding and abetting her husband’s deadly, Islamic State-inspired attack and obstructing the FBI’s investigation into the incident,” washingtonpost.com reports.  The stunning verdict means . . . that Noor Salman, 31, can go free, and no one has yet been held criminally responsible […]