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The Land of Lincoln’s mandatory gun registration scheme kicked off on October 1st. The Illinois General Assembly has burdened the state’s residents with both the SAFE-T Act (otherwise known as “no cash bail”) and the laughably named Protect Illinois Communities Act which is a gun, magazine, and accessory ban.

The PICA gun and magazine ban includes a mandatory registration window for existing owners of the kinds of firearms most effective for self-defense along with being very useful for other lawful purposes. The registration window closes at the end of the year.

The Illinois State Police actually published the results from week one of the registration period. The numbers are humiliating to the law’s champions, including Governor (and aspiring presidential candidate) J.B. Pritzker.

Frankly, it’s shocking that they’d publicly admit to the actual numbers. So far, just over 1,000 Illinois gun owners or four ten-thousandths of one percent have registered their newly-banned firearms and accessories. That’s .0004%.

Will they clear the 1% compliance hurdle by the end of October? At this point it seems like a tall order. Maybe they can spend a million tax dollars on public service announcements for residents to push the registration over that line.

From The Center Square . . .

With Illinois’ gun and magazine ban still facing legal hurdles in federal court, a registry created in relation to the ban has been open for a week. A fraction of a percent of gun owners have complied so far. 

As part of the Protect Illinois Communities Act that was enacted earlier this year, the registration portal for firearms owners in Illinois that own certain semi-automatic firearms, accessories and ammunition opened Oct. 1. While the law bans more than 170 semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and handguns, it also bans handgun magazines over 15 rounds and rifle magazines over 10 rounds. Magazines do not have to be registered. 

Illinois State Police published the first round of statistics Tuesday, and of more than 2.4 million Firearm Owner ID card holders, 1,050 individuals have registered a total of 3,202 firearms, .50 caliber ammunition and accessories. 

“You’re at 0.0004%. That’s a rounding error,” gun rights advocate Todd Vandermyde told The Center Square. 

Of the 3,202 items disclosed, ISP said there were 2,060 firearms listed at the registry. ISP did not provide a breakdown of what types of firearms were registered. For .50 caliber ammunition registrations, there were 1,125 disclosures. There were only 17 reported accessories being registered in the first week. Vandermyde said that highlights the vagueness of what is an accessory. 

One would think with such powerfully-named laws inflicted upon delivered to us by the Illinois legislature that crime and violence would have been tamed. If only. Murder City, USA reached a nation-leading 500 homicides last week. And if you’re wondering who’s paying the biggest price for Chicago’s far-left social and criminal justice experimentation . . . .


It doesn’t get much more “progressive” than that.

What does an average day look like in the land of peace, harmony, and progressive politics? Why, I’m glad you asked.

Everyone knows what the inevitable result of gun registration is. In fact, sources tell us at Guns Save Life that Governor Jelly Beans has already signaled his support for new legislation to “close the existing owner loophole.”

The push would come next year once the registration window has closed, following a high profile, news-making shooting. The contemplated legislation would give those who have registered their guns and gear 90 or 120 days to surrender it all to authorities or get it out of the state.

As I wrote at Guns Save Life . . .

Something else to think about: Will Rep. Bob Morgan introduce a new bill in January to “close the existing owner loophole” and demand owners surrender all registered guns, mags & parts?

Sources inside the Pritzker administration have hinted that the governor will advocate for just such a “close the existing owner loophole” law immediately after the first mass casualty event after registration closes. Especially if it happens in IL.

Rabid gun control and confiscation schemes are but a small price to pay to enjoy the peace, brotherhood, and tranquility that reign on the streets of the progressive utopia known as Illinois.

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  1. “close the existing owner loophole.”


    Illinois, The Land of L̶i̶n̶c̶o̶l̶n̶ LoopHoles

    How about closing the criminal loophole known as the ‘SAFE-T Act’, and that very large loophole democrats use known as ‘progressive’

  2. If only IL had some other examples to look to they would have known what a wasteful failure this scheme would be.

    But, alas, everything every town, city or state does has to be in a deaf, dumb and blind vacuum completely oblivious to what others have experienced.

    • Shire – nothing new, the progressives (or whatever they are calling themselves today) have been around since day one or so and their biggest failing is they ‘feel’ like they will get it right this time ‘cuz they are smarter than the ones who failed in the past.

  3. Average IQ of existing democratic government officials is at an all time low, not that’s itsvever been that high to begin with. I guess anything that is written for these rats is common sense, since they don’t understand much.

