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The left’s eternal bogeyman on gun rights, the National Rifle Association, had made a $1.5 million push to help get Hershel Walker over the finish line in the Georgia run-off election for US Senate. The former Heisman Trophy winner and 12-year NFL veteran gives Georgia residents a viable alternative to the so-called reverend, slumlord, and gun control supporter Raphael Warnock.

The election spending, above and beyond for the financially-strapped NRA, may make the difference in the very tight race. Obviously, Georgia gun owners have a lot riding on the race, as do gun owners across America.

The Reload has more, including how Everytown for Gun Control Safety has only dropped $1500 in the race on Warnock’s behalf…and how the NRA has a 17 for 21 record on candidates winning:

…The ad shows how much gun-rights advocates are invested in the final outcome of the midterms despite majority status already being out of reach for Senate Republicans. Though the race’s outcome will have little bearing on the prospects of new gun legislation clearing the chamber, an additional Democratic Senator would help bolster President Biden’s ability to make key political and judicial appointments.

According to the PAC’s latest FEC filings, the NRA Political Victory Fund devoted more than $1.5 million toward producing and placing the ad. That spending comes in addition to the nearly $100,000 the group has already spent on text messages and a postage campaign supporting Walker’s candidacy since a runoff election was declared.

Thus far, the major gun-control groups have not matched the NRA’s spending. The latest FEC filings for Everytown for Gun Safety’s Super PAC show it has only spent $1500 for phone calls in support of incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock (D.). Neither Brady PAC nor Giffords PAC have submitted updated filings since the general election. None of the gun-control groups’ websites refer to any new spending or advertising campaigns ahead of the final Senate race…

Overall, the NRA has seen 17 of its 21 endorsed Senate candidates secure electoral victory thus far, according to a review by The Reload.

Obviously gun owners need to not only get out the vote, but also harvest ballots of their fellow Republicans to win this race where early voting (and vote harvesting) has already begun.


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    • Herschel Walker‘s candidacy and support by the national GOP, just proves the Republicans’ election fraud strategy.

      Just as Trump‘s chief of staff Mark Meadows used a fraudulent claim of residence in his candidacy for Congress, Herschel Walker is lying about his residence.

      “I live in Texas,” Walker said in January of this year, when speaking to University of Georgia College Republicans. Walker was criticizing Democrats for not visiting the border when he made the comments. “I went down to the border off and on sometimes,” he said.

      Earlier in the speech, Walker said he decided to run for Georgia’s Senate seat while at his Texas home after seeing the country divided.

      “Everyone asks me, why did I decide to run for a Senate seat? Because to be honest with you, this is never something I ever, ever, ever thought in my life I’d ever do,” said Walker. “And that’s the honest truth. As I was sitting in my home in Texas, I was sitting in my home in Texas, and I was seeing what was going on in this country. I was seeing what was going on in this country with how they were trying to divide people.”

      • nitpicking minor49iq…Hershal Walker can afford to be anywhere and live anywhere he wants. You on the other hand are stuck in lalaland.

      • Herschel Walker is not only perpetrating election fraud based on his false statements regarding his residence, he’s also guilty of tax evasion:

        “Under Texas law, homeowners can claim a homestead exemption — which exempts a certain amount of a home’s value from taxation — only on their primary residence. But homeowners may continue to claim the exemption if they “do not establish a principal residence elsewhere … intend to return to the home … [and] are away less than two years,” according to the state comptroller’s office.

        Walker bought the house in Westlake in 2011, according to Tarrant County appraisal records. He has claimed the exemption on his Texas home since 2012, records show, allowing him to pay a lower tax bill toward the city of Westlake and Keller Independent School District. School districts make up the bulk of any given Texas homeowner’s tax bill.“

        Election fraud, tax cheat, vampire… Yep, Herschel Walker is uniquely suited to join the ranks of corrupt Republican politicians.

        • Vampire? You’re ridiculous. This is just the latest example. Yes–he bought his TX home in 2011 (he did play for the Cowboys–twice). I don’t suppose there’s ANYWAY that he could have, oh I dunno, moved (or bought another home) in the last ten years. It’s not impossible to own property in different states. Yes, you have to pick which state you claim for residency. Perhaps that will eventually be revealed by Candidate Walker, who BTW was born in Augusta, GA. But not by the so-called journalists that no longer bother to do actual investigations anymore. Keep on drinking that Kool-Aid from CNN.

        • “Vampire? You’re ridiculous.”

          Doesn’t one of the 10 Commandments prohibit ‘bearing false witness’?

          By their fruits ye shall know them…

          “In a campaign speech on Wednesday, the Republican candidate for US Senate in Georgia, Herschel Walker, told supporters: “I don’t want to be a vampire any more. I want to be a werewolf.”

          The remark was the latest controversial or outright bizarre intervention from the former football star who like other candidates endorsed by Donald Trump struggled to overcome his Democratic opponent in the midterm elections“

          Yep, vampire for sure.

          Ir just a sadly delusional human who has lost their grip on reality as a result of a history of TBI.

          Subdural hematoma, petechial hemorrhages, irreversible neuronal injury and mechanical damage to vessel walls.

        • For once, to a TINY extent, I do not find Herschel Walker to be a “good” candidate for Senate . . . or anything else.

          Alleged wifebeater:

          Oops, that was the other guy.

          “Good Christian” not following Christian principles:

          Oops, that’s the other guy, too.

          Hmm. Perhaps the voters of Georgia are faced with choosing between TWO lying scumbags. A situation most American voters are unfortunately familiar with.

