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When seconds count, police are just minutes away.  And in the land Down Under, outside of the police, the good guys have been thoroughly disarmed.  Which is why a rampaging terrorist armed with a large knife or small machete was able to slaughter six and maim at least eight others in a crowded shopping mall before an armed female cop finally showed up and punched his ticket.

Screen capture by Boch via X.

Mega kudos to the blonde female cop who not only dispatched the killer, but also then went on to try to save lives among the victims.  What a horrific scene.  Again, props to the female officer.

Armed female officer perform CPR on one of the victims.  Screen cap by Boch via X.

Imagine some jihadi (or anyone else) rampaging through a mall in one of America’s 29 Constitutional Carry states, bravely trying to stab innocent women and even 9-month-old babies to death.  Yeah, it’s hard to imagine because in places like Stewart County, Tennessee, or Fairbanks, Alaska nearly two-thirds of adults own guns.  Moreover, they don’t need a government-issued “license” to carry them in those locales.  Try getting one of those in Australia.

Meanwhile the civilized peoples of Australia, who magically (in their minds at least) became more sophisticated and erudite after surrendering their guns many years ago, could only watch in horror as the attack played out over several minutes.

Other reports indicating that this was an Islamic terror attack are being suppressed by X.  So much for free speech algorithms.

Screen capture by Boch.

But there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

From News

Six people have been killed in a knife attack at Westfield Bondi Junction shopping centre in Sydney’s east.

The offender, who NSW Police believe to be a 40-year-old man, was shot dead at the scene by a senior officer.

Five of the victims — four women and a man — died at the busy centre on Saturday afternoon and another woman died from her injuries in hospital.

Eight others who were injured, including a nine-month-old child, remain in hospital and some are in a critical condition…

NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Anthony Cooke said authorities believed the man acted alone and there was no ongoing threat.




Even the knuckle-dragging Neanderthals in America recognize the obvious: The only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy (or gal) with a gun.

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  1. There are calls for this police officer to be awarded Australia’s highest honor for bravery. Personally, she was just doing her job her training and her equipment was funded through taxes, and yet the Australian government will continue to not allow its citizens to exercise basic self-defense rights and of course they will demand more knife and gun control as a result of this attack.

      • No she did her job and did it well, my biggest issue is that the government refuses to allow citizens to defend themselves with suitable tools like the handgun the officer used that the NSW taxpayer provided for the officer.

    • “…they will demand more knife and gun control as a result of this attack.”

      I can support a knife ban; there is no reason for anyone to possess a rapid stab knife. Being able to kill 6 people in a single act of rampage is unconscionable!

      On the other hand, there is no reason for people to possess tableware of any king; fingers and teeth were quite efficient and suitable for millennia.

      • My wife’s employer is just completing a new building for her branch to occupy. She’s in charge of laying in supplies and equipping the kitchen, so we were shopping yesterday for her office. You know, a 5 year old kid can just walk into WalMart, buy a full set of Oneida forks, spoons, and knives, and just walk right back out with the goods, no questions asked. I was shocked.

        • “…you know, a 5 year old kid can just walk into WalMart, buy a full set of Oneida forks, spoons, and knives, and just walk right back out with the goods, no questions asked. I was shocked.”

          As you should be. It is confounding what kids can get away with, these days.

    • It is crazy, but not historically uncommon. Please read Raymond Ibrahim on the history of Jihad “Defenders of the West” and “The Sword and Scimitar”.

      • So-called Palestinians beheaded babies & stuck them in ovens. And right now iran is directly attacking Israel. If you’re not ready for eternity get ready! Be sober,be vigilant for your enemy is like a roaring lion🙄☹️

        • Ahhh shucks, do I have to be sober?
          I’m really starting to hate these terrorists.
          Vigilant and sober, next it’ll be responsible.
          The seething begins.

        • Look on the bright side possum, no matter what happens you get a giant mountain of dead guys (and gals, and children).

          Do your kind consider the children to be kinda like veal?

      • Another stack of bloody defenseless victims in a Gun Free Zone. Decent people need to be armed especially in stores where paring knives, butcher knives, hammers, etc. are on the shelves. In many stores there is a certain go to item-incognito weapon that will stop a maniac. Unfortunately saying what it is would also be telling certain unworthy a-holes on this forum what it is and that ain’t happening.
        Shifting gears to a dark point in American History…

    • My son and I are guessing “spontaneous jihadi syndrome”.

      The perp was “known to police”.

