Steven Lollo. Screen capture by Boch via TikTok.
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Meet Steven Lollo. He’s supposedly an NRA firearms instructor working at the Long Island Shooters Club. He spoke in support of gun control after the Bruen decision came down this past summer. Mr. Lollo’s comments are now getting recycled on social media following the shooting in a Colorado Springs gay nightclub this past weekend.

Something called the “Newstokss” media outlet on the CCP-owned Tik Tok platform found this guy talking about his support for stricter gun control laws. A Chinese state-affiliated media outlet initially used this guy to advocate for more gun control in America after Bruen was handed down.

Now Newstokss has dug him up after the Colorado Springs shooting this weekend, making him appear to be the voice of the NRA when it comes to his support for more unconstitutional gun control measures. And they’re running him front and center.

Lollo probably had no idea the anti-gun left would try to make him the poster boy for supporting gun control not only in the wake of Bruen, but possibly after every mass casualty event for years to come. Whatever he was thinking he comes across as a total Fudd.

@newstokss Certified NRA firearms instructor, Steven Lollo, shared his views on the new gun legislation being proposed in America after recent mass shootings. #news #newstok #newstoks #nra #gunrights #guncontrol ♬ original sound – NewsToks

He says, “I don’t have a problem with upping the age to have a semi-automatic rifle from 18 to 21. Okay. I don’t have a problem with that…”

Fair enough. That’s a reasonable opinion even though the Second Amendment doesn’t have exceptions for 18 to 20-year-old adults.

Mr. Gunsite Academy cap then says, in so many words, if you are from 18 to 20 and want to have a semi-automatic rifle, you should join the military. Why? Because there are corporals, sergeants, etc. there to supervise the use of these “weapons.”

“Some 18-year-old child buys the gun… maybe he’s got mental illness. Where’s the supervision? There isn’t any.”

An 18-year-old child? Maybe the purchaser has a mental illness? Col. Cooper would roll over in his grave if he heard this guy referring to grown men as children.

Does Mr. NRA instructor mean “children” like these?

Image via US Army.

Lollo’s TikTok clip was taken from an interview featured in a longer, anti-gun story by another international news aggregator.

Mr. Lollo — the “certified NRA Nassau County master firearms instructor” — should keep his political opinions supporting gun control to himself if he’s going to wave his NRA instructor credentials around in front of reporters. Only a naïve fool would fail to realize how the anti-gun mainstream media would use him like a rented mule to further their anti-Second Amendment agenda.

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      • Many Gun Owners like steven lollo speak before they think. They should know the media is looking for knee jerk morons to validate Gun Control.

        Now if you are reading this and you too are lprone to drop to your knees and validate Gun Control read the following 10 times to your moronic self…”History Confirms Gun Control In Any Shape, Matter Or Form Is Rooted In Racism And Genocide.”

        Now if you do not know what racism is paint your face Black and lynch yourself for no other reason than your face is Black. If you do not know what Genocide means turn your oven on high and jump in it.

        • “Many Gun Owners like steven lollo speak before they think.”

          I doubt that, at least in this case. I believe Lollo wants the attention he knew he’d get by speaking out with his anti-Constitutional opinions to media that he knew full well would put him and his face front and center. Showing “real courage” to those who would never steer a point from their agenda’s course. Now, if one of the woke media would stand up for the Second Amendment? THAT would be courage, more likely stupidity if they wished to continue their career path.

          No different from average celebs- all cut from the same cheap fabric, seeking short-lived popularity among other weak-minded people at any cost.

          And the cap? Far better attention just wearing an NRA one. Non gun folk would not be likely to recognize The Raven.

        • Craig…RE: “I doubt that, at least in this case.”

          No doubt about it…If lollo bothered to think before he spoke he would not have wound up making a fool out of himself. Now lollo may have assumed he would be winning prizes based on his knee jerk Gun Control response however lollo’s thoughtless joyride hits a brick wall when the other side of the coin defines Gun Control by its confirmed history of rot as clearly noted in my post.

  1. Never fear folks, Wayne LaPierre is going to run the NRA into the ground. He’s already bankrupting it with all the lawyers fees as it stands right now.

