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Support isn’t exactly flooding in for New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham after she declared a “gun violence public health emergency” and then used that as a pretext to justify an executive order suspending the Second Amendment right to carry guns in Bernalillo County and the City of Albuquerque for the next 30 days.

It’s bad enough that well-known gun control advocates have publicly criticized the move as blatantly unconstitutional.

Sure, that’s embarrassing. But what’s far worse is that prominent law enforcement officials on the ground in Bernalillo County and the city of Albuquerque have announced they won’t enforce Governor Grisham’s unconstitutional power-grab.

As the AP reports . . .

Bernalillo County District Attorney Sam Bregman, who once served as a Democratic party leader and was appointed by Lujan Grisham, on Saturday joined Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller and Police Chief Harold Medina saying they wouldn’t enforce the order.

“As an officer of the court, I cannot and will not enforce something that is clearly unconstitutional,” said Bregman, the top prosecutor in the Albuquerque area. “This office will continue to focus on criminals of any age that use guns in the commission of a crime.”

Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen said he was uneasy about how gun owners might respond.

“I am wary of placing my deputies in positions that could lead to civil liability conflicts,” Allen said, “as well as the potential risks posed by prohibiting law-abiding citizens from their constitutional right to self-defense.”

All are Democrats, just as Governor Grisham is. So what’s keeping them from jumping on board with her on this? A big factor is the clearly illegal and unconstitutional nature of the Governor’s order. That’s obvious to anyone who’s familiar with the Constitution and recent Supreme Court jurisprudence.

Then there’s the fact that in 2021, Governor Grisham signed into law the New Mexico Civil Rights Act which bans qualified immunity protection for all government workers, including police. From Forbes . . .

…New Mexico barred all government employees from using “qualified immunity” as a legal defense in state court and created a new way to challenge government agencies that violate constitutional rights. By making it much easier for victims of police violence and other government abuses to sue for damages, the New Mexico Civil Rights Act marks one of the most sweeping police reform bills passed in the aftermath of the tragic killing of George Floyd.

Individuals can now sue state, city and county officials who violate their civil rights (officials can’t be sued personally, however). So that may have something to do with everyone in a position of authority backing away from the Governor like a dog with rabies.

Meanwhile, a peaceful open carry rally for law-abiding gun owners has been planned for today in Albuquerque.

The governor said state police would be responsible for enforcing her unconstitutional carry ban. With local officials refusing to help enforce Grisham’s order, it will be interesting to see if she has state troopers on hand and what, if anything, they’ll do.

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    • People like Hogg and Lieu et al don’t give two shits about the constitutionality of this order… they know that this sets their cause back in a big way, this will get mercilessly slapped down in the courts and will further reinforce precedent. For Democrats this order is 100x worse than Beto’s “hell yeah we’re going to take your AR15!” comments,

    • Completely staged people. Can you not see it. Just moving the needle left one step at a time. Chose the perfect stage, where did you expect…Arizona would be quite different.

      • Ted Leiu, seriously. Once you see it, don’t let yourself be played. It only damns him more, he wants your guns so bad.

  1. The lack of “Qualified Immunity” weighs heavy in the back of the Bureaucrats mind, they know that a local jury will be happy to order a judgment that takes their pensions and savings.

    • “…they know that a local jury will be happy to order a judgment that takes their pensions and savings.”

      Not *quite*.

      “Individuals can now sue state, city and county officials who violate their civil rights (officials can’t be sued personally, however)”

      That’s public money, not personal.

      There needs to be a tweak to that law that covers those who make such orders. I think that will be a very popular law… 🙂

  2. Grisham is as dumb as a sack of hammers. She and her clucking hen advisors didn’t think this through. Now she looks not only like a tyrant, but an idiot.

  3. “…it will be interesting to see if she has state troopers on hand and what, if anything, they’ll do.”

    Perhaps a “kickoff” won’t be limited to today’s NFL games.

    • What does it matter what they do? It’s not like if they start arresting those violating the protection order the violators are going to do anything about it.

      The firearms they carry while they shout “Don’t tread on me”, “Come take it” etc. doesn’t mean a damn thing. When they come face to face with authority those firearms are nothing more than props… And you and everybody else knows it!

        • And you know damn well YOU won’t do anything either..
          Nothing but all bark and no bite
          Don’t know what you mean by “new name”… I’ve posted before and only used this one…

        • Sure you did and I am sure you were quite productive and contributed to the conversation as well there. As to doing nothing that is not for you to know as you mouth off seeking a reaction.

