Rust Alec Baldwin movie set shooting death
Security stands at the entrance to a film set where police say actor Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun, killing a cinematographer, is seen outside Santa Fe, New Mexico, Friday, Oct. 22, 2021. The Bonanza Creek Ranch film set has permanent structures for background used in Westerns, including "Rust," the film Baldwin was working on when the prop gun discharged. (AP Photo/Cedar Attanasio)
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The armorer in charge of the prop guns and ammunition on the set of the movie Rust has been sentenced to 18 months in a state prison for the incident in which actor Alec Baldwin shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins with a prop gun in October 2021.

A New Mexico jury had found 25-year-old Hanna Gutierrez-Reed guilty of involuntary manslaughter back in early March. And on Monday, a judge handed down the maximum sentence to Gutierrez-Reed, citing her lack of remorse as one reason for that penalty.

“Your attorney had to tell the court you were remorseful,” the judge said at the sentencing, later adding, “You were the armorer who stood between a safe weapon and a weapon that could kill someone. But for you, she would be alive.”

The March verdict was reached after only a few hours of deliberation, and Gutierrez-Reed was immediately taken into custody. Afterward her attorney promised an appeal in the case. Gutierrez-Reed was also found not guilty on an evidence tampering charge for allegedly passing off a bag of cocaine the day of the fatal set shooting.

After Monday’s verdict, the special prosecutor in charge told Fox News that prosecutors “respect the judge’s decision.

“It’s been a difficult case,” Kari T. Morrissey said. “But taking responsibility I think is critical in the criminal justice system and that was something that unfortunately was lacking from Miss Gutierrez.”

According to the Fox report, “In recorded jail phone conversations with her mother, boyfriend and her attorney’s paralegal, Gutierrez-Reed called jurors ‘idiots’ and ‘a—holes’ while complaining about the length of time it took them to deliberate, according to a recent filing by prosecutors. Also in the phone calls, she said that she would not testify in Baldwin’s upcoming criminal trial if subpoenaed and that she wants him to go to jail, too.

During the trial, prosecutors acknowledged that Alec Baldwin, who actually fired the shot that killed Hutchins, had a history of poor gun handling on set. But, they said, that didn’t absolve the armorer’s part in the tragedy.

“Hannah Gutierrez knew that Baldwin was loose. She knew it,” Morrissey told the jury. “She didn’t do anything about it, even though it was her job. It was her job. It is her job to say to an A-list actor, if in fact, that’s what you want to call him, ‘Hey, you can’t behave that way with those firearms.’ That is her job. That is what they pay her for. That is the job that she applied for. That is the job that she accepted.”

Baldwin, who pulled the trigger on the live round while pointing the gun at Hutchins, has also been charged with involuntary manslaughter and is accused of causing Hutchins’s death either by negligence or “total disregard or indifference” for safety. He has pleaded not guilty, and his trial will begin in July.

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  1. “After Monday’s verdict, the special prosecutor in charge told Fox News that prosecutors ‘respect the judge’s decision’. ”

    prosecutors always respect the judges decision that goes in their favor of conviction.

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  2. Miss Hanna Gutierrez-Reed learned a valuable lesson about complacency when dealing with potentially harmful devices.

    Obviously she didn’t pay attention to her lawyer’s instructions to keep her yap shut.

    • Keeping your #*%@ing mouth shut is the #1 rule for an incident like this.

      I suspect Baldwin will wind up with the same problem at some level.

      • When it comes to firearms the judge and jury are ignoramuses. The armorer could be drunk as a skunk and still the end user always verifies the weapon safe especially when it is to be pointed at someone and the trigger pulled. Nothing says accident fixing to happen like a shooter who is not competent enough to verify safe…no matter what.

        • Nooses, swastikas, and slave shacks.
          You blowhard bigot.
          I’d say ‘Eat me’ but I dont want Possum PotPie to catch on.

        • Not an accident at all. It was negligence, pure and simple. Even my youngest son at the age of 7 knew to always check any firearm handed to you by another person, even if it was just taken out if it’s box at the gun store. (I was damn proud of him for that one, by the way!!)

    • “Obviously she didn’t pay attention to her lawyer’s instructions to keep her yap shut.”

      To say nothing of the rank stupidity of thinking jailhouse phone calls were private…

  3. I’ve got a buck that says Baldwin wont even spend a nanosecond in court, let alone in a cell where he truly belongs. We all know on this set, Baldwin was in complete control, and not a single soul would dare cross him and continue working in hollow-wood.

    • he’ll be in court.
      and if i thought it would tip the planets any i’d send you the dollar.

