Colt Announces the New King Cobra Target .357 Revolver

If you haven’t read JWT’s review of the Colt King Cobra, it’s well worth your time. Now Colt’s expanded the King Cobra line with a third model, the new King Cobra Target .357 revolver with a 4.25″ barrel. Here’s their press release . . . WEST HARTFORD, CONN. – Colt continues to develop its re-imagined […]

New York Governor Cuomo Signs Law Banning Ghost Knives

And you thought the GLOCK 7 was dangerous. Thank heavens Empire Staters have Governor Andrew Cuomo and his merry band of banners hard at work to keep them safe from, well everything! After the City of New York had its ludicrous law that outlawed just about every pocket knife declared unconstitutionally vague, New York’s legislature […]

This is Why Cars Aren’t Powered by Gunpowder

Have you ever wondered why we don’t use gunpowder to run the internal combustion engine? Neither did we. But the gearheads at Jalopnik apparently have a lot of time on their hands. If gunpowder can get a bullet moving with great speed very quickly, why not a car? Well, it turns out you’d need a lot of […]