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The punitive proposed ban on semi-auto rifles that was just passed by the state House of Representatives and sent to the Senate for consideration isn’t the only restrictive legislation being considered in Colorado this session.

Democrat lawmakers, who have a majority in both the House and Senate, are also pushing a measure that would expand the list of “sensitive places” where lawful gun owners would be banned from carrying their firearms for self-defense.

The measure, SB 24-131, is sponsored by Democrat state Reps. Kyle Brown and Mandy Lindsay and Sens. Sonya Jaquez Lewis and Chris Kolker. The legislation expands the state’s “sensitive places” to include state legislative buildings, including buildings at which the offices of elected members are located; buildings of a local government’s governing body, including buildings at which the offices of elected members or the chief executive officer of a local government are located; and courthouses or other building used for court proceedings.

Under the proposed law, carrying a firearm in any of those buildings, including by those who have a concealed carry permit, would be considered a class 1 misdemeanor. That could be punishable by up to 364 days in jail plus a $1,000 fine.

The measure would also prohibit a person from knowingly carrying a firearm, both openly and concealed, on the property of a public or private preschool; public or private elementary, middle, junior high, high, or vocational school; or any public or private college, university or seminary (higher education institution). Like the previous provision, violation would be considered a class 1 misdemeanor.

If you think such bans sound unconstitutional, I agree. However, the authors of the bill strongly disagree.

“Colorado currently regulates carrying firearms in specified nine sensitive places, including certain government buildings, schools and public transportation facilities,” the bill’s introduction states. “The sensitive spaces described in this act are places where children and other members of the public congregate, and the sensitive spaces described in this act are sensitive places at which the state can regulate carrying firearms consistent with the Second Amendment.”

Of course, nothing in the measure requires these “sensitive places” to protect disarmed citizens from armed criminals who nearly always ignore such laws. Considering that some 94% of mass shootings occur in gun-free zones, the measure would make lawful citizens less safe, not more.

If passed by the House and Senate and signed by Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, the measure would take effect on July 1. Existing Colorado law already prohibits openly carrying a firearm within any polling location or central count facility, or within 100 feet of a ballot drop box or any building in which a polling location or central count facility is located, while an election or any related ongoing election administration activity is in progress.

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  1. I’ve said this many times. Gun control. Crimes against humanity. Civil rights violations.

    None of this will be stopped in the US until California is broke. Run from CA. They will follow.

    Just move. And they will move in next to you.

    • Not many people realize this especially those that push the just move solution to commie states. It will spread like cancer unless it is killed. The lawfare route is the least bloody option that has a chance of success. The others I hope to never see just as I hope to never see America become the coastal model.

      • It is though.
        I was saddened to here that a house being sold in this town may be purchased by a New Jersey family.
        Nothing against New Jersians it’s just that ,Oh My Gawd they’ve discovered the midwest.
        Hopefully a twister will come up and blow the house to shreds 🤞🙏

        • “Nothing against New Jersians…”

          As someone with family from NJ, I say “Fool of a possum!” to you, sir.

      • This is absolutely true.

        A look at the *interesting goings-on* in Texas in terms of voter registration and the SSA’s appraisal of the “new voter registrations” (huge numbers coming back as “deceased” in SSA records) suggests that the impossible might happen.

        Texas may, this year, go deep blue and never return.

        But don’t worry, so far as anyone can tell the Texas AG is very busy ignoring this.

        • Is he strych9? I thought he was one of the good guy’s. I may be wrong but my AG in Colorado I know is a prick as well as my Pole smoking Gov.

        • The Texas AG declared the SSA’s information to be a “mistake” and, at least publicly, declined to launch an investigation (admittedly, they could be doing something behind the scenes).

          Public pressure may change that, we’ll see. He’s certainly getting blown up about it on social media.

          Maybe it is a mistake, but I would really rather doubt it just based on the statistics I ran on it (I’ll spare you several pages of numbers).

          What we do know for sure is that there are numerous oddities in the reported numbers each of which is, statistically, not random. We also know that this is not a purge of the voter rolls because that’s a different system.

          And we can say with very high confidence that this is not random.

          What we can’t say is why it’s happening.

          Personally, I’d rather like to see an actual investigation, not handwaving. I was kind of surprised that Paxton responded the way he did. Maybe he just doesn’t get math? Maybe he’s running something behind the scenes.


          But, if this remains un-investigated and Texas suddenly goes blue there’s gonna be some ‘splainin’ to do and, realistically, that will never happen unless they decide to write another article bragging about their “fortification” efforts.

    • You can’t run away from your problems. And by not voting your problems are still not going away.

      But there are many people who really think their problems will go away. When they don’t vote.

      “Why it’s Ok to not vote.” Catherine Mangu Ward. A great libertarian. Video 50 min long.

      And she is a proud atheist.

    • “None of this will be stopped in the US until California is broke. Run from CA. They will follow.”

      Something like 400,000+ left Cali last year, and the state is planning on billing them for lost tax revenue…

  2. Anyone else notice these new safe space/prohibited areas are all governmental offices/buildings/properties? Looks like the politicians are only trying to protect themselves while throwing the citizens who pay the bills to the wolves. Because you can bet the very people demanding the citizens be disarmed are protected by people armed with the very weapons you are not “Allowed” to possess.
    And again I have to ask what part of shall not be infringed is so difficult to understand?

