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That’s right! An AR-15 from Taurus USA. That is, it’s designed and manufactured completely in the U.S. at Taurus USA in Miami, FL. It’s called the T4SA, and it looks like quite a nice AR-15, to boot . . .

Both KeyMod and M-LOK will be available. A shorter handguard will come on the 11.5″ barrel version. That’s right, a factory SBR. Same price as the 16″ and 14.5″ flavors, too.

Matte black anodized or available in Cerakote Elite in sand or jungle. Magpul MOE grip and CTR stock on a mil-spec buffer tube.

Mil-spec trigger, safety, bolt release. The trigger guard is an oversized job from Magpul.

H2 (heavy) buffer.

The BCG is entirely Melonited and MPI inspected. Key is properly staked (as is the castle nut).

The T4SA runs a carbine-length gas system with a Melonited, pinned gas block. The barrel is 1:7 twist CMV, M4 profile, and is also Melonited. As is the barrel nut.

Taurus says they put over 300,000 rounds through these guns during development. Barrel life is well in excess of 10,000 rounds…A round count that the rifle seen above is apparently creeping up on (7,500+) without ever having received cleaning or lubrication.

The T4SA “Meets requirements of MIL–DTL–71186A with AMENDMENT 3 Dated 20 July 2012 (US Military Detail Specification)”. Full specs can be downloaded in PDF form by clicking here.

MSRP is $1,199 for all versions.

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    • It’s priced $400 higher than the Saint, and at least the Saint comes with sights.

      A free float handguard is nice but it shouldn’t add $400 to the gun.

    • Heh.
      Not much love for Springfield today…
      I wonder if the guys at the meeting can corner the Springfield reps and show them the comments from today and let them see how deeply they’ve stepped in it.

  1. They got into the AR market very late with an expensive gun. The MSRP is over double what I paid for my S&W sport II. So much for Taurus being cheaper than brand names. I wish them well but I don’t think this will work out well for them.

    • M&P Sport II has some shortcuts (barrel isn’t tapered which adds weight for no gain, furniture is sub-milspec), but you could replace the problem parts for way less than the price differences, even if you do have to pay a gunsmith.

      • This is likely a better gun than the S&W Sport 2, or the Ruger AR556, but that may not matter.

        Ruger and Smith have a reputation of quality, and Taurus doesn’t. Therefore most firearm owners won’t pay mid level AR price for any Taurus rifle, when they can get a Smith or Ruger for hundreds less.

    • The MSRP of the Sport II is $739 ($460 less than the Taurus), obviously, those are going for the low to mid $500s right now. If made well, the Taurus is an upgrade in every way over the Sport II. Not really comparable firearms. That said, I’m not determining whether or not it’s worth the extra cost, just that, it is superior on paper to the Sport, AR556, Deltons, etc. of the world.

  2. 1200 for a Taurus?

    I could spend less than 2/3 of that and get one that won’t blow up in my hand.

    • I’m no Taurus fanboy, but this gun is likely just outsourced parts, assembled by Taurus. I wouldn’t worry about the safety aspect.

    • That is a rather ignorant comment, Taurus firearms are very high quality, I have owned and shot Taurus firearms since about 1990, I currently own 6 and have yet to have even a slight malfunction. I have friends and know of many others who own Taurus firearms who will say the same.

      • And don’t forget the lifetime warranty as well as excellent customer service. Taurus quality is like a quantum leap better than it was only five years ago. I’ve also seen many Taurus firearms sold online for less than 50% of their original MSRP.

        WE’ll have to see what the market will bear for another American-made AR.

  3. No, thank you…it is a Taurus. Two of my three local gun stores don’t sell Taurus anymore…too many issues and returns. They will not take a Taurus in trade or even on consignment. The third store still sells Taurus and just picked up Chiappa Firearms. Looked at Chiappa’s SAA1873-22 replica in .22LR and their lever-action .22LR last week…complete garbage.

    • Only 2 of the many local gun stores around here carry Taurus. And they mostly deal with, how to say this politically correctly, more “urban” customers.
      Basically, people who don’t know better, or don’t care as long as they get a gun cheaply.

