No, The Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee Is Not Legalizing ‘Brandishing’ a Gun

brandish: to shake or wave (something, such as a weapon) menacingly Monday evening, the Georgia Senate Judiciary committee approved Senate Bill 224 which clarifies the offense of aggravated assault when committed with a firearm. In other words, when a gun can be displayed in a defensive situation. By Tuesday, ignorant, panicky reporters were claiming that […]

ATF: Michigan Concealed Carriers Can No Longer Buy Guns Without a Background Check Because of Marijuana Legalization

Like a number of states, concealed pistol license holders in Michigan are exempted from the requirement to undergo a NICS background check every time they purchase a new firearm. That’s because permit holders have already undergone an extensive background check and fingerprinting in order to be issued a permit in the first place. Michigan has […]

LA District Attorney’s Husband Points a Gun at Black Lives Matter Protestors on His Porch

One might think that a prosecuting attorney’s husband would know the laws pertaining to armed self-defense, but apparently not southern California. There, when Black Lives Matter protesters showed up on Los Angeles County district attorney Jackie Lacey’s home early Monday morning, her husband David pointed a gun at them and ordered them to leave. Police […]

After Police Shooting, Hawaii Has Gone Completely Insane

A gaggle of asylum escapees in the Hawaii legislature have filed a bill which will surely stop all future criminal activity in the 50th state: House Bill 2709 RELATING TO THE UNIFORM PROBATE CODE. Requires a personal representative of a decedent appointed under the Uniform Probate Code to notify the police department of the appropriate […]

What Will Your County Sheriff Do Under a Second Amendment Sanctuary Declaration?

By Alex Ooley Many states around the country, like Virginia, have been making a push to implement stringent gun control measures that include, among other things, universal background checks, magazine capacity limits, and so-called “assault weapons” bans. These attempts to regulate firearms are nothing new, but the efforts to implement these sorts of laws and regulations […]

Alabama’s Plan for a Centralized Concealed Carry Database Is A Very Bad Idea

Alabama state Representative Proncey Robertson is pushing House Bill 39, the Alabama Uniform Concealed Carry Permit Act. It would create a centralized state database of concealed carry permits under the control of Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency. Currently, permits are issued by the state’s county sheriffs who maintain their own records. The National Rifle Association […]