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Normally, you can get good police dashcam footage on YouTube, but this one was violent enough that even over there the original footage got buried into oblivion by news outlets who know how to work the algorithm and love to censor the footage for local TV. Fortunately, I was able to find it on X (or Twitter, or whatever).

In this video, Seattle police officers were waiting inside a hotel room for a man had  allegedly scheduled to meet one or two underage girls (the story differs around the internet). But, when he found out that he was the prey, he decided to draw a gun, leading to a very rapid demise.

What We Can Learn From This

Instead of doing what most people did in comments all over the internet, I’ll skip past celebrating the guy’s death. While that’s certainly the feeling we all share here, there’s nothing useful to glean from that.

Instead, I want to start with the raw speed at which this whole gunfight went down. There was no tense standoff, no chance to “shoot him in the hand” or anything like that. In fact, the situation changed from arresting the guy to a deadly fight so fast that the initial officer didn’t even have time to stop introducing himself. Part of his brain was starting to become engaged in wrestling over a gun while another part of him was still speaking professionally and he struggled to form the words to command him to give up the gun!

So, when someone tells you that “there are no shot timers in a gunfight”, keep this kind of thing in mind. If you’re not training to either get rounds on target fast or do something else to keep from getting killed, you’re watching too many movies and TV shows.

It’s unclear whose gun fired first, but it sounds like the man’s gun was fired in the struggle for it. At this point, another officer, who wasn’t struggling to keep a muzzle pointed away from him, did as police officers and concealed carry people who went to a good course are trained to do: two shots to the gut. Again, there’s no time for drawing, completing the grip, and forming a sight picture. In this kind of a situation, you point shoot practically on the way out of the holster and start trying to incapacitate the assailant before they get a chance to hurt you.

At this point, we get a lesson on what happens when the adrenaline hits a brain in charge of a modern handgun: emptying the magazine. No matter how much you train to do things like the Mozambique drill or otherwise fire some course of fire, things get crazy in this kind of a situation.

All in all, this was an incident that seems to have been handled professionally by police officers, and fortunately it was against an assailant who hadn’t been training with a shot timer or properly holstering his gun for fast deployment. If you’re ever faced with a violent encounter, you have to ask yourself: would you rather be like the cops here or be like the alleged pedophile?

His alleged crimes against humanity entirely aside, you don’t want to be that guy.

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  1. O’l boy had his hand on the gun from the moment he knocked on the door. Fortunately for the officers, he had the draw stroke of a tree sloth.

    • I noticed right away that the deceased already had his hand on the gun as the cops opened the door. It makes me wonder if the deceased suspected that he might be going to a setup. Or, was the deceased planning to draw and immediately coerce the underage girls that he was expecting to meet?

      • Given his age and background, I suspect ‘suicide by cop’ was his backup plan should an officer ever answer the door.

        • I really wonder too, that draw was wildly slow far as I could tell. then again, i may be a poor judge.

          Whats interesting is watching the footage I thought his hand went to the gun, not that it was on it at the door. Will have to look again.

  2. Officer on right is very lucky the officer on the left didn’t kill him by ricocheting a dozen slugs off the concrete floor into him.

    • Did it look like one of the cops wasn’t putting weight on one leg after it happened? Wonder if he took a stray shot in that leg. So many shots fired so quickly, from opposite directions, truly would be a wonder if they didn’t hit each other at all.

  3. Even in Seattle they don’t give a pass to the “minor attracted person” wing of the alphabet crowd. Maybe there’s hope for civilization yet.

    • Shire-man,

      Give them time in Seattle: they will “come around” soon enough.

      Note the recent new standard in California: adult men up to the age of 26 can legally engage in “consensual” $ex with minor girls as young as 14 years old. I can only imagine that it is a matter of time before California expands that law to encompass girls down to age 12 and men up to any age. Other states (especially on the West Coast) will almost certainly jump on that bandwagon in the next couple years as part of our nation’s downward moral spiral.

      • as they say in most of Latin America as well as various, predominantly Islamic countries that have names that end in “stan,” old enough to bleed is old enough to breed.

        If the pervert had only identified as homosexual or transgender, the Seattle police would not have even investigated.

    • Ever wonder what the “+” in the LGBTetc is for?

      I’ll give you one clue. It is not human to human relations.

  4. What We Can Learn From The Death Of A Pedophile In Seattle?

    That it should happen to all of them.

    • I think we should see the follow-up video where they responsibly recycle the corpse through a wood-chipper.