        • I love my PT111 G2. I’ve had it for 18 months and the only thing I needed to replace was the recoil spring* two months ago – I got a free replacement from Taurus exactly two days after after I requested one.

          *Somehow I messed it up but Taurus replaced it sight unseen.

    • All the years I was in business I never stocked or took in on trade a Taurus. I ordered a few, but only after giving a disclaimer on why I dont carry them.

  4. With Colt, Ruger and S&W dumping Expanses, AR556s and Sports on the market for under $700, I don’t see any room for Taurus. Nor any other high volume manufacturer for that mater.

  5. These look cool and seem nice on paper…but Taurus’ reputation precedes them. We’ll see if these are as well made as they claim. That said, I’ve owned one Taurus pistol (24/7 G2 full size 9mm) and it was fine, no reliability issues so I don’t have a bad taste in my mouth of Taurus.

    • I think that’ll be their big hurdle to get over here. Speaking with their lead engineer today, who has engineered firearms for major U.S. brands, he made it very clear that this is on a whole ‘nother level and has nothing to do with anything else Taurus has done. They’re hoping to see these rifles getting into the hands of professionals like contractors, security, LEO, etc and believe it’s fully at that level. I don’t have a reason to doubt that kind of thing, but people will have to get over their preconceptions of Taurus as a brand. BTW some new Taurus pistols are engineered and manufactured completely in the U.S. as well and the expectations are being set high. The Spectrum is in that category. Anyhooooo…we’ll see how it shakes out!

    • Same here, My 2015 purchase of a Mill G2 has been reliable and worth every penny of $200. Approaching 2000 round count. I also have two friends with the same gun. Other than one gun needing a slight polish in the bullet path on a painted part in the magwell they all seem to be reliable. Great CC gun.

  6. It’s a $900 gun. If that’s the street price it’s a fair price if you price out components and labor.

    • Do the AR-15’s that Colt makes juistify their high prices. . .or are they banking off their name like designer clothing?

      One thing that Taurus has going for their guns is their lifetime warranty. Other than AR’s sold through Davidson’s, lifetime warranties are hard to come by.

      I predict that these will be heavily discounted like their other successful firearms.

  7. It’s interesting to me…all of these market “experts” commenting that there’s just no room for this and Springfield’s new XDe. Many of the same people said the same thing about the Springfield Saint (way too late to the market, etc.). It seems to be selling fine. Taurus has determined there is a market for it, otherwise, they wouldn’t have built it. Then again, they could have determined that before the election 6 months ago and were already all in, so they released it anyway even if the market is drying up.

  8. 1200 bucks…really?!? I’ve had(and have several Taurus’ that ran fine. But none were even moderately expensive. As far as Taurus knowing they have a market they are known to overproduce guns. Working on their QC is a great idea. And they discontinued the TCP for their unproven Spectrum…

    • Well it will be hard for anti 2nd people to argue ARs aren’t in “common usage.” So that’s a plus with everyone making one.

    • Because they ran out of ideas, so might as well get on the AR wagon, even if it is way late.

    • Technically, Springfield released the Saint a week before the election, so the demand for ARs was probably very very high at that time because we all thought Hillary was going to win. I bought my Saint (and a S&W snubbie) on Election day. As far as bringing all of these guns to the market, better late than never, they say, right? Near as I can tell, the Saint is selling like hotcakes, regardless of what the keyboard commandos/ gun market experts said when it was released (i.e., too late to the game, market is over saturated, etc.).

      • Well, TTAG didn’t say that. The SAINT (like the new XD-E) fits a niche. It checked all (or nearly all) the meaningful quality boxes at a good price from a major brand. It was clearly going to sell well, and it has. Even after the election.

        • I know, I remember. You and I were defending the advantages of the Saint to those people who were saying just buy the Ruger AR556. I was referring to commenters and other websites I’ve seen where pretend “experts” (i.e., everyday gun people posting in a forum) were claiming Springfield was “too late” and “releasing an AR in a saturated market – why?”.

  9. I sometimes carry a Taurus and haven’t had any more trouble with it than I have other guns but as with most things I tend to shy away from ‘new’ product and let others be the first adopters.

