WA Deputy Fires At Man Shooting Himself

Puyallup suicide scene (courtesy komonews.com)

Police call it “sympathetic fire.” One officer shoots, so the other officers shoot. The phenomena accounts for more than a few instances where a bunch o’ cops let loose an inordinate amount of lead. Worse still, it accounts for times when cops unleash their fusillade at people who don’t need shooting. I’m thinking here of the Charles Dorner-related LAPD shooting, where eight jumpy LEOs fired more than 100 rounds at a mother and daughter delivering newspapers, believing them to be the cop killer. As often happens in these cases of frenetic fire, they more-or-less missed. Same deal here, where a Washington state Deputy responded to a suicide . . .

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NRA-ILA: New York Times Mischaracterizes New FBI Report

(courtesy fbi.gov)

Republished with permission from the NRA-ILA:

Things have sure changed at the New York Times. In 1863, the newspaper used a Gatling gun to scare off a mob of draft protestors. Today, it can’t resist the temptation to put an anti-gun spin on things any chance it gets. This week, the Times ran an article titled “FBI Confirms a Sharp Rise in Mass Shootings Since 2000,” which claimed that a report recently released by the FBI found that “Mass shootings have risen dramatically in the past half-dozen years.” Say what? Come again? . . .

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Mike McDaniel: Metaphors Of Sports and Liberty


When Fall Friday nights come around, I feel sympathy for the high school football teams that lose by enormous margins. As I wrote in “High School Football as-Bullying?” size, strength and ability matter. When an opposing high school football team gets off the bus looking like an NFL starting lineup, and the home team’s biggest player is 6’2” and 200 pounds, the only question is how big the final score is going to be and will the home team score a single point? . . .

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Fifteen Children and Teens Shot in Early Morning Miami Nightclub Gun Battle

To say the circumstances surrounding an early morning multiple shooting in Miami are unclear is like saying Moms Demand Action have difficulty with facts. Neither statement begins to capture the breadth and majesty of the assertion. Here’s what miamiherald.com is reporting: “Witnesses said they heard dozens of rounds, maybe 100, rip through a storefront Miami nightclub called The Spot, wedged between a furniture store and a smoke shop. When the bullets stopped, 15 young people were bloodied, dazed and wounded.” So the club — which has a liquor license — was apparently filled with a crowd including children as young as eleven years old when, it appears, a shootout broke out at about 1:00 a.m. between multiple individuals . . .

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Mexican Military Massacre Leads to 22 Arrests

Mexican massacre victims (courtesy borderlandbeat.com)

We recently posted about the Mexican military’s summary execution of 22 members of a drug gang in the Mexican state of Tylatlaya. Unlike the day-to-day kidnap, torture, rape and mutilation of civilians by American-armed Mexican military members, the massacre received international attention. President Obama himself murmured disapproval, assuring reporters that the Mexican government was looking into it (even as they worked to cover it up). Thanks to some brave AP reporting, the story had legs. And now the soldiers have been arrested. Justice? Don’t hold your breath. Here’s the update via borderlandbeat.com . . .

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OMG! A High School Student Has A Bullet! Three Bullets! OMG!

Proviso West High School Panthers mascot (courtesy proviso.k12.il)

I’m of two minds on this one. On one hand, a bullet. Two bullets. Three bullets. Big deal. On the other hand hauling off a 14-year-old to the police station for possession of ammunition – without an Illinois FOID card!  – seems a valid response. With one proviso: there are contributing factors. The ammo was discovered and the Proviso West High School student was sent to juvie after a fight broke out. So it wasn’t likely he was carrying the ammo inadvertently after a little range time with Mom and Dad and the sibs. Equally . . .

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Tucson Schools Delay SRO Deployment for Fear of Immigration Crackdown

Arizona School Resource Officers (courtesy azcapitoltimes.com)

“Class is back in session,” tucson.com reports. “But students in Tucson middle and high schools will have to wait a little longer for police in the city’s newly restored School Resource Officer program to join them on campus. The City Council delayed approving an agreement with Tucson Unified and Amphitheater school districts Tuesday night over concerns about officers asking students about their immigration status.” While the chances of a spree killer attacking any given school are lottery-level small, the AZ school district’s reticence is still an outrage. For you and me, who see nothing wrong with asking students if they’re undocumented (especially if the student is disruptive or violent) and for PC pols, who have no respect whatsoever for the rule of law. For example . . .

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BREAKING: Muslim Convert Beheads Woman in OK City, Suspect Shot by Good Guy With Gun


“Authorities say a man suspected of beheading a woman at a food processing plant in suburban Oklahoma City had been fired.” That’s not a lede you read every day. And we think news9.com is trying to communicate the fact that the suspect who hacked a woman’s head off at Vaughan Foods in suburban Moore is an ex-employee at the facility. Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy “Lewis said the man entered the plant and stabbed 54-year-old Colleen Hufford, severing her head. Lewis said the man then started to stab 43-year-old Traci Johnson” . . .

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: OK City 11-year-old Shoots Mom’s Homicidal Ex

Leonardo Henry (courtesy kfor.com)

“According to a protective order, the victim claimed Leonardo Henry ‘had been molesting (several kids) in the middle of the night for several years.'” kfor.com‘s report tells the tale of Henry’s comeuppance. Not at the hands of police, prosecutors, jury, judge and jailer. At the hands of the 11-year-old daughter of his ex-girlfriend. “Police say the suspect attacked and stabbed the girl’s mother inside the victim’s home near SE 89th and Bryant. After being shot, the suspect ran outside of the home but didn’t get far . . .

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DC City Council Wants to Name and Ostracize Legal Gun Owners

I talked yesterday about the recently passed emergency concealed carry law that has been enacted in Washington, DC. As you can tell from the video, the council members certainly don’t like it. One member went as far as to state that they flat-out don’t want carry and don’t even want guns, but are being forced to change by both the courts and Congress. Frankly, if this extremely divided and partisan Congress can make up their mind that you’re in the wrong, you know you’re really in the wrong. What really astounded me though was one council member’s statements about whether gun owners should have a right to privacy. His opinion: that right doesn’t exist. Because he wants to ostracize them . . .

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BREAKING: Shaneen Allen Avoids Jail for NJ Firearms Charge

Shaneen Allen (courtesy philly.com)

“Following a review by state Attorney General, the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office on Wednesday announced that it would allow a Pennsylvania woman – charged last year with illegally bringing a legally registered gun into New Jersey – to enter into a pre-trial intervention program and avoid jail time,” philly.com reports. “Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain said in a statement that in applying factors set out in the Attorney General’s review, he had ‘determined that the defendant in this case should be offered the opportunity to be admitted into the Atlantic County PTI program’ and that within the next few weeks his office would be reviewing similarly pending cases.” As Ralph pointed out. you can thank Ray (“pre-trail intervention”) Rice for the decision. [h/t RD]