Four California Students Arrested for Discussing School Shooting


With the Oregon shooting still fresh, there’s always a danger of similar “copycat” events. Which means that law enforcement are right to be on the alert for similar individuals as they try to prevent another shooting from happening. But four high school students in California are now under arrest after allegedly planning to shoot up their school, despite a distinct lack of weaponry of any sort . . .

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Oregon Attacker Was Rejected from Firearms Training Class

I’ve taken my fair share of firearms training courses. From basic concealed carry courses to advanced CQB tactics,  I’ve gotten more training in the last few years than most gun owners will get in their entire lifetime. Training is good for when you need to defend your life. But if you’re a trainer, you don’t always know who you’re training. There’s always the chance that you’re training bad guys along with good guys. It looks like that nearly happened two or three years ago when Chris Harper-Mercer, the Oregon mass murderer, tried to sign up for an advanced firearms class at a local academy…and was promptly rejected . . .

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ATF: All 13/14 Umpqua Shooter’s Weapons Traced to “A” Federal Firearms Dealer

Chris Harper Mercer (courtesy

Over at CNN, we’ve discovered the following quote from ATF Agent Nunez, investigating the spree killing at Umpqua Community College: “So far, we have recovered 13 weapons. Out of those 13 weapons we currently have in custody, six were recovered at the school, seven were recovered at the shooter’s residence. All 14 (?) have been traced to a federal firearms dealer. They are all at different stages currently in the tracing process.” In other words, it appears that all the guns used in the attack were purchased legally. If Chris Mercer was the original buyer, we can deduce that he underwent a background check – that did nothing to prevent the slaughter.


Waco Eyewitness: Cops Let Wounded Bikers Die


IN a GQ article entitled The Untold Story of the Texas Biker Gang Shoot-Out, Cossacks Motorcycle Club, McLennan County chapter president John Wilson tells the writer that the Waco police left bikers wounded by gunfire to die. “Not a single law-enforcement person lifted a finger to help any of the wounded. And they made it pretty clear that they were going to be violent if we tried to take our guys to the ambulance. Three men were bleeding out before our eyes . . .

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Chicago Tribune Blames Everyone But the Spree Killer for Umpqua Slaughter

Chicago Tribune Contact Reporter John Kass (courtesy

In an article entitled Shooting in Oregon another sign our culture is ill, Chicago Tribune contact reporter John Kass [above] refuses to blame spree killer Chris Mercer for his homicidal rage. This is as close as he gets: “Most news outlets focused on what has become depressingly familiar: the gunman, lonely, a nerd unable to adjust, narcissistic, nihilistic, seeking glory in innocent blood, perhaps a psychosis unknown as yet.” From there, Kass switches to Chicago’s “gun violence” problem, laying blame for that death toll on the Chicago machine . . .

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Umpqua Shooter Chris Mercer Revealed as a Satanist

Chris harper Mercer (courtesy

“The Umpqua Community College shooter was obsessed with Satan and documented his devotion to darkness in a manifesto that was recovered from his computer, a source familiar with the investigation tells PEOPLE. In the reported manifesto, which allegedly had ‘666’ scrawled across it, the source says, 26-year-old gunman Chris Harper Mercer wrote in detail about his desire to ‘serve darkness.'” Well that explains . . .

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Attorney General: Strong Cities Network Will Battle Extremism on a Global Scale

Remarks of Attorney General Loretta Lynch announcing the formation of the Strong Cities Network to fight violent extremism:

Thank you, Mayor [Bill] de Blasio, for those kind words; for your dedication to promoting equality and expanding opportunity; and for your service to the people of this great city – the city I call home.  I would also like to recognize High Commissioner for Human Rights [Prince Zeid Ra’ad] Al Hussein and the UN-Habitat program for their inspiring work and bold leadership as we work to create a future of sustainable peace, development and opportunity.  And I’d like to thank all of the mayors and other municipal leaders who are helping to ensure safe and prosperous futures for our communities and our world by serving on the Steering Committee of the Strong Cities Network.  It’s a pleasure to join such a distinguished group of world leaders on this historic occasion and it’s a privilege to represent the Obama Administration and the United States as we inaugurate this innovative, collaborative and critically important global effort . . .

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Mainstream Media Drinks the Obama Anti-Gun Koolaid [VIDEO]

During his highly-politicized post Umpqua shooting address to the nation, the President challenged the media to forward his gun control agenda. “I would ask news organizations — because I won’t put these facts forward — have news organizations tally up the number of Americans who’ve been killed through terrorist attacks over the last decade and the number of Americans who’ve been killed by gun violence, and post those side-by-side on your news reports. This won’t be information coming from me; it will be coming from you.” In an article entitled Number of Americans Killed by Gun Violence Vs. Terrorism Shows Stark ContrastNBC (amongst others) answered the call . . .

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Pro-Tip: Don’t Ignore Restraining Orders reports that one Raymond Fryberg [above] was found guilty of illegal possession of firearms by a jury in a federal trial. [Click here for the ruling.] The restraining order used to convict Fryberg was granted in 2002, sparked when Fryberg’s son Jaylen, murdered four classmates then committed suicide. The order was requested by Fryberg’s former girlfriend, Jamie Gobin. The two have a child in common. Originally . . .

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Details Emerge of Umpqua Shooter: Guns Carried, Motivations, Background

Chris Mercer from his dating profile (courtesy

“Authorities investigating the shooting say they have found a number of firearms at the gunman’s apartment and CBS News correspondent Jeff Peques reports that one of the guns recovered at the scene of the shooting is not registered to the gunman.” The ATF just held a news conference revealing that they’d recovered 13 weapons, including six at the school. CBS reports that the killer’s arsenal included a 9mm GLOCK, a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson pistol. a .40 caliber Taurus pistol and a “.556 caliber rifle” (Del-Ton carbine). CBS also reports – and the ATF confirms – that . . .

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