    I am a little surprised at the price- even if warranted, it’s a departure from Taurus’ usual market share as the budget option. The problem is that a lot of people willing to pay around that price for an AR (or even somewhat lower at street price) are likely also the kind of people to not want a Taurus.

      • I can understand noobs getting inexpensive pre made. But what I can’t get my head around is the “premium” guns at premium prices. It’s silly.

  10. First the XDe and now this!?!? What a time to be alive. Please let the Millenium Pro with slide mounted RMR come out next!!

  11. You want to enter the AR market NOW? Better find a way to price them at $400 or less.

  12. I think the street price will be around $800-$900.
    I have a 9mm. Taurus 24/7 Pro LS DS with over 3000 rounds through it in 6 years and the worst that has happened is a small chip on the extractor which still works OK.
    I built both on my ARs for around $600 each without optics.

  13. I doubt if this $1200 Taurus exceeds my Ruger AR-556 or Bushmaster QRC E2S in quality. I paid $540 for my Ruger and $609 for my Bushmaster. After one year and about 500 rounds through each of my ARs, not a single issue, even with steel-cased ammo. I keep both ARs handy as home-defense guns.. I prefer the AR over the shotgun for home defense. I’m not a Taurus hater either: my backup carry gun is a Taurus PT111 G2, again, with no issues after many hundreds of rounds. I suspect this new Taurus will run well but my next AR will be an AR-10, probably a Smith.

  14. I lol’ed at the $1200 price. Don’t get me wrong, Taurus is ok in my book. I’ve got a PT1911 and a Raging Bull 44 mag with the 8 inch barrel. Buuuuut, neither of those handguns inspire me to dump 1k into a Taurus gun. My Raging Bull has been back to Taurus twice for cylinder gap and cylinder getting stuck issues. My PT1911… I had to change out the barrel bushing to a Nowlin one because the original was garbage. Tool marks galore and a very loose fit in the slide. It was shooting waaaay off. I also had to change out the grip safety because it was machined off center a little bit. It irritated me. And I changed out the hammer too. It was a $470 gun so I guess I shouldn’t have expected much. But I mean… I didn’t think I’d have to change that much out to make it a good pistol. So… My point, I like my two Taurus handguns. But, I don’t see myself giving them more of my cash until I see better. Especially over 1k of my cash.

    • ” It was a $470 gun so I guess I shouldn’t have expected much” Freaking really? For that much $ the damn thing better be perfect. My multitude of Rugers cost from a little over $200 to around $600 (new) and everyone functioned flawlessly. Can’t say the same for some other brands I no longer own.

    • Jason,

      Your expectations from a firearm are not what I expect. I expect it to work as designed and as marketed right out of the box.

      How can you trust a firearm that has been back to the manufacturer twice for related issues?

      By my figures (taking middle of the line pricing off Nowlin’s site and Brownell’s) you have at least $120 extra into your Taurus 1911…bringing the price up to around $600. A couple of years ago I purchased a new Ruger SR1911 for $649.00 that has not missed a beat (shop only adds 12% to their cost on firearms).

      Around four – five years ago a notable ammunition manufacturer had a batch of .44 Magnums get out that were dangerously overcharged. My local shop received two Taurus’, a Smith and a couple of Rugers that were damaged by the ammo. One of the Rugers could probably have been serviced and restored to duty, the other was way out of spec, the Smith blew out the cylinder wall and bulged the top strap…both of the Taurus’ grenaded…multiple cylinders destroyed, top strap gone and frame tweaked.

      I’m glad you like your Taurus handguns despite the myriad design / QC issues you have had.

      I will not own one.

  15. Where have everyone been with these rifles couple years ago? After Sandy Hook I couldn’t get AR15 whole or parts even if I begged.
    Well, I wish them good luck on today’s market, with the price they’re asking. They will need every drop of it.

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  17. I guess this is in regard to the Hickok45 video someone posted. I’m a firearm retailer and have sold a bunch of the PT111 Millennium G2’s and own one myself. They are a fantastic pistol for the price. Accurate and reliable I can recommend this pistol to anyone looking for an inexpensive backup or new to concealed carry.
    I’ll be interested to see how their new line of AR-15 rifles is received and whether they follow up with a lower priced line down the road.

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