The Aftermath of the wiskey_warrior_556 Standoff

You may have followed the situation that played out online and in Mahopac, New York on Saturday evening. Alexander Booth, a veteran who posts on Instagram as whiskey_warrior_556, put of video from his home as the Putnam County Sheriff and other police assembled outside his home. It wasn’t clear exactly what prompted the police response […]

Illinois State Rep. Curtis Tarver Arrested For Carrying a Gun With a Revoked Permit

Curtis J. Tarver II, is an Illinois state representative. His accomplishments include voting to make it tougher to get a Firearm Owner Identification Card, letting his FOID expire, and then getting arrested for failing to surrender his revoked CCL permit. Tarver was busted in a routine traffic stop Thursday night on Chicago’s south side. One […]

Florida Teen Who Meticulously Planned School Shooting Is Released by Local Judge

[ED: The investigation into the Parkland massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School showed that the shooter was a well-known problem to his parents, teachers, administrators and law enforcement (dozens of police calls including two to the FBI). Yet no one did anything about the problem until seventeen people were dead.] By Bobby Caina Calvan, […]