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SB Tactical new adjustable arm brace

SB Tactical‘s pistol arm brace concept has had a profound impact on the firearms market; it single-handedly (pun intended) saved the AR-15 pistol from obscurity. Up to now, the pistol arm brace has been a one-size-fits-all (or not) accessory. A letter from the ATF [click here to view]] changes that, A-OK’ing an adjustable versions of the brace. The new SB braces not only work better — for multiple shooters — but also look dead sexy. SB Tactical’s pre-NRA Con press release [after the jump] was short and sweet, but the pictures tell the tale . . .


The new collapsible version of the brace appears to be a finished and complete product on the SIG SAUER MPX. Which makes perfect sense, as SIG SAUER was the first company to embrace the original design. It completes the aesthetic appeal of the firearm and make it look oh so much better.

Their MPX can be clunky and front-heavy to fire as a pistol. With the added SB Tactical brace it balances out the gun and makes it much easier to shoot. The new collapsible brace will be on display at the NRA Convention this weekend, we’ll go get our hands on it and report back.


SB Tactical New Adjustable Pistol Stabilizing Brace Receives Favorable ATF Compliance Opinion

Saint Petersburg, Fla. (May 19, 2016) – SB TacticalTM, inventors and manufacturers of the Pistol Stabilizing BraceTM, announced today that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), has approved the design of the company’s new adjustable Pistol Stabilizing Brace. The ruling states the adjustable brace design is approved for PDW pistol platforms like the SIG MPX pistol. Installation of the brace would not

change the classification of a pistol in accordance with GCA provisions. The growth of the PDW pistol category and the latest ATF letter approving the adjustable Pistol Stabilizing Brace design showcases the commitment of SB Tactical to innovate and serve the PDW Pistol Community.

Upon receipt of the favorable ATF Opinion Letter, SB Tactical accelerated the development of two adjustable brace models, the MPX PSB and SBPDW. The company is pleased to announce they will begin shipping these new adjustable brace models this summer.

“We are very excited with the ATF’s approval of our new adjustable Pistol Stabilizing Brace design, and understand the overwhelmingly positive implications of the decision,” said Jeff Creamer, Vice President of Business Development, SB Tactical. “SB Tactical’s commitment to emerging technologies and innovation has been the facilitator for the growing PDW pistol category. This Opinion ushers in an exciting time for us and the PDW community; we are proud to introduce the MPX PSB and SBPDW models.”

Both the MPX PSB and the SBPDW adjustable Pistol Stabilizing Braces will be displayed at the upcoming NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Louisville, KY. The MPX PSB will be showcased by

SIG SAUER, Inc. (Booth 5333) and the SBPDW will be displayed by both Maxim Defense Industries (Booth 3954) and LWRC International LLC (Booth 5547).

Designed solely for the AR pistol platform, the SBPDW weighs in at 18.14 ounces, measures 5.50 inches in length, and has a max width of 2.25 inches. The MPX PSB is designed exclusively for the SIG SAUER® SIG MPX and SIG MCX line of products. The MPX PSB weighs 19.13 ounces, is 8.0 inches in length and has a max width of 2.25 inches.

Visit SB Tactical at to check out the full line of SB Tactical products and follow @SB Tactical on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

About SB TacticalTM

SB TacticalTM, the originator of the Pistol Stabilizing BraceTM and manufacturers of industry-leading firearms accessories, is setting the bar for innovation and product development in the PDW Pistol category. The SB Tactical line of products is veteran designed, BATFE approved, and manufactured in the U.S.A. For more information on the brand’s growing line of products for multiple firearms platforms, visit

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  1. This is certainly intriguing! I expect that sales of pistols already equipped with these braces will be exceptionally brisk.

  2. I give it 6 months before the idiots that seem to be devoid of any common sense or Internet knowledge flood the ATF with letters asking for clarification and get them to go back on their ruling.

    • As we type I’m more than certain some idiots are already scratching together a letter…

  3. Now if this doesn’t practically scream “sbr laws are shit” nothing else does. Just look at that thing! You can barely tell by looking at is that it isn’t one of those unicorn collapsible stocks. However it is nice to see that the rails are completely filled by the guide rods unlike the more recent stocks sig has been offering for the mpx.

    • This. It shows just how far we’ve fallen. We’re now asking for permission to attach cosmetic features(essentially, that’s what these are). With this being approved though, I do see it helping the fight to remove SBR/SBS’s from the registry.

      • While I agree with your sentiment, I would posit that the difference between a rifle with a stock and one without is a bit more than “cosmetic”. That doesn’t mean the law should treat them differently, however.

    • Seriously! I really don’t understand the celebration of laws or loopholes that allow us to exercise our so-called “rights”. We have allowed the opposition to control the dialogue and are reduced to being grateful when see some hint of sunlight through the clouds.

