Springfield Armory's Turn Around
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Last year, as the NRA’s Annual Meetings kicked off, I broke the story of Springfield Armory’s back-room dealings in Illinois. Much has changed at Springfield Armory since those events, both in Illinois and nationally. In fact, just yesterday, Springfield took the bold step of cutting off their products to Dick’s Sporting Goods stores. I welcome these changes at Springfield as should most gun owners.

Yes, Springfield and Rock River Arms, through their now-former lobbying outfit, the Illinois Firearms Manufacturer’s Association, traded their opposition to a Prairie State retailer licensing bill for an exemption to that law.

At first, both companies attacked me, The Truth About Guns and Guns Save Life.  From The Gun Writer.

[Rock River Arms General Manager Sarah] Larson took after the good folks at The Truth About Guns, which she referred to as an “activist website.”

“This boils down to a small, so-called gun-rights activist website that took the majority of things out of context, to make it sound like Rock River Arms and Springfield Armory were IFMA,” she said. “We did not have control over all actions. IFMA acted autonomously on our behalf.”

As time passed, and facing tremendous customer backlash, both companies changed their tune. They pulled out of IFMA and dissolved the organization.

Springfield Armory then poured a ton of financial resources into blocking the Illinois Gun Retailer Licensing Bill (SB-1657). At the same time, company president Dennis Reese hired someone to run the day-to-day operations of the company. He also secured three lobbyists to work the halls of the Illinois General Assembly. We’ve watched them carefully and they’ve steadfastly worked towards gun rights for all.  No more special carve-outs for Springfield at the expense of everyday gun owners.

Springfield Armory, to their credit, has also given big bucks to the Illinois State Rifle Association and other gun rights groups in Illinois. Those monies allowed ISRA to hire the well-liked former state legislator Eddie Sullivan to lobby on behalf of gun owners. Mr. Sullivan has proved pretty darn effective, too.

The retailer licensing bill eventually made it to the governor who vetoed it. Working together, pro-gun rights forces – including the recently-hired lobbyists for Springfield – managed to narrowly hold off an over-ride effort.

Now we see Springfield’s bold move deciding to sever sales with Dick’s. Yes, in some ways it’s symbolic, but not entirely. I’m told some Dick’s stores still sell handguns, and Springfield sells a lot of pistols. I give Springfield props for taking this stand. It took guts.

Neither Guns Save Life or TTAG are on Springfield’s Christmas card list and haven’t seen any invites to new product releases or T&E samples of new products.

That’s okay. Springfield’s no longer cutting back-room deals at the expense of gun owners and that’s what’s important. To the contrary, they’re working hard now to defend and protect our Second Amendment rights.

So, nice job, Springfield. Keep up the good work.

If they keep this up, I may start once again recommending a couple of their better products to students and fellow gun owners. The SAINT makes a fine entry level AR and the XD Mod.2 has remarkably mild recoil for a 9mm.

What say you? Has Springfield’s turn-around caused you to lessen any animus you feel toward the company and its products?

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      • apology accepted.
        It is sad we must be so on guard. Now why is anyone else selling with Dicks?
        And don’t blow up your used cooler. Sell it.


        ps: The only springfields I’m interested in are the M1 and XD-E. The later isn’t available in Cali, so maybe I’ll buy an M1 now. On sale…

        • how about citations and referrences, so we could check up on them? otherwise, OBJECTION! HEARSAY!!

    • Agree. Also: it isn’t simply the Dick’s-branded stores themselves, but also Field & Stream-branded stores (which Dick’s owns — not affiliated with the magazine.) Those stores had extensive firearms sections, including handguns, IIRC. Makes me wonder how long that brand will last.

    • What apology and who wrote or signed it?

      Most gun owners are selfish twats only in it for themselves. It’s too hard for these self absorbed narcissists to boycott or hold true to any belief which might cause a minor inconvenience!

      They’ll patronize or support anti-gun businesses just because they want to eat buffalo wings or a burger…or the evil company comes out with a cool product.

