Gun Rights Orgs React to House Federal Assault Weapons Ban Bill Passage

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Desperate to give Democrats something they view as positive to campaign on this fall, the House of Representatives voted narrowly to resurrect a federal “assault weapons” ban last night. As Speaker Nancy Pelosi laughably claimed, the black rifle prohibition bill isn’t about taking away anyone’s guns . . .

The bill prohibits the sale, manufacture, transfer or possession of semi-automatic assault weapons, as well as high-capacity magazines. And, contrary to what the gentleman on the other side of the aisle said, it requires safe storage for lawfully owned assault weapons already in our communities. It’s not about taking guns away from people who should have them. It’s about safe storage. You have a problem with that? And it strongly supports our law enforcement who are heroes, who should not have to confront weapons designed for the battlefield, instead in our communities.  

To be clear, this is a very special day in the Congress of the United States, that history will record as one designed to save lives. 

Of course it is. America’s most prominent gun rights organizations reacted thusly . . .

From the Firearms Policy Coalition:

The House of Representatives passed H.R.1808, which would, if enacted, criminalize the lawful and constitutionally protected conduct of millions of Americans.

In a time of economic recession, gross overreach and abuse of power by the federal government, and cascading governmental policy failures at all levels, 217 depraved representatives, including the deciding votes cast by Republicans Jacobs (NY) and Fitzpatrick, voted to violate natural rights and our Constitution, choosing to promote policies that would imprison peaceable people who have done no wrong.

There is no world in which American gun owners bend the knee and comply with this evil legislation. Further, if H.R.1808 is enacted, FPC Law will swiftly and aggressively take all actions necessary to fight and enjoin the bill.

And to all of those who supported and passed this immoral legislation, we say simply this: “Fuck you. No.”

From the Second Amendment Foundation and CCRKBA:

Passage…by the U.S. House of Representatives of a ban on so-called “assault weapons” is a slap in the face to tens of millions of law-abiding firearms owners, including the 24 million citizens who lawfully own such firearms and have harmed nobody.

Supporters of this outrageous legislation have once again demonstrated their willingness to throw honest gun owners and their Second Amendment rights under the bus, rather than deal with the genuine problems of gang violence, lenient prosecutors and judges, and the weakening of our law enforcement agencies.

Today, House Democrats literally voted to penalize law-abiding gun owners for crimes they did not commit, while blaming firearms rather than criminals and their enablers. It will do nothing to reduce or prevent crime, and will instead further erode the Second Amendment, which appears to be the ultimate goal of these gun control proponents.

GOA gun owners of america logo

From Gun Owners of America:

Gun Owners of America and nine partners from the firearms industry, sent a letter to Congressional leadership, urging them to reject any “Assault Weapons” Ban.  The full letter can be viewed here.  GOA’s No Compromise Alliance is composed of business partners representing all aspects of the firearm industry, and they are dedicated to further strengthening the bonds across the industry in defense of Americans’ Second Amendment Rights.

Kaily Nieman, GOA’s Director of Development, issued the following statement:

“GOA and our industry partners believe wholeheartedly in the preservation of liberty, whether it be defending commonly-owned firearms or ensuring protections from frivolous litigation, we stand together against the unconstitutional actions of Congress. We understand firsthand the attack on our Second Amendment and we are honored to have strong partners on the frontlines of this fight.”

Aidan Johnston, GOA’s Director of Federal Affairs, added:

“It’s so exciting to see members of the industry join us in opposition to this unconstitutional bill. GOA is at the forefront of this fight, and we will continue to lobby our elected officials on Capitol Hill to reject this legislation for what it is—a direct assault on your rights.”

nra national rifle association logo
Courtesy NRA

From the National Rifle Association:

Barely a month after the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in NYSRPA v. Bruen, gun control advocates in Congress are spearheading an assault upon the freedoms and civil liberties of law-abiding Americans. The promises made in HR 1808 are nothing short of a lie based on willful ignorance of the disastrous 1994 Clinton Gun Ban which failed to produce any significant drop in crime.

