FILE - In this Nov. 17, 2017, file photo, Merrick Garland walks into Federal District Court in Washington. President-elect Joe Biden is set to name Garland as Attorney General. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)
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We’ve written about it repeatedly.  It’s gang violence that’s rampant across America, not so-called “gun violence.” The problem has become so bad that even full-time partisan political hack and part-time Attorney General Merrick Garland admitted as much at an ATF “summit” just days ago. Of course, the mainstream media ignored it. What’s more, his comment even escaped most of the alternative news outlets as well.

Garland abandoned his “Christian Nationalist” and “White Supremacist” bogeymen to admit that gangs members and repeat offenders are driving the gun violence problem in America. And for the slow-witted trolls in comments, this isn’t the MAGA gang either.

Here is an excerpt from the transcript provided by the US Department of Justice:

We are using our prosecutorial and technological tools to identify the repeat offenders and gangs who are principally responsible for community violence.

And here’s the video which begins at 28:00 when Garland admits what we’ve known for a long, long time: that repeat offenders and gang members (sorry for repeating ourselves in so many instances) are driving violent crime:

Yes, the mainstream media and left-leaning pols love to redirect low-information voters from violent criminals to the tools they misuse.

I love it when soft-on-crime politicians get very defensive and very animated when you talk about gang violence in their presence or correct them when they throw out the “gun violence” talking point.

“We don’t talk about gangs,” one Illinois State Representative from Chicago said to me as I sat in his office in my role as executive director of Guns Save Life. His body language screamed his discomfort at where the conversation was headed.

“Why’s that?” I asked, knowing that gangs deliver votes and even campaign volunteers come election time. At least they do in Chicagoland.

He didn’t want to answer but watching him literally squirm in his chair proved priceless for me and those with me.

If Chicago is typical of deep blue, high-crime urban areas, gangs drive the great majority of shootings. In Decatur, virtually every fatal shooting and even most of the non-fatal shootings are the result of black gang members shooting at one another. Usually they shoot up one another or family members of gang members, but unfortunately, sometimes they hit innocent people too.

Like Robbie Patton, a sociopathic predator who will never contribute anything but sewage and sadness to our society. Patton shot at and tried to murder some others who “disrespected” one of his fellow bangers at a Steak and Shake in nearby Champaign, Illinois. Then he led police on a high-speed chase while driving a stolen (carjacked?) car. He got away but was picked up days later. Instead of doing hard time for attempted murder, he was sentenced to “boot camp” for a few months before being released eight months into an eight-year sentence.

Robbie Patton at his arraignment. Champaign County Courts image.

Within two days of his release he was arrested (and released) again for drugs. Two weeks after that, he had another stolen gun. When he felt “disrespected,” he pulled that gun out and started shooting, hitting three with his shots.

Among his victims was George Korchev, out celebrating his graduation from nursing school. Korchev also celebrated landing a new job saving lives as a nurse in a suburban Chicago hospital.

Unfortunately, Korchev became the unintended backstop to one of Patton’s errant rounds, getting hit a block away. He wouldn’t make it to work that next Monday because he died from the wound—caused by the gang banger and repeat offender Robbie Patton and his lack of impulse control.

Korchev was set to start a life as a productive citizen, helping to save lives. He would have gotten married, had kids and raised a productive family. George would have given his parents grandchildren. He would have lived probably 60 more years, contributing positive energy to making our world a better place by saving lives and treating the sick. But all of that was taken away by not sentencing a habitual criminal thug named Robbie Patton to hard time in prison where he belonged.

When you hear friends or family lament “gun violence,” remind them that it’s not “gun violence” but gang violence that drives so much of the criminal violence in our large urban areas as well as mid-sized cities across America. Even Merrick Garland says so.

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        • Hey waterhead…I’ve been here long enough to have seen you hold hands with bigots. So much I’ve never seen you once stand against bigotry on this forum…now gfy.

          • Take your own advice “miss” especially when no one gives a damn about your imaginary bigotry. Also if you didn’t have breakfast today how would you feel?

            • noid…imaginary bigotry? Pull your head out of your butt butthead. Obviously my post brought out the bigots and the gutless wonders like you who kiss bigot behinds…If you missed breakfast take it up with bidenomics…your brand of rhetoric owns it dumbfuk.

          • You haven’t contributed anything to the conversation for several years. You have become a running gag.
            “If you run into an a**hole in the morning, you ran into an a**hole. If you run into a**holes all day, maybe you’re the a**hole.”
            ― Raylan Givens Justified
            Now just plug in bigot for a**hole

    • “… gangs members and repeat offenders are driving the gun violence problem in America.”

      Other euphemisms include “teens,” and “youths.”

      All of these are better known as “the usual suspects.”

      Improve your life — move away from the usual suspects.

      • Thank you white trash johnnyboy for your usual bigotry…bigotry that the toughguy wannabe waterhead won’t start a war with.

            • Lol I could and still be way more productive than your inane babble. Now go make yourself useful and rant for my entertainment.