          Oh, and you are a lying, partisan hack, with no ability to engage in ratiocination, you are limited by your feeble ‘intellect’ to simply following a narrative. And you are a lying Leftist/fascist propagandist. Fornicate off and expire, MajorStupidity.

    • Getting behind elections like this is why I am a NRA Life Member…First time in a awhile I’ll seen something promising, hope it continues. Anyone voting for worthless warnock is a damned fool.

      • Left the NRA in the 90’s cause of TRAITOR LAPIERRE!!!!

        As long he is still part of the NRA as a “PRO GUN CONTROL” lunatic, they will not see a dime from me!!!

        Wayne has constantly stated that the NRA supports “SENSIBLE GUN CONTROL”, therefore Wayne supports “GUN CONTROL”!!!!

      • Maybe the NRA should stop negotiating our rights away and get back to their roots of being a marksmanship/gun safety training organization. Other than the Bruen lawsuit, they haven’t done much beyond keeping LaPierre in tailored suits.

        Unless you like cheap Chinese knives, hats, tote bags, and printed advertisements pretending to be magazines; your money is better spent with the FPC, GOA, or SFA.

        • Seems the NRA has done quite a bit to preserve our gun rights. how quickly you forgot Heller, McDonald and Bruen.

        • JRM, seems they did NOT jump on the tails of Heller and McDonald, while they did not join Bruen from the beginning, it was NRA money and lawyers who put them over the top. NYSR&PA was EXCEPTIONALLY SLOW to file a new case when the State passed this new concealed carry law in spite of REPEATED called by NYR&PA members. Why a contempt citation was not filed by NYR&PA is unfathomable. They have only jumped into the fray AFTER FOUR OTHER SUIT WERE FILED by other organizations. FACT,

      • Just as the country is going to be destroyed by those who said it was on the wrong track and voted for the incumbents and party in power anyway, the NRA will be destroyed by those who blindly rubber stamp the actions of its current leadership. The leadership is more concerned with maintaining their perks and kickbacks than gun rights, including pushing out anyone who calls for audits and financial responsibility. The courts have already ruled that James can’t dissolve thr NRA for LaPierre’s misdeeds, so the org is safe from the government breaking it up. The danger now is the lack of members and donations because of the mismanagement and malfeasance of the BoD and EVP. The $1.5M campaign is a good thing, but it pales in comparison to the tens of millions wasted and pilfered, and $4M per month on outside law firms to delay WLP going to jail. Calling these fact propaganda shows denial of reality.

    • This, but I’d guess the more important reason is that the NRA is a big component of the GOP get-out-the-vote ground effort, such as it is. Very high value target for the Dems.

  1. This is another case of the stingy tight wad hillbillies shooting themselves in the foot by bad mouthing the NRA because they want to save a penny and not join up.

    The hillbillies use the excuse they support other small fry pro-gun groups when in reality they do not send them a penny but where were these other pro-gun groups when it came to spending money to get a pro-gun candidate elected? No where to be seen.

  2. I remember when the hard left, invigorated by Nixon’s impeachment and their successes in the drug smuggling business, were confident handguns would be totally banned by the 1980s. “If you are willing to fight to keep them, that will be reason enough to take them,” they said.

    I still own, buy, sell, and shoot guns here in 2022 AD. It ain’t perfect, but it ain’t hopeless, either.

    As every anti gun commie in America knows, I have the NRA to thank for that.

    Send the National Rifle Association money today!

    • “Send the National Rifle Association money today!”

      Not one fucking penny more until Wayne is completely gone.

      Clear enough for you?

      • Yeah, lets fund surefire loser lawsuits to set anti-Bill of Rights court precedents in stone. Why not, if you hate the Second Amendment.

        Spreading your money around is one thing, maybe a good thing – but destroying the NRA is outright working for Leticia James and Chuck Shumer

        • The Second Amendment foundation headed by Alan Gottlieb has been racking up some serious wins.

          You obviously have zero knowledge of the other 2A rights organization, no surprise, since your head is rammed so hard up WLP’s fat ass.

          Get rid of the corrupt WLP, and they will get my money.

    • Nixon was a commie by todays standard. Pushed for socialized medicine, championed the creation of the EPA and worked to expand Medicare. Just because the left hates him doesn’t mean he’s some right wing hero. He couldn’t even get elected today as a blue dog democrat in a purple state.

    • Ummm, no!

      I am still a member, but my donations go to real gun rights supporting groups. NRA at this point exists to fund raise in order to support LaPierre and to keep his butt out of jail, and to give money to businesses run by members of the board. When Wayne and his board are gone I will think about giving them money again.

  3. 1.5 million? in other words what Wayne Lepew-Pew spends on a weekend vacation and at the tailor getting suits made.

  4. I have yet to hear Walker complete a full sentence.
    But I guess at this point we’re more voting against Warnock.

    • Busy, I have heard Walker speak and while he is not the most articulate guy on the block, he beats Warnock by a country mile. Comments like yours do nothing to further our cause.

    • “But I guess at this point we’re more voting against Warnock.”

      Pretty much.

      Unfortunately, I fully expect them to steal this election as well.

      Walker will be winning that night, and lose a few days after… 🙁

      • “I fully expect them to steal this election“

        The only stealing going on is the election fraud perpetrated by Hershel Walker’s false statements regarding his residency:

        “Herschel Walker, running for U.S. Senate in Georgia, still gets tax break on $3 million Texas residence

        Under Texas law, homeowners can claim a homestead exemption only on their primary residence. The GOP Senate candidate registered to vote in Georgia last year.


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