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From the NRA-ILA . . .

California gun owners have been under siege for the past year – even by the not-so-Golden State’s standards.

In September 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom (D) signed AB-173, which allows for the disclosure of highly sensitive information, including a gun owner’s name, address, place of birth, phone number, occupation, driver’s license or ID number, race, sex, height, weight, hair color, eye color, and even their social security number and types of firearms that they own, to universities and any “bona fide research institute.” In practice, the legislation encourages the sharing of this personal information with anti-gun organizations that have little incentive to safeguard the data. In January, NRA-ILA filed a lawsuit challenging the law.

More recently, California demonstrated why this type of detailed gun owner data shouldn’t be kept at all. On Monday June 27, California Attorney General Rob Bonta (D) announced the launch of the California Department of Justice (DOJ)’s Firearms Dashboard Portal. The data tool was designed to give granular firearm transaction and Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit holder data to anyone visiting the DOJ’s website. However, astute users quickly realized that the dashboard could be used to access the personally identifying information of California CCW holders – including date of birth, full name, and address.

The curious timing of the leak led some to wonder whether it was orchestrated as retaliation for the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in NYSRPA v. Bruen, which upended California’s may-issue carry permitting regime. NRA-ILA swiftly asked a federal judge to stop the DOJ from violating gun owners’ privacy rights and releasing any more data.

Given this history, California gun owners know that their government is unwilling or incapable of safeguarding their personal information. However, another reason to oppose this data collection is how California uses the information. As with AB-173, the information is shared with anti-gun researchers for them to use in their efforts to undermine Second Amendment rights.

Garen Wintemute
Dr. Garen Wintemute, Director of the UC-Davis Violence Prevention Research Program (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

California has its own official taxpayer-funded anti-gun factoid factory. Run by longtime gun control zealot Garen Wintemute, the California Firearm Violence Research Center at UC-Davis provides a scientific veneer to the one-party state’s ceaseless war on gun owners. The research center was established in 2016 with $5 million in tax revenue. The 2019 Newsom budget allocated another $3.85 million in taxpayer money to the gun control project.

Now there is evidence that the center is using the state’s gun owner data to racially profile gun owners. Moreover, the center appears to endorse using this racial data to target gun owners for government “interventions.”

On July 14, The Hill published an item titled, “How machine learning can identify gun buyers at risk of suicide” that touted a recent California Firearm Violence Research Center-funded study titled, “Machine Learning Analysis of Handgun Transactions to Predict Firearm Suicide Risk.” The Hill piece noted,

[N]ew research out of the University of California, Davis, suggests machine learning can forecast gun purchasers’ likelihood of firearm suicide through the use of handgun purchasing data. Identifying those at risk allows for prevention interventions and can ultimately help reduce suicide rates.

To concoct their algorithm, the anti-gun researchers “assessed data from the California’s Dealer’s Record of Sale (DROS) database, which includes information on nearly 5 million handgun transaction records.”

The researchers used the data to compile a list of purported risk factors and then assigned a score to individuals based on the weighting of the risk factors. According to the researchers, this risk score could be used to inform government “interventions.”

Some of the supposed risk factor are sure to raise eyebrows with those who cherish civil liberties. The Hill article stated, “Forty-one risk factors for firearm suicide were identified, including older age, being a first-time purchaser, white race, living in close proximity to the seller and purchasing of a revolver.” The study elaborated, stating,

Purchaser age and race and ethnicity, both known risk factors, were also among the most important features, consistent with the population-level observation that increased suicide rates are associated with age and are highest among older White men.

Reiterating the authors’ devotion to age and racial profiling, the study explained, “Handgun category (revolver, semiautomatic, or other), purchaser race and ethnicity, purchaser age, and the month of the transaction are the most important features overall.”

A study co-author endorsed the use of this “machine learning” to inform government “interventions.” She told The Hill, “This study contributes to the growing evidence that computational methods can aid in the identification of high-risk groups and the development of targeted interventions.”

What might these “interventions” be? They appear to consist of restricting firearm access by those not otherwise prohibited from possessing firearm under current law – based in part on race and age.