  2. The NRA must disassociate Mr. Lollo from their (OUR) organization and make it very public through social media and wherever the NRA has influence with main-stream news outlets. And, in doing so, place all his opinions and statements in question and debunk same. In addition, DECERTIFY him as “the certified NRA Nassau County master firearms instructor”.
    While we do not know what caused Lollo to go WOKE, we can WAKE him up to the consequences of a supposed Gun Rights Supporter going WOKE.
    And, if his position with Nassau County is a salaried or paid position, so much the better if he loses his job and income.

    • Why would the NRA disassociate Mr. Lollo from their (YOUR) organization, when the NRA has ALWAYS been pro-“Gun Control”

      Who was it that pushed FOR the National Firearms Act in 1934? — Hint: The NRA

      Who was it that pushed FOR the Federal Firearms Act in 1938? — Hint: The NRA

      Who supported the Gun Control Act in 1968? — Hint: The NRA

      Who supported the Hughes Amendment to the mis-named Firearms Owner Protection Act in 1986? — Hint: The NRA

      Who proposed the “Bump Stock Ban” in 2017? — Hint: Wayne LaPierre?

      When his bump stock ban stalled in the Republican congress, who went to the White House for a closed-door meeting with President Trump, and magically the next week Trump told the ATF to ignore congress and find a way to ban bump stocks? — Hint: Wayne LaPierre.

      And finally, who is naive enough to believe that the NRA is against gun control? Hint – Look in the mirror!

      The NRA’s only interest in “fighting gun control” is that it rakes in millions of dollars from people naive enough to believe that the NRA is somehow opposed to the same laws they helped pass.

      • You WIN the internet! I did NOT reup my NRA membership nearly 3 years ago. And I still get endless E mail from them. I delete all that spam every month….

        • Same here. Allowed my NRA membership to sunset three years ago. Placed my funds into other orgs such as CRPA and FPC.

          I don’t care how much some people (even here at TTAG) wag their finger at me and tell me to continue supporting the NRA because [insert favorite personal reason here]. As long as WLP is at the helm, my support goes elsewhere.

          Boy Scouts of America was an outstanding organization for generations, but eventually rotted from within and failed.

          The YMCA…ditto.

          Countless universities that were originally founded with Christian foundations…ditto.

          It has happened again and again, and now with the NRA.

        • The NRA does have problems, but if it wasn’t for them, we’d have to second amendment rights. I support them, as well as everyone else who works to protect our rights and freedoms.

          The NRA is not our enemy. If you think so, you’re buying into the propaganda put forth from our enemies.

        • I like sending back the prepaid return envelopes with a demand for WLP’s resignation. When the colonel whose C.V. included gun running and drug sales resigned his position with the NRA because of the stench of corruption, you know the garbage pile was pretty damned high.

      • I ended my membership back in the 90’s..

        Last time I got a survey I filled it marking the appropiate boxes and then used all the white spots in between the questions to write a more detailed explanation of my “STANCE”!!!!

        Funny have not received anything more from the NRA in the mail!!!

  3. Watching that YouTube video, the guy looks like a slob. Talk about unprofessional. He should go back to living in his mom’s basement.

  4. The lesson of social media. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool that to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  5. 300,000,000 people need to be punished because three or four people refused to accept that some headcase with a history should be locked away.

    Makes sense.

  6. I think the one thing the Left including this guy fail to offer is the statistics that back up their claims. How many 18 year olds out of all the 18 year olds legally handling handguns commit these types of crimes? In what cities are these crimes taking place predominantly, Blue or Red? Are most of these inner city crimes or are they evenly distributed in general population.
    Blue cities which have some of the strictest gun laws have the most firearm deaths. Perhaps this is due to defunding the police, open borders, and allowing known criminals to roam free and commit additional crimes while out on the street. Lets put the entire issue in perspective. The people yelling the loudest are the ones who make the policies that creat the problems in the first place.

  7. The AR15 is a semiauto rifle that most people can buy from most gun stores. It is NOT a full auto M4 service rifle that you might get issued in the military. It is also NOT an ‘assault rifle’. These things don’t change based on someone getting shot somewhere and these people should know this. But they likely do and are just using lies to manipulate people.

