Officer down! Louisville Metro Officer Brandon Haley. Screencap by Boch via YouTube.
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Louisville Police released bodycam video Wednesday showing the September 7th shooting of Officer Brandon Haley.  He took a round in the lower chest after he came under fire from a residence near a traffic stop.

Police believe occupants of the house which was chock full of guns and illegal drugs opened fire on the officer in an attempted ambush.

Screencap by Boch via YouTube.

A second officer, Colin Billotto, arrived seconds later and was also fired upon. Showing exceptional courage and bravery under fire, Officer Billotto returned fire before dragging Haley to safety.

Screen capture by Boch via LMPD YouTube.

Realizing their precarious proximity to the would-be cop killers who were shooting at them, Billotto dragged his fellow cop half a block before initiating first aid. By that time Haley was in shock.

The video is fairly graphic and not safe for work, but it’s well worth watching as it shows remarkable courage under fire.

From WDRB:

Body camera video released Wednesday shows Louisville Metro Police Officer Brandon Haley as he was shot in the Chickasaw neighborhood two weeks ago.

Haley was shot in the abdomen and critically wounded Sept. 7 at 38th and West Kentucky streets. LMPD said Haley was attempting to catch up to a car that didn’t have lights on. He got out of his car and radioed back that two subjects were running from the scene. As he ran toward their car, the body camera footage shows Haley stumble to the ground as more than 15 shots ring out.

The shots came from a nearby house, LMPD Deputy Chief Paul Humphrey said in a news conference Wednesday…

The other officer on the scene with Haley was Officer Colin Billotto. He caught up to Haley in a yard and checked on him as more shots rang out. Billotto returned fire while trying to get Haley to safety…

That’s an understatement. Officer Billotto dragged Haley — at great personal risk to himself while under heavy gunfire — about half a block to get them both out of the line of fire and to give them some distance in case the suspect decided to advance and engage again.

It took the better part of five minutes for responding officers to arrive and they quickly identified the house they believe the shots originated.  After a long stand-off with the occupants they made some arrests.

Five people — Dominique Thompson, Jemond Groves, Quantez Porter, Jacquan Ransom and Demarco Coney Jr. — have been arrested in connection Haley’s shooting, but none of them have been charged with pulling the trigger. 

After the shooting, police were involved in a standoff at the house that continued for several hours.

According to court documents, police eventually executed a search warrant at the home. Police allegedly found suspected heroin, crystal methamphetamine, a white powdery substance suspected to be fentanyl or cocaine, ecstasy, Xanax and assorted drug paraphernalia. Additionally, police said they found nine firearms, including four handguns and five rifles, two of which were stolen.

We send our best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery for Officer Haley.  The good news is that he’s doing better.  Unfortunately he’s still in the hospital.

Officer Brandon Haley. Courtesy LMPD.

Hopefully authorities will be able to identify the would-be cop killers and bring them to justice.

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  1. Thankful that his name will NOT be on the LODD Honor Roll read out on May 15, 2024 at the National Memorial Service for Fallen Officers.

  2. “That’s an understatement. Officer Billotto dragged Haley — at great personal risk to himself while under heavy gunfire — about half a block to get them both out of the line of fire and to give them some distance in case the suspect decided to advance and engage again.”

    What a huge difference a brave man makes. Too few at Uvalde seemed to have this level of courage.

    • this is all tragic and heroic but TBH – he was rescuing one of his own and retreating…vs Uvalde no officers lives were at stake and they kept it that way for a long time

      • jj, that is true, but hopefully this officer and others would have the same respect for the live of any person and not just one of their own. Of course, no way of knowing but at the least he took extraordinary chances to save a life at the risk of his own.

        • officer bill just commented on another post that he was only risking himself for certain folks. Not all. Put him in the same class as the coward of broward and the uvalde bunch.

          No wonder the blue line has lost respect and support.

  3. Are you gonna cheer for those “heroic” cops when the ILLANNOY State Po-leece come to your home to seize your legally bought AR or semiautomatic shotgun Boch???

    • ain’t nuthin’ heroic about takin’ guns away.
      this was a traffic stop; state of misery has some strong 2a.

    • Former water walker? You’re ex military? Tell me, Son, was every man you met who wore your uniform equally courageous? Were they all equally physically fit? Were they all equally intelligent?

      I suggest that whether you are military or not, you stop staring at the uniform, and look at the man wearing the uniform.

      In this case, in this situation, the man wearing the uniform conducted himself quite well, leaving little if any room for criticism.

      Besides, being a Louisville cop, he’s very unlikely to confiscate any weapons in Illinois.

      • I suggest you notice the context of my comment. All about cops in ILLANNOY. I’ll comment as I please back the blueboy🙄

  4. “…police said they found nine firearms, including four handguns and five rifles, two of which were stolen.”

    So, seven out of the nine guns found in the house were not stolen? So background checks and all the myriad gun control laws didn’t prevent determined criminals from getting those seven guns? Say it isn’t so…

    Mebbe if we passed a few more laws, eh?