With more than 24 million potentially-banned firearms in common use, these draconian restrictions fall in blatant opposition to the Supreme Court’s rulings in Bruen, Caetano v. Massachusetts, and DC v. Heller. Their refusal to recognize this reality places everyone at risk.

Any legitimate attempt to address our nation’s surge in violent crime cannot commence until anti-gun legislators step away from the radicals who defund our police departments, support prosecutors who refuse to prosecute dangerous criminals, and promote no cash bail policies that have turned once proud communities into a playground of lawlessness and fear.

From the National Association for Gun Rights:

A California-style gun ban is one step closer to going national.

Yesterday, just before jetting off on a month long vacation, Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats wanted to capitalize on the opportunity to trample on law-abiding American gun owners.

By a vote of 217 to 213, Pelosi’s House advanced H.R. 1808, a ban on common semi-autos, to the U.S. Senate.

This bill would ban commonly-owned rifles, shotguns, and handguns based solely on cosmetic features.

Unfortunately, Republicans Chris Jacobs (NY-27) and Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-1) joined in with the anti-gun crowd to ensure Nancy Pelosi’s crown jewel passed.

And it was only a few weeks ago that 15 “Republican” Senators caved and voted to send a massive gun control package to President Biden’s desk.

That is why the threat of H.R. 1808 must not be taken lightly by law-abiding gun owners.

The first step to fighting back is to flood the Senate with petitions from angry pro-gun voters like you.

So as Congress enters their tax-payer funded summer recess, it’s time to double down the pressure on the U.S. Senate by signing your “No Assault Weapons Ban” petition immediately.

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  1. Getting damn close where we have to use our 2A right in action to defend against these tyrants who are gleefully ignoring our Constitution and the very recent SCOTUS decision that makes itbdamn clear these laws are illegal.
    Disobeying illegal laws is a responsibility. Removing tyrants is the only way to stop this.

    • I think the passage of this bill is a gift with a big red bow on it. It’s such a blatant, egregious, and unconstitutional overreach that it’ll either be DOA in the Senate or (if somehow passed there and signed into law by Sleepy Joe) be knocked down flat by SCOTUS. It’s now a great talking point for the 2022 midterms.

      Voting to raise taxes (on top of inflation),
      Shutting down every chance to drill/process oil here in the USA,
      Ignoring the porous Southern border and all the illegals/drugs coming through,
      Openly declaring they want to continue the killing of innocent babies,
      Openly declaring they want to take your guns.

      • “or (if somehow passed there and signed into law by Sleepy Joe) be knocked down flat by SCOTUS”

        Would every single provision be knocked down? See my comment below.

        Haz, and they blatantly gaslight you on everything you listed.

        • Yes, but the good thing is they’re becoming more blatant on the gaslighting. No longer subtle. Nothing will ever change the hearts and minds of hardcore Leftist voters, but more centrist Americans are seeing the shenanigans, tomfoolery, and outright cheating, and distancing themselves from the Democrat Party. I see the movement of the needle – even if slightly – as a good thing.

      • I’ve heard whispers they might get it passed into law with the procedural-trick of budget reconciliation. Tack it on to something else.

        Then, they only need 50 votes plus Kamel-Toe to enact it.

        We *MUST* keep the lawsuit pipeline stuffed with 2A challenges in every federal district.

        The question I have asked but not yet gotten an answer on is this –

        A few days after ‘Bruen’ was decided, the SCotUS GVR’ed a MSR ban as they headed out the door. When the remanded court declares them constitutional, does the result apply nationally since it was the SCotUS that granted cert. on it?

        Or are we gonna have to do this in every federal circuit?

        • I assume Manchin isn’t planning on running for reelection after supporting massive spending and taxes in the midst of stagflation. Normally I would say he wouldn’t vote for this, but who knows at this point?

    • Yada, Yada, Yada heard it all before. Rest assured democRats had their labels and lies ready to bombard the placid, cowering so called supporters of the 2A.

      Set the stage…The gun was in the accused cage. The democRats with were the judges. Same old crap was used to defend the gun and the results were…In your face gun owning scum.

      Pompous democRat judges sat there in direct line of fire and not one of the defense stood up and defined Gun Control as a history confirmed agenda rooted in racism and genocide. Nothing, nada was said to ground and pound Gun Control.