      • The idea is to force them to mass arrest (shit or get off the pot) and then mass sue the officers and the state. We’ve been winning a lot in the courts since Bruen. Also, more than half the states now have constitutional carry and a judge just ruled that there is national reciprocity (but stayed the ruling pending appeal). I just hope if something does start the NMSP are the provable cause.

  4. Same old same old…
    People will show up displaying arms.. No buildings will burn and cops won’t be assaulted. No looting either, but that doesn’t matter..

    The left has the media in its hip pocket. The media today in this country is nothing less than what Pravda was to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

    It will ‘report’ the lawless “armed fascists” marching around flagrantly violating the Governors order.. And the non violent armed citizen will be painted as the bad guy causing all the problems….

    The bottom line is that it should be apparent that the left has no desire to lessen its thumbscrews that it wants to continue tightening on those that appreciate individual freedom.

    Eventually, you will either stop displaying your weapons at these ‘protests’ against tyranny as that is all they are at this point… Eventually, you are going to finally understand that it has come time to actually USE them against the tyrants..

    My question is: when will that time finally arrive??

      • Or a run of the mill glowie not that there is much difference in value to their words……and this is coming from an empty troll.

        • The time for today’s damage control Gun Owners to have spoken up and Defined Gun Control by its History for the pathetic NM Governor et al has clearly passed therefore Gun Control does what History Confirms it does best, it repeats itself…Take a bow void.

        • Aww the chromosome thief is seeking attention or validation or some such nonsense how …….. predictable I guess. Well you can believe in being racist all you want but the real tyrants have always been about power and control and you are a perfect example of how they use divide and conquer tactics to distract the useful idiots with red herrings as they seized control. Bow I guess and do try to read something beyond 8th grade US history it’s embarrassing how ignorant you are to go with being as retarded you come off with basic logic, reasoning, and comprehension. I mean damn are you legit so pig ignorant that you do not know many Christian congregations are referred to as parishes or are you just an ignorant swamp rat?

    • “Eventually, you are going to finally understand that it has come time to actually USE them against the tyrants..

      My question is: when will that time finally arrive??”

      Are you going to *lead by example*, or just goad others into doing what you don’t have the balls to do yourself? 🙂

      • oldshthead you democRat Party lint licker…The marxist propaganda you regurgitate against DJT is what gave America joe biden…Apologize to this forum you Louisiana Flordia wishy washy clown.

        • Wrong. Hillary Clinton gave the country Hoe Biden (keeping the typo) by giving us Trump. She arkancided us all.

        • “Apologize to this forum…”


          The gauntlet has been thrown. What are you gonna do about it, gutless deb the dunce? Whine and cry like a little girl? 😉

    • The time arrived ,game over, and the score was
      Patriots7 DickTators46
      So depending on whose side you were on you may have won or you may have lost.
      Kinda like , ” Maybe, maybe not.” 👋DebbieW

  5. Anyone else see a pattern here?
    The gun grabbers are all lining up to to OPPOSE the NM Governor decision, then claim that THEY support the Constitution.
    We must be coming into an election year, the gun grabbing wolves are slipping into their sheep suits.

  6. Don’t go to the rally. It’s a setup. The event will be crawling with Feds. The whole situation could be a setup for provacateurs. If you go, go unarmed. I know that sounds counter intuitive, but do not attend carrying a firearm.

    • so you propose that people help enforce the unconstitutional and illegal order by doing what it says?

      ok, I agree that there may be a “crawling with Feds. The whole situation could be a setup for provacateurs” thing. And an easy individual solution is to simply conceal carry.

      But isn’t the point that no matter what might be, if one agrees with open carry or not, that its still an unconstitutional tyrant move and if we are afraid and back down because of what might be or to a tyrant then just how important is our constitutional right to us?

      • Let the court cases go forward. The Feds will be there with facial recognition and other means to identify participants. If things go sideways you could be looking at a Jan 6 type event. You want to spend 5 years in prison for attending a protest? Worse if you’re armed? Be branded a felon? Be smart. Don’t attend.

        • Congrats, you’ve self selected to giving up your 1A rights through self censorship now too. This is quite the quandary… Exercise your rights and become a dissident losing them quickly, or stay home and shut up, and lose them slowly. I’m nor saying you’re wrong, I’m saying this is how tyranny works its magic.

