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Local residents, indeed people nationwide, were distressed to learn that a 13-year-old girl was shot in Chicago last Tuesday morning just before school. How could such a thing happen to a young child on her way to school?

Then, days later, we learned that the young woman and her 14-year-old male accomplice weren’t on their way to school. Or maybe they were on the way to school. One thing is more certain. Cops say that at 7:49 am, the team tried to carjack a woman of her SUV on Chicago’s south side.

Their victim, however, also had a vote in the matter. Using her CCW, she fired at the youthful carjackers, striking the 13-year-old girl.

Instead of sticking around to render aid after the smoke cleared, her brave and courageous boyfriend/accomplice ran as if his hair was on fire, beating feet as fast as he could. He probably didn’t want to be late for his advanced placement physics class.

The updated outcome of the investigation of the 13-year-old’s shooting didn’t merit much in the way of coverage from the mainstream media. Why it was almost as if the establishment media wanted to cover the story…with a pillow, until it stopped moving.

For instance, ABC 7’s coverage of the news that the girl was part of a carjacking team merited just a few sentences via MSN:

New details have emerged about a South Side shooting earlier this week that injured a 13-year-old girl.

Chicago police say the girl was trying to steal a car when she was shot.

The shooting happened Tuesday around 7:49 a.m. in the 8200 block of South Commercial Avenue in the South Chicago neighborhood.

According to police, a woman fired her gun at the girl and a 14-year-old boy when they tried to take her SUV…

Both children are charged with the attempted theft, police said.

Children? Children aren’t out using a stolen gun to attempt to carjack people of their cars.

Of course, did prosecutors charge the duo with attempted carjacking?

Of course not. They were charged with attempted theft.

And that’s why Chicago has a crime problem.

If Chicago saw a few dozen more of these cases of carjackers and drive-up armed robbery crews meeting good guys with guns, word would get around. Especially with some dead perps, this would do far more to dissuade what’s become common behavior among feral “youths” than politicians who defund the police, prosecutors who don’t prosecute and judges who don’t incarcerate.

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      • Where does the propaganda between the ears of useful idiots begin? Lots of it begins with the likes of johnny boy’s bigoted rhetoric being picked up by trolls and shills and passed along until it’s twisted into political garbage for useful idiots to share between each other on college campi, etc…You fukheads may think what johnny boy says is harmless…well think again fukheads…

    • You know damn well they’re part of the 13%, the portion of the population that was once considered the Democrat’s “Chosen People”, now they’ve been cast aside, replaced by border-jumpers and the murderous Arafatians/Sinwarians.

  1. The usual suspects. From a celebrated single mother living in a government housing project. With 5 kids from 5 different men. And no father in the home.

    She was told by the Libertarians Liberals and the Left, that a husband’s love and discipline, are not necessary for the children.

    All children who use violence when committing a crime, should be shot dead on site.
    Since the parent won’t discipline and control their child. Society will.

    • They told women in the 60s they would never have equality unless they acted like men. One big difference: men don’t get pregnant. It turns out that men and women are very different.

      Hook up culture wouldn’t have flourished without abortion. Back before abortion was so acceptable and accessible, and before Big Daddy Government was there to take care of you, women had to be very discerning about who they slept with. They would tend to choose people they could see as a father. Feminism and welfare have been great for guys that want to hook up without any responsibility. The feminist revolution has been a great five decade run for dudes.

  2. lol.
    Rather than being “scared straight” she’ll no doubt sport her injury as a badge of honor.

    It’s easy enough to spot the people in this world who view being shot while committing a crime as a WTF wake up moment and those who think it’s street-cred to flaunt. The latter group needs to be sent to Antarctica.

    Between the inclusion of 18-25 year olds and the reality of grade-school felons that “leading cause of death among children” stat they love to drag out loses more weight everyday

  3. And that’s why Chicago has a crime problem.

    Kinda sorta, but not really. It has to do with the culture the children were raised in. An attempted carjacking by a 13 and 14 year-old would be a shocking story in Small Town, USA. When it happens in a place like Chicago, no one is shocked. That is sad. Why don’t people want to do anything about that? Why do they shout you down when you bring it up? Because the status quo works for them.

    • Apparently it happens all over the place.
      DC, Kenosha, Seattle, a whole lot in Chicago.
      I was a little surprised by a simple “13 year old carjacking” search.

      Maybe it’s like a bar/bat mitzvah to some cultures?
      More likely some older gang members are approaching the kids with a way to make a quick buck that has little downside due to their minor status. Until somebody gets killed.

      Why isn’t this sort of thing treated like trafficking minors for sex? They’re basically trafficking minors for crimes. Maybe call the Hague since they’re effectively grooming child soldiers.

  4. Right now some lib is using this punk getting shot to say we need to do something about “gun violence.”

    Don’t commit adult crimes as a kid. You may get treated like an adult in the process. Here’s to hoping the bullet knocked some sense into her and her accomplice, not holding my breath though.

  5. Ummm…that particular hood isn’t necessarily the “usual suspect’s”. Lots of Spanglish flooding in. Anywho this story was not widely disseminated. And the leftards will say a “child” was shot🙄

  6. This is a failure of the parents more then anything else. If someone is carjacking at 13/14 with a stolen gun. A lot of things went wrong for years before that and that is what needs to be sorted.

  7. 3rd happy ending story I’ve read today. Fox News has 2 today involving shootouts with law enforcement that resulted in 3 room temperature perps. With the added bonus of tax $$$ saved

    • It’s only a happy ending when they expire in an expanding puddle of their own bodily functions as their bowels and bladder empty on a sidewalk/street like “Gentle Giant” Mike Brown. Because she survived this encounter that makes her even more dangerous, she’ll learn from her mistakes (some do) and will shoot first the next time and believe me there WILL be a “next time” as committing crime is all she and many members of her dysfunctional community know.

  8. Were they carjacking to get to their probation officer appointment? It’s the fault of a lack of public transport.

    • Back of the bus
      Front of the bus
      Drive the bus
      Rob the people on the bus
      Steal the bus.
      A chronological order.

    • FAFO?,,,,,,,?
      Its plain and simple english sire.
      Then you hear a diesel motor.
      Fascinating lover
      Snowflake in the sun
      You make me feel so Bon Jour
      Oh you captured everyone.
      ….. the online version I found doesn’t have the diesel motor starting up.
      What the heck is FAFO?

      • “What the heck is FAFO?”

        ‘You don’t spit into the wind,
        You don’t pull on Superman’s cape,
        You don’t pull the mask off the ol’ Lone Ranger,
        And you don’t mess around with’…..whomever

  9. Let’s see only thirteen (13) and “catching lead”, sadly she wasn’t “made good” but hopefully she caught it in the babymaker rendering her infertile though odds are she’s already popped out a sprog or two who possess her criminal DNA.


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