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Okay, okay, not exactly “new” in that I took all of these photos at SHOT Show. Sorry. But “new” in that the REX Delta isn’t quite shipping yet — but they will be soon!

This polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol is the brother of the highly-lauded REX Zero 1. Which I still contend is a superior choice to many standard versions of the aluminum-framed, hammer-fired, DA/SA guns of a similar format from larger, more familiar brands.

When I first saw the Delta, it looked extremely boxy to me. Lines, angles, edges. To my surprise, it was extremely comfortable to have and to hold.

On the range, the thing just planted itself it my hands. Before even firing a shot I knew it was going to be a wonderfully controllable pistol that I could drive hard. It feels good, it doesn’t shift in the hands whatsoever, and it inspires confidence.

The REX Delta was also a great shooter. It was accurate and flat-shooting with a nice trigger.

The pre-production model that was at SHOT Show’s Range Day appeared to be running like a top, despite being smokin’ hot from having so many rounds dumped through it all day long.

Interchangeable backstraps, of course.

We’ll hope to get one in our hands as soon as production units are available. Expect a full-on review at that time.

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    • Pea shooter? So, you would volunteer to be shot by one to test your theory? I love when people say this. As if .45 and 10 mm makes a clinical difference in getting shot.

    • Go shoot an IDPA match with a Glock 19. Then shoot it with a Glock 30.

      Come back and post your scores.

    • Oh my…another arm chair expert. Believe what the jell test show. It is a proven fact that it does NOT matter what type of hand gun is used,they are NOT the best for protection.The long guns are the only REAL gun for protection. Reason for the hand gun is it is a bitch to conceal long guns. Go out of your cozy little world and visit the front line.Cop,Doctors,and the M.E. They will tell you it does not matter the size{ WHOA! it just clicked…you like big “sized” guns to make up for what you don’t have}

    • Load that thing up with civil defense ammo you have a 17+1 that’s shorter than a glock 19 with the same barrel it’s also not as tall as a glock 19 and it’s the thinnest double stack 9mm on the market this is at the top of edc guns in the world, better trigger than a glock 19 too and those civil defense will fly right through body armor. You sir are missing out or don’t know anything

  1. Why would you anyone bring something this irrelevant to market? I didn’t realize there was a shortage of good auto-loading pistols on the market in 2019.

      • Eh … maybe not yet but it is quickly becoming so ;-p

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we need something “else” … I just wonder how companies think they will really compete. The main top players are Glock, S&W, and (yes, I’m surprised) Sig … anything else is bargain or niche.

        Nothing wrong with bargain (or niche), BTW … if that is your thing.

        For serious use, I personally prefer to stick with the top dogs.

        • I mean, the last thing I imagine is saying “I sure did save a lot on this pistol that may go bang…”

      • DA/SA autoloading handguns remain relevant, as do SAO autoloading handguns and yes, even striker fired autoloading handguns. All of these systems have been around in some form for over a century. All have operational advantages and disadvantages.

        • Short of phaser handguns coming into use no semi auto magazine loaded handgun is irrelevant.

    • Because THEY want to make some money.

      Glock, Ruger, and Smith and Wesson making money selling pistol doesnt do much for the REX business model.

      Like saying we have Nike and New balnace…..why would anyone bring out another sport shoe.

    • Shorter than a glock 19 in every direction, the thinnest double stack 9mm on the market, same 4in barrel, way better trigger, 17+1 if this guns irrelevant than every conceal carry edc striker fire pistol on the planet is irrelevant

  2. How many rounds do the mags hold?
    Variety is the spice of life so who the heck would complain about more options?

    • I was wanting to know the same thing. The only reason that I could even tell the caliber is that the second picture of it had 9×19 on the gun slide.

    • The company’s website says the magazine has a 15 round capacity. Gun looks pretty decent to me, but I’m just not into 9mm. I’m actually at least somewhat interested in this gum myself. I saw some reviews of pre-production versions and early reviews say it’s a pretty solid handgun, but need more work on the trigger. And supposed they know of that issue and were working on it.

  3. Made in Slovenia.

    I do my best, I do what I can anyway, to spend my money supporting the USA. There are so many things on which I have no options but to buy imports, but damn it all on guns it is easy to support my own country.

