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There’s a lot in the war zone that Philadelphia has become that makes people sick, including a whole YouTube channel dedicated to videos of strung-out addicts littering Philly’s streets. But the video that’s going viral of a parking enforcement officer being shot in the head as he did his job on Black Friday looks more like something we see from the Third World crap holes, and not on the streets of America.

It happened in the City of Brotherly Love, not far from where many of those addicts hang out. Police have made no arrests yet.

The Daily Mail is running with the story that most American news organizations would rather cover…with a pillow.

A Philadelphia parking authority officer was shot in the head in broad daylight by a thug in the City of Brotherly Love last Friday.

The suspect was caught on a surveillance camera walking up behind the 37-year-old male parking official and shooting him in the head at point-blank range at 3.50pm on the 4500 block Frankford Avenue the day after Thanksgiving.

The officer, who was on duty at the time of the crime, is seen in video footage immediately collapsing onto the sidewalk before help arrives.

He is now in stable condition and the PPA is hopeful he will make a full recovery, having primarily been injured in his shoulder and ear.

Police are still investigating the incident and have not yet made any arrests, but believe the victim was a ‘target’.

This is Philadelphia, where crime remains utterly out of control and getting worse thanks in part to the Soros-funded prosecutor whose policies have shown more concern for violent criminals than for victims.

Crime has surged in Philadelphia over the last handful of years, including a 23 percent rise year-over-year in the total number of crimes. One Twitter user, after viewing the footage of the parking officer being shot, dubbed the birthplace of liberty a ‘war zone.’

The Pennsylvania legislature voted to impeach DA Larry Krasner last month and the Senate just this week scheduled the actual trial to potentially remove him from office.

Meanwhile, drugged-out zombies still wander the streets in the Kensington neighborhood day and night, buying and selling drugs and shooting up in broad daylight.

In response to the city’s problems, Philadelphia’s mayor Jim Kenney and the city council have exhibited classic blue city leadership. Rather than working to clean up his city’s streets, address its poor leadership, the lousy underperforming public schools and the city’s raging violent crime, they’re busy defunding the police and blaming law-abiding gun owners as the source of Philly’s problems. And the mayor made sure to blame the NRA when a felon with an illegal gun shot six cops.

Meanwhile the local legacy dead-tree publication says that all the city really needs are more libraries and working streetlights. Maybe the Inquirer’s editors need to spend more time in the real world and see the hellhole their city has become.

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  1. Midnight basketball would solve this.
    That and scapegoating a hundred million Americans who live a thousand miles away.

    • Thank God I live 2400 miles away from that madness. I mean, Los Angeles isn’t anything like Philadelphia.

      Oh wait…

      • It’s almost like criminals are every race? Never seen a white guy shoot anyone? I’ve lived in the whitest places in the country since I was a child. While I love my way of life we’ve had plenty of white boys shoot it out with the police, one old boy beat his wifes head in with a skillet left her body in the trailer. Humans just go bad sometimes

        • 14% of the population….50% of the crime….and try as you might, you just can’t dance around that fact….

        • Bear in mind, Frank, that those are FBI stats you’re setting your faith in. The most corrupt gang in America. Also bear in mind that the biden crime family profits from the racial divide in this country.

          Notice also that these pictures show 2 white people drugged out and living on the streets. You don’t think they might be doing crimes to support their lifestyle?

          I’m from WV. Spent my youth living in a virtually all white environment. We still had murder, rape and robbery.

          The left profits from race war. Not the right.

  2. Take that cockroach and whoever let him walk the streets with normal people and string em up in the park for all the rest to see!! Phukin politicians created this abomination, and regrettably they’ll never have to suffer for it!!

    • This is the perfect situation to bring back the old time firing squad. No hood, hands secured in front, face the “music” head on. Team commences firing command and ceases only when so ordered. Let the perp face what he dished out, and have some time to ponder his twistd values.

  3. Shot in the head but sustained shoulder injuries? Guess the bullet deflected or it was staged so theres hate and discontent and another gunm law passed.
    And the other video of them junkies dont look like their the ones doing the shootzing, well with gunms anyway, anyhow.
    Oh wait I know, the parking authority cop got shot because he was told to leave the shootzers daughter alone but disregarded the young fathers stern warning. Yeah that’s what it was. Just a responsible father trying to keep his daughter safe, yup. And hes no lunatic either,wasn’t a full moon that night.
    Fake News

  4. “I’m waking up to ash and dust
    I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust
    I’m breathing in the chemicals”

    “Welcome to the new age, to the new age
    Welcome to the new age, to the new age…”

  5. Philidelphia is not LIKE a third-world craphole, Philidelphia IS a third-world craphole. You just don’t need a passport to visit, though your state’s version of CCW and relevant hardware is highly recommended.

