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From the NSSF . . .

NSSF, The Firearm Industry Trade Association, together with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the Department of Justice (DOJ), announced a month-long public education campaign reminding the Fort Worth area public about stiff penalties facing individuals convicted of unlawful firearm purchases. The “Don’t Lie for the Other Guy™” campaign is in its 23rd year and drives home the message that anyone making an illegal firearm purchase faces a federal felony penalty of up to 15 years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines. An additional 15 years can be added if the straw purchase is made with the intent of trafficking across state lines. The program is funded in full by the firearm industry and will now also include federal funding allocated to ATF by Congress. Fort Worth was chosen for this specific campaign by ATF.

“The firearm industry has always been fully committed to keeping firearms out of the hands of those who should not possess them. We are proud to launch this public awareness campaign in Fort Worth and of our more than two-decade cooperative relationship with ATF, DOJ and the entire law enforcement community to assist them in their efforts to reduce criminal acquisition of firearms,” said NSSF President and CEO Joe Bartozzi.

The Fort Worth area “Don’t Lie” campaign will total more than 33 million gross media impressions. This includes an outdoor campaign across 38 high impact billboards and posters throughout the region with the message: “Buy a gun for someone who can’t and buy yourself 15 years in jail. Don’t Lie for the Other Guy.” In addition, the campaign includes 372 radio spots across three top stations in the market and more than 3.3 million targeted impressions across Facebook and Instagram, as well as geofenced mobile display ads.

To legally purchase a firearm, a person must pass an FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System verification, or NICS check, and fully comply with all state and local laws. When a criminal is illegally trafficking in firearms or knows they cannot pass this check, they may try to induce a friend or acquaintance to make the purchase for them. This is a straw purchase and is a felony.

The “Don’t Lie for the Other Guy” program also involves educating firearm retailers to better detect and prevent straw purchases by providing “Don’t Lie for the Other Guy” retailer kits containing a training video and information for storeowners and staff, as well as point-of-purchase displays aimed to deter illegal straw purchasers.

Learn more about “Don’t Lie for the Other Guy” at

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  1. the nssf does not represent the individual gun owner. They are at the beck and call of the gun industry.

    The same gun industry pisses me off because they expect us, their customers, to fight their battles against the fascist left for them.

  2. The NSSF, huh?

    “…NSSF…together with the ATF and DOJ…”

    “…proud to launch this public awareness campaign in Fort Worth and of our more than two-decade cooperative relationship with ATF, DOJ…”

    The same agencies that are actively closing down FFLs over minor clerical errors, pushing for universal background checks nationwide, and sending actual SWAT teams to arrest pastors while pointing guns at their families? As jwm says above, the NSSF does not represent the individual gun owner. Its management is doing what’s politically expedient for themselves.

    NSSF is one of the organizations that needs to go, along with the others. It’s quickly becoming the new NRA.

    • I Haz,

      Who do you recommend supporting? I am asking sincerely. I am sure you have some good recommendations. I agree that NRA and NSSF are not the answer. GOA or FPC? any other recommendations? Thanks!

      • Appreciate the nod, SKP.

        IMHO, I personally (financially) support FPC, as well as CRPA (California Rifle and Pistol Assoc). The CRPA is one foot in bed with NRA, but at least here in Kalifornia they’re a major player in lawsuits challenging gun control coming out of Sacramento.

        I know others support their own favorites, such as GOA, SAF, et al. As long as an organization is genuinely applying their funds and efforts toward supporting constitutionally sound gun policy, they’re fair game.

        NSSF does not meet that bar. Again, IMHO. TEHO.

  3. No, the NSSF does not represent individual gun owners, and never has, because they are not supposed to. They flat-out say that they are “The Firearm Industry Trade Association”. They are, by very definition, the “gun lobby”. Their membership is made up of gun manufacturers and related businesses, not individuals. They represent those businesses’ interests, not individual gun owners’ interests.

