Kentucky Homeowner Fires Warning Shots, Chases Down Burglar and Holds Him for Police

By José Niño Disregarding the mainstream media is generally a healthy thing to do when discussing gun policy. To journalists and the commentariat, the idea of having a firearm is unfathomable. After all, aren’t guns only really used by mass shooters and common criminals? Not quite. details a recent defensive gun use. A 29-year-old […]

Armed Home Invader Killed by Homeowner, Public Defender Calls It ‘Heartbreaking’

Home invaders certainly aren’t practicing social distancing or complying with stay-at-home orders. And once more in Illinois, another violent home invasion happened in recent days. In Urbana, three teens picked a Marine Corps veteran’s apartment to break into. One of them was armed with a rifle and another with pepper spray. They chose…poorly. In this […]

Murder City, USA: Impotent Chicago Mayor Retreats When Kid Tells Her to ‘Go Home’ [VIDEO]

While Illinois citizens remain subject to a state-wide lockdown, someone forgot to tell the bad guys. Consistent with past practice, with warmer weather, the Chicago’s violence increased over the weekend. The bad guys racked up five murders and 44 others maimed in Murder City, USA. Meanwhile, tough-talking Mayor Lori Lightfoot turned tail and ran when […]

Man Arrested After Spraying ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson’s Property With Gunfire

From the Associated Press A man was arrested in connection with a drive-by shooting at the Louisiana estate of “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson. Daniel King Jr. was booked into a correctional center after two homes in West Monroe were struck by gunfire on Friday afternoon, the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post Saturday. […]

Your Sunday Morning Revelation: Guns Are Not the Fundamental Driver of Violence in America

In addition to showing the disconnect between guns and America’s violence problem, the demographic disparities in violence are important for another reason: Americans’ perceptions of gun violence are shaped largely by a few high-profile mass shooting incidents, featuring predominantly white murderers and white victims. Considering the share of airtime allotted to these tragedies, one might […]