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For at least 12 years running, the Windy City in Illinois has captured the crown as America’s Murder City with the most homicides. When one couples the “no snitch” culture with the gang culture and add in defunding the police and prosecutors who don’t prosecute, criminals know they can work without consequences.

Now, in a rare moment of drive-by media coverage, the Chicago Sun-Times admits in a roundabout way that not only is the local Soros-funded prosecutor Kim Foxx not prosecuting gang bangers with guns shooting up the town, federal prosecutors are declining cases aplenty too.

Again, crime without consequences leads to more crime.

In past years, when local prosecutors refused to take slam-dunk cases, oftentimes the local cops would go to federal prosecutors who take the cases. For that to happen, the good guys just have to prove that the gun used travelled in interstate commerce (easy-peasy with most guns) and that they had their man guilty as sin.

Unfortunately, not only has Kim Foxx not only failed to prosecute, but stats show the feds have elected to do much of the same.

From the Sun-Times:

Gun cases in Chicago turned down by feds at higher rate than in most cities

Federal prosecutors are less likely than those in most other places — including New York and Los Angeles — to approve gun charges. Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul is taking up some of those rejected cases.

“Some”?  As in more than one or two?

Chicago is flooded with firearms, more than almost anywhere in the country, but federal prosecutors in the city are less likely to approve gun charges than their counterparts in most other cities.

A massive new data release by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives shows that more ownership traces of “crime guns” recovered by law enforcement agencies were done in Chicago than anywhere except Houston from 2017 through 2021.

Funny how they lump guns recovered from burglaries as “crime guns.”  But it sounds more sensationalistic than saying “traced guns.”

Yet federal prosecutors in Chicago were ranked in the bottom eight of the country’s 94 federal court districts in the percentage of gun cases they approve, according to the report ordered by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, who was in Chicago on Wednesday to announce $78 million in anti-violence grants.

Great. We can have more “anti-violence activists” and “interrupters” arrested while collecting a paycheck from taxpayers.

Meanwhile homicides in Chicago rose 32% year-over-year in March. It surely seems as though the Governor’s beloved “Protect Illinois Communities Act” gun and magazine ban is failing to protect anyone except the bad guys.

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  1. I’d suspect at least they are American citizens and actually do have the right to bear armns.
    Oh wait, they probably committed a prior crime and that would make it illegal, like a crime of crossing a border undocumented illegally criminals getz gunms and shute shute.
    John Brown was right.

  2. Classic commie revolutionary doctrine — coddle the criminals for their violent crimes but persecute the law-abiding for thought crimes. We are in the midst of a communist revolution, especially in blue states. If the bad guys win the next election, they’re coming for the rest of us.

    • “We are in the midst of a communist revolution”

      No doubt a lot of commies believe that as they help to destroy the Bill of Rights, and l think they might be right. But I am wondering if they might be in for a shock – when the marxist phase is skipped and we go straight to the end-stage narco-fascist oligarchy.

      • The government has been stealing from it’s honest citizen for a couple of hundred years – why would they care if someone else gets in on the act? It’s not like they think the extra competition is going to dry up their money supply, they just find new taxes to squeeze us with. And as far as the thugs killing each other for a little slice of turf ?… again, who gives a crap???
        Really, it’s all just Kubuki Theatre anyway

      • Communism does not exist anymore. A bunch of billionaire fascists like gates and bloomberg and soros bought it out and then quietly killed it.

        Anybody still speaking of communism isn’t paying attention.

        • Marxist billionaires? What color is the sky on your world?

          Marxism and fascism were always closely related. Lust for money won out.

        • The descendent of Maoism is a fusion of Marxism with capitalism specifically because “capitalism brings the goods” in ways that Communism simply cannot. This most certainly exists. To say otherwise is like arguing a Husky isn’t a dog because dogs look like GSDs.

          This has been true, and openly stated by Marxist theorists, since the 1970’s.

          It has been the philosophy of the CCP the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when it was stated by Deng Xiaoping and implemented, under Li Xiannian (who was against the “reforms”, mostly) with help from Zhao Ziyang.

          All were CCP leaders and at least two of them were literal card carrying Bolshies, so the idea that this isn’t Communism would be news to the very Communist leaders who introduced the concept of “market blending”.

          This is also linked to Fredric Jameson, who is somehow still alive, and his post-modernist twist(s) on Marxism which the CCP enthusiastically adopted in the 1990’s.

          To say otherwise is to show that you haven’t really studied what you’re up against. It ain’t your granddad’s Communism. This is a smarter, fasters, stronger version that is much more wily, significantly more cunning and much more dangerous.