  6. Not to worry: our resident troll Miner49er tells us that everyone inherently knows right-from-wrong and will practice it–which means we don’t need orthodox Judeo-Christian faith nor values–nor God Almighty’s favor and blessings which come with said faith and values.

    Of course Miner49er cannot reconcile his/her erudite statement (on humanity’s inherent understanding and desire to do what is right) with societal-level depravity that we see in our modern urban Hellscapes–or in the recent past with the holocaust.

    Sneer at orthodox Judeo-Christian faith and values all you want–as soon as you recognize that orthodox Judeo-Christian faith and values build prosperity and oppose “philosophies” which produce our urban Hellscapes and mass-murder events like the holocaust.

    • Watching that video of streets of Philly was heartbreaking. Someone on another thread told me people have the right to live their lives how they like and forced incarceration into a mental facility would be unconstitutional. Yes let’s spend billions in Ukraine and ignore our own obviously hurting fellow human beings. I hate politicians with a passion. Very few and I mean very few give a fuck about their constituents. We are giving way too much money to the government for the results that we are getting. I know no shit…right?

    • “or in the recent past with the holocaust“

      Your ignorance of actual historic fact is breathtaking.

      The Holocaust happened because of Christianity, not in spite of it.

      For centuries, the Christian church has been preaching the extermination of the Jews, “because they crucified Christ”.

      In fact, the first treaty Adolf Hitler signed was with the Catholic Church, and the Vatican responded by celebrating his birthday every year until the end of the war.

      “In ‘confession of guilt,’ German Catholic Church admits ‘complicity’ with Nazis
      After decades of ambivalence, document prepared by clergy says hundreds of priests gave spiritual guidance to Hitler’s soldiers on front, ‘lent war an additional sense of purpose’

      By TOI STAFF
      2 May 2020, 7:09 pm”

      “We are convinced that when Christ descends on earth today, that he will not refuse blessings to those who strive to put Christianity into practice, to remove mutual self-help, class struggle, and status arrogance, we will strive, strive to make it clear to everyone that it’s a shame not wanting to see the need after we’re trying to suppress German culture being dragged down. We do not tolerate anyone in our ranks who offends the ideas of Christianity, who stands up to a dissident, fights him, or provokes himself as a hereditary enemy of Christianity. This movement of ours is actually Christian.“

      It’s not surprising the Nazis worked out a deal with Christianity, a simple reading of the ‘10 commandments’ shows the shortcomings of their ‘moral code’.

      No commandments against child abuse, no commandments against domestic violence, no commandments against rape, no commandments against genocide.

      In fact, mosaic law from the Bible gives explicit instructions for gods ‘chosen people’ to purchase slaves, to own them as “property to be passed down to their children forever”.

      The substance of the Christian ‘moral code’ is “if God does it, it’s moral” authorizes child murder, child sexual slavery and genocide of your neighbors because of their failure to accept your religious delusions.

      Give it up, mankind has understood right from wrong from the beginning, there were multiple codes of conduct established long before Christianity, the code of Hammurabi is a good example.

      • Guess what killed those jews and others? The church may have condoned it but the instrument of murder was big .gov. You know. What you worship and pray to.

        What religion was mao? stalin? pol pot? Big .gov. Just like you.

      • Miner49er,

        YOUR ignorance is breathtaking.

        The Holocaust happened because of Christianity, not in spite of it. For centuries, the Christian church has been preaching the extermination of the Jews, ‘because they crucified Christ’.

        I am a pretty well-informed person and I have never heard of the Christian Church preaching the extermination of the Jews. Could there be one or two denominations which do that? I guess. Do the overwhelming majority of denominations preach the extermination of the Jews? Absolutely not.

        Furthermore, while the Catholic church in Germany may have condoned the holocaust, I would be absolutely stunned if the Catholic church at-large did that.

        Last point: there are plenty of reasons for plenty of people to question the righteous position of Roman Catholic Church leadership. Do NOT claim that the Roman Catholic Church position on something is the position of all of Christendom. That is an entirely different topic beyond the scope of this website.

  7. Thank the gangster criminal republicans for refusing to pass Universal Health Care which would have given paid for mental treatments for those in need.

