This is not actually Diamonds gentleman's club. It is a simulation environment only and not intended to suggest the author or photographer have any first-hand knowledge of such places or employees. A special thanks to Skylar (and honestly, Shutterstock).
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In more Alabama wackiness, WKRG News 5 out of Mobile, was quick to report on a shooting at a local strip club. But the news was not so much about what transpired in the shooting, but the simple—and extremely critical fact—that the club was “still open!”

In an article headlined as “Diamonds gentleman’s club unshaken by shooting—“We’re definitely open”, Mobile police officers were called to the scene of Diamonds gentleman’s club last Tuesday for a call of shots fired. Employees of the club told police someone “they knew” fired shots at the building and a car before speeding off in his own car. Those were the only details the police shared with WKRG on the shooting.

The bigger news was that where a shooting might shut down most places for at least a day or two such as restaurant, mall, public building or school, the lap dances would go on.

From the VIP Room to the dollar-drop site runway, no amount of gun play was going to stop the ladies of Diamonds from shaking their money makers for the unshaken “gentleman” who frequent Diamonds.

News 5 contacted Diamonds for comment after the shooting but found the voicemail inbox was full and they couldn’t leave a message. Apparently, a lot of customers must call back leaving messages for Destiny, Charity, Brandi, Crystal, Candy and Skylar (I remember you Skylar you little fre…ah, but I get easily distracted).

While Diamonds has apparently gone new school not using the phone, but rather Facebook to communicate, they did inform News 5 through FB:

The strip club assured customers that the business will remain open during regular hours: 2 p.m. to 6 a.m. on weekdays and 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. on weekends.

The shooting has not changed that.

“We are definitely open,” the club said in a statement to News 5.

In fact, a spokesperson said, they “Will put the marines in there before I consider closing because of one dunce.”

The Marines?!? Well, that would definitely be a solid use of our military depending on who you talk with (the Marines I know probably wouldn’t mind that mission either), but then, our commander in chief would probably jack up that effort when it was time to pull out (no pun intended), as well.

But if you’re in the Mobile area and got a pocketful of twenties to drop, you can rest easy, Diamonds is “still open” and the lap dances go on until the sun comes up. Random gun play be damned.

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  1. WTF? I suppose there is a tenuous connection between this article and firearms, but how does this story rate anything more than the local news on a slow day?

  2. Little Sarah was the preacher’s daughter
    She tried to do those things her father taught her
    Then one night at Benny’s Club house
    She heard some Texas music
    And started taking clothes off to it.
    Turn it up
    Gotta have it
    Turn it up louder

  3. That club is not in a very good area & it’s not my kind of place if ya know what I mean. hint hint.

    • It doesn’t have a dirt floor though does it lol? Theres one out in the country in north alabama that i swear had a dirt floor. Well at least thats what i heard anyway;)

  4. lol…They actually think they CAN call out Marines.

    It comes down to tampering with a crime scene.

    People said Trump was coursening society. No, It’s stuff like this that does that. This is probably how they do things in Mexico where cartels run things. But here, it means something and that’s why this article exists in the first place. Every vote for a Democrat anywhere in this country is a vote in favor of this kinda thing.

  5. I don’t understand why anyone is surprised, that the strip club is still open after a shooting???

    After all the churches were told to stay closed. Because people were afraid of catching a cold in 2020. But the strip clubs were allowed to stay open back then.

    Also the gun stores and gun ranges were told to stay closed as I remember.

    • Chris T in KY,

      While I certainly share your sentiments that is was flat-out wrong for government to shut-down churches while keeping liquor stores and strip clubs open, I will correct you on the COVID-19 illness being nothing more than a cold: it almost killed my father-in-law (who was not in good health to begin with and was not expected to survive) as well as my spouse and youngest child–both of whom were in excellent health. My spouse’s health deteriorated to the point of requiring live-saving intervention at a hospital and my youngest child’s fever suddenly and unexpectedly rocketed to 105.9 degrees requiring immediate cold-water immersion and three days of taking alternating maximum doses of acetaminophen and ibuprofin every two hours–including all through the middle of the night.

