New: Mirzon Grip Module for SIG SAUER P320

Mirzon P320 Grip Module

SIG’s P320 has a serialized, internal frame that can be easily removed from the polymer grip frame and dropped into…well…there aren’t as many options as one might hope. Considering the pistol’s popularity, its adoption by the military, and its modularity I believe we’ll continue to see the aftermarket step in and make grips, accessories, and even complete conversion systems for the P320. New to the market is Mirzon and their Enhanced Grip Module:

For $159, the Mirzon grip frame replaces the factory SIG unit with an extremely ergonomic, beavertail-equipped grip. It accepts the factory controls and is available for manual safety-equipped and sans-safety models.

Rubber inserts provide grip and comfort on the front- and back-strap. A little ledge under the pinky finger area helps control the firearm’s flip and torque under recoil.

Without a doubt, the grip is extraordinarily comfortable. It feels great. Back-to-back with a factory P320 grip it’s a definite improvement — I feel like my hand encompasses more of it, with better angles and more traction, and that I would have more control over the firearm. The polymer appears to be high-quality and the molding is clean, though the overmolded rubber isn’t perfectly aligned on all of these show frames.

We’ll see if we can’t [literally] get our hands on one for a full test rundown soon.


  1. avatar U.S. Military Approved says:

    Nice..Keep it coming. The 320 was already superior to the glock, once the after-market catches up on this pistol, there will be no reason to look at the fugly glock ever again.

    1. avatar tibby says:

      You’ll just have to change as many parts as on a Glock.

      1. avatar David Grenier says:

        I don’t think he’s worried about that. Guys who build up Glocks certainly don’t. (Although it always struck me as odd that for a “perfected” product, there sure are a lot of after-market parts!)

  2. avatar 24and7 says:

    It appears a Sig 320 and a Beretta apx loved each other very much…

  3. avatar Neil says:

    I like! Alas, we need the Signed P320 on the roster in Cali.

    1. avatar Anymouse says:

      Get an 80% P320 internal frame. I think you’re legal in CA if you report that you’re finishing it and get a state issued serial number, but I’m not a lawyer or CA resident. Then add whatever grip frame, barrel, and slide you like.

  4. avatar Charles says:

    The fantastic modular fire control system of the 320 is the game changer.

    1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      There were many before it…

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  6. avatar possum, destroyer of arachnids says:

    That beaver tail sure is pointy, you could probably kill something with this gunm. These new gunms can try all they want but as far as customization 1911 rules.

  7. avatar Mark says:

    Doesn’t look like you can get your hand high up on the gun at all. Makes that high bore axis even higher.

    1. avatar M says:

      I have handle this and shot it myself. Actually the shape of the grip promotes a very positive feel and I dont know how you could get closer to the bore axis. Additionally, the increased front to back width at the base of the grip seems to add leverage and decreases the amount of time it takes to get your sights back on target. Mirzon is on the right track and I believe you will enjoy how it shoots if you can get your hands on one.

  8. avatar Mitch Hicks says:

    I picked mine up about two weeks ago and I am thrilled. When you put your hands on this grip you get a complete purchase the very first time, no readjustments. The design basically directs your hand high and tight under the beavertail. The grip has a great feel and the texture of the rubber gives you great control while shooting. Well done Mirzon.

  9. avatar raptor jesus says:

    Meanwhile Sig is selling it own grip modules (including the ergonomically enhanced X-series) for as low as $44.

    “A fool and his money . . . . . “

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