The study specifically stated that such an intervention might include the California DOJ sending a threatening letter to a flagged prospective firearm purchaser during the state’s 10-day waiting period. The item noted,

…a flagging system could prompt a letter from the California Department of Justice during the mandatory 10-day waiting period between purchase and pick-up of the firearm, a period that provides time for an individual to potentially seek help or reconsider suicide before gaining access to the firearm.

More sinister, the study’s authors suggest automatically dumping those who meet a certain threshold risk factor score into California’s “red flag” order regime. The article stated,

Among the relatively few transactions deemed highest risk, a more considerable intervention might be considered. For example, for transactions with scores above [a certain threshold], a flag for further investigation to consider the possibility of something like a civil extreme risk protection order (often known as a “red flag” order), which allows courts to remove or prevent access to firearms from those judged to be at imminent risk of violence or self-harm, could be considered.

California taxpayers are paying anti-gun researchers to advocate for restricting a Constitutional right based on race and age.

Gavin Newsom angry
California Gov. Gavin Newsom (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File)

Some so-called civil rights supporters may be reluctant to criticize California in this instance due to a distaste for firearms or a lack of sympathy for the group that would be the chief target of the proposed regime. However, it takes little imagination to understand how such machine learning might be used by other bigots in an attempt to undermine any number of civil liberties based on a person’s immutable characteristics.

Gov. Newsom has professed himself to be a staunch opponent of racial profiling in other contexts. Surely a man of his deep principle will take action to ensure that an organ of the state that has benefited from his considerable patronage ceases their ugly and illiberal behavior.


This article originally appeared at NRA-ILA.org and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. Ain’t all that BS illegal??? As if we didn’t know. I thought ILLANNOY sux. This is a quantum leap worse.

    • As Henry Kissinger once said, “The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little bit longer”. So yeah, they know they’re breaking the law! What we need are some honest federal agents to arrest these SOB’s for violating 18USC 241 & 242. That’s felony level and ought to be used to remove every commiecrat from every position in the country. Better yet, we need to give them free helicopter rides!

      • We need to simply ignore their laws against us and follow Solzhenitsyn’s advice in The Gulag Archipelago.

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  2. Your tax dollars at work. Too many of them Californios like big brother too much for their own good. Once you let the political machine take root, it’s awful hard to dig it back out.

    • And like cancer they metastasize. We now have a couple who moved into our neighborhood which is clear across the country. Both are working age and work remotely.
      His wife told my wife the neighborhood is nice but there are so many Trumpkins around. Not based on Trump Signs, they noticed the ZEM and Steube signs all over the area.

      So not only are we getting New Yawkers and other way up Nawth folks we are not starting to get the east coasters too.

      • It might be time to confront your new neighbors and tell them you were there first. If they don’t like “Trumpkins” maybe they ought to move somewhere else.

        Stop playing nice with these f’ing liberal colonizers. They ruin every place they move.


      • Ask them why they moved out of Cali and then tell to stop doing the same stupid $hit where they are now.

  3. If you poke the bear, and you get mauled, is it the bear’s fault? That’s racist against blacks. They’re saying older white men are a greater threat to us, they’re smarter and more determined. You’re too stupid and lazy to be a threat or realize we are bending you over.

    • Actually, I think they are saying that older white men are a greater risk to themselves, especially if they buy a revolver. (Which is kind of weird to me. Revolvers are expensive. Subcompact 9s are pretty cheap. If you are planning on an end of life scenario, wouldn’t you go cheap?

      • 1. Money will soon have no value in an end of life scenario.
        2. Men have more effective suicides than women precisely because they choose firearms (women don’t want to make a mess). Choosing an anemic round like 9 over full bore 45lc or even 357 (perception, not trying to start a caliber discussion) is going to be a non-starter.

        • Certain individuals don’t want to commit suicide at all. They want to make a grand theatrical gesture that will get them pity and attention. If the person survived, it was almost certainly planned that way, to manipulate everyone else.

      • I would prefer to be shot with something classy and polished, maybe even a boutique caliber. Can you imagine the humiliation of being sent to the afterlife and having to tell everyone that you were killed by a Hi-Point?

      • . If you are planning on an end of life scenario, wouldn’t you go cheap?

        Not me, if it’s “End of Days” I’m going All in, blow the bank account highly polished, engraved, custom grips something in a .44 magnum should do the job leaving no room for doubt OR just go buy enough fentanyl to get it done mix it into a couple grams of cocaine and blow your brains out without the mess and leave a good-looking corpse.