    Thank the gangster criminal republicans for refusing to pass a mental health check as a pre-requisite for obtaining a handgun.

    Thank the gangster criminal republicans for refusing to pass Universal Background Checks which then lets anyone buy second hand guns with no paperwork. It also lets hillbilly states with no control ship in thousands of second hand guns into big high crime cities and states making their gun laws useless and ineffective.

    Thank the gangster criminal republicans for refusing to pass safe storage laws which lets criminals conduct smash and grab robberies of private dwellings and even gun stores.

    Thank the gangster criminal republicans for refusing to fund Federal Money so that big cities could pay for and attract better teachers with higher paying jobs.

    Thank the gangster criminal republicans for refusing to pass laws that would prosecute killer cops which anger public opinion against all cops.

    • Compared to Supreme Commissar Dacian, who has ascended to being a New Soviet Man (first real one in 3 decades), we are just a bunch of naked apes who need his guidance to achieve utopia.

    • Thank gangster criminal dumb@$$es (like dacian) who are willfully ignorant and elevate emotion over facts and reason.

      Notice that dacian never responds to my challenge:

      If violent criminals used tamp0ns to set buildings on fire and kill 100,000 people in our nation every year, would he demand all of the same requirements for tamp0n purchase, acquisition, ownership, and carry which apply to firearms?

      Would he demand universal healthcare to treat mentally ill criminals who use tamp0ns to set buildings on fire?

      Would he demand that we pass a mental health check as a pre-requisite for obtaining tamp0ns?

      Would he demand that we require Universal Background Checks so that no one can buy tamp0ns second hand with no paperwork?

      Would he demand safe storage laws for tamp0ns to prevent criminal smash-and-grab robberies of private dwellings and even retail outlets?

    • your points one by one

      you can’t force people to get mental help

      so you want to give away your rights and ZERO docs will sign off on anyone having a gun if they are libel!

      A UBGC will NOT stop criminals form getting guns!

      So what good is a locked up gun at night when a criminal that did NOT do a BGC breaks in your home?

      Most teachers IMO right now are over paid and have over 2 months off as it is now!

      ‘Killer cops’ not getting punishment…the floyd trial would like a word with you

    • I’m starting to wonder if dacian/ vlad/ cisco actually thinks that if he repeats his same talking points over and over and over, one day the rest of us will wake up and say ” You know what? That crazy socialist bastard is right! Sign me up for more of his b.s.! Which way to the Indoctrination Camp? I want to be the first in line!” It’s like a PETA member screaming at a group of fisherman and hunters about how cruel their sport is, over and over and over, waiting for them to recognize a false reality.

    • I wonder if dacian actually thinks that if he repeats his ridiculous and silly talking points over and over and over, one day the rest of us will wake up and say ” Hey! You know what? That crazy socialist SOB is right! Lock up my guns and run a background check on me! Where is the nearest Indoctrination Camp? I want to be first in line!” It’s sad, really. Like a PETA member continually lecturing fishermen and hunters on how evil their ways are ( in his opinion), and then waiting for them to accept his word as gospel.

    • Reading your stupidity it’s obvious you’re just a troll screwing with people. You can’t be that fucking stupid.

    • dacian, you the same attempted insults as Kim Jong – un and seem to prescribe to the same philosophy.

      As much as you have been shown to be wrong, you still persist in telling the same lies.

      Mental health help is available, it always has been, maybe you could visit Sunrise Vista Behavioral Health, they are open 24 hours. 234-999-4900 is the main phone line. No shame to ask for help.

      • Hey the Eagles did win a Superbowl in most of our lifetimes and two for some of us. Didn’t even riot that bad after the latest one either.

  8. Just another day in Killadelphia…You get the government you vote for and all the consequences that come with it. As well as the society you deserve because of the choices you make.

  9. I think I’m starting to notice a very slight pattern developing, but that would make some people accuse the pattern noticer of being given to proclivities.
    Do any of my other fellow t-taggers also see some sort of pattern developing?

  10. It seems that we too often resort to the idea that the explanation for a horrific crime is that the criminal is a lunatic, or mentally disturbed. To me, that seems too facile an excuse.

    Sometimes, these are just bad, evil people. I don’t care that they grew up poor, or came from a bad home, or that they think they deserve to get back at whitey because great great grandpa was a slave. Maybe we ought to try busting these a-holes in the mouth. Make them be afraid of what’s going to happen to them if they hurt someone else.