      You’re taitors among us.

  1. With this action, I almost forgive SA for their prior stunt. Almost…

    Now if they would drop their prices on M1A’s a bit
    ….I’d give them a big ol’ wet, sloppy kiss.

    • They bring M1A prices to roughly 800 per for one with a polymer stock and 16 inch barrel and to paraphrase Gunnery Sgt. Hartman ” Hell I might even take em home and let them f*ck my sister.”

      • As much as I like the M1A/M14 (fun, accurate, awesome iron sights)….they do nothing but choke hard when you start running them hard. MK91/G3 family or FN FAL/L1A1 family are both superior gen2 battle rifles.

        Still, if you want something you can shoot accurately and run hard, just get a good AR-10 and call it a day. Should be comparably priced.

        • Problem is the AR10 is too scary looking for CA, while the M1A as sold with its removable mag and “standard” stock (at least so far)!

    • I wouldn’t give the free love yet, they still have some making up to do…..They probably didn’t sell much to Dick’s anyway so no big loss.

  2. i am not sure, while the things you have described are very good and I applaud them. i am not ready yet to forgive them. First there was no apology or admission of what they did was wrong and second, I simply do not know what they will do next year. Ask me in a year if I forgive them.

    • I believe there was an apology and an admission that the previous position was wrong. Nothing shows regret like pulling your products from Dicks.

    • It makes me wonder; are they Sorry or are they Sorry They Got Caught?
      I’ve little doubt they thought their shenanigans the year before would pass unnoticed or at least quickly forgotten… which tell me they are unaware of two irrefutable facts about People of the Gun: 1. We pay unusually close attention to what both politicians and gunmakers do, and 2. We don’t forget or forgive betrayals easily.
      If they were so ignorant of those things about us, I can only conclude they didn’t really understand the PotG much at all… but maybe they are finally learning.

      • +1

        I still think they are sorry BECAUSE they got caught. They lied, they diverted and only when the info and proof was insurmountable did they concede their fault.
        I haven’t forgiven them and I won’t buy their products because of this. To me it isn’t about what they do now so much as it is about what they were willing to do prior to being caught. They were willing to screw EVERYONE else to help themselves.
        I’m happy to see them doing the right things NOW but I cannot accept that they had a turn around of the soul as of yet.

        • They are definitely sorry they got caught. If they put in YEARS of hardcore pro-gun efforts and demonstrate over the long haul that they are remorseful, then I will consider buying their products again. But my memory is longer than one year and I am not that easily appeased. People are so easily placated now days by a simple (and often fake) act of contrition. Springfield Armory sold out the people of Illinois and they need to pay the price.

  3. Nothing against them politically now, but I still think a grip safety on a striker fired pistol is a monument to the stupidity of man which is why I have zero interest in their guns. And as far as AR15s go, I only buy the best (BCM, KAC, LWRC). The M1A is a lame platform that is obsolete (for me!). Would rather run a REPR, SR-25, or SCAR 17. All are vastly superior.

    • I am ok with the grip safety on my XDs mod 2. It’s intended as a drop safety and it works just fine for that, but it also makes certain of a good grip on the pistol to fire it.
      Just because a company’s leadership plays politics doesn’t mean we have to punish the good people working for them.

  4. Some may say “Too little too late.” But as far as I’m concerned they’re paying, back their debt to the firearm community.

    I forgive them, like I forgave Ruger and Smith and Wesson.

    If they keep it up i’ll reccomend the rest of the Community should too.

  5. I’m going to refrain from buying Springfield products for a bit longer. You can’t simply buy your way into favor again. I do think cutting ties with dicks is a great move and I question why all other gun manufacturers have not done the same.

    • They absolutely bought their way into favor…it’s so obvious but apparently everyone is lapping it up like stupid dogs… TTAG included, which gives themselves too much credit relating to breaking this story. Even though they did help.