    • Fudds like this person don’t know the difference. If it looks like a machine gun then it is a machine gun, regardless of it’s real operation.

    • That is the kind of nit picking the gun control mob does. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t say anything about limiting the types of arms the People have a right to bear. As far as I am concerned, if I want to own a quad .50 and can afford it, I can “bear” it. From all the reading I have done about the founding fathers’ thoughts on the topic, they had no trouble with the “People” owning weapons of mass destruction. If Elon Musk wanted it and could buy enough friends in Congress, he could get a letter of marque which would entitle him to equip a warship and go after pirates and shipping of unfriendly nations. In today’s navies, equipping a warship involves some very interesting weaponry. Privateers in colonial days had the latest weaponry they could afford. And, I might add, tried to purchase the fastest ships that could be built.

  8. LaPierre must have wanted to be a mega preacher on TV- he is as rich and corrupt as them. What a shame.

    The Second Amendment Foundation fights the real battles

    • Amen, Brother. The SAF is getting the money I used to send to the NRA. I will resume supporting them the day after WLP resigns with no golden parachute.

    • Also, the Colorado shooter was 22. Raising the minimum age to 21 to buy any gun wouldn’t have done diddly squat to prevent that massacre.

      • Yep. At 18, he wouldn’t be allowed in the Bar in Colorado.
        This shooting smells like this Incel Nutjob was groomed. All the indicators are there.

  9. As I recall the much hated President Donald Trump said that Tik-Tok was a Chinese Communist propaganda apparatus. And that it should be banned from the United States. Unfortunately the “freedom of speech freaks” disagreed.

    • And for the past three or four weeks the FBI has been going on about the potential threat that Chinese Tik Tok poses to the nation.

      I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to be Trump and be relentlessly mocked for your concerns and ideas only to have the very people who mocked you express those same concerns and ideas mere months later.

      • You mean like CBS finally admitting that the Hunter Biden laptop story was correct after 700 plus days?

        The media flushed their credibility down the drain long ago. Nothing that shows up there can be trusted.

  10. Bootlickin’ Boch thinks our beloved boys in blue support the Second Amendment. Seriously, he does. Delete away, 💩🤡.

    • “Delete away,…”


      Your comment stays, for all time, in the TTAG ‘Hall of Fame’ as an example of what a gutless, spinless little fuckwit you are, little ‘wolf’.

      It’s a prime example of what to mock and mercilessly laugh at looks like.

      Aren’t you proud of yourself, little wolfie? 🙂

  11. The NRA instructor was 100% correct on classifying 18 year olds as immature children because that is exactly what they are. Psychological studies prove the average male does not attain maturity until age 25. Further it was found that below age 25 the average male does not realize both the short term and long term consequences of their actions.

    Originally U.S. draft laws only drafted 21 year olds or older but it was changed during WWII because the government needed more cannon fodder for the war.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD This NRA Instructor is wrong. Plenty of 18 yr olds, plenty of 14 yr olds own and possess firearms and go shooting, and hunting without adult supervision and never have a problem. It seems like usual, because a small, miniscule number of young people misuse a firearm you want to keep guns away from them .But then you want to keep firearms away from everyone but you.

  12. This is more “we must do something” that would do nothing to prevent or mitigate the tragedy that is the impetus to do something. The murderer was over 21, so had an 18-20 year old ban been in place, it wouldn’t have delayed the killer a nanosecond.

  13. For someone who is Nassau County’s premier gun instructor, he’s pretty invisible online. I have a friend who teaches NRA classes at the local club, and he’s all over the web, Facebook, and Google Searches.

    Perhaps what really happened is some reporter stopped by the Nassau club, and some self-important idiot decided to talk to her.

    Who knew Elmer Fudd left Los Angeles, and moved to Nassau.

