Shoot at Hurricane Irma? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

“A Florida man who suggested shooting guns at Hurricane Irma out of ‘stress and boredom’ has found that his idea has captured peoples’ imaginations,” reports, “with over 46,000 signing up to join in.” That would be on the “Shoot at Irma” Facebook page. As of this writing . . . 22,000 ‘bookers are “interested” with 50,000 “going.” […]

Former Anheuser Busch CEO Augustus Adolphus Busch IV: Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day

Former Anheuser Busch CEO Augustus Adolphus Busch IV has a private helicopter, and he’s not afraid to fly it. At 12:48 p.m. Monday, Augie landed his whirlybird in Swansea, Illinois. Eight hours later someone called the Swansea police to report an “intoxicated male was getting into the helicopter and attempting to fly away.” Attempting? Uh-oh . […]

Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Episcopal Priest William Adams

“The Florida Highway Patrol said Episcopal priest William Adams was driving a red Chevrolet Corvette when he attempted to brake check a Chevrolet Silverado pickup that he said was closely following his vehicle,” reports. “Brake check”? Episcopal priest driving a little red Corvette? Can this story get any weirder? Of course . . . The driver […]

Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Danny Summerhill

“Momentum Sports Group holds our athletes to the highest standards of ethical conduct and accountability – both on and off the road. Following an internal investigation, we accepted Mr. Summerhill’s resignation from the team, effective immediately. The personal actions of one individual do not represent the values of our dedicated athletes, sponsors or fans, and […]

Unidentified Gun Range: Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day

That’s Chris from his YouTube vlog Chrisandqueen. Check out his shooting pal below. [Full video below]. While Chris and his BFF’s failure to keep their firearms pointed in a safe direction seems clearly irresponsible, it’s their first time shooting. Which begs the question: is their irresponsibility actually the gun range’s responsibilty? A prominent local gun range […]