  6. ” “This boils down to a small, so-called gun-rights activist website that took the majority of things out of context, to make it sound like Rock River Arms and Springfield Armory were IFMA,” she said. “We did not have control over all actions. IFMA acted autonomously on our behalf.” ”

    They coulda just said “help” and a few good ‘hicks’ would have rolled up on the opposition, and the rest of the world woulda thought those F’ers developed a sink-hole.

    But. . . they didn’t.

    As far as I’m concerned, like the bullshit with the NRA on bumpstocks, the POTG still now have BOTH problems.

    If you live in a blue state, and build your castle and mote so as to survive the evil blue POS (D). You’re probably going to wish you had just taken a run at them. And, I’m going to make sure no one forgets.

    F em all.

    • I agree. Most gun owners are selfish twats only in it for themselves. It’s too hard for these self absorbed narcissists to boycott or hold true to any belief which might cause a minor inconvenience!

      They’ll patronize or support anti-gun businesses just because they want to eat buffalo wings or a burger…or the evil company comes out with a cool product.

      Traitors among us.

  7. I still don’t want to buy their products. Had Springfield not acted in such an underhand way, I would still own their products. As it is, I got rid of them all.

    • Good for you, you’re in the minority.

      Most gun owners are selfish twats only in it for themselves. It’s too hard for these self absorbed narcissists to boycott or hold true to any belief which might cause a minor inconvenience!

      They’ll patronize or support anti-gun businesses just because they want to eat buffalo wings or a burger…or the evil company comes out with a cool product.

      Traitors among us.

  8. Hopefully, they are working to stop all of the 11 gun control bills being pushed through the Illinois legislature by those Chicago Democrats. Our governor in Illinois still has not vetoed the latest bill on his desk.

    Here is a list of Bills still in play in Illinois on gun control. It really is not over till the governor votes all of these, but Chicago Democrats will just resubmit these and others.

    Senate Bill 1657 and House Bill 1273, Dead for now.



    House Bill 1465, would deny law-abiding young adults under the age of 21 their Second Amendment rights by prohibiting them from possessing or purchasing commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms, standard capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition, and .50 BMG caliber rifles. The bill would require adults under the age of 21 to dispose of such firearms within 90 days and to dispose of standard capacity magazines over ten rounds in capacity immediately. In addition, language in the bill would prohibit out-of-state visitors from being present in Illinois for no longer than 24 hours with such firearms or standard capacity magazines.

    House Bill 1467, It would ban bump stocks and trigger cranks. It would require owners of bump stocks and trigger cranks to dispose of them within 90 days.

    House Bill 1468, would require a 72 hour waiting period for certain commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms and .50 BMG caliber rifles. Current Illinois law requires a 72 hour waiting period for handguns and a 24 hour waiting period for long guns. House bill 1468 to impose a 72-hour waiting period on modern semi-automatic firearms is currently sitting on Gov. Rauner’s desk. Hopefully, the governor will veto this.

    House Bill 1469, would ban standard capacity ammunition magazines over 10 rounds in capacity. This bill has no grandfather clause allowing owners of these magazines to keep them, and would instead require that they be disposed of within 90 days.

    House Amendment 1 to House Bill 1470, would arbitrarily limit law-abiding citizens to one handgun purchase a month.

    House Bill 1664, sponsored by Representative Deb Conroy (D-46), would direct the state police to create a Dangerous Persons Hotline to allow anyone to report individuals who they think present a clear and present danger to themselves or others and who own a firearm without any evidence required.

    Senate Bill 2314, would repeal the firearm preemption law that has been in place since 2013. Preemption law helped pave the way for Illinois to have concealed carry. But, Chicago Democrats gave cities 10 days to put in bans for certain magazines and firearms before the deadline to be exempt during the 10 day window.

    Senate Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 2340 will impose broad and vague requirements that far exceed federal law on firearm components. It would prohibit the possession of raw, unfinished receivers, firing pins, and barrels or build components by individuals who are non-FOID card holders.