      What the so called defenders of the 2A allowed to happen is the equivalent to providing standing for slave shacks, lynching, concentration camps, gas chambers and other atrocities connected directly to or indirectly to Gun Control.

      • Reminds me of the medieval practice of “trying” animals or inanimate objects for “crimes” against the community.

  2. “And it strongly supports our law enforcement who are heroes, who should not have to confront weapons designed for the battlefield, instead in our communities.”

    Once again the MSR is not “designed for the battlefield”. This is a fundamental misunderstanding of the MSR, an understanding they ignore because it does not fit the narrative they want to put forth.

    In terms of the civilian grade MSR (AKA AR-15), the democrats are focused on the military grade M4 rifle as their point of comparison claiming the two are the same thing as ‘assault rifle’ or ‘weapons of war’, this is 100% false. This claim was stated specifically a few days back by Senator Tammy Duckworth who claimed “The lack of a three-round burst or full-auto mechanism does not meaningfully reduce an AR-15’s lethality compared to the M4 carbine.”

    Duckworth also claimed this > “I spent 23 years in the Army, and I recognize the ArmaLite Rifle 15 (AR-15) – and the semi-auto successors it spawned – for what they are: weapons of war.”

    Those are both lies. She may have spent time in the Army but she certainly didn’t pick up much firearms knowledge.

    1. The U.S. Military does not recognize the civilian grade MSR (AKA, unfortunately and incorrectly, AR-15) as a ‘weapon of war’ or as an ‘assault rifle’. The U.S. Military does not issue the civilian grade MSR nor has it ever used the civilian grade MSR as an issue weapon for main use as an assault rifle or weapon of war.

    The U.S. military also does not recognize the civilian grade MSR as a rifle “designed for the battlefield”.

    2. The lack of a three-round burst or full-auto mechanism specifically reduces the ‘lethality’ of the MSR as opposed to the military M4. The three-round burst or full-auto mechanism of the military M4 is specifically intended to put more rounds in a target or target area at a higher rate with a single trigger pull to specifically increase its lethality over a single shot or semi-auto rate of fire.

    three-round burst is just a limited form of full-auto. three-round burst fires three rounds in a single trigger pull, this is still a full auto functionality but limited. Other than the three round limit, three-round burst of no different than full auto. However, semi-auto is 100% different than three-round burst or full-auto as the semi-auto limit of one round per trigger pull is manually controlled by the operator and the rate of fire is lower and the rate of fire is not ‘automatically’ controlled functionally.

    The purpose of the three-round burst or full-auto in a military firearm (e.g. M4) was specifically to meaningfully increase its lethality by putting more rounds in the target (or target area) with a single trigger pull. It was part of the governments reason years ago to limit common use civilian firearms to semi-auto (or less than full auto modes), so they would be less lethal without (three-round burst or) full-auto mechanism. This reasoning resulted in the NFA of 1934 and still today is specifically cited by the U.S. military and the U.S. government as the reasoning for limiting civilian grade firearms to less than full auto (and by extension its variation of three round burst).

    The military grade M4 is, although (sometimes) cosmetically similar to the civilian grade MSR, is structurally different in materials and design implementation. The M4 is specifically made to withstand sustained full automatic fire, the civilian grade MSR is not. There is no commercially manufactured civilian grade MSR intended for the civilian market that can withstand or meet the U.S. military testing or requirements for an assault rifle or weapon of war nor does the U.S. military use the civilian grade MSR (the government claims is a direct parallel derivation of the military M4) as a battle rifle ‘weapon of war’.

    Functionally, the military grade M4 is different from the civilian grade MSR. The civilian grade MSR is maximum limited to functional components of a maximum of one round reloading from a magazine and to one round fired, per single trigger pull. The military grade M4 is maximum limited to functional components of a maximum of an entire magazine more quickly reloading and firing rounds until the magazine is empty, per single trigger pull. This are two completely different functionality maximums and components implementations.

    These attributes are 100% different between these two different grades of rifles functionally, mechanically, structurally, and in results.

    The military M4 and the civilian grade MSR are two 100% different firearms functionally, mechanically, structurally, and in results.

