Chicago mayoral candidate Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson celebrates with supporters, Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2023, in Chicago. Johnson and Paul Vallas will meet in a runoff to be the next mayor of Chicago after voters denied incumbent Lori Lightfoot a second term. (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)
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How does Chicago celebrate Mother’s Day? Sadly, it’s not a joke. In a day set aside to revere mothers nationwide, Chicago’s gang bangers and criminal class opt instead to deliver hot lead instead of flowers. The final body count, tallied by the fine folks at 5 homicides and 26 wounded.

Why, it’s almost like the Wild West. Oh wait. The Wild West was probably safer.

Moreover, the so-called “Wild West” didn’t have any of the gun control that Illinois residents suffer under today. In fact, for those keeping track, the Land of Lincoln is ranked the eighth strictest for gun control nationwide.

And our organization Guns Save Life is working to change that through legal action challenging the constitutionality of the Firearm Owners ID Card Act as well as the so-called “Protect Illinois Communities Act” gun and magazine ban. The PICA gun ban clearly isn’t living up to its name.

What’s life like on the ground in the Windy City? Greg Bishop of The Center Square hosts veteran Chicago reporter William Kelly to discuss it every Monday morning. Here’s what the most recent report sounded like:

As Mr. Kelly noted, more and more people are having serious concerns about the upcoming Democrat National Convention coming up in the third week of August.

Wirepoints covered some of Mayor Brandon Johnson’s remarks from this past weekend.

Whose side will Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson be on if protesters become lawbreakers at the August Democratic National Convention in Chicago, and how will he direct police to respond?

Concerns that Johnson will side with lawbreakers already are common, and Johnson’s  interview published Sunday by the Chicago Tribune should increase those concerns.

The interviewers asked Johnson whether he agreed with police who forcibly broke up a recent protest at the Chicago Art Institute, arresting many protesters. Johnson answered that his primary concern was protesters’ rights. The reporters pressed further, asking, “Was the final response, the outcome — which led to dozens of arrests — was that necessary?”

Johnson’s answer:

Well, in some instances — and I’ve been a part of these demonstrations — in some instances, arrests are part of the objective. I’ll say it like that. I’ve taken arrest before. It’s not unprecedented for demonstrators to take arrest. The most important thing, though, here is that the First Amendment? Protected. Keeping people safe, it’s the primary goal, and we’ve done both of those.

Yes, it sounds almost like Mayor Johnson’s coming down on the side of the “mostly peaceful” Antifa anarchists, not law-and-order.

Comparisons between the DNC 1968 convention fiasco and 2024 have already started flying. The consensus is that the only difference between 1968 and 2024 is that Chicago’s then-Mayor Richard Daley supported law-and-order while Mayor Brandon Johnson supports the protesters.

The bottom line: the everyday gang violence in Chicago is reason enough to avoid the place. However, given the hordes of Antifa troublemakers no doubt descending on the city this summer, you don’t want to be within a quarter tank of gas of the DNC convention August 19-22.

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  1. … just peaceful yoots peacefully protesting – burn it to the effin ground. ALL of it, then nuke it from space – just to be certain.

  2. Did the people doing the shooting have a FOID card? Probably not so.
    Well huh, seems like that bunch are the only ones who think The Right to Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed is a thing.
    And then there are the Law Abiding Citizens, what do they get in return?

  3. Unfortunately there are numerous violent crimes happening beyond the democRat infested chicago…It’s not wise to be swayed into thinking crime happens somewhere else, in fact it’s downright stupid…

    • It’s funny. The more Marx crap you read the more you see that it’s all just a big con. A manual for sociopaths to get power over a bunch of morons. They use cute terms and always target boogeymen but it basically boils down to: “Hey, poor, stupid moron! That’s your enemy, over there!! I told your brainless, directionless ass what to do so keep doing what I tell you. Here’s some bread.”

      So what I want to know is are all these allegedly intelligent people who buy into his shit thinking they’re going to be the party elite who get to push everyone else around and get rich or are they just morons despite all their fancy learnin’?

      • It is a system that brings out the worst in people. The New Sov.iet Man was the aspiration. Homo-Sovieticus, the polar opposite, was the reality.