  2. Good thing we don’t have a bunch of people here in some American city like, oh I don’t know, Dearborn, Michigan chanting “death to America” or anything.

  3. Are cops specifically trained to try to help push the blood out of the new holes faster? She doesn’t check ABCs, then just starts pushing on the stomach of the victim.

  4. See what happens when you take curved sticks away from aboriginals.
    Six dead by a knife is a better kill ratio then 6 dead with a 100rnd mugazined AR, and he never had it jam or needed to reload.
    Poodle Shutter versus Stabbing Whacker.
    And I’m sure no one heard the knife firing either, perhaps he had a silencer?

  5. I am sure this didn’t happen. Australia is a civilized country that banned all the guns.

    • Oh really? What do I have in my GUN SAFE. My son and I were competing at a range about 5km away from the location.

      • What do you have in your gunm safe.
        I’m guessing a picture of a gunm and a jar of Vegemite?🙂

  6. Just a consequence of a society that willing allowed themselves to become Helpless Victims.

    • As I have two safes of firearms and for years the Australian equivalent of CCW we are not unarmed in my state.

      Unfortunately NSW where this happened is close to LA California in it’s attitude to self defence. If you are rich you can probably get concealed carry permit. Otherwise just approved bolt action rifles and some shotguns for target and hunting with NO public carry.

      • RCC,

        And I feel for you, mate, but . . . we’re currently struggling with getting “concealed carry” without “permit” requirements, legalized across the US. You guys are struggling with ANY “carry” in some areas. Your struggle is deeper than ours, but . . . you’re getting the government you voted for, good and hard.

  7. I guess Australia continues the Western tradition of mostly getting lucky with these guys.

    An extra 5 IQ points and he might have figured out how to make PETN from stuff at a beauty store and then how to pack nails (or similar) around it and strap the whole thing to his body.

    • “An extra 5 IQ points and he might have figured out how to make PETN from stuff at a beauty store and then how to pack nails (or similar) around it and strap the whole thing to his body.”

      Is PETN nastier than acetone peroxide?

      • Depends on what you mean.

        PETN is easier to handle than acetone peroxide (APEX) in terms of things like shock sensitivity, but a bit trickier to make in certain, fairly specific regards. It’s a common terror-associated explosive and also a component of Semtex, detcord and IIRC, C4 as well. It might have been used in Torpex back in the day or maybe I’m misremembering that. Regardless, when used in plastic explosives, it’s the main charge with the RDX used as a “booster”.

        IIRC, what you want from APEX is the trimer because that has all da bond energies and I don’t remember all the details of how you deal with the monomers and dimers of APEX (not that I’d put them out here if I did) or all the sensitivities it has as a compound (ex: moisture + APEX + shock/friction = very bad if you’re near the stuff).

        That said, the manufacture of PETN has it’s own, uh, challenges which are different that those of making APEX.

        I would say that from a pure chemistry point of view, PETN is an *easier* process for the novice chemist (most bomb makers) yet that process is also easier to fuck up *externally* [again, in ways we won’t be discussing on a public forum] which, generally, won’t be something the maker survives.

        APEX is what the Manchester Arena (Ariana Grande) bomber used to make his S-vest and he was described by peers as a “a very slow, uneducated and passive person”, so, it’s manufacture obviously isn’t very difficult.

        That said, once the externalities of PETN manufacture are dealt with it’s a simple thing to make as well. It’s really more about how you set things up. If you set yourself up for success, PETN’s pretty easy to make.

        In terms of “pop”:

        APEX has a max detonation velocity of ~5300m/s with an energy of detonation of ~2800 kJ/kg where PETN produces is 8400m/s (+58%) and gives off ~5800 kJ/kg (+207%).

        So, yes, in some regards PETN is “nastier” on the business end of things.

        • Strangely as high a threat as a semi competent chemistry major can be a few varieties of blue collar workers with a pellet rifle of sufficient force on a bicycle with a map/compass who “forgot” to bring their phone with them are one of the top threats that I worry about for nightmare scenarios.

        • Yeah, there’s tons of ways to cause a lot of trouble if you’re so inclined.

          A tank of acetylene is a heck of a weapon if you want it to be and there’s no particular reason you’d need to be nearby when any of this stuff did it’s thing.

          Fortunately, terrorism seems to mostly require a mixture of low IQ with zealotry and a willingness to die in the act that is, thankfully, pretty rare and results in “lone wolves” that are incompetent to cause mass casualties under most circumstances.

          When it’s organized enough to actually create mass casualties the low IQ involved seems to make it much easier to detect in advance than one might think.