  4. I think we are starting to get to the bottom of that “shoulder thing that goes up” comment. The libbies will only see this as a “shoulder thing that goes down” and demand it be banned. Cuz using it that way would be against ATF rulez. Carolyn McCarthy was way ahead of her time!

  5. Read the letter. The ATF emphasizes repeatedly that any individual who shoulders this thing will be creating an SBR. They even required the manufacturer to remove the tiny ridges on the end of the brace, so as to not even suggest the possible use as a stock.

    Sooner or later, some unlucky SOB is going to shoulder one of these in the wrong place at the wrong time, and they are going to get hauled in. It will be pretty fascinating to see how this issue plays out in court, if it’s allowed to go that far. I just hope it doesn’t happen in the 9th Circuit.

    • I really, REALLY, want to see this one go to court…I just don’t want to be the poor sod with his future on the line, depending on the #commonsense of the court when guns (GUNS!) are involved.

      I would love to see the cross-examination of the ATF witness-
      Atty: [Holding up a pencil] Please tell the members of the jury what I’m holding in my hand.
      ATF: A pencil.
      Atty: [Holds pencil against shoulder] Ok…NOW what am I holding in my hand?
      ATF: …A pencil?

    • The ATF is waiting for a case where they can tack on a brace violation charge onto a more serious set of charges. Then they will off to drop one of the more serious charges in exchange for the bad guy to plead guilty to the brace violation. Now magically you have your first successful brace violation conviction precedence.

      They’re evil.

    • Not so fast there, Peter. First of all there are still several people STILL shouldering braces on video, on You Tube for the whole world to see. Is that a good idea? No.
      Have they even been cited? No. None of them. In fact NO ONE in the country has been cited yet, and probably never will.
      Why? Two reasons:

      Reason Number One:
      During Shot SHow 2015 The ATF held a Press Conference in which they admitted the near impossibility to prove in a court of law if a brace is actually making contact with someone’s shoulder. EVEN when captured on video. If the stock is 3mm away from the shoulder it is considered NOT contacting. Can you tell by LOOKING with out a reasonable shadow of a doubt? The ATF lawyers dont think they can.

      THEREFORE, they stated AT the Press Conference they would NOT be actively or even passively pursuing any arrests for shouldering a brace as long as some idiot does not state his INTENT(this is important) is to flout the law and STATES in a video he is giving the finger to the ATF. Even then I bet they still would not pursue. I seriously advise against trying that out, however.

      Realize that the ONLY reason the ATF came out with their “opinion” letter was to shut the YUUGE number of IDIOTS flooding and clogging the ATF with STUPID QUESTIONS about shouldering the brace. If everyone had just accepted “the win” and SHUT UP, then the opinion letter would never have happened. The ATF lawyers even doubt they can win in court because their opinion letter’s language is extremely debatable. Why? Do your own search on that. The reasons are lengthy.

      They stated that the ONLY way they would prosecute is for an “Add On Charge”. If a braced pistol was used to rob a bank and the perp was seen to SHOULDER the brace, then it would be an additional charge to an already fracked suspect. Then the charges would just be part of a plea bargain and dropped since they would likely never win in court based on the wording of that ambiguous “opinion letter”

      Tim from the Military Arms Channel is about as honest as they come. He was THERE for that ATF Press Conference. His account of that is here in detail:

      Feel better? Still, be reasonable. Dont poke the bear. But, if you at out in the woods plinking around, there are no ATF agents stalking you in the bushes waiting to POUNCE on you should you shoulder your brace. You and many others are convinced this is the case. It is not.

      Tim shows in another video how perspective and point of view make it look exactly like he was shouldering his brace when a different camera angle clearly shows he was not. So do NOT worry about “appearances”. I am all for being concerned about being not put in jail. This is NOT one of those items anyone should be getting ulcers over.

      Reason Number Two:
      Donald J. Trump. I have written enough. Do your own searches on proposed SWEEPING reforms to the NFA and eventually OVER RULING of Draconian Unconstitutional State Laws in Kali, Mass, NY etc. That will come in time from our newly conservative STACKED SCOTUS.

  6. I’ve been considering one of the PSA AR-9 pistols but I hadn’t pulled the trigger yep. It will be pretty awesome if I can mount the SBPDW to the AR-9 and have it run smoothly.

  7. How come in every picture of these stupid things the straps are always tightened down so as to resemble a stock as much as possible. Does anybody really shoot these with their arms through them?

  8. Here we go again! In 6 months this thing will still be legal, but only if you don’t actually collapse the brace.

  9. Please dont use a proprietary bolt carrier, please dont use a proprietary bolt carrier, please dont use a proprietary bolt carrier.

  10. My comment isn’t on the ATF it’s on the author of this article. Don’t you proof read your articles before publishing??? Attention to detail should be seriously adhered to for a professional journalist. If you can’t figure it out then find a fourth grade school teacher to do it for you. You’re making all of us look dumb because in many ways you represent the pro Second Amendment community.


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