    Senate Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 2343, and Senate Bill 2247, would make it a non-probational Class 2 felony with a minimum sentence of three years imprisonment to merely sell, manufacture, purchase, possess, or carry certain firearm accessories. If these accessories are attached to a loaded firearm, it would be a Class X felony punishable by 6-30 years imprisonment.

    Source: NRA ILA

    • Your guilty until you prove your innocent, law abiding , and do not pose a threat to yourself , or others. Is it not supposed to be the exact reverse ? I guess not. And good luck proving you are innocent , and trying to regain your rights under the 2nd. If ever there was a clusterfuck. We are living it right now. N.Y. sucks , so does any state in / of the union which our forefathers fought to make this a great country. I will bow to no man , or so called government. I’ll keep my constitutional rights thank you !!

  9. Springfield should get a bit of forgiveness if they continue on the RIGHT path. That will remain to be seen. So far so good. On another point brought up , arms companies selling products to Dick’s should follow springfield’s example and stop Dick’s. In fact any decent company providing any inventory to Dick’s need to stop doing business with them. Dick’s should have to reap what they’ve sown. The company Dick’s should have its head cut off !! Same for field & stream. They are never getting my hard earned dollars. Shut them down , do not buy a thing from them. , not even a pair of socks. That has to be the mindset of all POTG . it should be the mindset of any true American. Dick’s wants to molest our constitutional rights. Do not support them or their kind. Shut them down , we have the power ,we should use it accordingly.

  10. Yeah we get it…your bottom line was hit hard. I’m on the “never Springfield” team. If John Boch says they’re penance is working I’ll take it under advisement. That’s all I can promise. I’ll “maybe” stop dissing them on Facebook. They started most of this Illinois BS. Their grip safeties suck…

    • Sold all my SA firearms. And maybe down the road i might forgive them. But i do not for one second believe they didnt know what their lobbyist was doing. I might forgive them. But they will never get another dime from me.

  11. Springfield’s cutting ties with a store that, as far as I can tell, never actually stocked much if anything they make is a hollow gesture. Only good part is that they’re clearly hurting from their betrayal if they feel the need to virtue signal to get back in the good graces of customers.

  12. I’m happy that SA seems to have righted the ship, but I think I’ll hold off a little bit longer just to be sure.

    • When I saw their email come through my inbox re: dropping Dick’s I’ll admit it gave me a warm feeling inside. I’m not quite ready to start buying their products again (and I used to love their pistols) but I will stop telling others not to buy their products and if they continue on the path of redemption I’ll start looking at what they offer again. Next big step for them would to start sending TTAG T&E samples.

  13. The only reason they turned around is because people caught on to their bullshit and told them to go get F’d. Now, as their sales start dwindling, they’re doing whatever they can to save face. Would any of this had happened had they not been busted selling out? Probably not. I still haven’t even visited CtD since the price gouging. SA is doing now, what they should’ve been doing all along. Time will tell on SA, but they’re not even close to my forgiveness yet.

    • “I still haven’t even visited CtD”

      Cheaper Than Dirtbags,DicksHeads,Troy in my world do not exist and time will tell on S.A. .

  14. I believe in watching actions and ignoring words. White man speak with forked tongue. Also red man, yellow man, green man, purple man, etc. So yes, their actions suggest that Springfield has changed their tune.
    HOWEVER, I didn’t, and don’t, buy the cock and bull story that they had no idea what their SUBSIDIARY was doing(in their name, and for their benefit). That’s not the way ownership works. It’s also telling that they did not react UNTIL the backlash held their feet to the fire. Once you are betrayed, only a fool would ever let the traitor get behind them with a knife again.
    So forgive, yes. But never forget.

    • They won’t fire the owner’s daughter. Besides, last I heard, “Rocky” River Arms is struggling to just keep the lights on after Boch exposed their shenanigans.

      Ain’t no love for John, TTAG or GSL at Rock River. Unlike Springfield, Rock River hasn’t done shit to protect or defend gun rights since this broke.

  15. I will start looking at their products again.

    I am not willing to start throwing money their way to prove a point… but I will start adding Springfield Armory products to the candidacy list for whatever future tools I need.

