Cost of Doing Business in Philly: Cheesesteak Joint Hires Men With ARs So Customers ‘Feel Safe and Be Safe’

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“The violence has spiked,” co-owner Cortez Johnson told WPVI of the city that has seen a surge in murders, many in an area close to the newly reopened food spot.

“You want people to feel safe and be safe. So when they come out and eat, they don’t have to worry about no type of harm,” Johnson said.

The gun-toting security guards will stand vigil outside the eatery during business hours from Thursday to Sunday each week, according to WPVI.

“Our lines are down the block, so while you’re standing here in line, connecting with other people you may not know, we have security right here just to keep you guys safe,” Saul Landers, the chief financial officer of Jim’s West, told the outlet.

“If you want to secure your business and you want to make sure everyone is safe, you have to spend that extra money,” he added.

— Yaron Steinbuch and Jesse O’Neill in Guards With Assault Rifles Hired to Protect Philly Cheesesteak Joint

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  1. “If you want to secure your business and you want to make sure everyone is safe, you have to spend that extra money,”

    …and, basically, buy an AR.

    Got ya, good idea.

    • Didn’t philly have something like this going on a few years ago or am I mixing it up with another city? Either way the only surprise is they took this long to get to this point.

        • The similarities are striking honestly. They have a problem with the dead voting through illegals (pre mail in scam) as well?

      • Philly was where they had the nice, friendly Black Panthers with riot batons intimidating, er, assisting voters at the polls.

        • Just making sure the voters voted correctly. And keeping voters for the opposition candidates away. Makes the counting so much easier.

    • Yeah, that caught my eye too. Prolly constable or volunteer fireman wearing that until told by an actual LEO to take it off.

      • Good to have them. Private guards with arrest powers. Outstanding. Expanding the bounty hunter business.

        • There will always be some type of law enforcement. Fewer cops ok??? No problem. Then lets have More private security with arrest powers. Sounds good to me.

          Maybe every store owner should have a Bounty hunter on staff???

        • Certainly the privatization of law enforcement. How is it funded? Subscription model or a service charge?

    • I watched the Foxnews video. The guard said “the area was flooded with drug dealers.”

      “They brought more crime to the neighborhood”.

      So drug dealing is legal in Philly. The law is not enforced there. Which is what the libertarians liberals and the Left have always wanted.

      But the crime didn’t go away. How about that!!!

      • Don’t tell the pr0gtards the truth. They can’t or won’t believe you because it clashes with their beliefs.

    • I am a Pennsylvania ACT 235 armed security guard and my state issued certification card has “Certified Agent” printed on it. As the agent part is true.

      • Sounds like we need more Bounty hunters who can arrest shoplifters. Since the cops stand down and don’t care.

  2. This is great!!!
    Open carry with a professional mission. By civilians. Good I hope more of this happens where ever it is legal.

  3. If I was a smart a**, I’d say that this is a whole new definition for:

    “I’m dying for a good Philly cheesesteak!”
    – quote from a random thug in Philly

    • I ate at this philly cheesesteak place before, used to be a nice place to eat. when I was there in 2012 for the veterans wheelchair games with my wife and hundreds of disabled veterans.

  4. Guards with ” high powered assault rifles ” and ” carrying machine guns “. How many things can you get wrong in one short news article ?… no wonder the AR is a dreaded boogyman.

  5. You’d think with grand plans like the 15 Minute City and Agenda 2030 cities would be busy cleaning their shit up and getting their acts together but they all seem to be doubling down on the lawlessness and drug proliferation.

    • Shire-man,

      The trajectory of large “Blue” cities is obvious to everyone, even to ardent dyed-in-the-wool Far Left supporters. I believe that we would best serve ourselves if we considered why Far Left supporters continue to intentionally push our large “Blue” cities in that direction.

      Hint: many Far Left supporters derive “pleasure” (sadistic of course) from the chaos and suffering that they are facilitating in their Blue city Utopias.

      • “The trajectory of large “Blue” cities is obvious to everyone, even to ardent dyed-in-the-wool Far Left supporters.”

        They have to know where this is leading. These are folks complaining about 2-tierd systems, while actively building them, like this cheese steak shop. The wealthy who can afford safety will get it, the others not.

        Thank God for ‘Bruen’ and the ability of anyone to provide for their own safety.

        Perhaps when enough “Bodies hit the floor” the thug class will change their ways… 😉

        “Beaten… why for?
        Can’t take much more
        Let the bodies hit the floor”

      • Interesting idea. They have solid control of those areas. By turning their cities into hellholes, they’re getting a diaspora, like rats fleeing a sinking ship. The conservatives have already left, and they aren’t going to backfill the lost population. These Dem rats then infest red states and cities and start to turn them blue.

    • That’s the plan. Create an environment of violence and lawlessness so the unfortunate residents will be willing, even glad, to trade liberty for perceived security.

  6. For several reasons that I will not get into on this forum, I concluded just a day or two ago that many business owners will have to come to terms with making less profit in our present day and age. This story highlights one such reason/example of why that is.