      • “they buy a revolver“

        I think there’s a clear choice here.

        This goes along with the ‘first time buyer’ parameter, semi automatics are puzzling to the new user. A revolver offers a simple manual of arms that anyone can accomplish.

        “Men have more effective suicides than women precisely because they choose firearms”

        Correct, and this fact is why well-intentioned folks want to limit immediate access to firearms, they realize how easy it is with a firearm as opposed to other methods.

        • @Miner49

          “Correct, and this fact is why well-intentioned folks want to limit immediate access to firearms, they realize how easy it is with a firearm as opposed to other methods.”


          Men choose a firearm because its more likely to be finalizing immediately. The same reason women choose a firearm when they do.

          There is actually no indication that suicide with a firearm was actually caused by presence of or access to the firearm. All available data used in EVERY STUDY TO DATE is based on or around psychological autopsies after the fact using information gathered from others who after the fact are ‘remembering’ a state immediately prior the suicide and in over 90% of the cases the ‘others’ had not had contact with the deceased for at least a week or longer – in other words they are saying based upon unreliable information from others after the fact that presence of a firearm in the home increases chances of suicide while at the same time saying we don’t really know for a fact while at the same time claiming its a fact – they are creating an impossibility because correlation can never equal causation. It is a fact that people who have persistent suicide ideation have a mental health issue which causes them to think and act that way, and this is a cause of suicide.

          Now you are going to reply back with your usual inane BS, might even point to a study or two or the many false ‘correlation = causation’ (which is impossible) things … so feel free

        • Oh, look who wants to pretend he knows something about firearms (or ANYTHING, for that matter)????

          MajorStupidity, go fornicate yourself vigorously up the arse with a barb wire wrapped Louisville Slugger, lubricated with battery acid and habanero juice . . . or let your buddy and fellow Leftist/fascist, dacian the demented dips***, do it for you. Then you can both enjoy the experience.

        • and not to forget that greater than 66% of ‘suicide by firearm’ are later found to have been accidents or homicides staged to look like suicides. But the initial conclusion of ‘suicide by firearm’ is based purely upon presence of the gun, yet those later found to have been accidents or homicides staged to look like suicides are never removed from stats as ‘suicide by firearm’.

          The ‘suicide by firearm’ stats are basically bogus.

        • barb wire wrapped Louisville Slugger, lubricated with battery acid and habanero juice .


        • I notice you do not explicitly support the suggestion to deny access based in part on age and race, so let me acknowledge that first.

          Regardless, would you call people “well meaning” if they advocate using race and age to limit access to firearms to reduce violent crime if machine learning models point that way?

  4. Actions are greater than words.
    Libs talk a good talk but in practice their policies all support a slave labor class on the bottom and an elite minority of plantation owners on top.

    Hordes move across the border at this very moment to ensure anyone in that slave class that may have been clawing themselves up even a little bit will be dragged back down and earn less than ever before working more than ever before while the plantation owners wealth grows more than ever before.

    It really is too bad so many people are bamboozled by their words they can’t see the actions for what they really are.

  5. Attention! Attention! Attention!

    Firearms News August issue exposes Bret Kavanaugh’s outrageous anti-gun rant and his desire for more draconian gun regulations.

    Quote from Firearms News:

    quote————–“’The Second Amendment Is Not Unlimited,’ Brett Kavanaugh Stresses in SCOTUS Gun Case,” Reason Senior Editor Damon Root writes on his analysis of the justice’s concurrence. “‘Properly interpreted, the Second Amendment allows a “variety” of gun regulations,’ Kavanaugh writes, invoking Antonin Scalia.”

    “[S]hall-issue regimes may require a license applicant to undergo fingerprinting, a background check, a mental health records check, and training in firearms handling and in laws regarding the use of force, among other possible requirements,” Kavanaugh asserted. “[T]he Second Amendment ‘is neither a regulatory straightjacket [sic] nor a regulatory blank check.’ Properly interpreted, the Second Amendment allows a ‘variety’ of gun regulations.”