    A, say, factory made Toyota Corolla intended for the general public use is not a formula 1 race car even though they both share the basic attributes running on a petroleum based fuel. The two are 100% different cars functionally, mechanically, structurally, and in results.

    Today, there is no such thing as a civilian grade ‘ArmaLite Rifle 15 (AR-15)’ and has not been since Colt purchased the ‘AR-15’ (and ‘AR-10’) patent from Armalite around 63’ish years ago. At that point the term ‘AR-15’ was only carried forth due to the agreement for the patent sale and it no longer had significance as a separate rifle because Colt using the AR-10 patent redesigned the AR-15 patent into their own rifle and stamped ‘AR-15’ on it because the patent sale agreement said it was to be done.

    The civilian grade MSR (AKA, unfortunately in common familiar terms, AR-15) is not and never has been an ‘assault rifle’, ‘weapon of war’, nor has it been “designed for the battlefield”.

    • Splitting hairs on what is and what ain’t an ” assault weapon ” is not what the Second Amendment is about.
      Its was Infringed, it will be Infringed, until it is no more.

    • Once again the MSR is not “designed for the battlefield”.

      Doesn’t that kinda depend on how you define “battlefield”?

      • I like the point made prior. Regardless of one’s semantics, the 2A is all about the people having weapons of war. We should be able to go to our LGS and buy an M60 or whatever.

  3. 5 Democrats refused to support this bill.

    Democratic Reps. Henry Cuellar of Texas, Jared Golden of Maine, Vicente Gonzalez of Texas, Ron Kind of Wisconsin, and Kurt Schrader of Oregon all voted no.

    Republican Reps. Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania and Chris Jacobs of New York broke ranks and joined Democrats in supporting the assault weapons ban.

  4. Waiting for the Basement Dweller and stupid Brit.

    In the meantime, the whole ‘weapons of war’ meme is ridiculous. The anti-gunners would not bat an eye over my ’03 or M1. They have wood stocks so their ok. Most all of TPOG know these were ‘weapons of war’ long ago.

  5. “Weapons of war,” my posterior. The military hasn’t used a semi-automatic rifle in eons.

    • Korean war era… I think there were select fire m-14 involved alongside leftover garands so Second world war if we don’t count sub machine guns?

      • Quote:”Korean war era… I think there were select fire m-14 involved alongside leftover Garrands so Second world war if we don’t count sub machine guns?”

        M14 rifles were not used in the Korean War, they were not produced until later in the 1950’s.
        M1 Garrands were still in common use in the Marine Corps until late 1950’s.

      • in an effort to get more automatic weapons in the hands of troops in the face of chinese “human wave” assaults…the M-1 carbines were converted to M-2’s through means of a kit…while adding a 30 rd “banana cip” as well…

  6. Just come and try to take them…there are a whole lot of people out there that are much better marksmen than your woke military and police…just like the old ac/dc song “if you want blood you got it!”…it will be much harder than a bunch of goat herders (how did that work out for ya)….until that time thanks for boosting the sales of semi-auto weapons again…NCIC may have to bag a lunch and work overtime now..

    • yeah, increased sales are a likely outcome of all this…tends to push potential buyers contemplating a purchase off the fence…

  7. Holding law abiding citizens responsible for the sins of the unlawful few, sounding like it’s time to do a “turn about is fair play” in holding these traitorous politicians responsible for the 100s of millions of deaths by the likes of Stalin, Mao, Lenin, Hitler, Castro, Chavez, Pol Pot, et el. Break out the ropes and pikes…..

    Actually they are not holding law abiding citizens responsible for the sins of the crazed few. Those bodies in WallyWorlds, Shootcago streets, grocery aisles, classrooms are merely the justification, the touchy feely juice Cool-Aid for the Useful Idiot Masses to dis-arm American citizens. The likes of beef-on-the-hoof Cori Bush will always have their government paid security via the same guns this bill denies to We The Little Peeps. “Tyranny is that which is legal for governments, but which is illegal for citizens.” so saith Tommy…..Tommy Jefferson.