    Stop the idea that we have to show unreserved empathy for these thugs because of how tough they’ve had it. Maybe if we got back to “making the punishment fit the crime” instead of bleeding heart “we’ve got to understand their pain and help them reform” BS, we’d all be better off.

    In order for there to be “justice” sometimes you have resort to retribution and punishment.

  11. I got back to back ” awaiting moderations” while the resident socialist troll was permitted to publish his gun control manifesto. Not feeling so confident about this website’s thoughts on the 1st amendment, let alone healthy discourse…jeez

  12. Another prime example of what an actual domestic terrorist looks like. America’s most dysfunctional and violent demographic continues to commit over 75% of violent crimes even though males from that assaultive murderous culture responsible for the carnage comprise less than 6% of the U.S. population.

  13. Do they become hopeless druggies because that place is a mess or is that place a mess because they’re hopeless druggies?

    • “USA has a black people problem“

      Yes, it is the foreseeable result of 250 years of the dominant white culture enslaving young black males, beating, and killing them if they didn’t obey the overseers’ whip.

      Not only did this create a negative cultural response within the black community, it also poisoned the white community and their descendants, reinforcing their imagined intellectual supremacy.

      Sadly, it took a Civil War with hundreds of thousands dead before America could end the southern slave states’ violation of the Constitution’s guarantees of equality and freedom.

      • And here you are trying to end the freedoms of the Constitution. You favor restrictions on civil rights. Why am I not surprised that a worshipper at the alter of Big .gov likes limiting freedom?

        • Jethro the janitor. If you had not dropped out of school you would have been educated enough to know that no Constitutional right is unlimited especially when it results in harm to others. The courts have ruled on that decades ago.

          You cannot yell fire in a theater for the fun of it and not go to prison after people get trampled to death.

          You cannot build an atomic bomb to use on your neighbor because his dog pissed on your lawn and ditto for owning a new machine gun.

          Your idea of unlimited freedom is impossible, immoral and unjust in a civilized society. But I am sure this is all way over your head as any law that inconveniences you like sane gun laws you scream you will not obey because you care not what happens to other people. Kids getting shot in the home from loaded guns is a good example of you far right people who will not be inconvenienced even when it comes to saving children’s lives.

          Now its your turn for the childish insults and your only learned word “fascist “.


          an authoritarian and nationalistic “right-wing” system of government and social organization.

          This definition is obviously too complicated for you to fathom.

        • dacian the ss member. The rights of the constitution are individual rights. My rights can only be violated AFTER I have done harm to others. After I have committed a crime. Not before.

          You claim to not be a fascist. But your comments here prove otherwise.

          As for education it is also obvious that you have less than me. Every comment you make proves that you are low iq and clearly lacking in basic education.

          As for childish insults. Read every comment you make. Full of them.

  14. IT’s about time that AMERICA woke up and stopped blaming everybody but the individual.From the p;ointof view of the rest of the world the USA seems to be on the very edge ofa CIVIL WAR becausew with the sheer number of firearms in irresponsible hand of those with grudges how much would it require to set the ball rolling. It won’t be the COMMIES,or the LIBERALS or the DEMOCRATS or any outside influences that destroy the uSA it will be you the irresponsible. I simply cannot understand it when people onthese pages actually GLOAT whenandothe 1.7 million guns hit the LEGAL Market let alone the illegal on. The only bloody winner is the American Firearms industry.
    Sooner or later the shit will really hit the fan and if you gun owners think it’s acceptablle on an obscure point of law the 20,000 victims of gun crime and counting are a drop in the ocean.
    AS for those for want a of a better description ‘Strre rubbish’ on the Streets of PHylly what excactly do you expect the authorities about it? Drug taking is a PERSONAL responsibility and it’s about time authorities [and not only the USA] made it a personal responsiblilty to sufferr the consequences.
    There’s no point inchasing the growers, or those that control the SUPPLY CHAIN because if the rewards are great enough they will always find a way. If the world is serious about it they must target the USERS and target them hard . And pitty-patty-happy-clappy DOES NOT WORK.
    Argument based on rather silly and immature rhetoric is not the bloody answer. For God’s sake have a mature discussion for one.
    I make no pretence at expertise and I can only opine on the basis of some logical and critical thinking on ‘information received’ and my opinions CHANGE as the recieved information changes. It seems to me that far to many people are FIXED in their opiniion and too narrow minded and so illinformed and ignorant ever to change them.


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