  5. Great analysis. Hollywood has conditioned us to believe there will be significant dialogue and tension building in a police shooting…that’s what screenwriters are really good at developing. Turning what should be a bullet to the noggin (armed perp) or a simple arrest, handcuff, and dump into the back of the black ‘n white into 22 minutes of drama with 7 minutes of commercials and 1 minute for the credits.

  6. I’m not a fan of entrapment but if you’re fake meeting up with an underage girl(or boy) all bets are off. I am a supporter of Sound of Freedom. American’s en mass like critters more than babies & children.

    • It’s not entrapment if he initiated the online conversation and set up the meet. It would only be entrapment if LE contacted him first and suggested the meet-up.

      • The point is not that long ago, this would be viewed as trying to make more criminals. Have the police solved all the crimes already committed? Of course not, but they need new bodies to get promoted. The Founding Fathers would be aghast at trolling. If police don’t care about catching those who commit crimes without trolling, exactly what good are they?

    • I agree. No one seems to understand that the police are promoted by how many criminals they bring in, regardless of how they do it. This whole concept would be alien to the Founding Fathers. What’s next, offering napalm online and anyone who tries to buy it gets arrested? This country has lost all sense of small government and law enforcement doing what law enforcement used to do, find criminals and lock them up for the crimes committed.

  7. I’m sure the rainb0w cr0wd and the three L’s will be protesting another victim of “police misconduct.”

    They would prefer the cops to just stand down and do nothing.

    • The perp was a “minor attracted person” after all. Just another orientation, according to the alphabet mafia.

      • Johnny LeBlanc,

        Even then, the pervert is only guilty of a crime if his underage target identifies as a minor: if his underage target identifies as an adult, he is good to go under the “identify any way you want” umbrella.

        This is the consequence of allowing someone’s feelings to overrule clear and objective reality.

        • Everything to the Left comes down to consent. As long as the child consents, then what’s the problem? Children can consent to living a lie as the opposite secks*. They’re fine with children “consenting” to chop off their breasts, permanently altering their voice, or sterilizing themselves before they’re old enough to vote. As a matter of fact, that behavior is promoted by the Left. If the child wants to have secks* with the creepy old guy from the net, then who are we to judge? We must liberate the child from societal norms.
          *avoiding moderation

    • What can we learn? Cops are busy trying to create new criminals. Apparently, there aren’t enough on the street for them. Too much work to solve old crimes. Much more fun to fill more prisons.

      • “Much more fun to fill more prisons.”

        I argue that this country finds itself in its current condition because we stopped filling prisons.

      • I agree. Leave the cops out of it and let the people take care of business. Great idea!

  8. There was/is another potential danger to note in that event. The cop who opened the door appeared to direct all of his attention to the decedent’s firearm (as virtually all people would do). If the decedent had had an accomplice standing a few feet off to the side, that could have gone very poorly for that police officer who was wrestling to control the decedent’s handgun.

    I don’t mention that to be critical of the police officer. It is a natural human reaction which self-defense teachers popularly call “tunnel vision”. I am curious to know if any amount of training can overcome our brain’s GINORMOUS proclivity to focus intensely and exclusively on an immediate deadly threat in front of us. Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Have a partner to manage situational awareness while you gain control of the suspect and assist you when they clear the scene of other bad guys. Otherwise not much you can practically do besides maybe positioning your suspect between the other threat and you ala human shield if you happen to notice one.

    • Not sure that this type situation results in multiple people showing up. I would think it’s more of an individual thing. Additionally, if you’ve got folks waiting inside for the bad guy to show up, there are usually other officers outside advising them on the comings and goings of who’s arriving to the party.

      • ken,

        Good point that law enforcement probably had outside observers communicating with the policemen inside.

        By the way I agree that a pervert usually acts alone. I was potentially thinking more along the lines if the “gentlemen caller” was part of team of criminals abducting underage girls for human trafficking purposes. If that was the case, there is a very high probability of multiple criminals showing up.

    • “It is a natural human reaction which self-defense teachers popularly call “tunnel vision”. I am curious to know if any amount of training can overcome our brain’s GINORMOUS proclivity to focus intensely and exclusively on an immediate deadly threat in front of us. Inquiring minds want to know.”

      Its called the ‘stress response’ (AKA ‘Fight or Flight’ response) and tunnel vision is part of it. It is a natural response, its automatic, everyone has it (some more than others). Other symptoms can include loss of sense of time, uncontrolled body movements of which the person is unaware, and a focus on the threat only to the exclusion of seeing other ‘things’. Another effect is not actually genuinely remembering certain things that happened during the incident (which the brain fills in later by extrapolation from what it does remember – which is also why you should not talk to 911 or police immediately after a defense gun use incident).