    • I’m betting he beats the rap but not the ride. Then again, he may not beat the rap but I’m doubting he spends more than a few days in a cell.

      Truth in sentencing for the armorer will be what 6-9 months?

      • 15.3 if they collect funds related to truth in sentencing (85% served with other requirements) been a long time since I studied any of that.

      • “18 months, really isn’t that bad for her.”

        During closing arguments, the state’s prosecutor Kari Morrissey said something to the effect of :

        “You may be thinking Baldwin is the one really responsible here. Don’t worry, we will get to him…”

        The video of him yelling “Hurry up and reload!” will show the jury who was really responsible.

        Also, did you notice the shocked look on the armorer’s face when the medical examiner showed the autopsy photos and described how the spinal cord was cut and the wound track? The jury will see those photos.

        *That* is what will convict him.

        I also wouldn’t be surprised the people out there vote to increase the time behind bars to something like 5-15 years, as it is in many other states.

        I don’t think the ‘cocktail circuit’ will be able to bail his ass out on this one, as much he hopes it will. The mood out there is sour…

    • “I’ve got a buck that says Baldwin wont even spend a nanosecond in court, let alone in a cell where he truly belongs.”

      Not this time, the mood out there on this is foul. The jury will want to convict him for murdering a beautiful young woman…

    • This was definitely true originally, as I pointed out repeatedly. Santa Fe just ain’t really the place to go after someone like Baldwin. Hence why they dropped the charges a year ago.

      That’s also why the State went with Special Prosecutors (SPs) out of Rio Arriba County, which is an entirely different animal than Santa Fe County. Those two are not subject to the kind of political pressures that a Santa Fe DA is. They need not worry about the SF cocktail circuit.

      IIRC, the two SPs have indicted Baldwin as of earlier this year. Where that goes, we’ll see.

      If it goes to trial, which it may not, I doubt he’s convicted if the trial is in Santa Fe which it probably would be unless the prosecution requests a change of venue (can they do that?).

      This girl, the armorer, was always going to get thrown to the wolves to some extent, as I said when this happened. She’s not important the way Ol’ Alec is. She did get the max, but on a 4th degree Felony, so it doesn’t come with a super serious sentence. People get more for repeated DUI.

      18 months, really isn’t that bad for her. Worse case she comes out of NM’s rehabilitation system with a significantly stronger tongue and either a taste or distinct distaste for “Mexican food”.

  4. Stupid should hurt, she got off fairly easy considering her negligence and the outcome. Now, we just need Baldwin to get a sentence harsher than having to fake cry on TV while spreading epic layers of bullsheet.

  5. Good she deserves every day behind bars. Will she serve her entire sentence???

    I doubt it.

    She is a young pretty white woman. Just like the young and pretty white woman who was the third party.

    Who purchased the columbine guns for the underage killers. That white woman was never charged.
    But the young white guy who supplied the ammo. He went to prison.

    White privilege? Yes. At least for those connected white people. Like the white BLM protesters. Many waving rainbow flags. And throwing rocks. But not arrested. Not charged.

    • Are you trying to say if you f-up and shoot someone dead because of your incomptence you are going to stoop to blame everyone but yourself? Yes or No.

    • “Will she serve her entire sentence???”

      The minimum sentence is 85 percent behind bars…

      • Connected or “SELECTED” folks don’t serve their entire sentence.

        O.J. got off scott free. Until he went to a conservative state. And committed crimes in Nevada. He F-ed around and found out.

        • fyi
          I have previously stated on numerous occasions that, white people waving rainbow flags and throwing rocks.

          Should have been shot dead on site by the police.
          But the police were ordered to stand down and do nothing. While private property was burned to the ground.

          The libertarians liberals and the left all supported the stand down order.

  6. Now that they’re going to put the incompetent in jail, they should do no less for the penny pinching producer that knowingly hired an incompetent – Baldwin.

  7. I remain astonished that Hollywood continues to utilize firearms that are actually functional with normal, commercially available ammunition for making movies. most semiautomatic firearms can not even cycle when firing blanks unless equipped with a Blanc firing adapter. such a modification renders the firearm incapable of launching a normal projectile. (still bad news for the idiot pulling the trigger.). There is no reason why prop gun revolvers can’t be fitted with a cylinder with a constriction that can’t chamber a commercially available live round. Such a cylinder would accelerate the propellent deflagration rate thus improving the sound quality.

  8. I dont think this is a good thing for Alec the Drunk. He was the one responsible for the hires and what happens on the site. There is precedence for charging bosses for the wrongs of employees and in this case the boss literally pulled the trigger.
    His lawyers are probably negotiating a plea right now. He should do at least 18 months and be civilly liable to the hilt.