    Like what?
    Adding to the above, Kavanaugh repeated Scalia’s opinion on “sensitive places“ like Eric Adams and other gun-grabbers now want to “redefine,” upping the number of locations where police are the only ones who can be armed. ————quote

    I hate to say I told you so but—————

    Yes just when you thought the Second Amendment was safe with the Far Right Radical Trump appointed Supreme Court the real truth is now revealed and that is they are sending signals to the lower courts that much more gun control is ok.


    • @dacian,

      If you knew what context was you would almost sound ready to be released from that mental health facility you live in.

      • @dacian

        Here is an example of context…

        “The Second Amendment Is Not Unlimited” in the historical context test of Bruen.

        • and I might add… that Justice Kavanaugh agreed and supported that the historical context test of Bruen would apply even in the “The Second Amendment Is Not Unlimited” context.

          Context dacian, CONTEXT CONTEXT CONTEXT is something you need to learn about.

        • ,40 cal,

          Even IF dacian the demented dips*** learned about context (and I question that moron’s ability to learn about ANYTHING), that would scarcely solve his obvious problems with rational thought, knowledge, lack of education, and mental instability. Like the devils in the pigs, dacian’s mental issues are legion. I would say “He needs help,” but . . . ain’t enough help in existence to fix that hot mess of stupid.

    • dacian the demented dips***,

      Wow, you’re managing to notice that Heller and Bruen, as well as Scalia and Thomas, aren’t actually 2A absolutists??? In other news, water is wet, the sun rises in the east, and dacian is a moron.

      No, neither Heller nor Bruen are “correct” decisions . . . but only a moron such as yourself would attempt to argue they don’t represent FUNDAMENTAL improvements in 2A jurisprudence. Perhaps we’re adopting the long-standing Leftist/fascist practice of incrementalism. Heller was good (in CONTEXT – there’s that damn word again, huh dacian?); Bruen was better. I have high hopes for our next SCOTUS 2A ruling. When they get to slap down a few @$$hole, upstart Circuit Courts who’ve convinced themselves they’re smarter and more important than SCOTUS.

      In the meantime, I can just keep laughing at your lies, sock-puppet identity, and pretensions to relevance.

      Go join your circle jerk, dacian. MajorStupidity and the boys (pardon me for assuming your gender . . . or that you even have one) miss you.

    • I tend to agree that the GOP is far from innocent here. But the text you quoted would suggest that he supports some restrictions. Whether those policies would be more authoritarian (democrat style) or more liberal (GOP style) would depend on the state and what is already in place, wouldn’t it?

  6. California taxpayers are paying anti-gun researchers to advocate for restricting a Constitutional right based on race and age.

    And those same stupid people will crawl a hundred yards on their hands and knees through broken glass to vote for that POS over and over again. Play stupid games you get what you deserve.

  7. The left, social lists and coomu nists were bought out by corporate billionaires. Facism rules the left now. Newsome is just a Gauleiter.

    • Agreed, American Progressives are often called commies, but they are much closer to Mussolini style fascists than anything else I know of right now. Minus the nationalism. I’ve had a proggie tell me with a straight face that nationalism is most important defining feature of fascism (and authoritarianism in general), as if it’s fine as long as you want to achieve authoritarian rule over the whole world instead of just your own nation. But anyway, commies, fascists, theists, monarchists, plutocrats, technocrats, whatever. The sole of one jackboot looks much like another from the point of view of the face on which it’s stomping.

  8. Well when newsum et al sees politically correct history illiterate zipper lip gun owners sitting around not holding his bigoted butt accountable for carrying around a racist and nazi based agenda its easy for newsum to reach into his Jim Crow democRat kkk bag of Gun Control rot and pull out as much Gun Control as he wants. It’s called Discrimination and discrimination covers more than skin color.

    • Holding these communists accountable is gonna require some droppage. Anything less won’t be enough!

      • Augusto Pinochet,

        Droppage, indeed . . . but helicopters aren’t necessary. A four or five foot drop from a sturdy tree, while attached by a rope, is sufficient.

        Rope. Tree. Politician. Some assembly required.

      • I’m sorry, Leftist/fascist racist says WHAT?????

        The only bigot I’ve seen on this board, MajorStupidity, is YOU . . . your bigotry against Christians, DESPITE your nearly total lack of knowledge about Christian doctrine, history, and actual practice, is manifest, as is your racism against wypipo. But continue your bigotry . . . I suspect you’ll end up convincing more people to explore Christianity than any number you could POSSIBLY dissuade.