          The entire philosophy and strategy is something you’d get from the smartest minds at the NKVD/KGB if a succession of Soviet leaders hadn’t had them all shot for fear they’d take over. In fact, parts of it came from their operations to overthrow certain governments.

        • A. “Communism doesn’t work. Can’t work. Will never work.”

          B. “Let’s adopt facism and call it communism”

        • It’s not Fascism. While the two ways of thinking are the sides of the same coin, they are not the same.

          Fascism is ultra-nationalistic. It places the “the nation” above all else, sometimes with a racial twist (See Mussolini vs Hitler). It is often, but not intrinsically, expansionist.

          Communism places The Party above all else and contains the assumption that The Party will take over the entire world. It is, therefore, ruthlessly expansionist.

          This is plainly obvious just in their sloganeering. Hitler’s repurposing of lines from the German national anthem “Deutschland über alles” (see the 1936 Summer Olympics for an example) vs. the Marx quote of “Working Men of All Countries, Unite!” which is often repeated by Marxists as “Workers of the world, unite!”.

          This is, ultimately, why Commies are so dangerous. They are chasing a worldwide utopia. They cannot allow you to sit there and be capitalist or mercantilist or whatever. They MUST take over and destroy that system. And if you get in the way, well, you just get added to the mountain of bodies they’ve already created. If you don’t get in the way, 50/50 you end up part of the mountain.

          Yes, you’re dealing with Commies. Flat out, that’s what they are. They’ll even tell you that they’re *trained Marxists*.

          As for billionaires, what, you think the Politburo wasn’t full of very wealthy men in Soviet Russia? Of course it was, that’s how they could send their kids to Oxford and Cambridge and pay full fare.

          It’s all about two things, money and power. Marxists make this clear. If you don’t have money then you need power, which is gained by attracting people to your cause.

          They openly say all of this and have for decades. How people Right of center are confused is, honestly, kinda mind boggling.

    • All this prepping and training is eventually gonna have to be used. I say the sooner the better because I don’t want to pass this mess down to my children and grand children.

  3. “crime guns” are not always ‘guns used in crime’. This is a little deception of the anti-gun agenda. For example, the ATF using the new made up definition of ‘gun dealer’ now calls guns stolen from ordinary law abiding people ‘guns supplied illegally by gun dealers’ to pad their false numbers for ‘gun trafficking’ by supposedly illegal means. Another example, an individual sells a gun they own personally as allowed by law but doesn’t have a FFL, if that gun some way or another gets into a criminals hand later because it was stolen later after the sell its source was ‘illegally supplied by a gun dealer’.

    If you sell your computer to a person, and that computer is later used to make a bomb threat by the person it was sold to or was stolen from them and used by another for the threat – was that computer supplied ‘illegally by a computer dealer’ ?

    Its a refinement of what the ATF has been doing for a while. For example, ‘guns recovered at crime scenes’ is implied by the ATF and anti-gun to be at the scene of some sort of violent crime. In reality though, most of them are just recovered stolen guns that were found at where ever the criminal was (this is the ‘crime scene’) and they weren’t actually used in an actual violent crime but rather the ‘violent crime’ was the possession of stolen guns. Now they simply use ‘guns supplied illegally by a dealer’ to pad their trafficked firearms numbers by using a made up definition and say they are ‘crime guns’. Its word play and numbers games, used to amplify a made up definition that isn’t true.

  4. The libertarians liberals and the left, all agree with DA kim fox, and the federal prosecutors.

    They all say there are too many people being locked up in the United States. They like to compare the USA’s prison population size to other societies.

    They don’t believe in holding criminals accountable for their crimes. And at the same time, they don’t believe that the law abiding, should be able to kill these criminals when they steal.

    The 3 L’s and the prosecutors do not believe that theft is a serious crime.
    They don’t believe in the concept of private property rights.

    They will tell you it’s wrong to use deadly force to protect your private property. They will tell you to allow criminals to steal, what you’ve worked hard for.

    And then they will refuse to prosecute the people who steal because they complain. There are too many criminals being locked up in America.

    They will support the law abiding being prosecuted. If they use deadly force to protect their private property. But they will support the government. When government agents kill anyone, who tries to steal government property.

    The concept of private property does not exist in the United States anymore. The recent media videos about the squatters in New York are proof of that. It has become acceptable to steal in america.

    • You might be right about “the left,” but you grossly mischaracterize libertarians. We believe that people shouldn’t be locked up for victimless “crimes.” The violent thugs that are shooting or otherwise harming people should be very much locked away. We also believe that property crime is as serious a crime as any, since all rights stem from property rights.