      Like it or not, COVID-19 was WAY beyond a cold for countless thousands/millions of people. Did that warrant shutting down countless social venues, religious activities, businesses, and educational institutions? I don’t believe so.

      • Biological germ warfare experiment take 1.
        Coronavirus vaccine.
        Biological germ warfare experiment
        Take 2.
        See how they run
        Stacked up
        Jacked up
        Wainting the line
        Cough hack fever getting high
        Everybody take the shot
        More time to try
        First time second time
        No one needs to die
        Pow take a shot from the needle
        How you feeling now

      • “Like it or not, COVID-19 was WAY beyond a cold for countless thousands/millions of people.”

        Also true of the flu approximately every seven years, yet you never hear much about it when it happens because the medical system knows how to deal with over-reactivity to relatively mild viral infection.

        We also knew at that point that people cleared the virus within a week and then went downhill with an average hospital admission on day 12 and death on day 17/18 depending on who’s numbers you prefer.

        Which is to say that we knew it was an overactive immune response, not the infection itself, that was the culprit and the tools to deal with that are, well, old hat AF.

        We had the knowledge and the drugs to do what needed to be done. The system, for whatever reason you might prefer to insert at this point, actively decided not to use them and even punish those who did.

        Long story short, we had a lot of tools to deal with severe cases of CoV-2 and post infection issues. We, as a society, intentionally shelved them in favor of shit that people already knew didn’t work and then the public was lied to and gaslit about this.

        You can see that in the way that out-patient treatment changed between March and June of 2020 and how both the number and rate of “severe cases” skyrocketed when they stopped doing the things they knew worked and started telling people to go home, get worse and then come back. Almost like they wanted hospital admissions.

        At that point we also knew the mechanisms behind a lot of this and, wait for it, we knew how to deal with those mechanisms too. We simply didn’t because that didn’t produce the desired outcome, apparently.

        While I was initially willing to chalk a lot of this up to panic, by the time we got to late summer 2020 I had become absolutely unwilling to entertain that hypothesis further because, simply, there wasn’t data to back it up. This was intentional. Why remains an open question. It is, theoretically possible that a goodly proportion the people behind it had good intentions on some level but, more and more, I really rather doubt that.

        Mostly I think you had a few nefarious actors in key positions (the classic hallmarks of gatekeeping abound on this) and a lot of other people who couldn’t bring themselves to believe that the system would actively harm people through action or inaction. But that is, nonetheless, what happened.

        • Three words: Emergency Use Authorization. If treatments already exist, then how can a select few get really, really rich when the opportunity arises?

          It was recently reported that pharma had been trying to get various forms of mRNA approved for some time pre-Covid. They never passed because of the side effects. Why wasn’t that reported? The reporting was that this was like any other vax that you had no problem getting, so get the vax rube! Safe and effective! The unvaxxed are killing your grandma! You won’t catch it if you just get the vax! Get it or you’re fired! I mean you won’t get sick if you get the vax. Get it or you’re fired! I mean you won’t die if you get the vax. Get it or you’re fired!

          St. Fauci was honest and ethical. No regrets. Somehow he, along with a few others, made millions/billions during Covid. We shouldn’t notice these things. Look over there! Orange Man Bad said something!

        • “It was recently reported that pharma had been trying to get various forms of mRNA approved for some time pre-Covid. They never passed because of the side effects. Why wasn’t that reported?”

          [Unsure what words are banned so I’m creating new ones that hopefully get past the moderation.]

          People with good memories might remember that I got into it with someone here on this topic in the Spring of 2021. As it happens, the topic is pretty close to my current bailiwick.

          They claimed that mRNA was in use since the mid 2000’s and was safe and told readers to look up a project they claimed to have knowledge of which used mRNA tech for vaxtech in the late 2000’s/early 2010’s.