    “That is why our masters in Washington are so anxious to disarm us. They are not afraid of criminals. They are afraid of a populace which cannot be subdued by tyrants.” – the late Col Jeff Cooper

    Politicians are accomplishing what armies failed/feared to attempt. America is under a decades long slow motion Pearl Harbor. Rather than fearing “guns behind every blade of grass”, Admiral Yamamoto should have filed for a political office.

    The new agenda for humanity requires that no one will have the capacity to fight back. It has been said: “Our Task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.” No other explanation is possible.
    History has repeatedly demonstrated that disarming good people in the name of making bad people harmless only eventually facilitates politicians shooting their own countrymen. History…learn from it; be doomed to relive it; or die by it. Mr. Makowski, 10th Grade World History, was right after all.

  8. Hold on to your rifles, people. You will need them when the jackbooted thugs come for you and yours.

    “What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?”

    — Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago

    Americans may find out all too soon.

  9. Ah, the New World Order transformation we have been hearing government pukes….aka John Kerry, et el… have been slipping into their video interviews. The new agenda for humanity requires that no one will have the capacity to fight back. It has been said: “Our Task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.” No other explanation is possible.
    History has repeatedly demonstrated that disarming good people in the name of making bad people harmless only eventually facilitates politicians shooting their own countrymen. History…learn from it; be doomed to relive it; or die by it. Mr. Makowski, 10th Grade World History, was right after all.

    Ah Ha, the old “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” Moderation = First Amendment infringement. Please explain what the difference between TTAG moderation and speech control in China, Russia…….now the USA????

    • You’re talking about the same sore losers that flipped the Republican team the Bird at their CHARITY Congressional baseball game.

  10. Founding Father, Tench Coxe:
    “Whereas civil rulers, not having their duty to the people duly before them, may attempt to tyrannize, and as the military forces which must be occasionally raised to defend our country, might pervert their power to the injury of their fellow citizens, the people are confirmed by the article in their right to keep and bear their private arms.”

    James Clyburn, (D) South Carolina
    “The Constitution means what WE say it means.”


  11. Make sure everybody knows that Brian Fitzpatric R-Penn and Chris Jacobs R-N.Y. were the traitors that need to be voted out of office!!! Pathetic bastards.

    • They’re retiring, and were probably buttered up under the table in return for their yes votes.

  12. Lol
    A bill that prohibits possession, transfer, and manufacture but promotes safe storage.

    Yeah, ok

    and people will lap this up

    • Of course they will.
      Don’t forget that there are people and probably a good percentage that look at this as a win.
      If their government tells them to hate something, they do.
      They wouldn’t know what an AR looked like, what it can or can’t do without their government telling them.
      This is your average American voter. Turn on CNN or the like and have someone tell you what’s right. Covid taught that very nicely.

  13. I don’t think it will pass, and it’s obviously unconstitutional. That being said, I think the Mini 14 Ranch Rifle would still be safe. It doesn’t meet their definition and only the Mini 14 Tactical is called out specifically. As PCC’s go, it looks like the Beretta Cx4 Storm would be safe because the magazine is inserted into the grip. That being said, they’re also moving to limit rifle and pistol magazine capacity to 15, and shotgun capacity to 5. They probably chose 15 because the most popular handgun has a 15 round capacity. I assume they’ll try to put that in a future bill if this one fails. They’re always trying to chip away.

  14. If they REALLY supported law enforcement AND they REALLY didn’t think law enforcement should have to face these (our) weapons, maybe they shouldn’t put law enforcement into the position of trying and failing to take them from us.

    If I was a policeman of any sort, I’m pretty sure I would want no part of this decision.

  15. Until the Dem’s take over the House and Senate expect no bans on assault rifles. This does not mean that some additional restrictions might be adopted if more sensational mass murders take place. The mass murder by assault rifle in Uvalde came very, very close to this. The people realized that when even heavily armed jack booted law enforcement cowered down under heavy assault rifle fire by a rank amateur (that never fired an assault rifle in his entire life before) that the people had no chance of survival in the next sure to come mass murder attack by a deraigned maniac with an assault rifle.