    • Hey now we banned carry in any private property or business that didn’t explicitly put up a government approved sign allowing concealed carry as well as on all kinds of parks and playgrounds. We believe in stopping our citizens (legal and otherwise) from finding out when they fuck around. (Sarc in case it doesn’t come through right away)

    • The government people have to be kept safe otherwise the country will go to hell.
      It’s a proven fact, without big government America is lost.
      That’s why JRB mustwill be appointed president again.
      Leadership skills and diplomacy.
      Support your local BATFE.
      let Freedom Ring

    • They are doing it “for the children”, so they say. I wonder what the carve out is, I assume LE is permitted, I wonder if the politicians themselves are allowed to carry or they will just rely on their police guards for protection.

      Children can’t be around guns, if the guns smell them, they will start automatically firing inside the holsters. Fortunately there aren’t kids in grocery stores, target, Walmart, movie theaters, malls, cars, side walks, etc, where they might come in contact with a law abiding licensed, background checked person with a safely, concealed firearm. There would be blood in the streets for sure.

      • According to Section 2 (a-e) LE, .mil, specifically hired armed security and people who require the firearm for “instructional purposes” are exempted.

        Also, those people with a valid CCW permit who properly store their firearm in an approved container in the parking lot (which is a call to another bill they’re proposing which defines the approved container).

    • This isn’t actually true.

      Private hospitals, banks, certain care homes, private colleges and other facilities are covered as well and they have zero option to waive the ban. The state is just telling them that guns are not allowed on the privately owned property.

      If they wish they can hire private, armed security or moonlighting LE though, because such people are exempted from the ban.

  3. I visited a doctor today.
    First time in 20years.
    The subject of world affairs was brought up by me(I’m fishing) seems the good doctor is tooling up for the Zombie Apocalypse.
    So much for the CDC doctor crap.
    hmmm, a militia with doctors and surgeons, not a bad idea.

  4. Reminds me of an old saying that the left thought was stupid. “When gumns are outlawed, only outlaws will have gumns”.

  5. Fortunately some time ago I spent a week of summer in Aspen and it was wonderful. I remember driving Independence Pass to Aspen at night in the rain…fun. Today Colorado has become a democRat Party sht hole, until the public view of Gun Control is changed expect Gun Control to keep cracking the whip. I.E. Every a-hole on the planet has heard the Gun-Violence Drumbeat over and over while few in comparison have heard Gun Control is Rooted in Racism and Genocide…For that thank Gun owning History illiterates who instead of Defining Gun Control for what it is would rather kiss the behinds of bigoted Gun talking blowbags…you know who you are.

    • i know who you are, you wanna fjb. asked for it.
      “you know, they used to do this to keep guns out of the hands of those people us bigots hate.”
      “then why do they do it now? these laws keep them out of our hands!”
      “because the elites are the new bigots and hate them and us too.”

  6. 3.
    Because freedom comes with responsibility and consequences. The b u t t. sez folks and drug mob refuse to accept them both.

    They want “free” needles and “free” condoms. And “free” drug treatment.

    They want the tax payer to pay for their mistakes. And then they’ll call you a [email protected] and a h0m.0ph.0be if you complain.

  7. 4.
    The colorado voters will trade away their civil rights. For any and all pleasures the government can provide for them.

  8. 5.
    The only long term solution to stop these people.

    Is for straight people to have lots of children and raise them to be conservative. And respect the Bill of Rights.


    Never vote for an atheist or homosexual in any public office. President Eisenhower said,

    “the enemies of the United States are atheistic in nature.”

  9. Tyranny allowed is Tyranny deserved. 1 day away from the anniversary of the 77 who said No to tyranny.

      • Not in Iowa. which is one of the strongest supporters of the 2nd amendment in the nation. The latest legislation prevent business from attaching/tracking a specific code to firearms and ammo purchases and also prevents banking institutions from discriminating against firearms dealers. As well as legislation to allow school teachers, administrators and other employees to carry firearms on school property and protect those school districts that choose to do so from civil litigation from their use. You are just whining because of the failures in your state populace to do likewise.

        • Nah, you don’t get to play that game.

          Iowa’s “allowance” of tyranny at the Federal level means they get the same as everyone else. Welcome to the Union.

          And I’m not saying that from a philosophical point of view, more the practical side of things. The only thing that will stop the Feds is a nation-wide collective action against the Feds. Iowa will get what everyone else gets. We all hang together or we most assuredly will hang separately, as it were.

          Iowa will submit, ultimately, because if they’re not backed by more than half the other states in unison, they will be crushed.

          For a very minor example, what’s your highway speed limit? Do you really think Iowa got to choose that? They didn’t. USDOT did. They’ve brought redder states to heel on that topic too.

          Goose, gander, meet the pot.

  10. Ultimately, if passed, this makes the entire State a giant GFZ by declaring nearly everything a “sensitive space”.

    Of the several issues with the current bill the biggest one for most people is probably 1(c)


    Oh, great they can just throw up moving GFZs as long as they place signs around the immediate area (which they mostly won’t do properly) but you can be guaranteed that the cops will enforce the fuck out of this in the cities.

    Basically means there’s no point in having a CCW permit.

    Also, if you have a business that deals with significant amounts of cash, you better hire armed security for your bank runs under 1(f). A section that also brings up the question of check-cashing businesses and ATM machines.

    The best parts of the bill, IMHO, are the ones where they take agency away from private groups. There are parts of the bill that don’t respect private property, but rather tell a private business (hospitals, banks, care homes colleges etc) what they must do on their own property.

  11. Interesting how when a mob of rainbow flag waving rock throwers destroy private property nobody cares. Because they support the cops being ordered to stand down and do nothing.

    But when the rainbow flag waving colorado governor violates private property rights. Now people complain.

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