      I don’t know what “libertarians” you think you know, but you have wool pulled over your eyes. Also, your use of “liberal” is wrong. There are very few actual liberals in America anymore. Most people have drifted far too authoritarian to be seriously labeled “liberal.” What you call “liberals” are more accurately labeled as “the left,” “progressives,” or just “Democrats.”

      • When the so called Libertarians support locking up drug users who steal. You let me know.

        By just simply following the news from 2020. I can tell that libertarians never supported the police. And in fact, they supported the order for the police to stand down and do nothing. When american cities were burned to the ground.

        And property owners were murdered where they stood.

        You are correct about one thing. Property rights are exactly what the United States was founded on.
        And all of our rights do come from property rights.

        America has a very long and bloody history about killing over property rights. It’s obvious a lot of people are pretty embarrassed about that history.

        But not me.

        • Good grief, “When Libertarians support locking up drug users who steal. You let me know.”

          They already do. Did you know theft is not a victimless crime? Do you need an explanation on what that means?

  5. Biden’s Small Arms Export ‘Pause’ is a Big Fat Nothingburger >

    “Government officials highlighted approximately 20 entries for firearms or related accessories. Not a single one of those cases of illegal smuggling was the result of any licensed U.S. exporter. There are no examples of misconduct by any legitimate firearm businesses.

    Now, this BIS publication is showing that every time BIS is looking to bite into something that implicates U.S. firearm exporters, they’re coming up with a mouthful of nothing.

    BIS cited 34 cases in the report of individuals illegally attempting to export firearms, parts, accessories or body armor as examples of illegal firearm smuggling. They were the “what not to do” highlights. None of these were licensed U.S. firearm exporters. The BIS report actually exonerates licensed U.S. firearm exporters because they’ve been doing the right thing the whole time. BIS couldn’t find one single example of a licensed U.S. exporter violating the law. So does the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) trace data that shows less than one percent of legally exported firearms are ever traced in connection with a crime taking place in a foreign country.”

  6. In the land of criminal coddling democRats Do The Crime does not mean Do The Time…it all circles back to the dumbfuk voters.

  7. I’d like to know what “Merrick Garland, who was in Chicago on Wednesday to announce $78 million in anti-violence grants.” really means. And, how’d that get funded! And, if I could get a $mil, for maybe not being violent to local reptiles (real 4 legged bug eating creatures).

    • It’s Cook county Boch. It won’t get fixed. It poison’s the rest of ILLannoy. Only by moving to a red state like Indiana can I get any relief. Living a scant mile from the border means I already spend most of my $ there. Thank GOD Garland will never be in SCOTUS.🙄

  8. The only way things are going to change in the liberal libertarian leftist controlled cities. Is to allow them to get everything they have ever dreamed of.
    By using the voting process.

    They don’t believe in delayed self gratification. They don’t believe in living within their means.
    These people are just like crystal meth addicts. They’re just addicted to voting for whatever they want.
    And then it will be given to them by the government.

    Cities like Oakland, Chiraq, NYC, SF, Denver, Seattle and Portland are finished. All of them will become like Detroit was 20 years ago.
    But it won’t take 20 years.

    Oakland has less than 2 years. The rest 4 or 6 years if they are lucky. By crapping on law enforcement and defunding the police. This has accelerated this decline compared to Detroit.

    When they turn their cities into burned out looted wastelands. Perhaps outside investors will come. Assuming the s0ci@list pr0gressive in charge want them???

  9. They’re just criminals, they don’t know any better.

    But you, Comrade, you know better and you engaged in wrongthink anyway. We know this because if you didn’t know better you’d just be a run of the mill criminal! This is why you get 10 and they get released. Now, don’t make a fuss or the Organs change their mind and send you to the wall.


    A side note, “no snitch” culture is mostly a good thing. With the way .gov has acted for the past, oh 65 or so years, citizens should treat .gov like mushrooms. Keep them in the dark and feed them shit.

  10. “Great. We can have more “anti-violence activists” and “interrupters” arrested while collecting a paycheck from taxpayers.”

    …AKA the government still trying to replace the traditional role of the family.

    They know what they’re doing. They’re financially incentivizing people to either join or be sympathetic toward the Regime. They’re intentionally creating problems to justify building up their loyal bureaucratic state. They’re doing the same thing with immigration.

    If only private transfers were legal in Illinois, the feds would have a reason to terrorize the non-violent, but gun-owning population. They want all of the mom and pops to need an FFL, so they can come in and revoke their FFL due to not crossing enough t’s.

  11. They don’t believe in holding criminals accountable for their crimes. – of course not – dat b wasit.

  12. Two of the reasons that the local US Attorney has for not prosecuting Felon in Possession cases (18 USC 922) cases in Chiraq is the sheer number of potential cases and the demographics of the defendants.

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