        Just like your mindless blather probably convinces more people to explore being conservative or libertarian, just to avoid being associated with a brainless @$$wipe such as yourself.

        This is why we (libertarians and MOST conservatives) believe in free speech – every word that comes out of you morons’ mouths proves the shallow vapidity of your secular “faith” of Leftist/fascism. Keep talking, dimwit, you do “your side” FAR more damage than you could ever hope to do to ours.

        Oh, and . . . sod off, swampy.

        • Oh how very lovely it would be for every word out of AOC, Rashida Talib, Nancy Pelosi, and so many other’s mouths to be televised directly, 24 hours a day, without the filters of corporate news and social media!

  9. The red flag law isn’t scooping up enough victims, so they are using Wintemute to increase the victim class. Meanwhile, they are also increasing the classes of people who can make a red flag complaint. I sense a pattern, a disturbance in the force….

    • Sounds to me like they are trying to put people on a red flag list preemptively using AI. Our machine language shows an extremely high probability that this person is a danger to himself or others. He is now red flagged before his purchase. Some real Minority Report type crap right there.

  10. Proof that if you are white, conservative, older than most millenials, Republican or Libertarian, and Christian, then they will target you for “intervention”.

    50 years ago, a friend of my dad was talking about politics and current events, and he said something that got my undivided attention. He said; “America is day-by-day slowly becoming like Nazi Germany.” He would know; he and his wife were both death camp survivors, with the tattoos to prove it.

    About the same time this fellow said that, my dad’s dad said that America will have another civil war, and he told my dad that whether or not it happens in his lifetime, it will absolutely happen (in mine). So when my dad encouraged me obtaining a military education, I first joined the Boy Scouts, became an Eagle Scout, and then joined Army ROTC at my school and became an officer. I woulda preferred starting with Culver Military Academy, but my ma was dead-set against me being at a boarding school even though I’d only be about 2 hours from home… I hope I’m ready enough because I see this civil war is inevitable and imminent. It may even be a combination 2nd American Revolution, too. There’s too many commies in the USA now, we’re gonna need bigger helicopters!

  11. While we may despise the Far Left and insult them, we must always understand that they are neither stupid nor ignorant–quite the opposite they are fiendishly clever.

    The Far Left has seen how totalitarians all over the world rose to power and then maintained that power. They are repeating the same playbook–because it works. And that playbook:
    — Encourage disunity and social unrest.
    — Wreck the economy and value of their nation’s currency.
    — Declare that their political detractors are crazy, corrupt, or evil.
    — Invent ways to silence and/or imprison their political detractors.

    More recently, the Far Left has discovered that they can leverage extremely technical/complex disciplines to rise to power even faster and maintain that power with greater strength.

    It began with “Global Warming” which morphed into “Climate Change”. (How many people–even smart people–can determine if climate data is legitimate much less determine if models and predictions are accurate? Answer: virtually no one.) Then Big Pharma hit the scene. (Again, how many people–even very smart people–can determine if Big Pharma data is legitimate much less determine if medications and vacks seens do what they say without major negative side-effects? Answer: virtually no one.) The latest (and perhaps the last) big discovery: Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. As with their other discoveries, how many people–even really smart people–can determine if the machine data is legitimate much less determine if models and predictions are accurate? As before, virtually no one.

    Since virtually no one can dispute extremely technical/complex disciplines, totalitarians wield them like virtual sledge hammers to great effect–and great gains.

    • “The latest (and perhaps the last) big discovery: Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.”

      Predictive models can be validated quite well in many cases, given quality input and some target criterion. It truly opens up new capabilities never available before, and those can be used for either good or evil.

      One limitation of the surveillance state is personnel. Like in 1984, in which every TV was a camera, but who is going to watch all the cameras? Totalitarians have solved this in part by giving incentives to rat out your neighbors, friends, or relatives, and that is happening and will ramp up. It’s effective, so they’ll use it.

      But technology gives the Stasi (Gestapo, Peoples’ Social Justice Actuators, whatever they call themselves) a whole new level of capability. They don’t even have to send out a brute squad, though of course they can if they want to make a show of it. No, all they need to do is make it so you can’t function in the economy, and all that can be done electronically via automated processes too (CCP style social credit system).