    As it is the Slovenians are doing fine without my money, and I wish them well. But my gun budget will stick to MADE IN USA.

        • “What misinformation are you basing that on?”

          Whatever you’re smoking, can I have some from your bag, son?

          Example of foreign-made superiority #1 – Korth.

        • So what about European comanies that hev manufacturing facilities in the US? Glock, Sig, HK, CZ, and Beretta? Did you buy S&W when they were owned by that Brazilian company? Do you think all the money from those companies stays here? Did you buy one of the 82 billion unsafe Remmy 700s? Are you a huge fan of S&W’s Hillary hole? Hell, Springfield is Croatian, FN is Belgian. What guns are you actually buying?

        • Jedi… buy local, support local. “Best” is a loose term. I think you are confusing best with quantity.

          In the valley I live in, there are over 5 weapons manufacturers that all put those huge name brands to shame. I’ll give you an example of two: Proof Research, Falkor.

      • Be that true or false it is not the point. The value to me of employing Americans is far greater than me owning a particular make or model from overseas.

        So far my Rugers, S&W’s, H&R’s, Mossbergs, Savage Arms, Marlins, Winchester’s, KelTecs, Remington’s and other USA brands now in my gun safes or previously were, they’ve all done just fine by me. Oddly enough, all sorts of guns go bang every time.

        And I’m not missing, I hit what I aim at.


    • Kimber is made in NY. Buying a gun made in Slovenia is an alternative if you are comparing.
      NY wants to take your guns. Slovenia doesn’t as far as I know.

  4. Another piece of plastic built the way kids like it with all the most irritating “features” of a modern cheap to produce tinkertoy…


    • You old people are just fools. Steel mags, steel railsx steel trigger assembly it’s all steal that’s why it only 1.2inch thick you got a problem with composite, you’ll also be losing the gun fight against the guy who doesn’t you can’t even buy an AR without composite when was the last time you bought a gun 1970? Shoots better, weighs less, holds more rounds and you have no idea the guy has it. It’s like a fighter pilot saying put me in an f4 I don’t believe in that f22 stealth stuff 🤣😂🤣

  5. Nothing wrong with another option. Arex made a name, either expand the product line or become irrelevant. I love SA/DA, but that isn’t my first recommendation.

    I know a few people who would be interested.
    Next they need a small ccw with 10 rounds.

  6. I’m tempted to wander over to and look up some old S&W’s. I miss my model 59. Now there was a DA/SA external hammer gun that always worked fine for me.

  7. The grip with its texturing and stippling looks interesting and sounds like it gets the job done.

    Manufacturers need to stop looking at “texturing” as something that is applied as an afterthought.

    Walther grips are great bit need much more aggressive texture. Glock pit on their polymids (whatever they are) whichmoffer some grip but there is no form or contour to settle into the hand.

    One reason I may one day,break down and buy an HK is themgrip on the P30 and VP9. Texture and contour is a great thing.

  8. That is pretty pricey for a no name import (almost as much as CZ P10C), with no track record, and no stateside warranty support that will be in the same market tier as Canicks and such that go for around $300. My local gun store is huge and have never seen that brand name there before. They have a bunch of Canicks and EAAs though.

    • Arex has built a strong name for itself thanks to the reliability and high quality of the Zero 1 and the importer, FIME Group, is very active in the industry and provides full US-based warranty and customer service.

      • Good to know that FIME Group now provides warranty support but how exactly has the Zero 1 made a strong name for itself for reliability and quality in the USA beyond some select You Tube reviewers/infomercials? Can you point to any independent agency type tests that have established such here in the USA?

  9. It looks like a low poly version of the Ruger American.

    I’m sure it’s a good pistol, but their success with their Zero 1 is because they could make what was effectively a cheaper P226. This doesn’t seem to offer that, it’s another polymer striker fired pistol in the same price range.

  10. I think if you already own good reliable polymer handguns, there is no reason to go out and buy something like this. If you don’t already own a pistol in this size class or caliber, then it might be an option for you. I would suggest renting different options at your local range and figuring out what works best for you. I would not recommend going out and buying this gun if you already have something that is working for you. There is nothing a new gun is going to offer in terms of function, and I is pointless to keep throwing money at redundant bullet throwers. Just buy more ammo and train.


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