    Eventually there will be more restrictions passed but how soon is anyone’s guess. At the very least in order to avoid a complete turn in and ban they could be put on the NFA list which would be the only thing that would save them from a mass Australian style melt down. And do not think it could not be done and in far less time than the Aussies did as our country is much bigger and has more industrial capacity for the melt down. Our Big Brother surveillance systems are almost as good as the British and the assault rifles could all be gone in a matter of months. Those few nut cases that are hell bent on suicide would simply be Waco’ed with flame thrower tanks. The rest would come out with hands up screaming, “Me Jethro, me shoot high”.

    Although Far Right bravado and rectum gas on the internet is cheap, reality is far different and yes a complete ban could happen in the future and there would be no revolution or any modern day Far Right Banzai attacks on Government facilities. The proletariat would comply just as they did in Australia because the proletariat look out for No.1 and are not about to commit mass suicide or lose their jobs, be fined and imprisoned over a weekend range toy. History has proven this many times over and in many countries.

    Any way you look at reality the everyday mass murder by assault rifle is not going to be tolerated much longer by the majority of Americans who do not even own an assault rifle and do not understand why anyone should own one and that includes thousands of gun owners themselves. Of course this is way over the heads of the 3% Far Right who believe the rest of the population is as paranoid, homicidal, demented and antigovernmental as they are. But even they have their breaking point. Unlike Herr Drumpf who protected the far right maniacs, if the Dems had been in power the machine guns would have mowed down the Far Right storm troopers much as Hitler’s gang of thugs were mowed down in 1923 and that would have been the end of their hopes for a new Far Right Wing Hitlerite/Trumpite style dictatorship complete with Confederate and Nazi Flags waving.

    The power of the NRA is now vastly reduced after Wayne La Pee Pee and his corrupt cronies turned the NRA from a democratic organization into an oligarchical dictatorship and ran off with most of its funds. And the remaining small fry pro-gun organizations are only a minor irritation on the ass of the Congressmen who want bans on assaults rifles.

    As Genghis Khan once said: The leaders of the cities have fled and the rich cities are there for us just to march in and rape, pillage and conquer. History will repeat itself with the now weakened NRA whose leaders ran off with all the money.

    And remember the corrupt Far Right Supreme Court are mere prostitutes of the Republican Party and when ordered to by the Republican Party will kneel down between their knee’s and bless any anti-gun laws the Republican’s agree too.

    • @dacian

      “The mass murder by assault rifle in Uvalde came very, very close to this.”

      The mass murder in Uvalde wasn’t by ‘assault rifle’. It was by a deranged individual purposely misusing a civilian grade MSR to commit a crime.

      • What the Uvalde tragedy taught the country was that you can’t depend on law enforcement to save you. You’re on your own. Only people that operate on emotion rather than logic would want to ban weapons for non-law enforcement individuals after seeing that.

        • that was an unintended consequence of what happened there…if you can’t count on the cops….then what is your option?

    • Dacian that was a facist screed if I ever heard one. You hot on all the fascist point. Well done.

        • Perhaps he thinks it’s 2024, and the dims lost them 2 years ago…

        • “He thinks the dems are taking the house and the senate. God, how stupid can this guy be?”

          What matters is how stupid Republicrats can be.

    • 🤣🤣🤣

      “Hitler’s gang of thugs were mowed down in 1923 and that would have been the end…”

      You do realize, that uh, Hitler actually survived that and came to power… right?

      Or are you truly that goddamn stupid?

  16. I tried to detail what their exact confiscation plans were going to be a few blogs back but it got ‘moderated’ out? Maybe it was too ‘frightening’ and inflamatory?

    So I won’t say anything else at the moment except that their methodology follows in line with the great “All felons are forever prohibited from possessing a firearm” Fraud and natural rights violations to get Americans ‘ready’ and compliant with total firearm prohibition.

    For now suffice to say, you’ll see it start to ‘evolve’ in states like NY where they simply refuse to defer to SCOTUS decisions. In the absence of Federal Justice Dept criminal justice lawyers to indict offenders for 2nd/A rights violations, which is intentional and pertinent to their overall Disarmament agenda plan, they will be able to dquickly and effectively disarm at least seventy percent of the gun owning population with just a few new strokes of the Marxist ‘legal’ pen.