      For example, the gun sights and even the red dot or laser dot – less than 2% of people actually see the gun sights or red dot or laser dot in an actual sudden imminent defensive gun use for at least the first two shots. Later they will say they did, but not really, its the brain filling in voids by extrapolation from training where you do use the sights. The brain knows what your training was, that your used sights, so it ‘assumes’ you would have used sights (or red dot or laser dot) so it fills in the ‘stress response’ memory void by extrapolation from that and it seems like a real memory and most likely is ‘correct’ but you still did not actually see the sights or red dot or laser dot because the stress response had tunnel visioned you so tightly on the actual threat that it excluded seeing anything else. (this is also why you should practice instinctive shooting without using sights or red dot or laser dot).

      But there are many different other symptoms also.

      For example, did you ever read a victims account of their being victimized and almost killed and they say something like “It was like time stood still.” (or similar)? That’s because for them time did stand still, in their stress response they lost all awareness of time passing.

      The ‘stress response’ can make you not think clearly during and for a bit after the event is over, its the effect of all the adrenaline flooding the body and the brain putting the body in over drive and then the massive release of cortisol. There are lots of effects, and it affects people differently.

      After the amygdala sends a ‘fight or flight’ (‘stress response’) distress signal, the hypothalamus activates the sympathetic nervous system by sending signals through the autonomic nerves to the adrenal glands. These glands respond by pumping the hormone epinephrine (also known as adrenaline) into the bloodstream. This hormone response also triggers the release of large amounts of cortisol. As this happens the sympathetic nervous system takes over and suppresses the parasympathetic nervous system. The persons body may even move on its own without them telling it to and they may not even be aware of it unless they keep track of their body state consciously. The parasympathetic nervous system is what helps a person determine their body state and think more clearly by calming the person down, but this system is suppressed by the sympathetic nervous system during the ‘stress response’.

      When the threat passes, at some point after the cortisol levels fall and as they fall the parasympathetic nervous system dampens the sympathetic nervous system response and you begin to think more clearly.

    • Better than average chance the hotel has security cameras in the lobby and hallways. An officer watching the feeds would see how many people are coming and report it to the ones waiting.

    • While I understand your point, I would ask you to consider this. The first officer MUST focus on the handgun in the perp’s hand. It is the known risk. Yes, there could have been someone else off to the side. That is not the priority at the moment.

      I have countered the training mantra for the last few decades of turning to look around before you holster. Deal with the threat. Completely. Then and only then, have someone else scan the area for other risks. You have a known risk down. Until he/she is in handcuffs, that is the risk you deal with to the exclusion of all others. The risk was great enough that you use your weapon. Stay on that risk until it is resolved.

    • Because that’s the “I really, really want you to die” way to do a mag dump. They teach you that at the academy. Or so it seems

  9. The most important takeaways from this incident are no law enforcement were harmed and tax$$$ were saved.

  10. 1 deceased kiddie diddler. And the problem is? Righteous shoot. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving creature. Can’t call that thing a man.
    Shoot should have been 3 rounds, not a mag dump. 2 center mass and 1 in the head. Cops need to spend a little more time with the shot timer and in hip shooting accurately. Need to do a mile run and then shoot to simulate the motor control loss from the adrenaline dump. Including the unsteady breathing and high heart rate.

  11. Apparently there aren’t enough criminals, so we have to go and create more. Say what you will, but this is what law enforcement is all about. The FBI runs around trying to find disgruntled people they can make into terrorists by giving them explosives, mostly fake, and then arresting them, etc. It also makes Gestapo-style raids at gunpoint in the middle of the night to take non-violent, no-criminal record grandmothers into custody.

    Meanwhile, real criminals aren’t bothered too much by law enforcement anymore. They are too busy trying to make criminals, so they can arrest them.

    I now question anyone found with kiddie porn on their computers. Let’s face it, if the government wants to, they can easily enough plant it on your computer, one way or the other. If the government wants to take you down, they have a million ways to do so. This is no longer a free country. This is a only slightly kinder, gentler version of Red China and the kinder and gentler gets worse each and every year.

  12. One less “Love Is Love” Democrat for resident trolls “69-ing Minors” and “Deludian” to meet with weekly, sadly he’ll still be casting a ballot for decades to come.

  13. If you move through the video frame by frame, you can see that there is a moment when the suspect is pointing his gun right at the officer before the officer is able to grab it. Instead of pulling the trigger at that moment, the suspect pulls his gun back away from the officer’s hand. If the suspect had pulled the trigger instead of pulling his gun back away, he could have shot the officer.

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