  14. I cannot see why you continue conflate GUN HATING with GUN CONTROL measures. I live in the UK as you probably guess and for the best part of two, decades was PROFESSIONAL involded with every manner of Firearms as a SergeantBArmouer and Smallarms INstructorvin the RAF where I also ran and coached several successful Competition shooting teams. I also served in them UK Army Infantry Reserves for some years.
    I do not hate ‘guns’ and I actually find the concept of ‘hating’ an inanimate object very, very odd indeed. I do however, like the vast majority of the UK elecorate, support our current Gun Control Measure even if it does mean that people like me, who has enjoyed a modicum of Match shooting both full and small bore can no longer so easily practice. No great loss for the common good .
    Like many in themuK,and I suspect most of Europe we look on with astonishement at the AMERICAN fascination with guns , especially those of a basics uselessness except as killing machines and almost as objects of Religious veneration.
    I would also point out that vin alsmost any category of Crimes of Viloence the per capita rate is higher much higher inthe mUSA as it is in the UK so the argument that GUNS reducecriem jail time cures crime of the DEATHN SENTENCE cure MURDER is a rather hollow self defeating argument-wouldn’t you say??

    • The difference between the murder rates in New York City and London has been relatively constant since before either nation had any substantive gun laws of which to speak. It’s clearly not the guns causing the murder rate in the US.

    • “ great loss for the common good.” Well, I guess it is pretty common there if the population can’t defend themselves from criminals…not too sure how “good” that is, though…

    • The way the Brits count crimes and the way U.S. counts crimes are like comparing oranges with green tomatoes. The dissimilarities are so striking as to cause one to conclude that they are two totally different systems with different objectives.

  15. I’m a firearms instructor as well as an FFL. I’d like to speak with the author via a phone conversation if possible. Please note the new website will be up and running 12-10-22

    Gregg Kielma

  16. I’m sick & tired of hearing the phrase “gun control”. What America needs is CRIMINAL CONTROL. What do people think will happen when criminals are set free after arrest with a no-bail ticket & a promise to come back to court. Criminals should be placed in SuperMax prisons. No tv, radio, in orange coveralls, let out to see the sun 1 hour a day in a fully enclosed cage. The only literature allowed should be positive spiritual, educational & pro citizen. If they are mentally disturbed the same applies with the added psychological training required until deemed by a panel of experts they are no longer a danger to themselves nor others & make members of that panel accountable if that person commits crimes after release. If a maniac commits a mass murder it should be an automatic death sentence to be carried out immediately. A person who commits mass murder is obviously mentally deranged & has no place in society. To those who say you can’t execute a crazy person you are wrong. Put them in the chair tell them they’re on a ride at a theme park & pull the switch. The only time killing another human being (outside of a military operation) should be deemed acceptable is in self defense or the defense of innocents. One more thing, ban TikTok. It is an app brought to us by a Communist nation who are using it to brainwash our young citizens against mental health. They don’t allow the algorithms used on the app in the United States to be used in their own country because they know it will spread chaos. Focus, think, get involved & act with good sense. Tell your political leaders to do the right thing by their constituents or you will vote them out. Give a damn people!

  17. Maybe next they can bring back that idiot retired general that demonstrated “fully semiautomatic” for the camera. I joined the Army when I was 17, it took me 2 years to make sergeant in an infantry rifle platoon. Funny thing was, that at 19, I was supervising people with actual assault weapons, the M16A1.

    • Robin – one correction to your positive comment – the M16A1 is by military definition an assault rifle (term coined by Adolf circa 1943) and is very specific what that definition entails. “assault weapon(s)” is a made up (thanks Art Agnos) term used specifically to confuse people.

  18. …funny how an 18 year old child becomes an 18 year old adult when they join the military…must be something in basic training that pushes them over the hump…

  19. Oh joy. Another opportunity for the anti NRA gun owners to flat out LIE about the NRA being for gun control. (do your own research, arguing with a Lier and a fool just makes you look stupid and I’m just too tired to do/deal with either.). WLP is this that and the other thing or the NRA is/isn’t … Truth be told you just can’t bother to do even a little part so you will sit on the outside and throw stone at those who are. Sure, that’s right you do your part by supporting GOA or some other organization. If every SOB was a member of GOA that claimed they were, GOA would be 3X the size of the NRA and doing more good work that they are capable of now. So, sit there in your self-righteousness, and when they ” pry the gun from your cold dead hand” it will be too late.


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