New From Sauer: Sauer 100 Classic Rifles

Sauer's debuting their new Sauer 100 Classic and 100 Classic XT rifles at NRA. the big selling point: Sauer quality at an affordable $699...

New From Gear Head Works: Tailhook MOD 3 Pistol Brace

The Gear Head Works Tailhook line of pistol braces (reviewed here) has proven extremely popular, showing up on factory non-NFA handguns from dozens of...
Marlin Dark Series

New From Marlin: the Dark Series

Now this is cool. Suppressor-ready, blacked-out lever guns from Marlin. This is their new Dark Series and the first two models are available with...

New From Ruger: Silent-SR Integrally-Suppressed 10/22 Takedown Barrel

It's hard to find a handier rifle than a Ruger 10/22 Takedown, but if it's out there it's probably an integrally-suppressed 10/22 takedown. Normally...
Mirzon P320 Grip Module

New: Mirzon Grip Module for SIG SAUER P320

SIG's P320 has a serialized, internal frame that can be easily removed from the polymer grip frame and dropped into...well...there aren't as many options...
REX Delta

New From Arex: REX Delta Pistol

Okay, okay, not exactly "new" in that I took all of these photos at SHOT Show. Sorry. But "new" in that the REX Delta...

M+M Industries M10X Hybrid Rifle

M+M Industries' M10X is a bit of a hybrid, borrowing design aspects from the AK-47, AR-15, and FAL. Externally it looks most like an...

ATF Approves SB Tactical Collapsible Pistol Arm Brace

SB Tactical's pistol arm brace concept has had a profound impact on the firearms market; it single-handedly (pun intended) saved the AR-15 pistol from obscurity. Up...

New From Taurus: The T4SA AR-15

That's right! An AR-15 from Taurus USA. That is, it's designed and manufactured completely in the U.S. at Taurus USA in Miami, FL. It's...

Charter Arms .40 Cal Revolver

That's right - I said .40 cal, as in the .40 S&W.  This sturdy little revolver has a patented detent that allows a rimless...

New From FightLite Industries: STEP-22 Receivers and Integrally Suppressed Ruger Receivers

FightLite Industries is a marque of ARES Defense. They just recently announced their new STEP-22 line of receivers for Ruger's .22LR pistol line. Their STEP-22K (photo...
nra convention lapierre crisis board of directors

Existential Threat: The Crisis at the NRA

By Adam Kraut Over the past few months news of impropriety, questionable business dealings, lack of transparency regarding the inner workings of the NRA, and...