  12. We would be wise to note the following regarding Far Left Democrats, also known as Progressives:

    They sent various “three letter” gov’t agencies to attack Conseratives.
    They encouraged social discord and unrest.
    They encouraged rioting, looting, and destruction of major cities.
    They created a phony dossier as a basis to impeach our Prezident.
    They ginned up a phone call to Ukraine as a basis to impeach our Prezident.
    They embarked on bogus prosecutions of several aids and support staff of our Prezident.
    They declared SARS2-COV-19 a pandemic and used that to justify all manner of illegal and unconstitutional actions.*
    They declared that parents who vehemently disagree with ultra-Far Left school boards are “domestic terrorists”.
    They labeled January 6th demonstration/riot an “insurrection” and threw normal law enforcement procedures (for arrestees) right out the window.
    They executed a search warrant on a former Prezident and refused to allow that Prezident’s attorneys to monitor the search.

    And yet I cannot think of a single person on the Far Left who has paid any penalties (aside from a very tiny number of politicians who lost re-election) for their egregious totalitarian behavior. Of course the Far Left is going to accelerate and escalate even more actions to silence/imprison their political enemies and consolidate their wealth, power, and control. Machine learning–to declare that someone is “mentally ill” and needs massive government “intervention”–is just one more tool in their oppression toolbox.

    * Far Left actions in response to COVID-19 are too numerous to list. Some of the most egregious are:
    — illegally altering election processes
    — invoking non-existent emergency executive powers
    — arresting/fining “non-essential” workers who drive on roads
    — forbidding many medical procedures
    — requiring unproven experimental medical procedures
    — telling physicians what they can and cannot prescribe
    — forbidding in-person worship
    — forbidding stores from selling “non-essential” merchandise

      • No, MajorStupidity, our “Prezident” isn’t a senile, drooling moron of a serial-child-molesting pervert, unlike the current (P)resident of the White House. Whatever corruption Trump may be guilty of (and I’m sure there is some) PALES in comparison to the blatant corruption of the Biden Crime Family and the Dimocrat Party.

        I truly hope the Republicans run someone other than DJT – there are better candidates out there. But even if the Republican nominee is DJT, he would be light years ahead of Senile Joe, the Tapioca-brain child molester (who was a moron BEFORE he became senile). Oh, and he can take his corrupt bee-otch of a “Speaker of the House” with him.

        You are a pathetic, brainwashed, Leftist/fascist “useful idiot” – IF your party is successful in its goals, I will chortle heartily to see how “they” will treat nitwits like you and dacian the demented dips***. That wall will be uncomfortable . . . until the bullet arrives.

  13. I think that the YouTube cartoons for kids kinda showed where machine learning tends to go. I don’t think that tech is ready for prime time.

    Also, “…the legislation encourages the sharing of this personal information with anti-gun organizations that have little incentive to safeguard the data.”

    Well, that’s easy to fix. Create incentives.

    If you want to make sure that the incentives are clear right off the bat then all you need is an impact gun, a handful of deck screws, small can of gas, some matches and the address of those in charge of the organization.

    Just leave a message like “Ruth Sent Us” and LE will ignore it.

  14. Dr. Garen Wintemute, if he wasn’t getting a paycheck from the tax payers he would be dacian.

    • .40 cal,

      No, as deluded and brainwashed as he is, Wintemute is at least capable of writing a (semi) grammatical English sentence. Even when he speaks gibberish (which is most of the time), Wintemute’s gibberish is more akin to intelligent thought than anything that has EVER been uttered by dacian.

      If you are at all familiar with how Southerners speak, “dacian is special, bless his heart”.

      • “dacian is special, bless his heart”.

        Or as my grandmother would say “bless his “little” heart the boy just ain’t right”…

  15. Deciding access to rights based on race – that’s one of the very things Hitler and the Nazis did, they decided those not of the Aryan race did not have rights.

    socialism is a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

    Implicit in this is that a ‘class’ based system is used to define ‘community’ (as in the ‘society’ of the system). The classes are those who are part of that ‘community’ and those who are not part of that ‘community’. The class that is part of that ‘community’ gets to decide who is or is not part of their class.