        • Simple Jack. Want to send a message? Buy another firearm and/or a couple thousand rounds of ammo. Take someone to the range and introduce them to firearms. Give money (set up a recurring donation) to GOA, FPC, or other civil rights organizations. Acting as a prop for bad media coverage doesn’t help anyone or the Second Amendment community at large.

      • If or when there are enough people that are ready and willing to take action against tyranny, then do take action. Meanwhile, showing up and displaying a prop only self-registers you for prosecution and elimination, with no benefit whatsoever. Do not paint a target on yourself.

  7. NM’s SS Hauptsturmführer Michelle Lujan Grisham, yet another socialist America freedoms hating tyrant pushing unconstitutional acts to disarm innocent people while ensuring her criminals and the oath violators [brown shirts colloqially law enforcement] remain armed.

    This sounds like the perfect time for DGU, shooting the brown shirts masquerading as “law enforcement officers” enforcing unconstitutional tyrannical laws





  8. It’s called “concealed carry” for a reason, nobody should know you have a firearm. Business as usual, besides, it’s unenforceable. It’s just another mommy scared of gun stomping her foot…ignore her tantrum.

    • Kind of hard to carry a long gun concealed. .Do you believe we don’t have a right to keep and bear long guns -or just small concealable pistols?

      You Fudds just slay me, and the RKBA.

      • @Nikita Tesla, I don’t know about NM, but here in Texas, carrying a loaded rifle or shotgun open is common, doesn’t require any special permission and is the foundation of freedom in Texas. In Texas, carrying a loaded rifle or shotgun on the front seat of a car, truck or in your saddle is also normal and requires no government permission slip. Fudd ? The governor mandate doesn’t apply to rifles does it? Maybe you should move to Texas.

        • This strange incident aside, NM’s laws on guns are actually better than Texas’ laws and pretty much always have been.

          Loaded or unloaded, you can carry a rifle or shotgun pretty much where you want.

          Your car’s considered an extension of your property, your house actually, you can do what you want in it as long as you don’t point a weapon at another person or otherwise use it to menace someone. Wanna clean your gun in the parking lot or at an intersection? Kinda dumb, but legal. You can carry concealed on your property (and also in your car since it’s legally the same, obviously) without a license.

          Horses and other conveyance fall under OC rules unless you use a proper case or scabbard for the long gun, which is considered a container, not a form of concealment and therefore has no legal bearing on “concealed” or “open” status of the long gun.

          OC is legal and basically unrestricted, CCW requires a permit which is shall-issue. The GFZ signage requirements are nearly identical to Texas.

          The only real oddity being that the CCW permit has to do with calibers. You can only carry one handgun concealed at a time and it has to be in the caliber you qualified with or a smaller caliber. If you want to “move up” you have to requalify with the new caliber or one larger than it. Interestingly, you could carry multiple handguns all of a larger caliber openly and one concealed. Six .45’s OCed and a 9mm concealed would be fine but you can’t carry the 9 plus a concealed BUG that’s smaller.

          Oh, and yes, her EO covers rifles shotguns. It refers to “firearms”

          “No person, other than a law enforcement officer or licensed security officer, shall possess a firearm, as defined in NMSA 1978, Section 30-7-4.1, either openly or concealed, within cities or counties averaging 1,000 or more violent crimes per 100,000 residents per year since 2021…”

        • @strych9 Thanks for the NM update. I considered AZ and Texas a potential retirement home, but never NM (basically because of it’s left leanings and sever lack of economy.) Texas was the winner, and now that Texas has Constitutional carry, most gun laws are equivalent.

        • {NM gun law}

          “Your car’s considered an extension of your property, your house actually, you can do what you want in it as long as you don’t point a weapon at another person or otherwise use it to menace someone.”

          Exactly the same in Florida… 🙂

        • As a Texan, what you’ve pointed out is more strict than Texas. There is no restriction on how many guns you can carry concealed here. There is no caliber condition for LTC here. Unlike NM, you are not restricted in Texas to carrying only handguns listed on your concealed license.. In NM it is illegal to carry in a restaurant that has a full service bar. That’s not the case in Texas, the sales have to be 51% or greater from alcohol before it’s illegal. You cannot carry concealed at any university in NM. Not the case in Texas (although there are hoops to go through). You cannot carry concealed on public buses in NM. Not the case in Texas. Texas allows for the use of deadly force to protect nominal property, not just a home and car. But, say, a TV. I find that shooting someone over a TV is stupid and you risk prison, but it’s not outright illegal, as it is in the 49 other states.