    It’ll be a two-pronged attack. Anyone not complying with a turn-in (no buy backs if it’s an illegal item) will become a felon subject to fine and/or arrest. Obviously all 4473 purchases will go first. Boat disasters or thefts won’t fly because these must be reported and documented immediately or not accepted. All firearms Felons that are documented will have their info available to traffic cop computers, iyour plates flagged for the ALPRs etc. But before that you will NOT get a relatively polite knock at your door for a simple unannounced visit to your private property for an inquiry like that video we just saw from the AFTE if you bought more than one gun at a time, but the Confiscation teams will have warrants and do a complete search, Because NOW you are a felon-until proven otherwise- and cannot possess ANY firearms. This will make most of the Molon-ers STFU, and dutifully comply, especially after their wives and families berate and threaten them for you risking ‘everything’ for your stupid fucking guns.

    Then there’s one more big one that NY is going to try to implement that will prohibit about seventy percent of the pop from having firearms which they shouldn’t have any trouble setting up if they already getting away with state sponsored Red Flag laws.

    Then there’s the straw that will break back of all gun owners. This is being kept as quit as possible and won’t be implemented for many months if not over a year or so. This one is the ball breaker. Nothing can stop this but the unthinkable. And it will be Sleazy Easy to pull it off. In fact, it already being initiated. And will be implemented if we don’t take back our Liberty and Justice in the midterm elections that this Marxist government hijacked from us.

    Forget about everything else for the next 99 days and work on your state Congressional U.S, reps by spreading the word, donating, volunteering etc.

    • Volunteering and spreading the word is all fine and dandy.
      Its donations part we just cant reach.
      We the People are playing against some pretty heavy hitters and they’re not all U.S. citizens.

  17. In light of NYSRPA v Bruen, it won’t pass muster even if passed by the Senate. I do like FPC’s very succinct opinion though. And people tell ME I’m blunt. lol

  18. Some of you guys are missing the point. We SHOULD be able to own ‘weapons of war’ since that’s what the 2A is all about. Look, I’m a dyed-in-the-wool gun nut, but no one on the outside seriously believes that I own ARs, AKs, and the like ONLY for target shooting or sporting purposes. Quit trying to move the Eye of Sauron to genteel purposes for these rifles, it’s dumb. Move your rhetorical debate Millennium Falcon into attack position, point your finger at these idiot leftists, and tell them the truth: we want to own the most effective weapons because that’s the heart of the 2A, to keep the government in check.

    • Unless somebody with a skinny blond girlfriend starts robbing banks.
      Then you change the meaning of Shall Not Be Infringed

  19. “SEC. 7. Severability. If any provision of this Act, an amendment made by this Act, or the application of such provision or amendment to any person or circumstance is held to be unconstitutional, the remainder of this Act, the amendments made by this Act, and the application of such provision or amendment to any person or circumstance shall not be affected thereby.”

    This isn’t just about banning ARs. This bill also bans private sales of these firearms as well as magazines that hold more than 15 rounds. Would banning private sales be unconstitutional?

  20. Circle the wagons!! The passage of the bill is nothing more than an election time theatrics, too little too late. The Demonrats ship is sinking like the Titanic, broken in two, on the way to the bottom and they are clinging to the side of it hoping it magically bobs back to the surface with this insipid ZERO do-nothing win.

    Honestly, anyone with a partially functioning mush-bucket recognizes the feebleness of it. Short of a earth shattering mass shooting, the votes aren’t there to pass a senate vote and under Bruen is unconstitutional. The Demon-rats know this, they know everything. They know the difference between semi-auto and select-fire, they know an AR15 is not a weapon of war, they DON’T CARE! Demon-rats are desperate, their ship is halfway to the bottom and come November it’s going to smash into the bottom of the sea with huge losses.

    Everyone knows it’s coming. Hard-core demonrats know it’s coming. Their precious senile president and administration has been a galactic failure and embarrassment on virtually everything. The economy is a mess, prices through the roof and all they have is this retarded ban.

    That couldn’t make me any happier.