    Hitler established a class based system, those of the Aryan ‘race’ were part of the ‘community’ class and those not of the Aryan ‘race’ were not part of the ‘community’ class – thus Hitler and his Nazis sought to establish a socialism based society based on race and tried to do it by use of violence and radicalism, Hitler and his Nazis were exactly the very definition of far left violent radical extremists ‘socialists’.

    California’s government (and the Democrats) is not to the far left violent radical extremists stage yet, but they are ingraining far left socialism into their laws and practices with the implication that violent force could be applied (you think when they choose to exercise their contrived red-flag ‘race based’ reasons they are not going to show up armed then you are a fool), ingraining deliberate racism in the form of ‘gun control’ and related laws and concepts. Like Hitler did in his early days on his rise to power and when he got that power with his racial hatred based agenda, it to was ‘for the safety of the people’ from those ‘undesirables’ – millions of ‘undesirables’ and others ‘not acceptable’ died as a result, ya know, ‘for the safety of the people’ from those ‘undesirables’.

    I’m sure dacian would want to jump in and defend Hitler for what he did, and maybe Miner49’er or even Albert Hall would join in, and try to shift it around to the republicans today did this or that in some delusional attempt to lay blame elsewhere for what California’s government and the Democrats are doing now. Hitler did that too, it was someone else’s fault the world was not as he wanted to rule it, it was the jews, it was blacks, it was the British, it was the Amercians, it was gay people, it was the Russians, it was books, it was always the fault of someone or something else for Hitler that kept him from establishing a socialism based society based on race to ‘rule them all’, it was all those thing he didn’t like that ‘forced’ him to murder millions and it wasn’t his fault.

  16. Not all victims of violent crime are harmed or killed, overall less than 18% of victims get lucky enough to not be seriously harmed through a set of circumstances that happen and sometimes the bad guy doesn’t physically harm them. But sometimes victims get ‘lottery powerball winning’ lucky though, like what happened here…

    [VIDEO] Armed Robbery Gives Insight Into Disarming The Bad Guy > https://concealednation.org/2022/08/video-armed-robbery-gives-insight-into-disarming-the-bad-guy/

    Unfortunately this ‘lucky’ is not the norm even if the victim complies, for examples, https://concealednation.org/2014/09/video-store-clerk-shot-in-head-after-complying-with-robbers-demands/ …. https://concealednation.org/2021/05/graphic-warning-hotel-manager-fully-complies-with-armed-robber-but-he-murders-her-anyway/

    50 -60 years ago things were different, back then and before if a person complied they were more likely to not be harmed and it was a different breed of criminal that just wanted what they were after and they would be gone if they just got that. Unfortunately, in today’s world its a different generation of criminal who’s primary motto overall is ‘ya ain’t committed the crime unless you hurt or kill someone’.

    If you get lucky, that’s great. But remember, you don’t control when that luck happens and its all in the hands of the criminal you are facing and that of circumstances over which you have no control. The only way to control it is to have the chance to do so.

    According to Kleck’s “Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America” – the leading authority on the subject of compliance:

    1. Any form of resistance, except with firearm, carries with it an injury rate of 52%.

    2. Resistance with a firearm carried with it the risk of injury of 17%, but use of a firearm early in an encounter carries with it a risk of injury of 6%.

    Overall, in Kleck, you have a minimum of a 25% chance of being injured if you comply, but you are 4 time less likely to be injured if you have your firearm and are prepared to use it.

    Take away here summary: compliance may still result in injury (which includes death), resistance without a firearm carries a 52% chance of injury (which includes death), resistance with a firearm lowers chance of injury (which includes death) to 17%, resistance with a firearm early in the encounter further lowers risk of injury (which includes death) to 6%

    If you are armed are you willing to gamble that you are not in the 25%?
    if you are not armed are you willing to gamble that you are not in the 52%?

    Compliance or not, resistance or not – is not a decision one needs to make. The answer is already provided, non-compliance via firearms resistance offers the best chance of less injury. But if you want, you can roll the dice and take the chance of being a good-n-dead witness.

    • clarification…

      “…overall less than 18% of victims get lucky enough to not be seriously harmed through a set of circumstances that happen and sometimes the bad guy doesn’t physically harm them. ”

      that’s … overall less than 18% of victims not armed with a firearm get lucky enough to not be seriously harmed through a set of circumstances that happen and sometimes the bad guy doesn’t physically harm them.