          I travel to NM and carry there, but I am not pleased with the restrictions and I make sure I read up on them before I go in case something’s changed. There are virtually no tribal lands here, and while that’s not a state issue, getting caught on a reservation with a gun when they don’t allow it (unless authorized by the tribe), I don’t want to face those consequences.

  9. ignore the ‘counter protestors’ that might. be there. do not react to them, do not speak to them, do not get into arguments or squirmish with them, do not touch them or anything they carry or hold. you do not need to know their thoughts on the subject so put your curiosity away, you already know their thoughts by them being there to ‘counter protest’ and their is no ‘common ground’ that can be had so don’t even try.

    looks like its time to switch to the ‘planned alternate’ for communications for events like this instead of detailing everything on public social media.

    Ya got to remember that EveryTown and Moms Demand Action is behind writing this order too through their associations in the governor office, and conspiring with the governor. They might also have their ‘professional protestors’ there also and they will attempt to provoke and agitate.

    • do not reveal your plans to the enemy. Make no mistake, the governor and the counter protestors and every anti-gun person and organization involved that might be there are the enemy.

      • the largest enemy are the oath violators masquerading as Law Enforcement, doing what all jackbooted Brown Shirts have always done historically violate basic human rights while defending those in government positions. These law enforcement officers get away with it and are never held accountable for their “just following orders” bs, sadly there is absolutely only one way to handle oath violators and that requires steady aim…. The police are never there to protect the people, though their PR gimmick sounds good “To Protect and Serve” they only exist to protect the government agents, officers and steal money and harm the people.

    • That actually raises an interesting point.

      If discovery reveals that Everytown / MDA was in cahoots with the Gov. to do this, then I could see a claims against Everytown / MDA for conspiracy to violate civil rights.

      And while the Gov enjoys Eleventh Amendment immunity, Everytown / MDA does not.

      Discovery / FOIA requests might yield some VERY amusing documents.

      • “If discovery reveals that Everytown / MDA was in cahoots with the Gov. to do this, then I could see a claims against Everytown / MDA for conspiracy to violate civil rights.”

        That’s evil. I *like* it! 😉

  10. What will happen? The governor buses in a bunch of antifa and and they force a reaction which give the state police to arrest the dangerous protesters and then they can declare a state wide martial law and really get to work suppressing the uprising. By the way, the dangerous protesters will not be antifa.

    • Antifa is not going to take on a bunch of armed citizens, they won’t even engage a moderate sized group of individuals that are capable of fighting back… Bunch of cowards that only attack when the odds greatly favor them…

      • Agreed!

        However – would not be all that surprising if a bunch of rally folks get $5000 “citations” in the mail soon. Or maybe partivipating state county city employees get hassled. Face rec is big-time these days.

  11. George Floyd is every bit the criminal this lunatic governor is. I’m wondering how long it will take for the voting public to figure this out (???)

    • The “voting public” has intentionally been made too dumb by the public de-education system to figure it out.

  12. Two lawmakers call for impeachment of Governor Lujan Grisham after public health order. (Three law suits so far and NM democrat law makers angry)

  13. First of all all the judges of the New Mexico Supreme Court should expedite any challenge to that law and shoot it down..

  14. Continue to conceal carry, but don’t attend the protest. You’re just asking for it. Let the court cases go forward.

    • and in 100-300 years from now it might be decided by a bunch of oath violators sitting on SCOTUS masquerading as “judges” pushing their unconstitutional opinions… there is absolutely only one way to address and handle the current crop of oath violators and that is ignore all unconstitutional laws and defend yourself against any criminal attempting to disarm you – the criminals masquerading as law enforcement officers shouldn’t be treated any differently and sadly this is the only way that American Citizens have in guaranteeing that the oath violators are held accountable for their criminal actions.

  15. Even Hogg, after exhausting his (?) supply of Lubriderm and Kleenex, sobered up and made, a somewhat agonizing post on X/TWITTER, with tears flowing.

  16. Malignant Lujan-Grishim, the “Poison Dwarf” is what New Mexico voted for, they have no right to complain. It, (trying to be pronoun correct), is just another manifestation of the moral sewage elected to govern the entire country. The Constitution is nothing more than toilet paper to it and and it’s “Fellow Travelers” infesting all layers of government in every state of the union. Malignant is a shining comet now, a bright future in Federal Government will be its for the choosing.