          The problem with that was it wasn’t really true. The poster immediately ceased to answer questions when confronted with actual biology questions. In short, I suspect that they were not lying but had smoke blown up their ass by a postdoc and couldn’t really tell the difference but that’s not really the point. The tech that they brought up did, in fact, exist but it had nothing to do with mRNA tech at all. It was an entirely different avenue of research involving GMOs to produce a viral antigen, purify huge quantities of it and make subunit jabs from that. One could see it almost as a precursor to NovaVax, which uses moth cells instead of plants to do the same basic thing.

          From the actual literature and research:

          This contains several threads. mRNA itself, delivery platforms and stabilization of the mRNA. These research lines start at different times and in different places but they intersect numerous times too. I’ll break this down in simplified terms a bit to avoid writing a couple dozen pages summarizing several thousand pages of papers.

          mRNA as a “tech” starts in earnest around 2006 in Germany. It was being experimented with as a cancervax to prevent relapse in recovered patients at high risk for cancer recurrance.

          Essentially they were taking a patient’s own cancer cells, extracting certain mRNAs and attempting to reinject them into a patient in a way that would alert the immune system to the tumor before it came back.

          This work was mostly done on *cold, hard* tumors. That is tumors you’d think of as a mass but with little vascularization which makes it hard for the immune system to see them. Results were decidedly mixed and, as one might expect, a major problem was mRNA’s stability. It was very hard to extract mRNA and keep it whole until injection because the world is full of RNases. Where it was done it was purely using the material derived from the patient and it was done in a hospital because time and handling were critical. Temperature and time were also enemies here. mRNA just ain’t that stable, and again, the world is full of RNases. RNA is actually a huge PITA to work with in this regard. Ask me how I know.

          This is, essentially, an attempt to use a subject’s own mRNA as a jab that presents an antigen of interest but also as a form of immunomodulation in some regards that aren’t really worth the discussion space here.

          This work proceeds over time. Around 2014 you start to get certain ideas that a specialized carrier is needed for this kind of thing. That idea comes out of earlier work on AdV cancer treatments where people reprogrammed adenoviruses to attack cancer and inject lethal genetic code into the cells that tells the cell to commit to apoptosis (PCD hereafter, Programmed Cell Death).

          AdV has its own set of challenges, not the least of which is that many cancers don’t have, so as was known at the time, unique cellular surface proteins. This means you don’t really have a cancer specific target for the virus to attach to and therefore basically have no targeting mechanism. You also run into a bunch of problems with the fact that cancers tend to have mutations that have shut off the exact safety systems that would normally kill the cells regardless of where that signal comes from in the world of DNA. Inter and intra cellular DNA based systems (that is apoptosis the cell commits to itself or that it is told to commit to by an external immune cell) do not function because certain parts of the machinery to process the DNA message are destroyed or offline. This means that using a dsDNA virus often won’t work because the ability to move from DNA->RNA->Protein is stopped at the first arrow.

          mRNA allows you to jump past those issues, getting past all transcription machinery and straight to translation. In theory this bypasses nearly all of the cancer cell’s *safety shutdowns* and allows you to introduce a message that tells the cell to commit to PCD and off itself without much pro-inflammatory signaling going on.

          But you have the same delivery problem. How do you get this message to the desired cells and only the desired cells?

          That leads to work on the famous LNPs. Technically this work was started in the early 1990’s but all the LNPs back then were highly cytotoxic and untargeted. Meaning that they cause mass cell death regardless of the message contained and they do so stochastically but along a gradient where they’re mostly lost up front. Injection into a living creature causes necrosis (pro-inflammatory cell death) at the injection site with narrowing bands leading away from that site. Essentially, these things disrupted membrane architecture and caused a hole in the outside of the cell, which as you might imagine, is bad for the cell. It’s basically how several naturally occurring venoms work and they’re very good at producing necrosis.

          Work on this front is on-again-off-again for years.