  4. Average IQ of existing democratic government officials is at an all time low, not that’s its ever been that high to begin with. I guess anything that is written for these rats is common sense, since they don’t understand much. What is the end game? Total compliance and dependence on incompetently run government? That would last what? A few months maybe…if that.

    • “Sheriffs that will not enforce Illinois’ new assault weapons ban |”

      Nice, but cold comfort for the city-dweller who gets jammed-up on the charge, and loses his gun, job, and home.

      Why I asked what was in the lawsuit pipeline to kill that crap before it starts…

      • Might not have had standing till it kicked in and is still in the filing stage. Took us a while to get everything moving last year depending on what issue was in question.

        • Never left just had other more hollow broken men to say hi to. How is resting on your laurels in flyover country while exhorting others to do things you are unable or unwilling to do going?

        • @ empty Void, Keep yammering Snowflake. Exactly, I refuse to help people who refuse to help themselves. Once you grow the stones and do something about the tyranny, you whine about. I’ll be more than willing to fight right next to you. Until that time, just stay in your mommy’s basement and bloviate your hyperbole. The work is done in my state, because ‘We the People’ took back control from the Liberal Democrats that was destroying it. All I hear is a lot of whining from you.

        • You keep using this word snowflake yet you are the do nothing depending on the actions of others. Odd your talk is somehow more empty than I and it is starting to show. Or you are you just a fed trying to honeypot some retard. Either way good show I missed your empty slogans.

  5. Are there any mandatory registration lawsuits in the legal pipeline, yet? Something tells me Thomas would LOVE to take a very big swing at that.

    If not, there need to be.

    Anyways –

    They could care less if you register or not, in fact, they are HOPING you don’t register, as that makes it easier for them, when they want to get around and fuck with you.

    (In no way am I endorsing mandatory registration. I’m just pointing out the obvious… 🙁 )

    • ot, sort of – Fox headline – “former Illinois police chief arrested (allegedly shoplifting)”…

    • Many from the law enforcement community understand that attempting to enforce this law. Will be the most dangerous thing they do. Much in the same vein as a domestic call. There are citizens out there who will defend themselves and their Rights. If pushed far enough. I’ve had that conversation with local LE and to a person. They don’t believe in the Constitutionality of such laws and understand the ramifications of enforcing such laws. Not only for themselves, but more importantly for their loved ones.

  6. the ones they’re concerned with are north of the cheddar curtain. i have some way more stomp ass crap that’s not on their silly list.

  7. What bothered me was trying to decide if the morons who “complied” were actual gun owners or communist shills trying to make the thing work?

  8. We all have an obligation to NOT follow a law that is unconstitutional. Nothing about this law is constitutional. Even if you take it piece by piece and look at the individual cases, it fails. There is nothing in this that helps Illinois or its citizens. On the other hand it DOES violate the 2nd amendment, 4th amendment, 5th amendment, Firearm Owners Protection Act, I could go on and on……I really wish these politicians would actually do a little reading before just pushing agendas.

    No one is going to follow this….

  9. ILL. JBP. ISP. Can all go f*c* themselves. I’ll pass. Thanks for playing.

    Tired of being civil with these entities. Peaceful noncompliance. 👍🏻

  10. Kudos to those Illinois residents who decided NOT to comply with the new Illinois gun laws. This is similar to what happened in NY, CT and NJ when those states tried to register AR15’s or magazines. In NY and CT, 95% and 85% did not register their AR’s and in NJ no one turned in their large capacity magazines. In all three cases the Heads of the State Police told the Governors of those states they would only enforce the laws in the commission of another crime. They realized the impossibility of enforcing those laws and the inherent dangers to officers trying to do so. Now that Illinois is also defying compliance it shows that they cannot enforce these laws and will not be permitted to do so by the law abiding gun owners in this Country. The ATF experienced the same problem when they banned Pistol Braces and as their deadline expired they came up equally short of success. If law enforcement wants the respect of the citizens of this country they had better start telling these politicians, as many Sheriffs have done in this Country, that they will not comply with orders that violate the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. They realize the impossibility and danger of confiscating over 300 million firearms owned by a majority of people in this Country.

  11. If gov says register and you dont and then get caught you’ll be a felon.
    And you lose your gunms.
    If you do abide by the registration law you wont be a felon and when gov bans your gunms you lose your gunms.

    • What rifle? What magazine’s? What green-tip armor piecing ammo? What the EFF are you jabbering on about fatboy?!? Any state bull who participates needs a whoopin’🙄

      • 855a1 costs more but worn steel “armor” becomes meaningless as well as a lot of level 3 plates especially the lightweight uhmwpe variety. All while still not being legally considered ap due to tip not core same as 855 green.