      • Here are a few:

        Raw and precursor material costs are substantially higher (double?) due to inflation.

        Labor costs are higher all-around now:
        — The going rate for unskilled burger flippers is $15/hour minimum.
        — U.A.W. union members are certainly looking for a big boost.
        — Certain delivery drivers are on the cusp of $120,000 annual salary.
        — Builders and related trades are doing something wrong if they make less than $150k annually.

        And businesses are facing substantial costs for preventive security (both cyber and conventional theft/robbery) as well as actual losses due to theft/robbery.

        • And to elaborate a bit further, the labor force/pool in the U.S. has decreased past a tipping point:

          Businesses everywhere are significantly understaffed unless they pay super premium wages.

          A local residential builder shared details on a recent small job that he did–he repaired a small area of ceiling drywall (about 2-feet by 3-feet) which took him about two hours and he felt somewhat scumbaggy asking $500 for it. The homeowner was thrilled to pay that $500 because the next lowest bid was $1800. And the bids went up from there.

          The end result: everything is getting too expensive for a LOT of people to afford and they are simply going to stop buying. That means business owners can keep-up their sky-high prices and watch their businesses collapse in the very near future. Or, they can lower their prices for a lower profit margin while still remaining profitable and maintain their businesses into the future.

        • “That means business owners can keep-up their sky-high prices and watch their businesses collapse in the very near future. Or, they can lower their prices for a lower profit margin while still remaining profitable and maintain their businesses into the future.”

          Sane businesses will leave. I really, really, REALLY hope more cities will follow Chicago’s model of having the state provide basic retail services in the inner city, state-owned grocery stores.

          It will implode in such a *spectacular* fashion, it may well spoil their plans on doing it nationally…

      • Now, going on 4 years ago, I topped 100K a year before I retired as an Electrician for a large city, carrying, but not utilizing a Master’s Card. So I’m supposed to support some 2nd year snot nosed line worker that thinks he ( or she/it ) is worth an $185,000 annual package to stick an emblem on the fender of a new F-150 ??? NOT in this fucking lifetime.

        • When I was but a pup, I got chance to get a job at a GM plant (through family connections) but just before they called I got my first job at a motorcycle shop (my dream) so I foolishly? turned down the golden ticket to pursue my love (for 1/4 the pay.) I still wonder what my life would have been. By the way, I did enjoy my 40 years in the MC biz!

  7. What happens when PA does not have armed poll watchers to count votes…either the counts were rigged or PA voters are as dumb as dirt to have voted for biden and fetterman.

    • Debbie, I think you have summed it up- “Dumb as dirt” to have elected that dressed down frankenstein look-alike to the US Senate. The fact that the US Senate, once the self-described “Greatest Deliberative Body In The World”- voted to abolish their dress code to accommodate street-person dress says a LOT about the current US Senate.
      Libdems now have four “vegetable votes”- Feinstein, Fetterman, McConnell, and Biden.

    • Yes when you’re happy that the jails are emptied, because you complain there are too many people being locked up.
      And you’re Happy that the local DA is not prosecuting criminals.

      Then yes. This is the result you get. At least where it’s legal to open carry.

      • And when open carry (or anything they can restrict for concealed) is not legal one need only hop one state over and see New York in all of our glory……….. (translation our tax base is in danger of collapse and it is the fault of elite lefty ideals that normally are not enabled to retarded levels)

  8. Those guards won’t stop a couple hoodrats shooting up the place in a drive-by with switched glocks or their own ar’s. I’d recommend adding a 6′ high sandbag entry/exit corridor like the locals in DaNang had.

  9. Poor business owners don’t know that having guns on the premises makes them less safe (according to the paid “research” from “gun violence prevention” organizations).

  10. I’m all for protecting your business and customers. Let’s hope these folks remember at future elections how the city got to this point, and let’s also hope it doesn’t turn into some kind of protection racket.

  11. If two white guys open carrying long guns can stop a riot in Ferguson MO. And they never shot anyone.
    Then I think two black guys with long guns can also stop crime from happening. And also not have to shoot anyone.

    Fear is a great motivator in causing people to have self control. The fear of being shot is what is needed in this country. If more criminals had this fear???
    There would be fewer crimes committed. You have NO CIVIL RIGHT to be protected from your own fears.

    If you are afraid??? Then stay home. Use Uber or Lyft to get your shopping delivered to your home. There is no reason for you to leave your home.

    Healthy fear is a good thing.

    • They will. Violence interrupters.

      Reminds me of the UN putting warlords in charge of rice distribution in Africa. Chicago will be DRC soon enough.

      • “They will. Violence interrupters.”

        Didn’t you mean “Unauthorized violence interrupters”? 😉

  12. Well, if you’re one of those who says you can’t rely on the police. You say you can’t trust the police. You say the cops are the enemy.

    Then this is certainly the correct and rational logical alternative. Local law abiding citizens taking arms to protect their neighborhood, good.

  13. This is a wonderful example. I hope it spreads everywhere it’s needed. And yes it may not be needed in your part of the country. So stay there then.

    Meanwhile it’s “guns out” for everyone else.

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