    Their next move should be to make an AR-platform 9mm and 10mm arm in PCC and PDW variants… like the whole MP5 and MPX and Scorpion and Vector et al market… and then price it at $999 MSRP ($700-800 street). That would probably be an “so are we friends again?” sort of moment for a lot of folks.

    Assuming they, 1) continue doing penance, and 2) actually learn the hard lesson and never ever repeat the mistake of shoveling their own customers under a speeding bus for traction. It’s somewhat like your spouse cheating on you… goddawful mess, lots of drama… but if you still love her, and she can still be worth pairing with, well, there’s lots of work to be done, but it can end happily in some cases. Forgiveness is important.

    I am glad this article was written, though (and the way it was written, addressing several key concerns…). More often than not, when a company or personality is shamefully banished and thrown out of the gates, they are forgotten other than the warning lesson of their fate, and it would probably be many years until a defacto time-heals-all attitude coalesces. This kind of active repentance follow-up in public, by key involved parties, is relatively rare, I think. I could be wrong.

    Be safe.

  16. I’ve got two Springfields, a 1911 all alloy and an MIA Scout, both I’ve had for many years. I love them both. The 1911 in 45 acp, is light, a gem to carry and shoots like a dream. The M1A shoots very well and I won’t give it up for anything. I like the straight stock w/o the hand grip of the AR’s. Yea, I have an AR, just not much on the grip. Have a Mini 14 and Mini 30 and also love to shoot them. The Mini 14 is my wife’s favorite to shoot.

  17. Screw them. That bill is still not dead because they just put an amended version through committee this week. If they hadn’t given in at the beginning this thing would have never got off the ground. Screw them and rock river.

    • Seriously. I’m AMAZED so many people around here are so quick to say “all’s forgiven.” Bull. Sh!t.

      They can keep right on burning. F’em, and permanently.

  18. The way they handled their XDS recall means I’ll never buy their products.

    Not everyone can afford multiple pistols. They made a defective product and did not immediately replace it with one of equal or greater value. They did not immediately refund all money paid. A pistol can litterally mean life or death, and this is unacceptable.

    Samsung screwed up a few batteries. They gave every owner a replacement, which they could use until their phone was fixed. They also allowed anyone with their phone to turn it in for a full refund. They stood behind their product, and I would never question buying anything Samsung makes because of it.

  19. I didn’t buy from Ruger until Bill was gone and S&W until the company changed hands.
    It will probably be a long time if ever before I buy another Springfield.

  20. If they didn’t control the IFMA, how could they dissolve it?
    Talking out of both sides of their ass.
    They’ve got a longer way to go before I’ll buy again.

  21. If we’re going to buy Springfields because they won’t sell to Dick’s, then doesn’t it follow that we should boycott any gunmaker that DOES sell to Dick’s?

  22. I first got into shooting roughly a few months after the original incident. TTAG’s expose is the reason I never bought anything from Springfield. From that time until now, I bought three pistols from three other companies (Two Italian, one Austrian).

  23. I forgave them a long time ago. I always thought it was somewhat overblown, but most people on here disagreed with me. I saw SA was working hard to atone for their mistake once it was made known – and their latest move w/ Dicks proves it even further. I believe it is more than just a hollow gesture. I’m guessing they sell millions of $$ worth of revenue to Dicks every year (~650 stores including F&S). I have 4 Springfield Armory firearms (3 pistols and a Saint). The XDs-9 is my EDC and on my hip right now. I’m not a SA shill – I also carry a Kimber Pro Carry II 1911 in 9mm when I’m not carrying the XDs – I just like the quality and price point of the SA product line. I just bought a new XD Mod.2 Tactical 9mm in stainless last month. It’s my new bedside home defense gun. Accurate, easy to shoot, good sight radius, and 5″ barrel allows for more velocity than a 4″. I will definitely buy another – my next SA someday will likely be a 1911 (if I don’t buy another Kimber 1911 instead – great guns, too!).