  12. dacian knows how to solve the “gun owner loophole”. It just needs a ditch a lots of willing antifa and BLM types to administer “people’s justice”.

  13. And if there’s not a high profile shooting soon enough, they’ll be sure to provide one. There’s certainly enough lunatic Democraps that would be glad to volunteer.

  14. After a few major well publicized arrests are made on the 6:00 news even the Far Right Jackbooted Stormtroopers will then comply by the thousands and do not expect the courts to step in on this one either.

    • Yessir. Rosa Parks broke the law and got stepped on. So did Harriet Tubman. Oh, wait. Violating an unconstitutional law is a right and requirement.

      Why are you still here? Your brand of fascism has been long discredited. And judging by the state of gun laws now your anti gun attempts, like the rest of your miserable life are a complete failure.

      If anything you have been a net plus for the pro gun side. Fu@king moron. You poorly educated types are always falling for that fascist propaganda.

      • We all do, except for yours truly. I posted many times asking everyone to just IGNORE him of the other low IQ 49er. Let them post their treason for all the world to see. Don’t reply to either one, ever. Eventually, like all low IQ humans they will seek the attention they crave somewhere else.

    • You really are a scary and dangerous person. Not because you have an advanced understanding of firearms; you don’t. Your own posts have shown everyone here that you don’t even possess a fundamental knowledge of firearms. And not because you have even the most basic knowledge regarding the 2nd Amendment; you don’t. You love to manipulate data so that you can frame your argument in a way that suits your needs, which is disarming the population. You are scary and dangerous in the same way that Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and Hitler were…you believe your own bullshit.

    • Finally stopped dancing about the “victory” of your HAMAS comrades?

      Ever heard of a pyrrhic victory?

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. This law like most of your ‘gun control’ laws are UNCONSTITUTIONAL! I again, ask, why are you so afraid of firearms? After all, a gun is just an inanimate object.
      You still haven’t answered, What is the firing sequence of a cartridge? After all, aren’t you a “firearms expert”? JBOL!

      • to Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

        If I was afraid of guns I would not own any. So the question is why do I own guns? Because I need them to protect myself and my community from jackbooted Nazi’s like you who worshiped the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler aka Herr Drumpf who tried to storm the Capitol on Jan 6th and create a utopian Right Wing Dictatorship. And you loved every minute of the storming of the Capitol.

        I am not worried the ATF has you on its hit list.

        • Lol well good for you but honestly do you think you will ever encounter such a thing let alone one that is hostile to you without your provoking a justified response?

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, You own guns? JBOL! Your response in claiming you own guns is typical of a ANTIFA or BLM racist thug. The only fascist-Nazis are you and your terrorist buds.
          The J6 riot was just that, a riot. It was spurred on by government agents and your ANTIFA infiltrators. Sure there were bad guys who have been punished for the rioting but on inflated charges.
          Don’t worry your pretty little heart about the ATF targeting me. I don’t have any illegal weapons. The only “illegal weapon” I have is the middle finger extended to you.

        • … self taught? I mean it works up to a point but it’s a lot faster to learn from others who know something let alone more.

  15. “1,000 Illinois gun owners or four ten-thousandths of one percent have registered their newly-banned firearms and accessories. That’s .0004%.”
    1000 / .000004 = 250,000,000. That seems like a lot of Illinoisans to me. Especially firearm-owning ones. Especially newly-banned firearm owning ones. I assume the dot was unintentional and it is supposed to be 2.5 million, but even then that’s a lot.

  16. For the very few who will register, and if the State decides that those particular weapons are to be relinquished, is there a class action contigency in waiting?

  17. So wait, if I read those stats correctly, they have had 490 homicides but have only identified the race of 57 assailants?

  18. Hello: Your math is off a bit. You forgot to multiply by 100 to get percent. 1050 is .04% of 2.4 million.

  19. so they will lock up a few people and make new story examples out of them to scare 99 percent of the gun owner to comply.
    1 percent will tell them to stik it and take them on and that will be bad publicity.
    Even with sales lists and ffl records they cant be sure who has what and where it is.

    Next comes house to house searching and that is when staffing problems occur.

  20. IL might just be the start of the next civil war in America.
    They’ve pushed and pushed for gun control. Now they have it and their state is the worst in the US.
    How dumb do you really have to be to not see your ideas and plans are horrible and terrible on the people?
    So much ignorance.

  21. The .04% figure assumes that all FOID card holders possess restricted items.

    Since all FOID card holders *do not* possess restricted items, the compliance rate would be higher than .04%.

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