            • Bigot ; noun : A person who is intolerant of opinions that conflict with their own, as in politics or morals, and is obstinately and blindly devoted to their own party, church, belief, or opinion.
              5th Edition, American Heritage Dictionary

              Debby, since not only denying the FACT that about 6 1/2% of the American population is committing nearly 70% of the violent in this country, but actually shilling for said demographic make YOU the bigot, please find some new nastiness to slander the rest of us with – although please realize that most of us don’t really give a rat’s ass about what you continually echo.

  1. Guess the numbers are bad enough they need to at least start pretending to address the problems to chase the votes they can’t forge. Well time for “bipartisan” law and order again let’s see what civil rights they go after this time.

  2. It’s gang violence that’s rampant across America, not so-called “gun violence.”
    IIRC, the gang violence isn’t rampant across America, it’s rampant in a very few select cities and counties.
    Get out of those cities / counties, and there is, statistically, almost zero violent crimes committed using a firearm in the US.

    • wherever large concentrations of knee grows exist; violent crime rates are exponential higher.

      Facts dont care about your feelz

    • Whatever happens there’s nothing in the cards short or long term that will unite us. That’s for sure. If 9/11 happened today 30% of the country would be in the streets burning downtown areas shouting that we deserved it.

      Terror attack, foreign invasion, aliens landing, climactic catastrophe. Nothing will bring us together anymore so the country is already walking dead.

        • In this case the website’s posters mentioned above. With that said I would be curious on just what participants would actually engage in a protracted civil war as the first month easily has the ability to reduce a noticeable percentage of the population (and not by combat).

          • Depends on how things develop.

            Kinda like curry, civil war comes in various forms of “hot”.


            There’s another article by a guy who spent part of the civil war going to college and partying, taking selfies etc. His only contact with the war was his friend’s uncle died when his car hit a landmine in a rural area. I’m too lazy to go find that article.

            What you’re currently dealing with isn’t so much a “civil war” as it is a Cultural Revolution with tinges of Leninism. It can, however, be easily pushed to five peppers (extra spicy) pretty fast if people want to or just make a series of mistakes.

            The historians point out that civil wars are always preceded by a period known as “civil strife” but that said strife doesn’t always lead to a civil war. By all historical metrics, you’re already in “strife” hence why people say it’s a “cold civil war” or reference Bleeding Kansas.

      • It won’t be like the previous American Civil War with armies and fronts.

        ACW 2.0 will be more like the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Most of the action will be tit-for-tat bombings and shootings done by self-appointed groups with occasional “ethnic cleansing”.

    • Perp stabbed several before being tasered 22 minutes after the call. 14 year old boy is a known fatality.

  3. I met Pat Boone, shook his hand. He had a big gang gangers be peace Jesus saves seminar.
    when The Cross and The Switch Blade came out.
    The system knew the problem way back then and was actually trying to do something about it.

  4. Remove “gang violence,” otherwise known as “diversity” or “the usual suspects,” from the “gun violence” stats, and this country is as safe as the Cotswolds.

    • bigots like johnnyboy will always find some attribute to ride…makes bigots feel good about their worthless behinds…Look what putting a race beneath their feet did for the kkk or nazis putting Jews beneath their feet did for the third reich…bigotry the heartbeat of Gun Control…take a bow johnnyboy.

    • Yes, remove my people back to Africa so we may live in harmony like so many African nations have done. The only thing that can stop us now is pervasive sexual violence and human immunodeficiency virus. But Bono is going to change all of that for just 50 cents a day!

      • *Starvation enters the chat*

        *Unclean drinking water enters the chat*

        *Malaria enters the chat*

        *Liver flukes enters the chat*

        *Lung flukes enters the chat*

        *Schistosoma enters the chat*

        Strych9 says: Fuck me, IRC seems to have really taken a dive lately…

    • “college” protests alone pushed that attempt into the abyss. Didn’t even hear about this turnaround till today.

    • Should be, but for those who lack the ability to reason or think beyond their own immediate situation it is unfortunately very easy to misinform an unimaginable number of people.

    • Stone47,

      Debbie insists that:
      a) Middle 1800s racism is the root cause of all gun control.
      — and —
      b) The masses will abandon their support of gun control if we tell them (a).
      — and —
      c) Anyone who disagrees with either point is a bigot who deserves vial name calling.

      On multiple occasions I attempted to respectfully educate Debbie that “gun control” (and equivalents) have existed for hundreds of years before the middle 1800s, have existed all over the world, and are the product of the Ruling Class advancing their goals–which sometimes coincided with certain races and other times did not coincide with races. I also instructed Debbie that many people today love “gun control” for completely non-racist reasons. Finally, I instructed Debbie that her idea of linking “gun control” to mid 1800s racism and screaming it at everyone is not a productive strategy. Predictably, she just started spewing vial word salad at me rather than consider the facts that I presented to her.

      In a nutshell: Debbie is mentally defective and some people, after she insults them, choose to egg her on for entertainment value.