    • Yea, I’ve got a Springfield 1911 in all alloy, full size. Easy to carry, ya almost don’t know it’s there. I fill it with Federal HST 147’s. That was the issue round for the dept I retired from. Pretty hot but that 1911 handles them very well, very accurate and pleasant to shoot. I don’t use them for practice as I don’t know if a steady diet of this round would be good for the weapon. Plus, I have to pay for the ammo now, except for the one box I get when I go back to qualify.

  24. We buy Springfield firearms, they’re just as good, somtimes better then the competition. Old Bill Ruger tried to fuck us once too, they’re still good guns. I buy them too

  25. Severing ties with Dicks is largely meaningless.

    I’m not saying that they should be damned in the hearts of all gun owners, but it should take more than this to get back in good graces.

    Pulling the kind of stunt they did- which usually will go under the radar- should be painful when they occasionally get caught.

  26. Hurt feelings, “forgive”, n whether they are sincere don’t matter.

    If they’re trainable, which Springfield seems to be, smack them when they screw up, n back them when they step up. Ditto NRA. And any particular politicritter. And the Stupid Party. (Don’t bother with the other party, they’re irredeemable … or is that term taken?) So long as they are trainable, their principles can remain between them and their Bog.

    Actually, it works with The Cheeto’d Coiff, too. He’s responsive to flattery, particularly for stuff other people can’t, or won’t, do. The D, anti, overlords will *never* let him claim a win, even if he does everything they want and more. Look what happened when be “slid” toward “common sense” gun restrictions, that horrify pro folk. *Even then* the anti’s hedge, wheedle, n talk.down what they got. And made it personal. So, he goes to speak at an NRA thing, n gets cheers for one simple line.

    Who’s he gonna work for? We don’t need him to “lead” from his own principled position. That’s not who he is. That’s not what got him hired. We just need him to respond when we give him a Donny treat for advancing our principles.

  27. What does “severing ties” actually mean? Does SA sell guns directly to Dick’s, or does SA sells to wholesalers, who then sell to retailers. They can stop future promotions with Dick’s, providing branding, declare rebates and warranties void on guns bought from Dick’s, etc. If they don’t sell directly, they’d have to negotiate with the wholesalers to not sell to Dick’s.

  28. They will never see me purchase a damn thing they make. They are only sorry they got caught. Would you forgive Hitler if he made an apology saying he didn’t know what others had been doing?

    • Don’t be ridiculous. Hitler was responsible for killing and torturing millions. He directly led the world into WW2, which killed up to 85 million people. No comparison, this comparison is in bad taste. You’re comparing literally the worst person in human history to a gun company, who, mind you, is currently fighting for 2A rights more publicly than other gun companies. You’re delusional.

  29. MAYBE, MAYBE, after more positive pro gun for all actions. Tell then, I’m saving up for my Fulton Armory M1A.

  30. I tend to forgive but never forget. I bought Ruger and S&W after their shenanigans. I bought Fords after the Pinto disaster(nearly evert car manufacturer has had major issues). If we don’t forgive and refuse to buy a product after a company or company representative messes up, we would have a very limited choice of products to choose from.

  31. Well. It’s awful nice that SA isn’t gonna sell its guns to a retailer that mostly didnt carry them anyway.
    Good story, bro.
    When I hear about management firings at SA, I’ll take their remorse seriously. Until then they’re not sorry… they’re just sorry they got caught.

  32. Nope, Seems to me they support the 2nd Amendment when it suits them but when they can profit off anti-gun bills the 2nd is an inconvenience. The hypocrisy runs deep here.

  33. I don’t forgive nor forget.

    They don’t make anything I like anyway and I am already awash with guns. If anything I am only concentrating on spare parts, mags and ammo from here on out.

  34. I’m a member on one of the Illinois advocacy sites. One of the other members there is Todd Vandermyde, formerly the NRA’s IL-specific lobbyist, now head of the new lobbying group FFL’s of IL. There’s arguably no one who understands the 2A political situation here better than him. Here’s what he recently had to say on the subject:

    “Lets set the record straight. Springfield got played by a lobbyist who was acting without any authorization.

