An Open Letter to NRA Board Members From a Former Employee

This letter comes courtesy Rob Pincus’s Facebook page. April 29, 2019 An Open letter to the NRA Board of Directors. First off, I would like to congratulate all the newly elected NRA board members, I’m sure your reason for running for the NRA Board of Directors (BOD) was driven by patriotism, pride, and selfless service […]

New York Attorney General Launches Investigation Into NRA Operations

During yesterday’s National Rifle Association membership meeting, one of the organization’s foes that Executive director Wayne LaPierre singled out for criticism was New York’s newly-elected attorney general Letitia James. Now, in the wake of allegations of overspending, conflicts of interest and a lack of internal controls, James has announced that her office has opened a […]

Breaking: Oliver North Resigns as NRA President

Yesterday we broke the news that NRA board members asked for Wayne LaPierre’s resignation, and he refused. Later, we shared the letter he wrote in response, in which he effectively claimed that the NRA’s President as of a year ago, Lt. Colonel Oliver North, effectively extorted him in an attempt to force LaPierre’s resignation. Breaking […]

Trump Will Get Another Warm NRA Convention Welcome

President Trump will address the NRA convention today for the third year in a row. Some people associated with other, more strident gun-rights groups have criticized Mr. Trump over the bump-stock ban and some NRA members canceled their booths at this year’s convention because the organization didn’t fight against it. But with Democrats now in […]

Existential Threat: The Crisis at the NRA

By Adam Kraut Over the past few months news of impropriety, questionable business dealings, lack of transparency regarding the inner workings of the NRA, and outrageous compensation have emerged. While the source for a lot of this information is not one that many people hold in high regard, much of the information has been independently […]