TTAG Talks With NRA Dissident Donor David Dell’Aquila

David Dell’Aquila says he finally realized that his attempts to reform the National Rifle Association from within were doomed after a conversation he had with NRA President Carolyn Meadows (she hadn’t been given the top job yet at the time). It happened during a party for large donors like himself that was held before the […]

Did Ted Nugent Just Come Out for NRA Reform?

Ted Nugent posted the following on his Facebook page this afternoon: Save the 2A is one of the groups that’s trying to force change at the top of the National Rifle Association. As Save the 2A puts it on their web site, We support its mission and purpose as stated in the NRA bylaws. But […]

Tom Gresham: Wayne Must Go

On his GunTalk radio show and website, Tom Gresham has added his voice to the cacophony calling for the ouster of Wayne LaPierre as Executive Director at the National Rifle Association. “The CEO has failed,” Gresham wrote.  “…[I]t’s time for a new leader.” Gresham has had his “Gun Talk” radio show since 1995 and has […]

CNN Prematurely Doubts NRA’s Ongoing Political Influence

Do you remember learning about the famous episode of fake news in 1948 when the Chicago Tribune’s predecessor prematurely called the 1948 presidential race for Dewey over Truman? Well, today’s fake news network has prematurely called the NRA’s influence into question for the 2020 election cycle. America’s worst-rated cable news operation served up another heaping […]

NRA ‘Carry Guard’ Now Training Only, Insurance Aspect Idled

Anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s The Trace is reporting that the NRA has ended its Carry Guard program. Well, the insurance portion, anyway. The training aspect of Carry Guard remains, at least according to the web site. From The Trace: After two years of state investigations and numerous lawsuits, the National Rifle Association has stopped offering […]

What Is the Best Course of Action for NRA Members To Take Now?

A lot has happened at the NRA in the past month. NRA-Institute for Legislative Action Executive Director Chris Cox was suspended then resigned. NRA-TV was shut down as part of the NRA formally divorcing itself from its long-time marketing and public relations firm, Ackerman McQueen. Furthermore, the NRA continues to spend almost $2 million per […]

The National Rifle Association Needs to Fix its Own Politics

By MarkPA NRA’s system for voting for members of its Board of Directors is “democratic” in the same sense as considered by the Founding Fathers in our constitutional system, i.e., a design that’s recognized as doomed to failure. Should NRA survive its current political troubles I advocate for a redesign of its electoral politics. As […]

District of Columbia AG Subpoenas NRA Foundation Financial Records

Washington D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine, another partisan Democrat, has decided he doesn’t want New York Attorney General Letitia James to have all the fun with the National Rifle Association. The NRA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in D.C., now finds itself in Racine’s crosshairs. Like his New York counterpart Racine is investigating the non-profit […]


Earlier today, we noted the announcement that as a result of the Ackerman McQueen breakup, new production of NRATV programming has stopped. On Tuesday, the National Rifle Association ended its relationship with Ackerman, their marketing and PR firm which ran NRATV. In news reports covering the NRATV production work, the reports said that old material […]