          The current generation of LNP comes along ~2015 and is patented, IIRC in 2017. It uses a couple of cationic lipids that were being researched for other purposes up until about 2015 when someone noticed that they’d make a decent micelle if combined with other lipids. It also showed promise in not being flat-out cytotoxic on contact. These things didn’t disrupt the cellular membrane in a manner that blew a hole in the cells that uptook the package.

          Again, no targeting mechanism but it is a semi-stable and uptake-able delivery package. It does, however, contain a couple of things that are not approved for use in animals or people according to the MSDS sheets from 2023 (I haven’t pulled them for 2024 yet but I’ve posted them here before).

          With that platform in hand we again have to jump back to the mid 2000’s. In 2005 the winners of the 2023 Medicine/Physiology Nobel did their original work on pseudouridine. They followed that up with more research through 2010, IIRC.

          Long story short, they proved that dendritic cells were less apt to attack in vitro manufactured mRNA that was pseudouridineated and that the mRNA itself lasted longer thereby producing more protein when given to live cells. The Nobel press release stated that this is “…due to the reduced activation of an enzyme that regulates protein production”. Yeah, that’s an RNase. What they’re telling you doesn’t have that much to do with protein production and has a lot to do with the inability of the cell to degrade the message itself.

          Pseudouridination also reduced the inflammation signaling previously associated with external mRNA introduced to living cells. This last bit almost certainly being part of a viral defense mechanism that they were shutting off without realizing what it did. What they don’t mention here is that replacing every U in the code has, uh, unexpected results in terms of the half-life of the mRNA. It lasts A LOT longer than they expected, or at least claimed to expect.

          These things were all being researched in the vein of cancer treatment until 2020 when they were combined and tossed out the door as a novel product for a respiratory illness.

          The reason for that is because it’s fast. Something nearly no one, including myself, was aware of at the time is that USDOD has had an interest in jabs for biodefense for a couple of decades. In the early 2000’s they thought that it was becoming possible to whip up bioweapons in a basement lab and that defenses against rapidly produced novel pathogens was a good idea.

          This led to the previously mentioned project, as presented by another poster, that wasn’t mRNA but took the production time for a new jab from a year down to ~5 months. Impressive but not fast enough against a true bioweapon. mRNA *promised* to take this down to a month or two.

          Which is to say that from genetic sequencing of the pathogen to full scale production in 60 days if needed. This rapid response is what DOD was funding and working on.

          CoV-2 was the “crisis” that greenlit this project jumping from pure research to actual use due to the overestimation of the threat.

          The question is why that overestimation took place. I suspect that’s a combinatorial issue. Part CYA, part panic, part greed, part politics.

          I think there were probably people freaking out that this was an actual bioweapon and not a leak. There was a lot of talk early on that this might cause a massive rise in cancer, like HPV or other herpies viruses can. Such people ignored or did not know of the dsDNA nature of the Herpesviridae family genome which is what allows it to hide out in cells for years and cause an increase in cancer risk.

          I also think that such people were mostly ignorant of the GoF research going on and that the people doing that were trying to cover it up by becoming saviors.

          I also think a lot of power politics was going on because Trump. Orangeman bad. If we gotta vent some people to death, well, that’s a small price to pay if it saves one election, right?

          And then of course there’s the cash. All that cash.

          But clearly the manufacturers knew that the product and the process to make it were experimental. Hence they indemnity they asked for (and got). They also changed the production process to scale it up and they knew damn well that would introduce impurities which they also knew damn well they didn’t do much to reduce because, well, they couldn’t and still have a product.

        • strych9,

          I agree 100% with everything that you stated.

          Making matters worse: my spouse and child did not get sick until August 2021 at which time medical science MOST DEFINITELY knew how to deal effectively with CoV-2 and somewhat inexplicably and intentionally chose not to.