  17. Not all victims of violent crime are harmed or killed, overall less than 18% of victims get lucky enough to not be seriously harmed through a set of circumstances that happen and sometimes the bad guy doesn’t physically harm them. But sometimes victims get ‘lottery powerball winning’ lucky though, like what happened here…

    • that’s … overall less than 18% of victims not armed with a firearm get lucky enough to not be seriously harmed through a set of circumstances that happen and sometimes the bad guy doesn’t physically harm them.

      I clarified that in another post.

      I don’t get your point.

  18. I’d have thought that such information has always been available to suitably authorised organisations including the police and Federal Institutions like the IRS . I don’t see what’s so surprising about it. That’s the very reasoning behind all forms of LICENSING after all and it’s been around since forever.

    • Since your self proclaimed knowledge of ALL things American is clearly extensive you must be aware of the Constitution of the United States of America and what it says about a citizen’s Right to Privacy. By making ALL of someone’s personal information available essentially to anyone who claims to be a “researcher” the state makes that person vulnerable to fraud, identity theft AND harassment simply for lawfully exercising a Constitutionally protected right to self-defense. I realize that being a product of the Nanny state, you are not familiar with such “rights” but then we don’t live in YOUR world thank God. I see an abundance of lawsuits.

  19. Ifvbthe Californian taxpayer don’t like it then he or she can vote outbthe present adnministration and can in any case, if they think the action unconstitutional, persue it through the courts. Apart from that it’s California’s business.
    But you know what? Over time What California does others follow. Why? Because California has the economic muscle with a GDP twice that of Russian

    • Ah, there it is, as expected, the newest form of classicist elitism – equating “GDP” to some sort of societal stratification. Not surprising coming from a Brit – got to keep the peasants in their place dontcha know…

    • Albert the Fake-Limey, Fake-Military Wanking Poofter of a Subject,

      Don’t forget, you ignorant horse’s @$$, California’s vaunted “balanced budget” is a TOTAL trick of “government” accounting (CalPers alone is underwater by BILLIONS), and is losing population at a rate greater than ANY other state. Sorta gives the lie to your lie, dunnit, Albert the useless, lying wanking poofter???

      Sod off, swampy.

  20. Speaking as a grateful escapee from the People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of KKKalifornia, this is . . . not news, not a surprise, and pretty much par for the course. KKKalifornia is shedding productive citizens like a long-haired dog at the beginning of summer. They will continue flogging this expired equine until the whip is removed forcibly from their hands . . . however that occurs.

    I just wish (i) the refugees from KKKalifornia would realize what CAUSED them to escape, and stop bringing their idiot politics with them to new states (and screwing them up, in the process), and (ii) the voters in KKKalifornia would finally get their just desserts. Watching KKKalifornia crash and burn will be amusing as hell. Since it actually IS a very beautiful state, physically, perhaps I’ll even go back and reclaim something out of the devastation that Dimocrat policies are creating in KKKalifornia .. . . in 40 or 50 years, after they’ve completely destroyed it.

    And to the author’s implied point, there is NO ONE more racist than a KKKalifornia “liberal”; they make David Duke look like a Freedom Rider.

    • “Escaped” from there myself in 1978, now living just about as far away as you can get while still in the US and NOT being knee deep in snow for 6 months of the year..

      • MAXX,

        I totally get where you’re coming from. I have to watch the slow-motion train wreck of KKKalifornia; I don’t have to personally experience it. Was looking at Wyoming, but . . . no water. Now looking at “upland” Tennessee. Someplace with few/no Leftist/fascists, water, trees, and land. West Virginia is another option – if they’d get rid of that grifting twit, Manchin.

        • 20 miles from the beach in Fl, spend a lot of the summer in a nice comfy log house on a mountain in southwest VA with a view of the New River Valley from my back porch, it’s good to be King. At least of my own little domain.

  21. Kommiefornia does not care about “taxpayer” money

    A pro-Antifa high school teacher, Gabriel Gipe, in California received $190,000 — three years of his salary — in exchange for his resignation after getting caught on video saying he wanted to turn his students into “revolutionaries,” the Sacramento Bee reported, citing records.

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