Question of the Day: Should D.C. Police Have Arrested Meet the Press Host David Gregory?

Press release:

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced [Friday] that it has obtained the affidavit in support of the arrest of NBC’s David Gregory in association with a gun law violation committed in December 2012 on Meet the Press.  Gregory exhibited a high-capacity ammunition magazine during an interview with the National Rifle Association’s Wayne LaPierre concerning firearms policy in the United States. In January 2013, Legal Insurrection submitted a FOIA request to the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) seeking access records related to the Gregory incident . . .

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TTAG Exclusive: SB Tactical’s Statement on the ATF Pistol Brace Ruling

Rick Cicero, demonstrates the use of the SB Tactical Pistol Stabilizing Brace.

SIG SAUER’s statement posted just a little while ago, but the company with real skin in the game regarding the ATF’s new stance on AR pistol braces is SB Tactical. SBT manufacture all of the pistol arm braces, and SIG SAUER distributes them (alongside others in other formats). Alex Bosco from SB Tactical has been nice enough to give the readers at TTAG a peek into their plan for action before anyone else in the world, and here it is. . .

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Wal-Mart Video of White Shopper Assaulting Black Legal Concealed Carrier

“A Lithia [Florida] man has been charged after he tackled another man Tuesday who had a handgun in a holster — and a permit to carry — at a Wal-Mart,” reports. “About 11:58 a.m., deputies responded to the store at 11110 Causeway Blvd. where Clarence Daniels had been taken to the ground by Michael Foster, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. Foster had seen Daniels getting out of his vehicle in the lot with handgun, under his coat and in a holster. Foster followed him into the store and . . .

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Son of Guns Star Will Hayden Pleads Guilty to Rape Charges?

Will Hayden's mug shot

Last we heard, former Sons of Guns reality TV star Will Hayden [above] pled not guilty to one count of forcible rape of an 11-year-old girl in a Livingston Parish court, Louisiana. Before that, the former Red Jacket Firearms jefe pled not guilty to one count of aggravated rape in Baton Rouge in connection with his arrest for raping a young girl multiple times between March 2013 and August 2014. But a report on Hayden’s hidden endorsement deals just published on casually suggests that the Discovery Channel’s former cash cow has copped a plea with the state. It says . . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Philip Harper

Philip Harper (courtesy

Mr. Harper [above] will not be available to receive his TTAG IGOTD award. Neither will his BFF. “Ian Catley, 40, has received a seven-year sentence for manslaughter after admitting that he shot 46-year-old Philip Harper in the chest with a shotgun when his friend asked him to test what he thought was a bulletproof vest,” reports. “Police say that instead of protecting Harper, the plastic-lined vest funneled the shotgun spray into the center of his chest, killing him almost instantly. Catley’s lawyer says that the day before the shooting, Harper had gone to the pub . . .

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Next Step in ATF Pistol Arm Brace Decision: Declaratory Relief

SB15- AR-15 Pistol Forearm Stabilizing Brace close-up (courtesy Alex Bsoco)

On Friday, just before the end of the work day, the ATF released a bombshell of a declaration. In their opinion the previous letters claiming SB Tactical’s stabilizing arm brace is perfectly legal were actually completely wrong, and they decided to completely reverse their decision and make the misuse of the item illegal. It’s a landmark change, since this concept (that the use of an object determines what it is rather than its intrinsic qualities) has never been applied to firearms ever in the history of the world. It would seem to some like this is the end of the line barring some legal challenge after an arrest, but there is one last card up SB Tactical’s sleeve: Declaratory Relief.

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Shots Fired at Joe Biden’s House

Joe Biden shows us how it's done (courtesy

According to reports, late last night a car drove by Joe Biden’s personal residence and took some shots at the (empty) home. 401) “Shotgun” Joe Biden was elsewhere that night, and the only residents of the domicile were secret service agents. The individuals involved have not been arrested, but there were no injuries and no major damage to the building. It is not known whether the secret service followed Joe Biden’s advice and fired two shotgun blasts blindly through the front door when the shooting took place.


Brooklyn Cops Planting Guns. Allegedly.

Broklyn Police badge (

“A Brooklyn man who claimed the police manufactured gun-possession charges against him had his case dismissed on Thursday, amid two investigations into the practices of a group of police officers in the 67th Precinct in East Flatbush,” reports. “The officers claimed that they got a tip from a confidential informer that Mr. Herring had a gun. Prosecutors had been instructed to bring the informer to court on Thursday; the defense had challenged whether that informer even existed. At the hearing, prosecutors offered no evidence or mention of that informer.” A red herring for Herring? Only it’s not so funny, especially when we learn that . . .

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Armed Woman Stops Pennsylvania Crime Spree


In Ephrata, Pennsylvania, an alert and armed woman stopped a crime spree earlier this week. One of the things that destroys the sense of security in a neighborhood is a proliferation of burglaries and thefts of personal property from vehicles. That’s what a pair of suspects were involved in this week when an alert woman stopped Robert LaFleur (above left, with Colton Lynch) from breaking into her car at 2:30 a.m. and held him at gunpoint until the police arrived . . .

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UPDATE: CA SBR Charge Apparently Not Because of Pistol Arm Brace


Yesterday we reported on a couple big stories. The first was that the ATF is trying to make using a pistol arm brace improperly a felony (more on that in a bit). The second was a story about a group of felons in California who are being charged with possession of a short barreled rifle when what they had appears to simply be an AR-15 pistol with an arm brace. A source within the law enforcement community has sent in a hot tip that the charge might not be because of the pistol arm brace after all, and might instead be because of a much more straightforward (but equally dumb) law.

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BREAKING: Unarmed Good Samaritan Shot and Killed in Melbourne, FL Mall Attack

Melbourne Square Mall Florida (courtesy

“Melbourne Mayor Kathy Meehan told Florida Today the shooting stemmed from a domestic dispute between a woman who worked in the Melbourne Square Mall food court and the woman’s husband,” reports. “She said the man had a gun and shot his wife. A co-worker of the woman then tried to get the gun away from the husband and was shot in the struggle and died. The mayor told the paper the husband then apparently shot himself. The paper said a police official briefed Meehan on the shooting.” One wonders how that might have gone down in the good samaritan had been armed. No guarantee of anything of course, but a better chance of survival. Protection? Retribution? Suicide prevention? Something. Autoplay video after the jump . . .

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“For those who say when someone sticks a gun in your face, just give them what they want and you’ll be OK…”

“Police have made several arrests after a man was carjacked outside a Kroger on Moreland Avenue,” reports, “Investigators say a group of men approached the victim around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday and demanded his car. After he surrendered his car keys, detectives say, they shot him anyway…. One witness said off camera that he heard as many as seven gunshots. ‘It can happen anywhere. It happens in this area all the time. So you have to be careful,’ said shopper London Dyer.” [h/t for link and headline Frank Williams]