          By the way, any guesses how my spouse and children were all very ill with CoV-2, I was in close proximity to them for all two weeks of their severe illnesses, I was their constant (24/7) caretaker, I took two of them to the hospital, and I never got ill? Hint: I stumbled upon accurate CoV-2 information and initiated prophylactic measures as well as ongoing measures. The most sad aspect to my measures: I had to find a way to acquire certain items outside of doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies because my state threatened to prosecute them in civil and criminal courts if they assisted anyone with anything other than known ineffective treatments.

        • Oh, and I forgot to mention a very healthy friend of mine who was going to die from CoV-2. Several days after onset of symptoms, his fever was spiking in excess of 105 degrees, his blood oxygen level was falling into the low 80s, and he could not stop coughing. He returned to a premiere hospital system whose only treatment modality was a modest course of anti-inflammatory medication which was known to be ineffective. By happenstance he was a veteran and had a good friend who was an Emergency Room doctor at the local Veterans Administration hospital who learned about my friend’s condition. He told my friend to leave the premiere hospital and come to the Veterans Administration hospital where he would give my friend the synthetic antibodies that were recently available. Within 24 hours of receiving the synthetic antibodies at the VA hospital, my friend was almost back to normal health. We have no idea to this day why the local premiere hospital system refused to administer the synthetic antibodies.

  6. … common throughout the South, or closed Sundays I think. 23 of the 67 counties are dry, but most have a few wet cities within them.
    I have a brother living in Ms. who explains it as ” It’s the same time zone as Mn….. it’s just 60 years ago.”

  7. whenever I visit one of these establishments, I have to ask myself, are they live or are they mamorex?

  8. Why am I picturing a horde of big booty Tawana Brawley-types twerking & crunking to ghetto gibberish as shots ring out and slyly lifting bills from customer’s wallets as patrons hit the floor to avoid being capped by a stray bullet? Something tells me “Alabama strip clubs” just ain’t the same as those in the NY/NJ Metro Area where many of the performers are fit actual “dancers” earning extra cash between audtions for Broadway, movies, and TV roles.

  9. Half the various clubs, whether strip joints or not, in Mobile are local knife and gun clubs. Been like that for decades. Not surprised there was a shooting in that section of Mobile, nor that the business is running regular hours the next day.
    Hell, there is an infamous joint down on the beach that would open after a hurricane washed it out as soon as they could locate a couple saw horses and a plank to make a bar. No shooting or disaster is going to stop them from doing business if alcohol is involved or money is to be made.
    My question is what is the connection between some titty bar and firearms ownership or guns in the hands of those of us who don’t bother with the places of ill repute?

  10. I’m somewhat confused as to why people would expect them to close?

    The crime scene would seem to be outside. Why should legal, legitimate business (regardless of your opinions on its morality) stop inside the building? Why SHOULD it stop unless its continued operation messes with the crime scene?

    Seems kinda pearl-clutchy-new-age-pansy to expect that they would shut down, if you ask me.

    What, you want them to give the girls a week off to realign their chakras with some crystals and get their emotions in order or some shit?

    In all seriousness, if there’s one thing I’ve noted in life it’s that strippers are, mostly, the least likely people on the planet to complain about something unless that something interrupts their ability to earn.

  11. ATF Agents Violated Policy, Failed to Use Body Cameras During Deadly Arkansas SWAT Raid >

    ” …

    The Department of Justice confirmed to me and @JohnBoozman last night that the ATF agents involved in the execution of a search warrant of the home of Bryan Malinowski weren’t wearing body cameras. We will continue to press the Department to explain how this violation of its own…

    — Tom Cotton (@SenTomCotton) April 19, 2024 …”

    Yeah, they were not wearing body cams, actually tampered with evidence by covering the ring door bell camera… and broke into the home… did not id them selves as law enforcement (family says the only thing they heard was someone breaking in … “Malinowski’s family recently said in a statement that the 53-year-old airport executive likely did not know he was trading gunfire with federal agents. It is far more likely he believed he was defending himself and his wife from armed home invaders.”) … yeah no body cams as required to do per policy. They had a search warrant that was not authorized for ‘no knock’ and could have been served any time – the man was not a high threat nor a flight risk target, they did not have probable cause for an arrest (no arrest warrant and not checked on the search warrant), yet they chose hours of darkness and created a condition that looked exactly like a criminal home invasion invasion and essentially murdered this man trying to defend his home against a criminal hit squad. Because the AST made up a definition of him being a ‘firearms dealer without an FFL’, with no actual proof that he was, and sent in an ATF ‘hit squad’ ready and willing to kill.