  5. Blurred scenes are disgusting. The perps had lots of time to make a clean getaway, perhaps detectives can get names from those arrested. Frankly find them kill them would be justice.

  6. The stated dream of the drug legaliz@tion crowd was to treat drugs just like tobacco. Make them legal and tax them because in their own words,

    “it would help the government to raise more tax money.”

    So in the future, instead of arresting people for illegal drugs, they will simply be arrested by the “revenue man” for failure to pay their taxes.

    Never forget that drug leg@liz@tion crowd are s0ci@list pr0gressive in their p0litical 0rient@tion.

      • Of course they want government money for their actions of voluntarily putting poison in their own body.
        That is how the drug legaliz@tion crowd thinks.

  7. Would a female police officer be able to pull a male officer to safety???
    Just like this male officer did for his fellow male officer.

    When seconds count. Police backup is only minutes away. Prays to the officers and their families.

    • “Would a female police officer be able to pull a male officer to safety???”

      Adrenaline is a powerful thing.

      I know a few women who could kick my ass, and I’m not an insubstantial man.

      • If female police officers are anything like female soldiers I would trust 5% to be able to perform this task. There are other effective actions they can take but many are not able to do the same brute force tasks as the average (soldier mind you) male.

      • Had this conversation with someone once who was all “girl power”, and that women should be firefighters. I told her that’s fine, but if I’m in a burning building and either trapped under debris or unresponsive to due smoke inhalation, I simply want to be pulled out alive. In that moment, it won’t matter if the rescuing firefighter is male, female, straight, gay, white, black, or blue with polkadots. If she happens to be female and can pull me out, great. If she cannot, then my family is instructed to sue to bejeebeez out of LAFD for sending in an unqualified person and allowing me to die.

        (bejeebeez = mucho money and a huge public lawsuit)

        • Pretty much. Don’t care when they can do the job it’s when they are placed into positions where they can’t, cannot be removed, and are promoted to fill quotas in leadership positions over people who can. Merit and fitness requirements are (current thing here)ist man.

      • Personal family anecdote (before I was born). Ma and Pa were in a motorcycle wreck, Pa ended up under the bike. Little bitty woman couldn’t lift that motorcycle at the best of times – but on this day, she picked it up, rolled it 20 feet or so, and left it on it’s kickstand, then returned to her injured man.

        Few people know what they are capable of, until they simply have to do it.

    • Fireman’s carry. I posted down below. It requires less energy, and less strength than dragging your injured comrade over pavement, broken glass, gravel, and God knows what else. Not to mention, it puts less strain on the injured person, than dragging him by his arms.

  8. “Dominique Thompson, Jemond Groves, Quantez Porter, Jacquan Ransom and Demarco Coney Jr.”


  9. Just leg@lized drugs and all the crime will go away. And then the dealers will pay their fair share taxes. Just like the backwoods still operators do.

      • Some parts of organized crime DID melt away. It was no longer profitable to make and run moonshine. You’re right, organized crime just moved into other markets. So, dry up those markets as well.

        • Uh huh.
          If the dindu-nuffins heroin trade is legalized they will just fall back to their medical or engineering degree and join the legal marketplace.

  10. Uhhhh, fireman’s carry? They don’t teach that? It’s a helluva lot less traumatic than being dragged over pavement, curbs, broken glass, gravel, and God knows what else. Not to mention, it’s a lot easier on the rescuer.

    I’ll be perfectly honest – I don’t think I could drag a 200 pound man very far, at my age. But, I could certainly do a fireman’s carry. I could go faster, and farther, than Officer Billoto went, by dragging. You heard Officer Billoto panting, he was winded with his efforts.

    Some people might argue with me, but please don’t until you tried both methods of getting someone out of the line of fire.

    The only argument I’ll entertain, is one that says he couldn’t have used his weapon as efficiently, to cover his retreat. That might be a valid argument. However, both officers remained within the kill zone longer because it’s difficult to move, dragging someone.

    Nothing I have said is intended to detract from Officer Billoto’s conduct. I’m pointing fingers at their training program, not the officer.

    • I’ve performed and taught tactical combat casualty care or a its analogs for a few decades. Unless you have to move a patient over long distances, and I mean well over a hundred yards or more, do not carry them. Drag them. Every time. This is almost certainly what the officer was taught and for good reason.
      Nobody gets dropped on the ground and hurt even more when they’re already on the ground.
      Dropping people while carrying them during contact and in the dark is extremely likely. You are doing more harm than good.
      There are also the many tactical considerations associated with why you should not carry people but drag them instead, but from a pure patient care standpoint, drag them. It’s just so much safer for the patient.
      As a side note, neither officer ever left the “kill zone”, nor did they limit the movement or capability of their attackers.

      • We learned it was more for when you are past suppressing the threat but didn’t have access to whatever form of functional/makeshift carry but can see exactly where your reasoning comes in play.

  11. “Dominique, Jemond, Quantez, Jacquan, Demarco”.

    I don’t need the names nor the mughots, I knew, you knew, we all knew.


  12. They needed to off everyone of the Perps.Make examples since the 13% don’t want to abide with the rules

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