Hoplophobic Left Has Two Standards for Gun Control

In a recent New York Times opinion piece by Nicholas Kristoff titled On Guns, We Are Not Even Trying, the author bemoans how the nation has yet to pass gun control proposals such as “universal background checks” or closing the “gun show loophole.” The author implies that the National Rifle Association and all that are […]

Johnny Law Ain’t All Bad

Inspired by a recent post and given that I have been dishing the sh*t at some of our local constabulary, I thought I would share some positive encounters I have had as it pertains to CCW. In Rock Hill Missouri, a small municipality in an area that is rich with small municipalities, I was pulled over […]

Super Slow-Mo Bullets Being Shot Into Stuff

I came across this video while getting my industrial nerd-on with a raft of “How It’s Made” videos. The slow motion capture in this video allows you to see how a bullet interacts with a wide variety of targets, from steel to glass to paper. Kinda wish the watermark had been more thoughtfully placed so as […]

The Curious Case of the Handcuffed Barber

The 11th circuit court has provided an epic slap-down on police…er, exuberance, ostensibly in order to enforce state  regulations via warrantless SWAT raids. From Reason.com: Although ostensibly justified as a regulatory inspection, the raid on Strictly Skillz, like similar sweeps of other barbershops that same day, was part of an operation hatched by (Florida Department […]

Ignorance Of The Law is No Excuse*

*unless you carry a badge. I found this article in my Facebook feed: Vice Principal Sues Police for Arresting him While Lawfully Concealed Carrying. At issue is a school vice principle, Kent Williams, who was arrested by the Bakersfield 5-0 for carrying a firearm within 1000 feet of a school. The cops were apparently ignorant […]

I’m Dick Heller and I Approve This Crushing Defeat Of Worthless Gun Laws

By Dick Heller In the aftermath of District of Columbia v. Heller, many residents in the nation’s capitol have been jousting with the the overbearing “Mother-knows-what’s-best-for-you” attitude about our Constitutional rights. Even though D.C.’s mayor city council deeply desire to be a state, they aren’t willing to do what a state must do when they lose a Supreme […]

A Well Regulated Militia…

I lay on a pile of cow crap and nettles, peering uselessly through weeds growing on a wire fence. I am unable to see more than 12 feet into an open field. Prone, my neck and shoulders hurt as I crane hoping to see far enough so that I can have some warning of advancing […]

Real Guns, Orange Paint, Real Consequences

Not that I expect for there to be a breakout of common sense among the anti-gunner crowd, but for the rest of us who are interested in ordered liberty, I have a suggestion for the “fake harmless gun” issue reported earlier. States with capital punishment often apply the death penalty if there is a “special […]

On Respect for the Law and Respectable Laws

If we are to live in peace in a nation of laws, two things must happen. 1) Citizens must respect and obey the law, and 2) governments must make and enforce respectable laws. Every day Americans obey the laws that govern things from speed limits on the streets to keeping their lawn properly trimmed. Only […]