  21. Regardless what they pass people will not comply. People will not answer correspondence, allow them to intimidate them by coming to the home without a warrant or cooperate in any fashion that makes their job easier to do. It will be an administrative nightmare for them to implement many of these proposed laws because they have neither the resources nor manpower to do so. Much of local law enforcement will not go out of their way to enforce federal or even state laws. They know the job is dangerous enough without antagonizing the same people they look for support. Harassing the American Public by local authorities is going to be a disaster for them if they try. The Feds come into town to harass you, call the local police to remove them from the premises particularly if they have no warrant. Fight and don’t give in.

  22. BS, MS, and PhD.

    There ain’t gonna be no boogie, Lou. Not now, not then, not ever.

    The nation is in the last stage of empire, and will go out with whimpy whimper.

  23. Meanwhile, the Chicoms have threatened to shoot down Pelosi’s plane if she tries to visit Taiwan.

    So are we anti-Chicom of pro-Chicom? I’m really confused.

  24. They say timing is everything. I don’t know how I missed it, but I was not aware of this bill. Anyway, timing. I drove 2 1/2 hrs yesterday and picked up a Colt Delta Elite AR, if any of you remember those. Aluminum factory case w/all accessories. Twenty rounds fired through it and I know the guy that fired them. Now, anyone who knows me knows I’m no fan of the AR platform. But, for $1000 cash? Private transaction? How does Nancy think her piece of paper is going to stop that? I’ll be picking up ten spare mags for it at Talon Monday.

      • Manse, I know. I now own two. Most ever at any given time. The first last one because I finally gave in and said, “Everybody ought to own one. Even if they’re not really good weapons. (Between the ones I’ve been issued and owned, I’d put the number at 20 +/-. The one I bought yesterday was an accident of fate. Besides, I also brought home a SIG pistol and a Randall knife. If it had only been an AR I probably wouldn’t have taken the drive. Of course, Mike and I had steak dinner at Blackwater on the Withlacoochee River with a couple of friends of his. I’m confident I’m going to be invited to a quail hunt or two. They are. Don’t you love a good gun deal. Only down side was thunder storms kept us from off shore fishing.

      • Don’t think I’ve surrendered a single HK91. Galil, 1903A3, M-1 rifle, M-1A, or any other superior rifle to acquire an AR. I didn’t. Just the landscape of firearms today. Two, of what are supposed to be good ARs, fell into my lap at very attractive prices. So, ok. Show me a deal on a Colt SAA (especially in .44 Spl.) and I’ll do the same thing. Even faster.

  25. Have they (the idiotic morons) actually defined “assault weapon” yet ??? Are they really thinking of banning a firearm simply because of the way it looks ??? I own ARs. I do not own any assault weapons.


    • Breaking News: Mystery deepens as to why ‘NTexas’ can type his user name without all caps yet his post is ALL CAPS AND RAMBLING LIKE HE IS DRUNK.

    • NTEXAS, I’d venture that you have now joined Dacian and Albert Hall as one of the most reviled commentators on this site. I know you’ve always shouted, but did you start morning drinking? That’s ok if you did. Just make sure you can maintain. BTW, it’s ok to use lower case letters if upper case is not required by grammar. Abbreviations notwithstanding.

    • Well NTEXAS, I am a combat veteran as well. I served 21 years in uniform. That is how I served my Country. I took an Oath to the US Constitution. What Constitution did you take an oath to?

      What you suggest violates the US Constitution. Therefore you are not upholding your oath. Were you relieved of your oath? I know I was not.

      • Nope, righty-o there. DD 214 doesn’t even remotely mention relieving you of your Oath.

        Against all enemy’s Sir, foreign & domestic

    • Yo, back up. There are many here that served including my 23+ years. So don’t go calling anyone names. President Trumps policy’s are ones I agreed with and I will support him if decides to run again.
      Jan 6th!? I’ve seen worse bar fights in Atlanta. Give me a break.

  27. if they get half of what’s in this bill it will be a win for them…but it’s most likely DOA in the senate….

  28. @frank speak
    “that was an unintended consequence of what happened there…if you can’t count on the cops….then what is your option?”

    Call 911 again, and ask for a social worker.

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