Concealed Carry Tip: Don’t Be That Guy


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WEATHERFORD, TEXAS — Remember the new Texas legislation that allowed campus carry but still gave administrators permission to restrict lawful carry in certain areas? That law did not extend to high schools or other protected school zones. Once Weatherford, Texas high school parent must have forgot — and the clearly marked signs outside the auditorium where he went to his son’s ninth grade orientation wasn’t enough to jog his memory . . .

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Does This Look Like a Rifle To You?

(courtesy WDAY TV)

“Levi Joraanstad and Colin Waldera were setting up the large device to take pictures of the moon behind their apartment’s garage on Dakota Dr. N when they were blinded by a bright light and told to stop moving,” Fargo’s reports. “Authorities say an officer patrolling the area had spotted the two out of the corner of his eye, and thought Joraanstad’s dark colored sweater with white lettering on the back looked like a tactical vest and that he might be carrying a rifle.” So the officer slowly went to investigate. Oh wait. That’s not how the police roll these days. Before the kids were blinded by the light (revved up like a deuce) the unidentified officer . . .

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Slain TV Reporter’s Boyfriend Doesn’t Call for Gun Control [VIDEO]

Earlier today, the  father of slain Virginia TV reporter Alison Parker reacted to his daughter’s murder by calling for increased gun control. Andy Parker vowed to dedicate his life to that pursuit and for good measure, vilified the National Rifle Association. Speaking to CNN, [not shown] Alison Parker’s boyfriend Chris Hurst had a different message: “There needs to be some action that is taken out of an event like this — out of an event like Sandy Hook, like Charleston, like Aurora, Colorado… where these things just don’t occur anymore . . .

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Random Thoughts on the Antis’ Post-Roanake Shooter’s “Easy Access to Guns”

Roanoake shooter's GLOCK

“If the Virginia killer did not have easy access to guns, if his scheme for murdering his former colleagues had to be accomplished with knives, hammers, or a home-made explosive device, the truth is that those murders would have been much less likely to occur.” So writes Michael Brendan Dougherty at theweek.comThe conservative case for reforming America’s sick gun culture is a shambolic editorial that wants its armed IRA and gun control in America too. But Dougherty’s central argument – that the average American shouldn’t have “easy access” to guns – is making the rounds in the post-live-TV shooting in Roanoke. Let me say this about that . . .

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Confirmed: VA Gunman Bought His Gun Legally, Passed Background Check


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The firearm used in yesterday’s horrific shooting was purchased legally by the gunman after he passed a federal background check. ABC News reported late last night: “The ATF says the disgruntled former reporter who killed a television reporter and a cameraman legally purchased the gun. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives spokesman Thomas Faison said Vester Lee Flanagan legally bought the gun used to kill Alison Parker and Adam Ward. They were doing a live broadcast Wednesday morning when they were shot to death.” . . .

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Let’s See Bryce Williams’ Sick, Sad Manifesto


“The (Charleston) church shooting was the tipping point…but my anger has been building steadily…I’ve been a human powder keg for a while…just waiting to go BOOM!!!!” ABC News is playing peek-a-boo with Vester Lee Flanagan’s (AKA Bryce Williams’) Unabomber-esque manifesto he sent them before tracking down and murdering Alison Parker and Adam Ward in front of two cameras this morning. According to this ABC post, Flanagan/Williams fingers Dylann Roof as the spark that touched off this pathetic explosion, but anyone claiming to admire the work of Eric Harris, Dylann Klebold and Seung–Hui Cho wasn’t running on a full tank to begin with . . .

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BREAKING: WDBJ Shooter Filmed His Attack, Posted It To Facebook [NSFW VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 11.04.56 AM

Those are tweets from Bryce Williams, a former WBDJ reporter, and the suspect in this morning’s murder of two Roanoke, Virginia TV journalists on live television. Not only was the shooting broadcast live by WBDJ as it happened, but Williams, AKA Vester Lee Flanagan, filmed the attack himself, then posted it to Facebook (since taken down). And according to the latest reports, Williams/Flanagan has shot himself as police closed in on him . . .

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BREAKING: Two Journalists Reported Killed in On-Camera Shooting in VA [VIDEO]

Victims of shooting at Roanoke, VA (courtesy

A Roanoke, Virginia news crew was attacked on camera during a live interview this morning. is reporting that “At least two people are dead after shots were fired at Smith Mountain Lake. Franklin County deputies are searching for a suspect after multiple shots were fired at Bridgewater Plaza near Smith Mountain Lake Wednesday morning, according to a sheriff’s office spokesman. Part of the incident was caught on video during WDBJ’s morning broadcast.” Why the news crew was targeted isn’t known. According to Fox News, “The two killed were identified as reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, by colleagues on air at WDBJ.” More as it becomes available. Auto-play video of the shooting below . . .

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ATF May Soon Reclassify Some Machine Guns as “Post Sample” and Non-Transferrable


When the Hughes Amendment to the National Firearms Act came out, all hell broke loose. May 19th 1986 would be the very last day that anyone could legally register a machine gun, and after that date no individual would be allowed to manufacture a new one.In response the manufacturers put the coals to their production lines, cranking out every last serialized part they could muster and trying to get them registered before the arbitrary cut-off date. According to sources within the ATF it looks like some of those legally registered machine guns may soon be re-classified from their current perfectly legal and transferable status to a “post sample” status where individuals may no longer posses or transfer them. Here’s the crux of the issue . . .

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French Train Attacker: I Just Found The Rifle In a Park


Ayoub El-Khazzani is the man accused of bringing an AK-47 rifle onto a high speed train in Europe and injuring multiple people before being subdued by three Americans. Thankfully someone discovered him in the bathroom with his firearm before he could begin his massacre, but the fact that he never actually started his attack on the train is leading to an interesting situation: El-Khazzani now claims that he never intended to hurt anyone and never fired a single shot. As Robert is wont to say, pull the other one, it’s got bells on . . .

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Less Lethal Rounds Do the Job. Eventually. Sometimes. [VIDEO]

In the aftermath of many officer-involved shootings, suspect families will frequently be quoted in the local fishwrap wondering why the police didn’t use “less lethal” options to take down their now deceased relative. Or just shoot him in the leg! In most of those cases, the dead miscreants were holding guns, presenting an immediate threat to the officers and any bystanders. That usually doesn’t leave LEOs with a lot of options in the immediacy of an incident. In the case depicted above, Martin Salazar Hernandez had attacked a Walmart employee with a baseball bat and a knife yesterday before wandering outside where members of the Lubbock (Texas) PD found him when they rolled up . . .

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If You Can’t Stop Prisoners From Bringing Guns Into a Holding Cell . . .

. . . what chance do you have preventing criminals from accessing guns on the street? I’ll tell you: none. There is no chance whatsoever that gun control legislation will stop bad guys from tooling up. I choose the phrase “tooling up” carefully; a firearm is a tool of the criminals’ trade. As long as there are guns out there, somewhere – and there are some 300 million (and counting) of them in these here United States – the bad guys will get ahold of them to take care of bidness. As for all that gun buyback stuff you hear about in the mainstream media – “taking guns off the street” – if Blue Bell Ice Cream’s production cessation did nothing to put a damper National Ice Cream Day in Texas, what good does paying good money/tickets/groceries/shoes for a few hundred broken-ass guns do in terms of reducing crime? I’ll tell you . . .

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