    The President didn’t know anything that was taking place and was caught blindsided by the whole event. I looked him in the eye and I believe him

    They hired a new crew of lobbyists and they have been incredible to work with. they Have been doing a yeomans job of covering this.

    I think they are a very good addition to our crew and the work we do. And we would be in a rougher spot without them

    Springfield is footing the bill alone. They take good direction and play the game straight and work from the same page”

    For what it’s worth…

  35. When I consider the purchase of any product I look first at its quality, then at price relative to similar items. Customer support is also important.
    Corporate policy and politics are factors that influence my decision, but to these I assign less weight.
    Public comment on forums like this will influence policy. (Blowing up a Yeti cooler with Tannerite does send a message.) The CtD gouging issue did not affect me- I simply declined to buy at inflated prices. I doubt I will ever shop at Dick’s.
    Companies that serve our mutual interests deserve our support. I will continue to patronize trusted businesses, and keep an eye on the others. The marketplace will sort them out.
    I am satisfied with all SA products I own. I do not contemplate selling them in protest.

  36. Thank you you Springfield all the guns I own are from your company Thankyou again. Sinserly Thomas F Booth.

  37. I’m glad to see they’ve turned a corner.

    I am a firearm missionary of sorts. I enjoy few things more than taking acquaintances (especially left-leaning acquaintances) to the gun range and making converts out of them. For years I had recommended Springfield pistols to people, and many folks took my advice and bought Springfields. When this controversy occurred, I stopped doing that. I made a concerted effort to guide people toward other pistols, and perhaps 10 or so people I know were guided away from Springfield.

    I’m just one guy and I doubt they’ll miss the 10 sales from me. But I also doubt I’m the only one who did this.

    Firearm owners are a loyal group of customers so long as you don’t try to jam us up.

  38. I do and have owned numerous SA products over the years, starting with a GI 1911 way back when on my 21st b-day. I have not bought from them in a while and I don’t intend to run out today and stock up just because they made 1 or 2 politically savvy moves, but it is a start. They are on their way to earning my forgiveness (not forgetting though) and my business again. If they keep up the good work and continue to travel the road to forgiveness I’ll start rewarding them with my pocketbook again.

  39. I see Springfield’s firearms on sale @ a pretty significant discount (the pistols anyway) so their sales must be hurting.

    Personally, I’d buy a Springfield if Reese sold the company, or in 10 years or so.

    Screw SA, they betrayed us for years and lied about it when caught.

  40. They’re sorry they got caught. I sold my Weatherby when I read where Ed wouldn’t move the company from California because of the family history I promptly sold it. It was a good gun too. I owned an XD once, POS. I couldn’t hit anything with it. Weatherby is moving finally, I think to Wyoming so I’ll be buying another. When Springfield moves out of Illinois maybe I’ll buy a 1911, or a Taurus, same difference.

  41. If I had a lobbyist that went “rouge” on me and cost my company a lot of income, I probably would pursue legal action against him. Not necessarily to recover money, but mostly to put a black mark on his public record.
    Anyone heard of SA taking any action against their former lobbyist?

  42. Apology NOT accepted. Springfield Armory doesn’t care about the Second Amendment, they only care about business. They were willing to screw the American gun owner when it served them and now they’re pretending to protect the 2A because it’s good for business. Any company or person who actually cares about gun rights would have never made the mistake Springfield made in the first place. And now, after discovering how bad it was for business, they think the can pretend it never happened? Sorry. No. I don’t buy S&W, I don’t buy from CTD and I won’t buy another Springfield – and I own 3 M1A rifles – my favorite of all time. Screw them.

  43. Gonna hold off on that EMP carry contour for just a bit longer – my Sig Sauer Ultra Compact in 9mm that I bought instead is doing its job.

