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Our friends over at The Reload are reporting the result of a preliminary injunction by a judge in NRA v. ATF, is the ATF is not allowed to pursue NRA members for guns with pistol braces. Here’s what The Reload is reporting:

The ATF can’t go after NRA members over guns with pistol braces on them.

That’s the outcome of a preliminary injunction issued by a federal judge on Friday. US District Judge Sam A. Lindsay sided with the gun-rights group and enjoined the federal agency from enforcing its rule reclassifying pistol-brace-equipped guns as short barrel rifles (SBRs) under the 1934 National Firearms Act (NFA). The decision keeps any NRA member who owns a braced gun from facing six-figure fines or imprisonment if they didn’t register their gun by last year’s deadline–something most owners didn’t do.

“[C]ompliance with the Final Rule is not discretionary, and the NRA’s members face severe penalties for their failure to comply with the Final Rule,” Judge Lindsay wrote in NRA v. ATF. “Accordingly, both of the final requirements for injunctive relief are satisfied because the threatened injury to the NRA’s members outweighs the threatened harm to the Defendants, and enforcement of the Final Rule under the circumstances will not disserve the public interest.”

The ruling is a concrete, if temporary, win for the NRA. While the group has lost millions of members due to an ongoing corruption scandal, and it’s unclear exactly how many remain, those who’ve stuck with the group will now enjoy protection from the long arm of the ATF. The decision puts NRA members under the same legal umbrella employed for members of the Second Amendment Foundation, Firearms Policy Coalition and Gun Owners of America through previous rulings.

The case stems from the ATF’s decision, at the urging of President Joe Biden, to reclassify guns with pistol braces as short barrel rifles subject to NFA regulations. Despite previously finding the devices did not convert pistols into SBRs, the ATF used federal rulemaking to reverse itself in January 2023. The result was an expansive rule that likely affects millions of gun owners across America.

For the complete story, check out The Reload.

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    • Yeah, and I’m covered with my FPC membership, anyways. They get results.

      Other rights groups members are covered as well, but the article *conveniently* doesn’t bother to mention them.

      I really hope this ends up with SBRs going bye-bye from the NFA…

      • Maye the article was amended after the comment, but several other pro-2A groups are called out as already having this protection. This most recent decision just added NRA to the list.

      • “The Texas judge is, however, the first judicial authority to apply his injunction to all pistol brace owners, not just the plaintiffs bringing the case.”

  1. The NRA is like the fat, lazy, bosses’ kid that picks up a broom at quitting time… right after someone else swept the entire warehouse.

    • I like that. Gonna borrow it. I have a couple of lazy co-workers who are like that.

  2. it’s nice people can be included in these lawsuits by being a member of an organization… though it’s silly when you flip it around and say you are committing a crime when in possession of a formerly legal item, unless you belong to a private group. The first time should have just been a national injunction.

    • I have been seriously impressed with the efforts the FPC has been doing for our rights, and was happy to kick them 50 bucks for membership as a thanks.

      You do you… 🙂

    • The original injunction was awarded to the groups that brought the suit, just as the NRA brought this one. So, a national injunction could not have been awarded under those circumstances.

  3. Not that i think people shouldn’t be able to own them, but ive just never been interested in, or think that i will ever be interested in an arm braced gun. I dont want something tassled onto me or maybe they just dont look right or something. I wonder if Im missing something here?

    Yes i know in some rare circumstance they may be necessary for some

    • it’s a workaround. i’d like a .300blk designed to work with a short barrel, i don’t care for all the wasted propellant. and while a snuffler would be ideal, compact would serve nicely in and around.

        • What the actual fuck is wrong with you, deb?

          I’m serious, you’re sending that ‘message’ to a black man?

          Speaking only for myself, get out, and don’t soil this house again with your poison… 🙁

        • Your abject Racism is really beginning to shine threw. I also knew it would. As with most liberals the thing they scream the most about is usually what they are guilty of. It allows them to justify it in their warped mentality.

        • Don’t worry DebbieW, I love you.
          Humans need to learn how to get along see’ings how easy it is for them to kill each other.

        • hard times, and death wish (1st). can’t think of another reason to watch bronson. that’s a crap scene from a crap movie, get your weight up.
          i will probably take in beekeeper, my boy says watch for longlegs, not sure if i can get behind furiosa, but as terrible as the last non- ash evil dead was i can’t deny raimi’s upcoming boy kill world.

    • AQ, in case of emergency, they do not have to be strapped to your arm in order to function.

  4. Reminds me of the injuction in ILLANNOY where for 6 daze the people could buy those dreaded ass-ault weapons. As long as they paid to part of the suit. Now they’re criminals🙄☹️

  5. The only reason I’m still a member is that it’s obligated for membership at our gun range (and that is because there is reduced insurance with NRA).

    IIRC there would have been something like a $75 increase for every member if we went through private insurance. People realized that the $75 can buy a couple pro-gun memberships with that so it made no sense (besides sending a message to NRA which would be promptly ignored).

  6. “… at the urging of… joe…”
    the last urge he had chased visiting foreign nationals from the room.

  7. This whole “you can’t be arrested if you are a member of our club” thing is just ridiculous! If the verdict is that the rule is wrong is the judge saying that Guy A can have it, but Guy B who lives across the street cannot? Just because he belongs to a ‘group’? Judge, grow a pair and make it widespread! Its no wonder that our legal system is so screwy. Just bc their title has the word Judge in it doesn’t mean that they are Soloman, just afraid of going against their supporters. And that makes them cowards.

    • Ridiculous, yes. But it is how our appellate court system is structured. Standing is critical. These groups provide standing to a well-defined segment of the population. We are headed toward a SCOTUS review with split circuits. And, if the current case (can’t recall the name) ends up ruling against Chevron, then all the ATF rules go out the window.

    • “I’m covered doubly: NRA and FPC”

      FPC here, I have *zero* interest in the NRA, unless they do a TOTAL house-cleaning, to MY SATISFACTION, not theirs… 🙁

  8. The NRA is pathetic, simply riding on the coattails of FPC and others who’ve already done all the hard work months ago. Wayne really ruined that once great organization. I hope it can rebuild itself.

    • The NRA is like the bosses fat, lazy kid that fucks off all day, and picks up a broom at quitting time – after someone else has swept the entire warehouse.

  9. Wow, America the elitists.
    I dont think that’s how its supposed to work but hey what the heck.
    It’s a Ditatorship.

    • Dick, a big Dick,a big Dick tator ship. Bigger then a Martin.
      Rowen rowen rowen.
      Dan you dropped your paddle and my big dick just attracts Carp, no use rowing.
      Carp, its lucky the swooshing doesn’t have a Stripped Bass on your big dick swinging or worse yet a Sword Fish.
      And I ask, Is it rape if your pet goat says Nnaaahhhh?

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