Julie Golob Resigns From NRA Board of Directors

Competitive shooter Julie Golob was elected to a 3-year term on the National Rifle Association board of directors in 2018. Now, a little more than a year later, she’s announced her resignation via an Instagram post.   View this post on Instagram   Dear NRA Members, I gave my notice to NRA President Carolyn Meadows, […]

NRA Warns Trump on Background Check Support

The NRA’s embattled Executive Director Wayne LaPierre warned President Trump that promoting additional gun control would not go over well among his supporters. LaPierre, breaking from the NRA’s past tendency to maintain a low profile following news-making spree killings, reportedly made the comments in a phone call with President Trump Tuesday. From The Greenwich Time: […]

BREAKING: Dell’Aquila Files Multi-Million Dollar Class Action Lawsuit Against Wayne LaPierre, NRA and NRA Foundation

David Dell’Aquila is the National Rifle Association donor who has been leading a grassroots effort to oust EVP and CEO Wayne LaPierre and other senior NRA officers. In a conversation with him last month, he laid out his four-phase strategy for bringing about those management changes with the goal of cleaning up NRA operations and […]

3 A-Rated National Rifle Association Board Members Quit in Protest Over Stonewalled Oversight Efforts

On July 22, four National Rifle Association board members wrote a letter to NRA secretary John Frazier asking that the NRA conduct an independent investigation of various allegations of impropriety and financial misconduct. They also asked for an independent review of the tens of millions of dollars in legal fees being paid to outside counsel […]

Save the Second Seeks to Save The NRA, and You Can Help

Save the Second is out to reform the NRA. Lord knows it’s needed. They’re focused on five goals involving amendments to the NRA’s bylaws, and they have the access and the juice to make it happen . . . That is, with a little help from their friends: you, me, and just 248 other petition […]

TTAG Talks With NRA Dissident Donor David Dell’Aquila

David Dell’Aquila says he finally realized that his attempts to reform the National Rifle Association from within were doomed after a conversation he had with NRA President Carolyn Meadows (she hadn’t been given the top job yet at the time). It happened during a party for large donors like himself that was held before the […]

Did Ted Nugent Just Come Out for NRA Reform?

Ted Nugent posted the following on his Facebook page this afternoon: Save the 2A is one of the groups that’s trying to force change at the top of the National Rifle Association. As Save the 2A puts it on their web site, We support its mission and purpose as stated in the NRA bylaws. But […]