    Being disappointed that the NSSF doesn’t represent individual gun owners, is like being disappointed that your local Jewish synagogue isn’t supporting a “free Palestine” rally. That’s not their base, that’s not who they represent, that’s not who they deal with.

    • Be disappointed that they support Redflag Confiscations, Safe-storage Laws, and rewarded the RINOs ego helped author and push through last year’s “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” by giving them A grades on their NSSF legislative report cards for their effort when they came out several months later.

      • The NSSF has to work with the ATF, because the ATF is the regulator and they regulate the dealers, manufacturers, and importers.

        NSSF can lobby for changes but they also have to be the industry rep for complying with whatever the current or forthcoming regulations are. Either that or I guess dealers would need to go full underground blackmarket. “We will not comply” doesn’t work when the ATF conducts regular inspections and audits of your public business.

        On the other hand it does look weird to tout cooperation when the president and ATF consider the gun industry to be “the enemy.”

    • Tex Ted, there is a time and place for compromise, but in this case I would say the friend of my enemy is not my friend.

  4. Does an agency the tends to violate individual civil rights (i.e. be criminals) become involved in illegal gun purchases?

  5. NSSF gave John Cornyn an A rating. 🤪
    I refuse to shop where there are large NSSF logos on display, like they’re a good thing.
    I easily spent well over $5k annually at Cabela’s Ft Worth in ’18, ’19, ’20, ’21. Spent a few hundred in ’22 there.
    Haven’t spent a cent there in 2023.
    Enjoy that NSSF logo on the wall Cabela’s, it drives customers like me away. 👍

  6. Ya’ll remember this self-righteous Moms-Demand-Action anti-gun porn hooker, right? >

    Ya know …. the mother of two young children that believed the term ‘MILF’ meant ‘look how holier than thou I am with that in my …’ and live-streamed sex with her husband and solicited payments from viewers in exchange for specific sex acts in her on-line streaming like hookers do. The one that, even though her sex videos were publicly accessible and she willingly did it her self, accused republicans of some sort of nefarious ‘revenge porn’ sex crime in exposing it, then complained loudly that she was a victim of this crime with “My political opponents and their Republican allies have proven they’re willing to commit a sex crime to attack me and my family because there’s no line they won’t cross to silence women when they speak up.” ….

    yeah, that one …. the one that left a nice legacy for her kids and their kids and their kids …. on the internet that never forgets that mom was a skanky, perverted, vulgar, raunchy, degrading, humiliating on line hooker to stand up for women’s rights to speak out.

    Well, shes in the news again with loosing the election to a … GASP! republican >

    • AI operates at the best of the federal government. It is in the best interest of the gun industry and every legitimate gun owner to stay away from it, period.

        • nah, that can’t be. After all nothing describes ‘smart’ like ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in the hands of a hostile government weaponized against the people and left wing liberals who think there are 100 different biological genders and its OK if a criminal kills you because they are just ‘misunderstood victims of systemic racism’.


  7. Breaking: Britto v. ATF – immediate nationwide injunction (for now), ATF pistol brace rule stayed in its entirety. (and of course there will be an appeal by ATF)

  8. Hood Rats and Gangsters can, and probably do, pressure “legal” neighbors to buy goodies for them. Mr. Jones, you sure have some nice kids, be a shame if something happened to them; by the way, can you do me a favor ?
    Universal Background Checks will not keep criminals and prohibited persons from obtaining firearms any more than Prohibition stopped liquor consumption.

  9. A lot of the weapons possessed and use by bad guys are gotten from the ass holes who leave em their damn cars!

  10. This is a real joke. When people lie on their NICS applications for a gun only about 1% are followed up for any kind of arrest or prosecution and in most cases are simply denied the firearm. So this is absolute BS because the FBI and ATF will harass innocent law-abiding citizens about their gun purchase but do almost nothing to deal with the liars like Hunter Biden who should have been in jail years ago for what you and I might have already been arrested, tried and convicted in far less time than it has taken to even make charges against him. Just another example of ok for me (leftist) but not for ye (conservative). Dual system of justice.

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