  44. I will forgive them, but I will never forget what they attempted to do. They only ceased their actions because they were caught red handed, their actions now are commendable. The stain of their previous actions are irreparable, and I will never trust them as a company again or buy their products.

  45. Yes thank you Springfield it would be a sad loss to lose you as one of our great american gun makers because that is what would have happened had you continued that direction!
    WE the people would have severed tie with you as you have now done with dicks good work and you may be my next gun purchase!

  46. Me thinks this write up is just as much about getting back on SA’s Christmas card list as showing what a good gun rights supporter they’ve been recently.

  47. Sorry Springfield, you’re a day late and a dollar short, if the company is sold completely or if they behave for 10 years I’ll forgive them, they can pound sand till then.

    A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. Reese isn’t above bribery: https://www.deseretnews.com/article/38433/US-COLONEL-INDICTED-ON-CHARGES-OF-TAKING-BRIBES-IN-SALVADOR-SALES.html

    Backstabbing the 2nd A and screwing Illinois gun owners & table top FFL’s is small potatoes. And let’s not forget the outright lying they did in an attempt to cover up what they did.

  48. Screw ‘em.

    Fool me once shame on them, and I am not giving them a second chance
    It’s not like any of their products are superior or top of the line. And most aren’t even made here

  49. Springfield’s response has been anemic in proportion to their deceitful actions. As an FFL, I have stopped selling SA items until Dennis Reece is removed from a leadership position within SA for his actions. Their actions were inexcusable. Rock River is another one, who conspired with SA to screw over Illinois gun owners and FFL’s. Actions have consequences, and a much larger positive response in necessary from Springfield. And by the way, why don’t they begin manufacturing their firearms in the USA rather than Croatia?

  50. I know this is an old thread, but what Springfield should have done, is fire everyone responsible for any ANTI 2nd amendment bias, release it on their corporate page, and move their factories to pro gun states, and make a significant policy change so that everyone is aware. And develop unique firearms, and not buy patents of Croatia firearms, by all means I love Croatia and own an XDM, but they made no reference that most of the technology came from the Croatia war. But it was my first gun, and I wanted capacity, so I bought that one. I now carry a Glock.

  51. I moved here to Geneseo, Illinois, the home of the “Springfield Armory” from Montana 5 years ago. While in Montana, I bought an XD .40 cal, so I should be more forgiving of the company. Well, I’m not. I got a neighbor that machines receivers for the company. He called Trump supporters idiots and is a Biden supporter. Aside from the company’s debacle with this law, their employees, well, you could compare them to pro-lifer’s working at an abortion clinic! I heard from a gun dealer that the company hires kids right out of high school to build their guns. It’s no wonder that their quality is in the pits. The only guns they make of good quality are made in Croatia! No, there’s no forgiving a company that hires kids to do a man’s job, that off-shores a huge part of their manufacturing (yes, I am getting rid of my XD), that has anti-2nd amendment employees, that cow-tows our 2nd amendment rights so they can pocket more cash versus their competitors, that has quality issues (see youtube) and customer service that are off the scales bad. Oh and by the way, a company that stole their name from the one time great arm of the Federal government’s Springfield Armory. They had about as much to do with developing the M1A (M14) and M1 Garand as Mickey Mouse! They’ve only been in business since the late 1970’s! No, there’s no forgiving this company! Not when this happened or now a few years later!

    • Thanks for this. I was interested in the Saint, but after reading your comment I might look elsewhere for my hard-earned money.

  52. Update: bill was signed into law, over HALF of all IL FFL’s surrendered their license and now I as an IL FLL have to live with the f@@king hell created by the FDLC. SA can rot in hell for all I care.

  53. i am amaze at how much you people have all forgiving these Traitors so easily amazing at minimum they would have to in my eyes at lest revers any all laws they had lobbied for in the past and that is assuming they are cooperating with you if not well legally speaking we all know what happens to Traitors

  54. Shouldn’t the “apology” platform they are standing on now have been their platform BEFORE the bill??? Why were they not pouring money into defending the 2A prior to this debacle?


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