BREAKING: 11 Killed in Shooting at Virginia Beach Municipal Building

WTKR reports that: Virginia Beach Police responded to an active shooter situation at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center, according to MPO Tonya Pierce. The incident happened at Building 2 in the 2400 block of Courthouse Drive. Police said multiple injuries have been confirmed, and 11 people were killed. Megan works for @CityofVaBeach government. She was […]

Man Caught With ‘Assault Rifle Clip’ and 24 Rounds in Bronx Supreme Court

“If it wasn’t for the diligence of these court officers, who knows what tragic events could have unfolded.” That’s dire warning came from New York Supreme Court Officers Association President Patrick Cullen. He was referring to the discovery of a 9mm “assault rifle clip” in the bag of someone entering the Bronx Supreme Court building Friday. […]

Germany Needs Common Sense Crossbow Control NOW!

It’s not only dragon-borne homicidal monarchs who are endangered by crossbows. It turns out that everyday Germans now need to watch out, too. As the Guardian reports, Police in Germany are investigating the mysterious discovery of three bodies shot with crossbow bolts in a Bavarian hotel room. Investigators are still trying to determine the relationship between the […]

Cook County, IL: 14-Year-Old Charged With Shooting Two, Freed Without Supervision

Welcome to Cook County, Illinois, where crime often has no meaningful consequences.  Between a State’s Attorney’s Office reluctant to file charges and judges who mollycoddles defendants, Chicagoland has become the modern Wild West. Case in point: a 14-year-old who (reportedly) shot and tried to kill two in a nice uptown neighborhood was released by a […]