  12. Leading Gun Controller Admits They Manipulate Shooting Data… Suspicions Confirmed….

  13. Tulsi Gabbard: “Abolish The NFA”… She Has Either Gone FULL 2A Or Something Is Off Here.

  14. Transgender Teen Busted For Mass Shooting Plot in Maryland >

    “Andrea Ye of Rockville, Maryland — who goes by the name ‘Alex’ — authored a 129-page manifesto detailing her desire to attack an elementary school, writing that she wants to be famous and describing her strategy for carrying out the shooting, Montgomery County police announced in a Thursday press release. The statement of charges against Ye, which National Review obtained from the office of the Montgomery County state’s attorney, includes excerpts from her manifesto and glimpses into her internet history.

    Several of Ye’s Google searches, in addition to instructions for making bombs and details about other school shootings, had to do with the March 2023 attack on the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, in which [Nashville killer’s name redacted] — a biological woman identifying as a transgender man named ‘Aiden’ — killed three nine-year-old children and three adults before being shot and killed by police. Ye viewed a behavioral threat assessment conducted of [the Covenant killer] and Googled the Nashville shooting, as well as other information about [that individual].

    ‘I have also considered shooting up my former elementary school because little kids make easier targets,’ Ye wrote. ‘And, I run the risk of getting attacked or tackled midway through with high schoolers. I also hated elementary school. The teachers were evil and the other students were little assholes. I always got in trouble and had to sit out during recess. The other kids would pretend to be my friends but make fun of me to my face. It would be the perfect revenge.

    Ye also wanted to kill more people than anyone, even going to far as to talk about decapitating injured people with a knife to make sure they died.”

    • …. that’s fine with me – they definitely shouldn’t be trusted with anyone’s kids either.

  15. I’d offer to help them out, but at my age I’d have to get permission from my cardiologist first. 😉

  16. “Will put the marines in there before I consider closing because of one dunce.”

    They probably have enough customers that are Marines so they could make good on their statement.


    • Doubtful… the only thing left in Mobile is a shipbuilding yard and a USCG aviation training center.

      • There’s a 3rd Force Reconnaissance Company (4th Marine Division
        Marine Corps Forces Reserve) unit located at 1630 S. Broad St. Mobile, AL.

        • oh wait, the 3rd Force Reconnaissance Company unit is actually in Fairhope about 25 minutes from Mobile. The recruiter address is 1630 S. Broad St. Mobile, AL. co located with the Army National Guard recruiter in Mobile, AL.

  17. Come on folks, I came for the comedy but somehow once again, we got sidetracked with other chatter. I want my cover charge money back. Didn’t even see some titties. I went into a stryp club in Wisconsin in the middle of winter and when I opened the dorr the girl covered up. Woosh! Brrr

  18. Doug/etc – Woman/chick/broad does NOT = Lady, There are NO ladies in any stripclub. Ever. Or Gentlemen.

  19. I had a prostitute girlfriend for 7 years, it was awsome.
    Then she got the menopause and not so fun.
    To jealous.

    • I hope you wore a full-body condom when you slept with her. This sounds like a recipe to take the full round-the-world tour of every STD known to man. Are you on first name terms with your local pharmacist?

  20. Decades ago in my misspent youth, I was in a “Gentlemen’s Club” and a car drove thru. Police came and did their thing, towed the car, and within 30 minutes the building had temporary repairs completed and it was business as usual.

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