Remember Those Days When High School Students Had Hunting Rifles in their Trucks? Gone.

Mr. Patterson (courtesy

“A Plant High School student faces charges for bringing a firearm on campus after police — investigating an unrelated ‘vague’ threat — found hunting weapons in his vehicle,” reports. That lead doesn’t quite make the grade (so to speak), in terms of telling readers that the young man in question had nothing to do with this “vague” threat. In fact . . .

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Armed Robber’s Arm Ripped Off By Victim

“Through the app Wallapop, gunman Zachary Sam and seller Philippe Pierre, 39, had arranged to meet up at 1 p.m. Friday in Canarsie,” reports. “But when Pierre showed up, asking $490 for a pair of Air Jordan 8 Retro sneakers, the teen crook pulled out a gun and demanded the kicks for free [ED: ?] inside Pierre’s gray Honda Pilot.” All Hell broke loose . . .

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National Post: Canada’s the Land of “Responsible Gun Nuts”


“After the United States, Canada is one of the largest owners of private guns in the developed world,” Canada’s National Post reports. “There’s about 31 guns for every 100 people, putting Canada in 12th place worldwide — and only three guns short of the rate of firearm ownership in war-torn Iraq.” Uh, good for them! “But compared to our American neighbours, Canadians are disproportionately skilled at keeping these guns from killing people.” Wait. What? Click here or on the image above for the video explanation. And the answer is . . .

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Washington Post: D.C. “Drowning in a Flood of Guns”

D.C.-seized gun (courtesy

The Washington Post continues its campaign to degrade and destroy Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. This time, they’ve published a disarmament dietribe [sic] by Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Colbert I. King. Mr. King uses the occasion of a drive-by shooting that nearly took-out a two-year-old at the Under the Sun salon to celebrate D.C.’s illegal gun culture — if that’s the right word. Here, you tell me . . .

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UPDATE: UK Farmer Gets 2 Years in Prison for Homemade Shotgun

Raymond Panton (courtesy evening

You may recall our December, 2015 story UK Farmer Faces Five Years in Jail for Homemade Self-Defense Shotguns. According to Scotland’s, “Raymond Panton was imprisoned [for two years] despite a judge holding that exceptional circumstances existed in the case. Panton, 54, was earlier convicted of possessing prohibited weapons, two improvised shotguns, without authority at Parkhill Stores, Greens, New Deer, between April 4 and August 15 in 2014.” It’s important to note that Mr. Panton was not convicted of doing anything illegal with his improvised shotguns. This is the slippery slope upon which U.S. gun control would place their fellow Americans. Here are some more deets on the sentence . . .

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American Guns Reality Star Charged with Numerous Felonies

Rich Wyatt and Ted Nugent, on set (courtesy

“The owner of the Gunsmoke gun shop who appeared on the reality show ‘American Guns’ has been arrested and indicted by a grand jury for dealing firearms without a license and tax-related charges,” reports, revealing the deep you-know-what in which Richard Wyatt finds himself. Specifically, a 13-count indictment (more thoroughly detailed at Each of which carries a five-year prison term. Here’s one scam allegedly perpetrated by Mr. Wyatt [via]. . .

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BREAKING: Two Students Shot, Killed at Glendale, AZ High School

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 1.31.54 PM

“Two students were shot and killed Friday at a high school in the Phoenix suburb of Glendale but the danger at the campus was over, police said, as worried parents crowded stores nearby to await word on their children. Glendale Officer Tracey Breeden told reporters that both were 15-year-old girls and were shot once at Independence High School. Authorities were not searching for any suspects, and a weapon was found near the bodies, she said.” From the details — gun found at scene, no one sought in the shooting, everyone else is safe — and what isn’t said in the post by, this would seem to be a case of murder/suicide. But these situations are always fluid and initial reports iffy at best. More if and when it becomes available.


Ban Alligators!

Alligator in Wendy's (courtesy

“Joshua James, 24, was arrested Monday and charged with assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill after Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation officials say he threw a 3 1/2-foot-long alligator through a Wendy’s drive-through window in Palm Beach County in October,” reports. “He’s also charged with illegally possessing an alligator and petty theft. Bail was set Tuesday at $6,000, and James was ordered to have no contact with animals . . . James mother, Linda James, told WPTV that her son’s actions were a ‘stupid prank.'”


PA Armed Citizen Saves Two Cops from Brutal Beat-Down, No Shots Fired

Upper Darby High School (courtesy Google Maps)

Judging from this account at, Upper Darby High School has a severe and ongoing problem with juvenile delinquency. “About 3 p.m. every weekday, from six to eight township police officers patrol the area near Upper Darby High School as nearly 4,000 kids pour out of the building on Lansdowne Avenue near School Lane. Most kids and most days are good, [Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael] Chitwood said. Friday was not. That afternoon alone, police responded to three fights in three locations near the school.” One of those fights got badly out-of-control . . .

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Irish Gardaí (Police): Give Us Back Our Machine Guns!

Gardai (courtesy

“Gardai are calling for the return of high-powered machine guns to the force,” reports, “after a sudden escalation in gangland violence in the capital in the last few days.” And don’t be giving us them low-powered machine guns, neither, the Independent didn’t add. “[Garda Representative Association] President Mr Dermot O’Brien said An Garda Síóchána is under-resourced and said he wants his members ‘[to be] protected when they go out there.'” To that end, he’s got a shopping list . . .

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