        The system collapsed because of the widening gulf between the dream and reality.

      • Yes and yes to Dude below. They figure the collectivists will will and want to be the lord’s in whatever techno feudal (if they are actually smart enough to see the pattern) society comes next. Realistically they will end up in a ditch or on a dinner plate depending on how bad things go.

  4. The voters in Chicago, the blacks, the whites, the Asians. The hispanics, the whoever.
    They all voted for this.

    I look forward to the democrat party convention in chicago. And the police being ordered to stand down and do nothing.

    They don’t have a tough big city mayor anymore. Because they really don’t want one.

    And yes, I know about police corruption and mayor Richard Daily corruption. I get that. I think the liberals in chicago like corruption. I think they really do like it.

    Because It has kept them in power for so very long now.

  5. Mother’s and Fathers’ Day holidays are outdated because they aren’t inclusive. Now pride day week month year, that’s inclusive.

    • Father’s Day in Chicago definitely isn’t inclusive…of fathers. Once you cross city limits, baby daddy is the predominant term. They tried a baby daddy day once but none of them showed up, a few rsvp’d with “it aint mine.”

  6. A modern reinterpretation of the 1968 socialist-democrat’s Chicago convention has been long overdue. The addition of BLM and Hamas supporters provides the potential to greatly eclipse the original and provide the made for TV viewing that today’s discerning television viewer wants.

  7. Well, its happened – remember the phrase “when pigs fly’ (a figure of speech that describes an impossibility.)? Well, pigs are flying …. GREAT 2ND AMENDMENT ANALYSIS ISSUED BY FEDERAL APPEALS COURT IN CALIFORNIA.

  8. I for one am hoping that the Democrat National Convention devolves into a sh1t storm of epic proportions. Perhaps the mostly peaceful protestors will be inspired by the Happyland Social club conflagration to torch the convention hall

    • I was going to write just about what you said: the DNC convention IS going to be a shit show, and it will be of absolutely epic proportions.
      An interesting factoid is that the traffic patterns into and out of the United Center (location of DNC convention) are nearly impossible. Our family went to a performance there one night following dinner at a nearby restaurant. It took us over an hour to get the 4-6 blocks from our dinner location to the UC. More than an hour to get out of the parking lot when finished. It is also directly adjacent to O’Hare airport.
      They plan to assign the protesters/rioters to some ‘free speech zone’ at a distance from the event, but I don’t see them being able to enforce that, at least not without crew served weapons. One should not make plans to fly to or from ORD during the convention. The Hamas folks managed to block access to the single road (I-190) that goes into and out of the airport, all while CPD sat on their hands and did absolutely nothing to stop them.
      I live far enough away, JUST far enough, to probably be insulated from the chaos. I plan to make popcorn to sit back at a distance and watch the libtards devour themselves. It should be great entertainment, and as long as the mostly peaceful rioters can be contained to within a few miles, I can just look east and watch the smoke rising. And if they want to head out of the ORD area and ‘try that in a small town’, well, we’ll be ready for that too.

  9. The putrid armpit of the US! Detroit x 10! Democrat cities are imploding at a record rate! Democrap history is nothing to be proud of. They are synonymous with vomit!
    Hey just look at the last Dem presidents. They all but ruined this country. Sadly they’re not done.

  10. While Chicago is the usual whipping boy for media and more centrist or conservative interests/individuals, the same issues and comparable criminal activities can be found in most of our major cities. Take an honest look at cities like Memphis, St. Louis, Houston, Jackson MS. Denver, Washington D.C. and many others. Most run by Dementiacrats and all with leftist majorities on their city councils/city governments. All perfect examples of how overcrowded cities are going to destroy themselves. To many consumers and too few producers. Cut off the food supplies and fuel/energy supplies and the cities burn themselves to the ground in under a week. Can’t eat your podcast or nike shoes. Or gold plated pot metal jewelry. Government paper isn’t very nutritious either. Vouchers, paper money or snap/EBT cards cant buy what doesn’t exist when the warehouses are empty. Which they will be if and when the useful idiots finally win and destroy the Constitution and eliminate the dumb rubes out in flyover country they despise so much.


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