    • He was recently re-indicted over this.

      If his lawyers are smart they’ll wait and see where it goes. Pleading to something there’s a 95% chance of beating is silly.

      Baldwin’s chances in SF court are the inverse of Trump’s in NYC. In both cases you’d need straight up divine intervention to get a rational jury.

  9. Elmer Fudd

    I agree. Fake guns are much cheaper! No legal paperwork on fake guns.
    Sure, the gas guns that simply emit smoke and a flash on the FBI and Criminal Minds are not realistic but who cares? LEt the acting and story be enough, we dont need a gun ejecting brass with a boom to make it a good story.
    Bottom line- fake guns are cheaper and less trouble.
    Also more than a couple of hollywood stars are felons and should not handle guns, which is a low level lega mess compared to killing someone! Hollywood has good rules and safety practices, cheap shady directors go out of hollywood and deaths occur

    • Except that you don’t know what you are talking about.

      The replica guns actually cost MORE than the real firearms, in a lot of cases.

      Then there’s the blank-firing need.

      Bottom line, fake guns are not cheaper and less trouble… the prosecution never even suggested that it was improper to use real firearms.

      All this was covered in great detail in the trial, available on Youtube. I watched the whole thing. I recommend it to all gun owners. Very instructive. And the prosecution didn’t say anything incorrect about guns and ammo until the closing arguments, when they suggested that Hannah was pulling bullets out of live rounds to make dummies… with pliers and superglue. All handloaders know that’s impossible, without reloading tools that she definitely did not have access to.

      • Doesn’t that always end up with conviction and being sentenced to Rura Penthe?

        Jesus, I know waaaaaay to much about scifi. But I did enjoy the part where Kirk wins a fight when kicks that… thing… (sorry, that’s just my bigotry showing) in the knee only to realize that he kicked it in the junk because aliens keep their balls on their knees, apparently.

        • circling urananus.
          i admit to having been entertained by the poster who lurked for a while shiteposting similarly.

  10. If Baldwin would have been smart him and Gutierrez would have killed everybody, hired some injun kids, changed the script and called the movie War Party


    The US Supreme Court heard oral argument (yesterday) in US v. Fischer involving the interpretation of 18 USC 1215(c) and it did not go well for Biden’s Department of Justice. Biden’s DOJ had use this federal criminal statute to gain leverage over Trump and the January 6 defendants but now it looks like the Supreme Court will reject DOJ’s arguments. Mark Smith Four Boxes Diner breaks it down.

  12. Media 180: All Of A Sudden They Report Suicide is “The Biggest Part Of Gun Violence”… What Changed.

  13. … the film Baldwin was working on when the prop gun discharged. (AP Photo/Cedar Attanasio)

    They must mean the film Baldwin was working on when the real gun fired real bullets by a real idiot who knows nothing about guns.

    citing her lack of remorse as one reason for that penalty.

    “Your attorney had to tell the court you were remorseful,” the judge said at the sentencing, later adding, “You were the armorer who stood between a safe weapon and a weapon that could kill someone. But for you, she would be alive.”

    It’s brave new world if you have to grovel and weep and make a North Korean style emotional show in a courtroom in order to get a decent sentence. Your punishment should be based on the crime perpetrated, in line with other sentences given to others who perpetrated similar. Not based on emotions.

    • Really? Did you watch the sentencing? You should. She told her friends on the phone that it was silly to keep checking the dummies every time. You think that deserves leniency? You think that her arrogance with respect to her job, which caused this tragedy is not relevant to the sentence?

    • enh, ’twas ever thus. n’er a courtroom drama has unfolded that didn’t comment on the defendant’s demeanor, and many times tears, whether genuine or crocodilian, have swayed sentencing.

  14. Strip away all of the notoriety. Step back from emotions.

    It is a just verdict.

    Her negligence contributed directly to the death of a coworker. Live ammunition should NEVER have been allowed on set or in those guns.

    That was her responsibility.

  15. There is long term damage that the Left is trying to avoid. If Alec Baldwin is not put on trial.

    He killed someone by shooting them to death. This is not some rock star intoxicated crashing a car and killing someone. Like Motley Crue singer Vince Neil.

    The smartest people in the room think the public will accept a killer walking free. They are so wrong.

    The country has already had its “OJ” moment. He kept quite. But Baldwin is incapable of shutting his mouth.

    A free Alec Baldwin will be the gift that keeps on giving, to the right wing. That would be a great big positive, for the second amendment community.

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