          Then again, it helps that the FBI seems to be the planning agent in a large percentage of these things…

    • strych9,

      reading your “we got lucky” comment, why are the only words sounding in my head “SO FAR!”????

      Just askin’, for a friend.

      • Because you’re wise enough not to count on blind luck bringing home the W’s forever?

        I mean, eventually that luck will run out. Were most people on this board so inclined (none are, so far as I can tell) pretty much any of us could quite literally shut this entire country down with 6 months planning and 20 people.

        A decent number of people here could probably figure out how to extract the majority of their guys alive too.

        • I’m still selling raffle tickets, winner gets to light the fuse. UniverseEndingEaterofStarsNGalaxiesPerpetualFusionNuetrinoBlomb.
          Raffle tickets two for a dollar
          *Light Fuse and Get Away Fast*

  8. Leg injuries are less painful and you can move around better if you carry and use a sturdy wood cane. Note that locations (in the United States at least) cannot prohibit wooden canes as ambulatory assistance devices thanks to federal law.

    Pro-tip: a sturdy wooden cane could be incredibly useful if a spree-killer approached you with a knife. Of course you would only be using that cane to quickly escape–much to the delight of governments which frown on self-defense. Catch my drift?

    • Been known to use an old hickory cane. Originally purchased it as a stock cane for working live stock in the chutes. Came in handy after an injury several years ago.
      Solid rap to the side of the knee or point of the shoulder takes much of the fight out of dumbarses doing stupid things.

    • “Note that locations (in the United States at least) cannot prohibit wooden canes as ambulatory assistance devices thanks to federal law.”

      $200 and the AOW stamp and a .410 cane gun can be mine… 🙂

      • Geoff, I have two Irish blackthorn canes. They’re for my morning constitutional to ward off Fido. A Smith 442, or Glock 43 for more serious work. I also have a Cold Steel walking staff about 5′ long. It looks like blackthorn, but is made of some kinda resin. It’s bad ass, but wouldn’t fall under the “wooden cane” rule. Thing is I really do have a bum ankle that flares up now and again. The right. Busted it up on Taylor Creek DZ. Night jump.

  9. I should be sympathetic.
    However; given the way the Canadians and Eurotrash as well as the Australians have been denigrating us knuckle dragging Americans because some of us value our right to self defense:

    Just think of it as evolution in action.

  10. As I commented above Sydney is basically LA only the very connected get carry permits.

    Officially more long arms now than before the 1996 gun steal but no help is a public area like a shopping mall.

    • With nothing more than scoped single-shot hunting rifles enough of you can restore freedom down there… 🙂

    • No Commissioner’s permits since the doctor used one to kill his wife, children, and then himself.

  11. First, I want to offer condolences to the families, friends and loved ones of the deceased.
    Secondly I offer praise for the officer that put a stop to the perpetrator.
    Lastly, I condemn the idiots and government that disarmed and made defenseless victims of their citizens.
    It is impossible to legislate morality, or prevent an act of violence through any written law.
    As always, anyone must be their own first responder and has no choice but to be responsible for their own and their loved one’s safety.
    Yes, by all means, call the professionals. Whether that be police, firefighters, EMT’s etc.
    But, until they can arrive and respond, you are the first responder to any situation.
    It has always been and always will be that way.

  12. knife attacks are common in the U.S., It happens ~ 1,600 times daily across the United States where a criminal armed with a knife attacks victims.

  13. The morons willingly gave up their rights to defend themselves…play stupid games, win stupid prizes!.. Never give up your guns!!

  14. Guns are not the problem. People with evil intent are. Removing firearms just sets the world back to a time before firearms. When the weapons of war were primarily items with sharp edges. Which can be much more horrific and devastating.

    • There is no way to rid the world of guns. They exist. Disarming good people won’t help prevent evil people from having guns.

  15. Knife ban incoming in 3…2…1…

    But seriously, if you think this is bad, China has a problem with kindergarten mass stabbings. They suppress of course, but found a video where they were running a drill. They had these giant poles with a U-shaped hoop on it to corral the guy. But hey, they don’t have guns! /S

  16. It’s unlikely a coincidence that the Bondi area is heavily Jewish. I’m guessing it was deliberately chosen for this attack.

  17. nazis had guns Jews did not, racists had guns Blacks, Indians, Catholics, etc. did not…Gun Control in America? It’s a democRat Party family tradition being carried on by bigots on this forum and enabled by the zipped lipped gutless wonders who see bigotry and give it a pass…you know who you are.

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