    Joe Lucero, Belen, New Mexico

  17. If the 1% who care to show up with guns to protest peacefully.
    That is a good start. To hell with the communist news media. You will never ever be treated fairly. Stop complaining about it. Challenge the “news” reporter to their face.

    Don’t yell. Don’t curse. Be passionate. Tell the truth. Ask why teams of reporters are being robbed??? And then why is the news station hiring armed guards, to protect the camera man and his very expensive photography equipment???

    Make it personal to the reporter and their team. The news media are not just outside observers or watchman. Make it personal to them. They can be crime victims too and have been recently.

  18. its going to be interesting when
    -not if-
    antifa shows up to counter rally
    none of any of this
    is a coincidence
    this is all carefully choreographed
    political theater

  19. The thing I find the most interesting about this, having read the orders, NM EO 2023-130 (guns) and 132 (drugs) as well as the Public Health Order, is that no one seems to have a fucking clue what’s actually going on here.

    Local news reports that local and county LE cannot enforce any of this, only NMSP and NMPS (public safety) can do that. They claim the Governor herself said this.

    “The order currently applies only to the city of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County, Lujan Grisham said, and can only be enforced not by local authorities but by New Mexico State Police, whose presence in the state’s largest city would be “significant” over the next month.”

    Yet I don’t see anything in the text banning local/county LE from doing it in any of the documents and, in fact, direction #4 states “All political subdivisions of the State shall comply with and enforce all directives issued pursuant to this Order”.

    So she says it can only be enforced by State LE, which sorta makes sense in light of Art II, Sec 6’s specific diction, but then the Order itself orders them to comply and enforce. That’s a cluster of confusion.

    As for all these other people suddenly “turning” on her, color me shocked. They lick a finger to determine the political winds before they say anything. They calculate she’s on the wrong side of this, which she probably is, but these same people were totally fine with ignoring 51 Constitutions just a couple years ago. It’s not that they don’t like what she’s doing it’s that they think she moved too far too fast, the frogs might notice something’s wrong with this pot and go for a hop.

    Well, hopefully the protest goes smoothly and nothing crazy happens because I’m pretty sure that none of the “authority figures” have a damn clue what’s actually going on or who’s in charge of what at this point, or if anyone’s actually in charge of anything.

    • We’ll see what happens when the judges get selected, and the lawsuits get served…

      • You’re welcome. Been watching it off and on since it started. Lot of speechifying. Very laid back rally. No counter protestors, media, or police in sight, just people wandering in and out. Most are visibly armed.

        • Small is OK to start with. This will be passed around to many, many in-boxes. We can’t rely on the “press”. We have to create our own ways of getting information out.

  20. I’ve been saying we need a national divorce. But if you are afraid of that. Then you had better support the open carry protests.
    And I know many of you in the past have not supported open carry protests. And they were very peaceful protests.

    I kept the receipts. I have your names. They are the ones who support pornography. They support blocking military recruiting offices. But they have never supported the 1st amendment.

    They have never supported the 1st amendment right of Christians to protest at abortion clinics. The 1st amendment was not written for your pornography. Just as the 2nd amendment was not written so you could go hunting.

  21. I would hope the State Troopers would not try to enforce that directive because they too took an Oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. It would not surprise me if some of them were shot in the process. She has created a more dangerous situation than existed prior.

    Most firearm owners are law abiding citizens and there are plenty of people not going to be harassed because they obey the law when they carry open or concealed. She might want to try focusing on criminals not innocent people. Typical Democrat A–H—

  22. Well I think she self deleted her political career.
    LEOs no longer have immunity and neither do politicians.
    No one is going to touch this with a ten foot pole. Hell when Ted Liu calls you crazy you really are nuts!

    • You can say that, Daniel…but that won’t change the minds of NM voters. I will wait to see how they vote in the next election, but I’m not going to hold my breath in the hopes that they will reject politicians who want to remove rights.

  23. I suggest patriots start praying for a war leader like a new George Washington to get them organized to get these communists out of our country.

  24. OPEN CARRY is a sure fire way of getting yourself killed. The Bad guy or mGal has just as strong a survival ,instinct as you and if the intent is to ROB they are going to KILL YOU. They will certainly NOT be giving you the chance to shoot them In addition the average Gun Owner inthe USA and that includes wannabe OPEN CARRIERS who are so bloody inept that they couldn’t hit a coffin if they were inside it Are you lot really stupid enough to think those bad Guys and Gals are going to give you the chance to draw down on them?? Yeah right!!

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