      • Alternately she might be a higher skill troll but if so the potential is largely compromised at this point so uncommon has the more likely take.

      • “vial name calling”

        Some Harry Potter shit right there.

        vial word salad

        Sounds both unappetizing and like it would be less than filling.

    • It’s kinda like a novel.

      Debbie had always been at war with Everyone.

      Everyone had always been at war with Debbie.

      Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.

  5. I recall, and still find it incredible, that Cook County mandated that the Sheriff’s Department (and the Chicago PD I believe) purge their records o gang membership because those records were “raciss” and denied young gang bangers equal rights and opportunities. Or Something.

  6. A Modest Proposal:

    This is all utter nonsense. There is a provable solution to all this, and there is no arguing the indisputable fact: No guns, no gun violence.

    Admittedly, establishing a “no guns nation” is not especially easy, or safe. However, once accomplished, “No guns, no gun violence” will be a fact no one can refute.

    The same would prevail in a “No gangs, no gang violence” nation. To begin, first we take a firm position that anyone with gang tattoos (or other recognized gang paraphernalia) is a self-identified outlaw; wanted dead or alive; No gangs, no gang violence. Related: Jail terms for convicted felons would include having their human organs inventoried, and placed on the appropriate organ transplant registries while jailed.

  7. If Chicago is typical of deep blue, high-crime urban areas, gangs drive the great majority of shootings.

    We don’t have to ponder this or guess about it: it is known fact that violent criminal gangs are responsible for about 80% of ALL crime. (I have too many tasks to complete today and I am too lazy to locate and cite the credible sources right now. They readily available.)

  8. A large part of the problem are those who when confronted with facts immediately scream racism and bigotry. Forgetting those gangs are a fairly small portion of the population of those cities.
    But, it is mildly surprising the Dementiacrats in Washington DeeSleaze are admitting the truth that it’s the persons involved and not the hardware causing the problems for once.

  9. Bring back the stocks, flogging, and public hanging. Crime will drop pretty fast. But that would require DAs and politicians who aren’t pro-criminal black supremacists.

    What’s funny is they don’t even care about black victims.

    • *Don’t give a damn about any victim unless they are politically or financially useful.

      You are not at all wrong but there is always more to consider.

    • Weird how when those things were common crime was also more common.

      I mean, hell, the Brits used to hang people like it was going out of style. Not only did it not really have much of an affect on crime but right in the middle of all that a bunch of uppity commoners in some colony told the King to fuck off and started a war!

      Heck, this kind of “justice system” doesn’t even work in Iran when you actually get into it.

      It’s almost like actual social harmony isn’t a good you can buy from a .gov store. It’s almost like it comes from, like, family and community and, dare I say, maybe even a well run church.

      It’s also as though, maybe I’m just spitballing here, most people currently alive in the West have a very skewed baseline of what life is generally like. As if, perhaps, they’ve spent their life in a Golden Age and have developed a normalcy bias towards this as being normal human behavior when it’s not.

      • The constant hangings may have helped to reduce the prevalence of the MAOA gene especially in double allele but that is more of a allows for stable society after the people have a chance (actual or perceived) of success to work for. Giving the government too much power re executions is worse than too little in most likely outcomes.

        • If you’re referring to what I think you’re referring to, such a policy may have a minor affect at suppressing such an allele but it cannot exterminate it.

          And by now, it’s back to it’s original level in the population since executions stopped in 1965 and we’ve had a few generations, yet the native Brits are pretty docile.

          The fact that it persists the way it has through evolutionary history means that it serves a purpose and therefore, basically cannot be gotten rid of. Notice that no one ever looks at sports-stars or soldiers in such research, only criminals.

          Based on the may most things work at the biological/psychological interface for humans, it’s almost assured that most people with an allele that predisposes them towards aggression do NOT engage in violent criminal behavior.

          This is more true across mammals than we generally realize. I’ve posted this before but I’ll do it again, though I should really see if anyone’s reposted it, in full, for free.

          Basically, maternal behavior affects the expression of receptors in the brain which then control downstream neurotransmitters responsible for the creation and survival of synaptic connections resulting in better memory.

          Pups born to High-Behavior mothers have extra receptors. Pups born to Low-Behavior mothers have many fewer but if cross-fostered by High-Behavior mothers rapidly generate an equal number of receptors and therefore become much better at learning and remembering.

          Similar effects are observed in people but without the molecular aspect because going into kid’s brains is unethical.

          IRL, people are “software” controlled enough that all such an allele does is provide a basic scaffold. How that predisposition works out in life is quite dependent on circumstance. More-so than genetics in most cases.

  10. “We are using our prosecutorial and technological tools to identify the repeat offenders and gangs who are principally responsible for community violence. [And then making sure we release them as fast as possible so we can drive more scary numbers.]”

  11. Coming after Merrick Garland that *could* be seen as antisemitic, especially in todays climate. As a Jewish gun enthusiast, I would recommend not publishing pieces like this, or at least leaving out details that might cause to the reader to incorrectly connect gun control to the Jewish people.


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