Why Americans Are Buying Guns: Illinois Governor Released Murderers, Rapists, Armed Robbers

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzer has not let the Chinese virus crisis go to waste when it comes to lowering the headcount in the Land o’ Lincoln’s prisons. As other states have, Pritzker’s administration told law enforcement officials that they intended to quietly release non-violent offenders because of COVID-19. The governor didn’t publish any lists or […]

Anti-Gun Politicians’ Emergency Strategy: Release Inmates and Stop Firearm, Ammo Sales to Good Guys

Under orders from government officials, many local jails and state prisons across America are sending bad guys  — allegedly non-violent offenders — out into the community and not arresting some criminals. And all too often, so-called “progressive” politicians are working to simultaneously stop firearm and ammo sales to good guys amid the Chinese coronavirus emergency. […]

NYPD Saves The World…With An Airsoft Arrest

America’s law enforcement do face risks everyday.  However, it seems a bit far-fetched to suggest that an airsoft gun or two wielded in a non-threatening manner poses a great danger to anyone. Days ago, the New York Police Department’s 77th Precinct posted a photo of what looks like an impressive array of firearms and hardware.  […]

Lucky Gunner Is Likely To Dodge This Legal Bullet, Too

As TTAG reported on Saturday, Mini Mike Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety has filed a lawsuit against Lucky Gunner on behalf of a victim of the May 2018 Santa Fe High School shooting. Gun website sold ammo to Texas teen accused of school shooting: lawsuit A gun-control group has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the […]